Save Our State 2006 Year in Review (Pt. I)

Save Our State 2006 Year in Review (Pt. I)
You Tube
December 31, 2006

9 Responses to “Save Our State 2006 Year in Review (Pt. I)”

  1. 1 beadalong

    Great Video! Even complete with the Benny Hill theme at the end! I enjoyed this very much.

  2. 2 durango24k

    You guys gotta read this! That was a good video. A little information for you all. You ever notice the signs with these pro illegals saying that us “pilgrims” are the illegals since “1492″. I’ve never been able to figure out waht that had to do with Mexico. I think you see these signs in the video. Anyways I was just reading an article about Muslims wanting (demanding as usual) to be able to worship in a Cathedral in Rome and the vatican is telling them no. Well in this article I’m pasting below, low and behold, the answer! I thought these “1492″ guys were Mexicans (natives) mad at the U.S. but as you will see at the bottom of this article it was that in 1492 that Grenada, the last Muslim stronghold of Spain fell. So not only do they believe that us Pilgrims invaded in 1492 isnt it funny that coincidenatlly “Muslims” have a vested interest in that they were conquered at that same time. So if Muslims are going to Mexico looking for sympathy it might seem as if they may team up as both would claim they have been done wrong. Heres the article.

    Spanish Muslims have written to the Vatican to demand the right to worship at Cordoba Cathedral.

    Spain’s Islamic Board wrote to Pope Benedict XVI on Tuesday, calling on him to grant them permission to worship in the cathedral, parts of which were built as a mosque during Spain’s period of Islamic rule.

    The group said in their letter: “What we wanted was not to take over that holy place, but to create in it, together with you and other faiths, an ecumenical space unique in the world which would have been of great significance in bringing peace to humanity.”

    They said that senior Spanish Catholic clergy had earlier rejected requests for Muslims to be allowed to prostrate themselves inside the Cathedral.

    Mansur Escudero, the board’s secretary general, said security guards often stop Muslim worshipers from praying at the old mosque.

    He said: “There are reactionary elements within the Catholic Church, and when they hear about the construction of a mosque, or Muslim teachings in state schools, or about veils, they see it as a sign we are growing and they oppose it.”

    Mansur said Muslims came from around the world to see Cordoba’s Cathedral, which is still commonly known as the Cathedral-Mosque.
    Reactionary as in the state of Saudi Arabia, which bans all religions other than Islam and forbids churches or bibles or preaching? Or Mecca, which is a “Muslims-only” holy site?

    What happened the last time the Muslims “entered” this area?

    The Roman Catholic cathedral had originally been a mosque but was converted into a cathedral in the 13th century.

    The mosque itself was built on the site of the earlier cathedral of St Vincent which was demolished by Cordoba’s Muslim rulers following the Islamic invasion and occupation of parts of southern Spain in the eight century.

    In December, Spain’s Catholic Bishops Conference released a statement, quoted by newspaper ABC, saying it “did not recommend” Muslims prayed at the Cathedral and was not prepared to negotiate the building’s shared use with other faiths.

    Spain’s last Muslim territory fell with the conquest of Granada in 1492 after almost eight centuries of Muslim rule.


    If that werent enough I’ve just found a brief clip about the wonderful University of Colorado Professor of Native Studies, Ward Churchill that we have often seen on TV that got in trouble about spewing hatred. This little clip is from Wikipedia..

