There is a rally in Los Angeles on Saturday, January 13th. There are other rallies for the agents at other locations around the U.S. Fire Coalition lists the other rally locations here. Please attend even if you have to do some driving.

In this video slideshow, Tammy Bruce interviews Joe Loya, Father in Law of wrongly accused BP agent Ramos. Joe Loya will be a featured speaker at the LA rally.

Start Time: 1/13/2007 at 11:00 AM
End Time: 1/13/2007 at 1:00 PM
Location: 300 North Los Angeles Street, Los Angeles CA

Description: Free The Border Patrol Day - The U.S. Justice Department has abandoned America’s Border Patrol Agents. U.S. Border Patrol Agents Ramos and Compean report to prison the following Thursday for a 12 year sentence for trying to arrest an illegal alien drug smuggler (World Net Daily article).

JOIN with American Freedom Riders, the Minuteman Project, FIRE Coalition and other activists to rally in support of Border Patrol Agents Ramos and Compean (to protest the malicious prosecution of these Border Patrol Agents) at Federal Buildings throughout the nation!

    Click here for Lou Dobbs Tonight January 6th

88 Responses to “Protest The Wrongful Prosecution of Border Patrol Agents - Saturday, January 13th”

  1. 1 Angel

    I’m glad this injustice with these two didn’t die down.

  2. 2 durango24k

    Count me in the L.A. rally. Lets get out there folks. Bring friends and family. This is our chance to be SEEN and HEARD. The squeeky wheel gets the grease. These two brave guys deserve the chance to get their lives back. This might be the only way to have it done. See you out there!

  3. 3 beadalong

    Oh, I looked at the time and I already missed it in the S’ Jose area. I was recovering from a migraine.

    I hope there was a good turnout and I hoped our politicians took notice (I’ve written plenty of times with no result) and I’ve also written the current presiding mayor (Chuck Reed) and his opponent (Cindy Chavez) and that x-mayor-loser Gonzales about the 2 massive marches we had here…I never got an answer from any of those turkeys.

    Well, I hope there was a good turnout. Those poor guys deserve better than they’re getting.

    And to think…our Prez (and many in our Guv) thinks illegal alien drug runners are the superior people in our land. Well, I guess somebody has to feed their habits. Most of us working have to take drug tests so that leaves the rich, these jokester politicians, people like Bill Maher that brag about drugs, the young and the retired baby boomers.

    And (sorry) back to the topic: To me it’s unimaginable that our border guards aren’t armed (or if they are) they can’t do anything.

    It seems to me our goverment is far more concerned with guarding Korea’s borders than they are of their own and leave us as “vulnerable potential sitting ducks.”

  4. 4 durango24k

    Beadalong….the rally in San Jose is next Saturday…the 13th!

  5. 5 jim f

    do you think tom brokaw will do a report on these guys?

  6. 6 The Watchdog

    No, Tom Brokaw would do the report on the poor “worker” who was transporting the marijuana to feed his starving family.

  7. 7 beadalong

    Oops, thanks Durango!

  8. 8 Pamela

    Any chance of starting a petition to get that Attorney Carnoff(sp?) removed from office?

  9. 9 Mary

    Whorehay licking his chops over Democratic pro-illegal Congress:

    House of Representatives Democratic Leader Steny Hoyer of Maryland said on “Fox News Sunday” that immigration was one of the topics discussed when congressional leaders were invited to the White House last week to meet with Bush.

    “He (Bush) smiled and he said, ‘You know, I think I’m going to have a lot easier time dealing with you on immigration than I had dealing with the House Republican leadership on immigration,”‘ said Hoyer.

    “I think that’s the case,” said Hoyer, who did not detail the plan.

    Bush proposed a major overhaul of the immigration system that included a limited guest worker program and an easier path to citizenship for many already in the country. He coupled that with money for increased border security.

    In the end, House Republicans killed the immigration overhaul and Congress limited its action to approving money for 700 miles of fencing along the U.S.-Mexico border.

    Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky agreed that an immigration bill was possible.

    Democrats last week took control of both houses of Congress for the first time in 12 years and have been outlining their legislative agenda since then.

  10. 10 Eddie B.

    I wish I could be there with you folks!!! Show the flag!


