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Boehner Stands Ground On House Bill

Washington Times
The House majority leader yesterday refused to budge from demanding a strong border-security bill and would not embrace Senate talk of broad legislation that would trigger a guest-worker program and other immigration changes once the borders are secure.
“I’m not going to negotiate this bill — between the House and Senate — through the press,” […]

National Guard To Miss Border Mission Deadline

Yahoo News
The Bush administration has been unable to muster even half the 2,500 National Guardsmen it planned to have on the Mexican border by the end of June, officials in the border states said.
The head of the National Guard Bureau disputed that tally and said the goal would be met by Friday.
As of Thursday, the […]

Fear of Voter Backlash Prompts GOP Senators to Consider House’s Tougher Bill

Too late for double-talk now. You’re traitors and you proved it with your amnesty and massive “guest worker” program that would bring in an estimated 100 million “guests” within 20 years. Not to mention the tens of millions of illegal aliens that would continue to cross our borders and overstay their visa’s. […]

CFR: Borders Are Obsolete
Those who study our national illegal immigration crisis watch with knowing sadness as millions of Americans outraged over our porous borders eventually get to the obvious question: Why has the president of the United States refused to secure American borders?
Perhaps it is part of a larger plan.
Without a vote in Congress, or consent of the […]

15 Invaders Detained Near LNG Terminal

The Boston Channel
Fifteen invaders were taken into custody Thursday on the Everett waterfront near a liquefied natural gas terminal.
They were observed walking through the Exxon-Mobil facility toward the LNG terminal without the proper gear or identification. Officials said they also approached the wrong entrance.
“Some of them had on their hardhats and personal protective equipment and […]

22 Invaders Arrested

SAN DIEGO ? U.S. agents arrested 22 suspected illegal immigrants Wednesday who worked for a company that provided services to the Camp Pendleton Marine Corps base.
The workers, all Mexican men, were arrested at their homes by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers during an early morning sweep.
Agents were looking for 72 illegal workers employed by […]

Cowardly Commies Attacking Americans

These attacks occured on June 17th at the Paul Revere’s Ride Rally in downtown Los Angeles. I meant to put this up sooner but I’ve been busy and I’m getting behind.
About 10 or so ralliers decided to greet the motorcylists at the start of their ride down Broadway. They walked into […]

Big Push To Register Illegals To Vote

North County Times
LOS ANGELES — Immigrant rights groups have a message for unsympathetic politicians around the country: Change your stand or risk getting voted out of office.
A coalition of unions, Hispanic activists and religious groups is trying to convert the massive street protests of recent months into long-term political power by launching nationwide citizenship and […]

NPR - The Immigration Debate

I haven’t had time to listen to these but here they are:
NPR Audio files

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Buzzard Rag Alert!

The Mexican Flag is flying next to the American and California flags at the San Diego County Fair and has been for several weeks.
Please call the fair and ask them to take it down.
Leave a polite message and ask that the Mexican flag be taken down and replaced by the San […]

Drug Bust Nets 27 Invaders

Decatur Daily
On Tuesday morning, a High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area task force comprised of Morgan County, Decatur, Huntsville and Madison County officers as well as agents from various federal agencies, executed 23 search warrants in the area. HIDTA is a federal program that provides federal resources to areas with serious drug-trafficking problems.
27 suspects in country […]

Spanish Media Apologizes For Lying Their Ass Off
A Spanish news agency apologized for a report that described a Republican gubernatorial candidate’s proposed work program for illegal immigrants as “concentration camps.”
The story last week caused an international stir when EFE, a national news agency of Spain, quoted candidate Don Goldwater as saying he wanted to hold undocumented immigrants in camps to use them […]

Mexican Govt. Protests ?Railroad Killer? Execution

The Mexican drifter known as the ?Railroad Killer? was executed for the slaying of physician Claudia Benton 7½ years ago. She was killed during a deadly spree in 1998 and 1999 that earned Resendiz a spot on the FBI?s Most Wanted list as authorities searched for a murderer who slipped across the U.S. border and […]

Carlsbad Migrant Camps Remain

North County Times
Beyond the beauty of the rainbow-colored fields, among the canyon shrub, lies a problem that the city of Carlsbad has thus far been unable to resolve. The shade of low vegetation and trees is home to dozens, at times hundreds, of workers employed in local restaurants, construction sites and agriculture.
Many of the workers […]

Vista Approves Hiring Law On Day Laborers

The San Diego Minutemen are directly responsible for this new ordinance! Their activism was enthusiastically supported by the property owners. The parking lot of this shopping center was polluted by hundreds of unemployed illegal aliens every day.

Vista Day Labor Site - A History Lesson
- shot by ‘Sonar’

Jeff of the SDMM says - -
If […]


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  • Fear of Voter Backlash Prompts GOP Senators to Consider House’s Tougher Bill
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  • 15 Invaders Detained Near LNG Terminal
  • 22 Invaders Arrested
  • Cowardly Commies Attacking Americans
  • Big Push To Register Illegals To Vote
  • NPR - The Immigration Debate
  • Buzzard Rag Alert!
  • Drug Bust Nets 27 Invaders
  • Spanish Media Apologizes For Lying Their Ass Off
  • Mexican Govt. Protests ?Railroad Killer? Execution
  • Carlsbad Migrant Camps Remain
  • Vista Approves Hiring Law On Day Laborers

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