    Culpability is sometimes placed on contemporary governments and their citizens for ongoing acts of genocide against Native Americans during the time of Christopher Columbus. Columbus myths and celebrations are generally a positive affair, making less room for this concept in history books. Ward Churchill, an associate professor of Native American Studies at the University of Colorado and a leader of the American Indian Movement, has argued that

    Very high on the list of those expressions of non-indigenous sensibility which contribute to the perpetuation of genocidal policies against Indians are the annual Columbus Day celebration, events in which it is baldly asserted that the process, events, and circumstances described above are, at best, either acceptable or unimportant. More often, the sentiments expressed by the participants are, quite frankly, that the fate of Native America embodied in Columbus and the Columbian legacy is a matter to be openly and enthusiastically applauded as an unrivaled “boon to all mankind.” Undeniably, the situation of American Indians will not?in fact cannot?change for the better so long as such attitudes are deemed socially acceptable by the mainstream populace. Hence, such celebrations as Columbus Day must be stopped.[18]

    Columbus’ colonization of the Americas, and the subsequent effects on the native peoples, were dramatised in the 1992 feature film 1492: Conquest of Paradise to commemorate the 500th anniversary of his landing in the Americas. In 2003, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez urged Latin Americans to not celebrate the Columbus Day holiday. Chavez blamed Columbus for leading the way in the mass genocide of the Native Americans.[19]

    It’s all starting to come together….Hugo Chavez calling Bush “El Diablo” at the United Nations. This Reconquista Movement. Mecha. Atzlan. Wake up America…better yet….wake up American politicians. Trouble is on the way if we dont!

  3. 3 concerned_american43

    Excellent video! I was on my way to Starbucks and I saw a car with the El Salvadoran flag and graffiti. Inside the car on the back of the seats signs of El Salvador hanging on the back. You know, I’m wondering what kind of statement is being made there. I thought to myself they are so full of pride for their own countries and they make wure American Citizens can see that, but THEY WON’T LIVE IN THEIR OWN COUNTRIES! So, where’s the pride from? Listen, I believe people should be proud of their heritage no matter where you are from, but it seems that these people like to throw it in our faces, and they have been doing that for the last few years I have noticed. I’m sick of it!

    Secure the Borders
    Deport the Illegals


  4. 4 Christelle

    durango24k, very interesting article. I had heard this on the news and it was good to read all of the details.

    Yes, the Muslims occupied Spain for 800 years and the Spanish fought for that long to finally throw them out. Around the time that the Spanish finally got rid of the Muslims, they sent explorers out who landed in what is now Mexico and Central America.

    I’ve read a theory, I don’t know whether it is accurate or not, but it is interesting, that there are some similarities in cultural characteristics between Muslims and Latin Americans because of the Spanish being under Muslim rule for nearly eight centuries.

    When you look at the two societies, there are some similarities, i.e., corruption, nepotism, bad attitudes towards women, religious intolerance. If you think about it, it would be reasonable to expect that a society which had been ruled by Muslims for eight hundred years would have some of those cultural mores ingrained into their psyche which they brought with them when they settled into South America. The Spanish learned from the conquerors and occupiers, the Muslims.

  5. 5 Eddie B.

    Jeezzzzzus them’s some ugly mutts waving those commie flags. Friggin’ ugly. No more breeding for those folks. No wonder why they wear bandanas over their faces. Shheeeeeezzz. Fugly.


  6. 6 The Watchdog

    Yup, great video. That’s from “Last Great Hope” of Save our State. A true Patriot! He posts some great photo’s with hilarious captions on the SOS forum.

  7. 7 Vaquera Guera

    Great video.

  8. 8 Sippy

    Awesome video…
    This is a little off the subject, but if you guys want to have a little fun, please go to this forum.

    I’m also a memeber on ALIPAC and apparently this site just abwhores ALIPAC members.
    I haven’t found any articles about but I wouldn’t doubt if there are some on there.
    Its lots of fun!

  9. 9 Sandman

    Message to all patriots who live in the Golden State: You all have my deepest simpathy for the current situation you are all in. I lived in Southern California in the early 80’s and it was bad then. I believe that California will only continue to be invaded until life is worse in your State than Mexico. All the great things about California are the cause of its demise. I should also mention that the freebies offered to illegals helped out the current situation.
    Anyway, I live in an area that is also under siege, so I know what it is like. It does see like Mexicans in California are much more violent and militant than they are here in Texas.
    I am really disturbed by illegals in the videos I have seen from SOS. Jeeze, these pigs really do want a civil war!

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