Christian shopkeepers, right, confronted by several Muslim youth, during
Muslim march through Nazareth, Israel, Dec. 31, 2006

Muslims shout at Jesus’ home:
‘Islam will dominate the world’

NAZARETH ? Islamic groups held a large militant march down the main streets of Nazareth this weekend, highlighting for some here the plight of Christians in this ancient city where Muslims have become a majority and members of the dwindling Christian population say they suffer regular intimidation.

Nazareth, considered one of the holiest cities for Christians, is described in the New Testament as the childhood home of Jesus. It contains multiple important shrines and churches, including the famous Church of the Basilica of the Annunciation, the site at which many Christians believe the Virgin Mary was visited by the Archangel Gabriel and told that she had been selected as the mother of Jesus.

The Islamic Movement, the main Muslim political party in Nazareth, said it organized yesterday’s march to celebrate Eid ul-Adha, or the Feast of the Sacrifice, which commemorates the Muslim belief Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son Ishmael for Allah.

Christian and Jewish faith dictates it was Isaac, not Ishmael, whom Abraham almost sacrificed.

    Muslims march through Nazareth,
    Israel, Sunday, Dec. 31, 2006

Islamic Movement leaders paraded down Nazareth’s main thoroughfare brandishing their party’s green flag. Young Muslim men in battle gear marched and beat drums as a man on loudspeaker repeatedly exclaimed in Arabic, “Allah is great.”

Hundreds of activists strutted screaming Islamist epithets, including “Islam is the only truth” and “Islam shall rule all.”

Tens of thousands of Nazareth residents, seemingly mostly Muslim, congregated on the streets as the march passed by. Muslim children launched firecrackers into the sky, occasionally misfiring, with the small explosives landing dangerously close to the crowds.

Many of the town’s Christian residents stayed away from the event, with the exception of Christian shopkeepers who worked in the area. WND observed as several Muslim youth marching in the parade started to charge at three local Christian shopkeepers but the youth stopped short……

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11 Responses to “Muslims March Through Nazareth 'Meant To Intimidate Christians'”

  1. 1 beadalong

    Yup, that’s tolerance all right (not). I think every Muslim who comes here from another country proabably shares the same view and should be asked to leave.

  2. 2 beadalong

    Oh, maybe next time they have Ramadan or another holiday, the Christians should return the favor.

  3. 3 durango24k

    What an awesome religion. Nothing like intimidating people. You Muslims must be proud! Converting the world by the sword. Praise Allah baba!

    Its so nice to see the Islamic Fascists getting there butts kicked right now over in Somalia by the “Christian” Ethiopian troops who know what your game is all about. Run away cowards! What you Islamists dont understand is the world is never going to stand by for your evil. The only countries its worked in is in Islamic countries where people are uneducated and poor. They are used to having a crappy form of government where corruption is commonplace.

  4. 4 DfD

    What’s amazing is that the Muslim Fascists are intimidating the Catholic Church’s. Are these Christians? Are these the same “Christians” attempting to destroy the United States with the aiding and abetting of the foreign INVASION through Meheeeeeeeeeko? The Muslims want to destroy America! The Catholic Church wants to destroy America! Hmmmmm! Peace, brotherhood, diversity, and NO HUMAN IS ILLEGAL! Only Americans? What irony!

  5. 5 Eddie B.

    Mushroom cloud to follow.

  6. 6 durango24k

    DfD, I hate to say it but no its not the same Christians. The Catholic church has been dying in America for some time. Its all but dead in Europe. There’s a difference between Catholics and Christian. Some Catholics are Christians but there is a difference between Catholisism and Protestantism.

    What we have here is nothing more than a sell out of the Catholic Church to boost church attendance at the peril of American society. No decent Christian person of any denomination would be opposed to charity and rendering aid to the poor or “alien” as the bible declares. This is another manipulation of the issue. The issue is not church interest in helping the needy. Its the issue of government sponsored support for an abundance of foreign aliens. It is not our job to be the worlds parent for those third world children who cannot stand up for themselves and fight for what they want in their own countries.

  7. 7 beadalong

    I heard on KGO this morning that the NY Times suggested we throw open our doors to “Iraqi refugees” according to John Rothman.

    What a baaaad idea!

    And why does this newspaper propose such a thing to put American Citizens in harm’s way with this idea?

  8. 8 Vincent Narodnik

    Greed as a gerund becomes “greeding”
    which isnt a word.
    AMBITION is .
    When the torrent of greed has reached flood stage and overflows its banks-When simply the desire to posses things which are not your own extends no longer simply to material things, it then extends itself into immaterial things-
    Those among us who are not satisfied simply in desiring things that are not thier own, quickly take tosiezing Love that does not belong to them. Justice that bears no relation whatever to crimes committed, and Mercy that does further violence to those who they have assaulted.
    Ye shall know them by thier fruits.
    Those no longer satisfied by the intoxication of militant use of LoveJusticeMercy, seek then to intoxicate themselves by a new distillation of the same poison, and its name is
    The Morally Ambitious take to the task of gaining glory to themselves by enacting the best that the human soul has to give
    …by means which bear no relation to the soft and silent soil of Humility these flowers of the human spirit naturally grow in.
    The LoveMercyJustice wielded by those who we have trusted most with the meting out of these things is being wielded in such a brutal and vengeful way, I for one cannot in good conscience put any faith in them as men.
    Fallible men.
    Just like me.
    I detect horns behind thier halos
    and thier halos seem to be of tarnished tinfoil.
    They enforce “Social Justice” with the same sword that Mohammed wielded on the infidel.
    Turning the other cheek we are required to do to the best of our ability.
    Seeking an assasin to kill you so that you may steal the Martyrs crown for YOUR OWN glory- or for public relations purposes
    is among the foulest crimes a human can commit.

  9. 9 Eddie B.

    Read the book “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam”. Tolerance and multiculturalism will never work with these people. Just won’t.

  10. 10 Mountain Man

    I say to the muslims, take a flying leap through allahs ass.

    I am a Christian, or try to be, and you don’t scare me one damn bit. Your culture is so stupid you couldn’t even invent a real hat. It wouldn’t bother me if the United States made Martyrs out of all of you.


  11. 11 Sherri

    I love how they manipulate history and try to say that it was Ishmael and not Issac that Abraham almost sacrificed. Nope—don’t think so.
    Abraham wanted to give Israel to Ishmael as his inheritence, and God told him no. It was to go to Issac and his decendants. That’s why Hagar and Ishmael were sent away.
    Israel was given to the Hebrews by God. He did not intend it for anyone else. And anyone who says it’s Palenstine and a historical homeland of Muslims does not have their historical facts correct.
    It did not become Palestine until the Roman Emperor Hadrian changed the name of Israeal to Palestine on all of the maps—and it’s stayed that way ever since. His goal was to eliminate the Hebrews and destroy any mention, history, or memory of the Jews because he hated them so much. Before that, it was called Judea by the Romans. Historical fact.
    But Muslims don’t deal with historical fact. They will use anything to prop up their lame religion because they know it’s worthless. That’s why they’re so violent—they can’t convice people to convert by talking, so they attempt to intimidate and subjugate anyone and everyone.
    Now that I’ve gone off the deep end with my little history lesson, all I can say is that anyone who says Islam is a peaceful religion obviously does’nt know what they are talking about. Islam has never been peaceful, nor non-violent. The actions of people in Nazareth are more proof of that as they intimidate anyone who is not a Muslim.
    There should be no more visas issued to any Muslim country. We don’t need scenes like this one in America.

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