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Tancredo’s Profile Grows With Push to Secure U.S. Borders

Washington Post
Tancredo, 60, has so effectively tapped into the anger of millions of Americans who favor a crackdown on illegal immigrants and tougher measures at the border that the back-bench Republican is considering making a bid for president in two years.
A ubiquitous presence on the airwaves, Tancredo has appeared more than 1,000 times on radio […]

Bills Double Legal Immigration

Dallas News
Some estimate that bills pending in the Senate could double the nearly 1 million green cards handed out yearly, granting legal permanent residence.
The U.S., which already welcomes more legal immigrants than any other country, would see major increases in green cards under both immigration proposals being debated in the Senate. The bills also would […]

Democrats Split On Illegal Immigration

Washington Post
New economic research that pits native-born workers against low-skilled immigrants in a struggle for jobs and wages has fueled a rift between some of Washington’s most liberal lawmakers and their allies in economics and labor, who fear that the Democratic Party is pushing an immigration policy that forsakes the party’s working-class mainstay.
The quarrel comes […]

Fox Refuses To Police Mexican Border

NY Times
Mexican President Vicente Fox said his government was preparing to extradite at least 24 drug traffickers to the United States, but he ruled out using police to stop migrants on Mexico’s side of the border.
Speaking to reporters in Cancun, where he was meeting with President Bush and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Fox said […]

Thousands Of Students March in San Diego

NBC San Diego
Several thousand students rallied in Chicano Park in the Logan Heights district of San Diego on Friday morning before marching through the streets and heading toward downtown San Diego.
The students arrived from 15 to 20 schools, the Associated Press reported. Three students were arrested on charges of truancy and released to their parents. […]

Immigration Protests Will Soon Become Riots

Prison Planet
At the height of last year’s French riots, Voz de Aztlan leader Ernesto Cienfuegos stated that similar scenes of chaos would be witnessed on the streets of America. As reports of violence begin to filter through, a deliberately fomented race war hiding behind an immigration debate creeps ever closer.
“Today, here in Los Angeles, we […]

Student Suspended, Threatened Arrest for Pro-America Rally

I attended this protest, and I’ll post some video clips as soon as possible. I have some revealing footage of MEChA, the Brown Berets, and the Mexican flag wavers who were there. The reporter in the article below calls the protest “peaceful,” and I guess it’s true that no one was physically […]

The 3 Amigo’s Plot American Destruction

CANCUN, Mexico (Reuters) - U.S. President George W. Bush warned at the end of a North American summit on Friday that an immigration plan being debated by the U.S. Congress must include a guest worker program for illegal immigrants.
The so-called three amigos — Bush, Mexican President […]

Who Will Pick Our Fruit For Us?

Pardon My English
One reason we?re supposed to rejoice at the pitter-patter of illegal feet is that foreigners are only coming here to ?do jobs Americans won?t do.? It?s one of those basic assumptions upon which the argument in favor of forgetting we have borders, a culture and laws rests, and even President Bush mentioned this […]

A Call for Open Borders

Media Monitors
Walk Out, Speak Up, Never Give In
Congratulations to all of those who have walked out in support of the Mexican Americans who are seeking the freedom to travel across the border. Bienvenidos. Never allow anyone to tell you that you are an “illegal” or an “alien”. We are all part of the human family. […]

Racist Fabian Nunez Warns Schwarzenegger, GOP on Immigration

SF Gate
California Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez warned Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Republican party they could suffer politically if they don’t find themselves on the “right side” of the federal debate over immigration.
Nunez visited Capitol Hill on Wednesday as the Senate prepared to take up a sweeping immigration bill that would allow guest workers and […]

Antonio Villaraigosa Will Solve Poverty

LA Times
Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, who leads a city where thousands of working families live in poverty, believes he can help the poor by building affordable housing, strengthening job training and reforming the much-maligned public schools ? ideas that have been tried elsewhere with limited success.
Today, his steps and those advanced in […]

The Real Cesár Chavez

Deception in the Classroom: the Real Cesár Chavez
By California State Senator Bill Morrow
Did you know that Cesár Chavez was not a supporter of illegal immigration? Did you also know that history shows that Cesár Chavez, whose name has become synonymous with La Raza and other radical elements of the reconquista movement, was in fact […]

Call Mayor Reconquista

Rallier Report
Eileen says- Right at this moment there is a protest happening in front of Mayor Reconquista’s office. This protest is in response to his pandering to the Hispanic community and not being a mayor for ALL people.
I just called his office to voice my concern about his recent actions. A man with […]

Stand Or Fall

Chris, a good friend of mine, sent me this email message.
The Mexican Revolution in the US has begun….
Whether we want to face it or not, we are on the virge of one or two eventualities:
- Amnesty for millions of illegal aliens
- Violence if they don’t get amnesty
If you have been awake this past week you […]


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  • Tancredo’s Profile Grows With Push to Secure U.S. Borders
  • Bills Double Legal Immigration
  • Democrats Split On Illegal Immigration
  • Fox Refuses To Police Mexican Border
  • Thousands Of Students March in San Diego
  • Immigration Protests Will Soon Become Riots
  • Student Suspended, Threatened Arrest for Pro-America Rally
  • The 3 Amigo’s Plot American Destruction
  • Who Will Pick Our Fruit For Us?
  • A Call for Open Borders
  • Racist Fabian Nunez Warns Schwarzenegger, GOP on Immigration
  • Antonio Villaraigosa Will Solve Poverty
  • The Real Cesár Chavez
  • Call Mayor Reconquista
  • Stand Or Fall

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