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Schwarzenegger’s Reffer Madness

LA Times
Sacramento — Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger will propose that all Californian children, including those in the state illegally, be guaranteed medical insurance as part of the healthcare overhaul he intends to unveil next week, according to officials familiar with the plan.
If enacted by the Legislature, his proposal would affect about 763,000 children who now lack […]

System Overwhelmed Even Without ‘Amnesty,’ Guest Workers

Washington Post
As the White House and Congress prepare to overhaul the nation’s immigration laws, U.S. officials have concluded that they lack the technology and resources to handle the millions of applications for legal residency that could result from the changes and that several efforts to modernize computers have gone astray.
Immigration officials have said for years […]

National Guardsmen Attacked at Border

It’s a good thing they retreated, otherwise they’d all be going to prison. They still might. I wonder if Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is trying to locate the willing workers that were trying to cross so he can give them immunity and testify against the Guardsman?

Bush’s Muchacho

AZ Central
A U.S. Border Patrol […]

Daily Bushism #4

“Whether you’re here by birth, or whether you’re in America by choice, you contribute to the vitality of our life. And for that, we are grateful.”
- Washington, D.C.; May 17, 2002

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  • National Guardsmen Attacked at Border
  • Daily Bushism #4

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