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Gov’t ‘Aids and Abets’ Illegal Aliens (Part 2)

After reading Insanity Reigns . . .(Part 1 - Overview), it should be patently clear why our borders have been left wide-open!(1) ‘We the People’ have already been sold down the river. Everyone is aware that NAFTA + CAFTA = SHAFTA for the American worker. The miscellaneous governmental insanities, found in this research paper, will […]

Viva Las Vegas

LV Sun
The Latino population of Clark County jumped from 85,000 in 1990 to more than 375,000 in 2004, an increase that put the Latino presence well over 20 percent of the county. With the propensity to undercount immigrants and minorities, such numbers are surely below the actual total.
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Immigration: A Tool in the Enemies? Toolkit

FOX news
Illegal or fraudulent immigration into the United States is an important tool in the toolkits of America?s enemies ? and it has been exploited tirelessly, and tragically, all too successfully.
The problems resulting from the amenable and porous borders of the United States have metastasized beyond the socio-economic concerns of ruinous welfare and health care […]

Treason For Fun And Profit: Peter Schey

The Mexican government, and its American allies, are not content with merely advising Mexican nationals about how to evade U.S. immigration law enforcement on their way into the U.S.
They now offer advice about how to use the latest in U.S. law to change status from illegal alien to permanent legal resident after arrival.
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India Builds A 2,500 Mile Fence

Go India!
Times Online
India Builds A 2,500-mile Barrier To Rival The Great Wall of China.
More than 1,300 miles of the barrier has been erected in the six years since building began. Snaking through jungles, rivers and the villages of five states, Delhi?s floodlit, 12ft double fence packed with razor wire will render India a fortress against […]

Jordanian Student Sets Home Depot On Fire!

East Valley Tribune
The following story is based on witness accounts and a police report released Wednesday.
He placed both hands on the steering wheel, stared straight ahead and barrelled toward the front entrance of Home Depot.
Ali R. Warrayat hadn?t slept in days, planning this moment down to the last detail. Now, his face was void of […]

Alien Birthright Citizenship: A Fable That Lives Through Ignorance

The Federalist Blog
During the reconstruction period following the civil war the view on citizenship was that only children born to American parents owing allegiance to no other foreign power could be declared an American Citizen upon birth on U.S. soil. This is exactly the language of the civil rights bill of 1866: “All persons born […]

Conservatives Send a Message on Immigration

Here’s a nice little recap on the H.R. 4437 house victory.

Human Events Online
Late on Dec. 16, the U.S. House or Representatives passed legislation billed as the border protection, anti-terrorism and illegal immigration control act, requiring employers to verify the legal status of each employee.
No strong-arm tactics were needed to produce the stunning 239-182 margin of […]

Heaven’s Door

According to Professor George Borjas, our nation?s foremost economic expert, in his book, Heaven?s Door:
The average Canadian legal immigrant has 13.8 years of schooling, and the average Mexican legal immigrant 7.6 years. The average Canadian legal immigrant earns 24 percent more than the average American, while the average Mexican legal immigrant earns 39 percent less. […]

How Far Down The Rabbit Hole

News With Views - Frosty Woolridge
What I ask is, do we as a nation, want millions upon millions of added people from countries already exceeding their ?carrying capacity?? Legal immigration is just as dangerous as illegal. To think otherwise will allow that ?silent-assertion? to create another China or India in America. Just imagine Ohio with […]

California’s Most Wanted. Guess Who?

Take a look at the website for the CA Attorney General. There’s a page for California’s Most Wanted.
These fugitive profiles are provided to assist in locating individuals who allegedly committed serious crimes in California and are believed to have fled to other countries, including the Republic of Mexico. If you have information on the […]

WI State Sen. Wants Protestors Charged

Journal Sentinal
State Sen. Cathy Stepp (R-Yorkville) says she won’t be bullied, intimidated or terrorized at her own home.
That’s why she is pursuing charges against people involved in a protest at her house in the dark last week.
The Racine County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the Dec. 16 incident in which people associated with Voces de la […]

Illegal’s Jam ER’s

Denver Post
Today, health care is a leaky boat burdened by millions of uninsured Americans; illegal aliens are helping to sink it. Few know of the economic impact the undocumented have on our society and our health care system.
We pick up the tab in many ways for the undocumented - from burying their dead, to delivery […]

The Rx Dems Ignore
Democrats are still pushing for nationalized health care. If they really want to fix what they see as a medical crisis, they should start by doing something about immigration, which is linked.
A new study says mass immigration is swelling the ranks of the uninsured and driving up medical costs as more and more immigrants ? […]

My Speech To The Glendale City Council

Tonight, I attended the Glendale City Council meeting with members of Save Our State. We spoke about our issues with the day labor center and with the protest that occurred on December 10th.
Councilman, Bob Yousefian was very responsive of how the Glendale Police Department handled things. In the future the police will no doubt […]


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