  11. 11 Mary

    Here is the story someone mentioned about the young black girl who was murdered in LA by racist Latino gang members:

    Article details how blacks living in a certain LA neighborhood live in terror of racist gangs. They stay in their apartments and are afraid even to go to the grocery store.

  12. 12 Mary

    The mother of that young lady should sue the sh*t out of the City of LA for its sanctuary policies and especially, Mayor Vivalaraza.


  13. 13 Minutewoman

    I’ll be there Saturday with a big American flag! We can expect to have plenty of goons spitting in our faces and trying to drown us out, so the more folks we have on our side the better, for our own safety. Also, the more people we have the more likely we are to get some media attention, for what that’s worth. We will never stop fighting for justice.

  14. 14 Sherri

    I wish that I could attend one of these, but circumstances say otherwise. If it weren’t the case, I’d be proud to fight on behalf of these two Americans who are being railroaded!
    Good luck to all who are attending the rally!

  15. 15 beadalong

    I whole heartedly agree Mary with suing Villa…whats-his-face down in L.A.

  16. 16 beadalong

    Yea, I just read the full article. That’s disgusting. It’s time to sue, charge these guys, and crack down hard on the gang activity and also end that Santuary City Status.

    I believe that the Department of Homeland Stupidity is going to give L.A. some money, but I think the stipulation should be (if any of those bozos had any common sense) would be deportation of all illegals and end Sanctuary Status because they’re only promoting further crap and lawlessness to begin with.

  17. 17 Brad

    There is definitely a skunk involved here, and not just the one in the White House. One would think the agent who was complicit in aiding abetting the illegal drug smuggler would have at least lost his job. Instead he gets transfered. The whole incident reeks of a higher up being connected to drug smuggling. Intimidate Border Patrol officers, so they don’t pursue drug dealers, and leave the national guard un-armed. Something very very crooked here.
    I wish I could be there on Sat. I have a city meeting I have to attend. I will be sending a donation to help these patriots out.

  18. 18 Zorro

    For all of you not near LA or Phoenix, there are more and more rallies cropping up in cities across the country that you can attend on the 13th at the Federal Courthouses. I am coordinating the one in Philadelphia. It is something all patriots should make time to attend or even get a rally going at their Federal building. This is a high profile case that we can make some noise on and we have lots of momentum. If we can get Bush to back off on this, we may be able to turn the tide of the non-patrolling of our southern border. This case and the recent event of the gang of gun toting Mexicans getting our National Guard to retreat are highlighting the real Bush agenda at our southern border. We need to keep the pressure ON.

  19. 19 Vaquera Guera

    Dallas ??????

    I e-mailed the contact person for the Dallas area and waiting to see if they let me know something.

    Any info for the Dallas area, please let me know.


  20. 20 latinofortancredo

    ok no one responded me, ill said the same on this topic,why escondido and others cities are not on the ICE? anyone here sent a letter to anyone in those cities to enter the ICE training? why Mayor Barletta is wasting money and time with the rental ban instead of enforce the law with the local police? the same with others cities,plz someone do something

  21. 21 Pamela


    This is just a guess but from what I have read from civic leaders , the ICE training costs about $500 per officer. Many city councils, especially those whose Mayor and a few council members want the program but the majority on the council don’t, refuse to ok the funding. In the case of Costa Mesa, Mayor Mansoor wanted to have his officers trained by ICE but at the current time they are working with an actual ICE officer assigned to them temporarily-”on a trial basis to see how effective it is”.

    I agree, it would seem that maybe Hazelton (where the entire city council is behind this) would put some funds towards ICE training. Then again, perhaps they felt that passing these ordinances might be more effective for them. If the ordinances are struck down in court, they always can go back to this idea.

    OFF TOPIC but related to the article about Medicaid for illegals and anchor baby births.

    Just heard a 15 second commercial on KFI discussing the cost to taxpayers for the delivery and pre-natal post-partum care of these kids. Also talked about how many are born in CA each year and how when these babies come of age, they can sponsor family to come here from other Countries! It ended by encouraging listeners to call their reps and take action.

    They gave the contact website as www.saynotoillegals for info and how to contact reps. I tried the site but it was down. Will try again later. Will post the address if different from above.
    Has anyone heard an ad like this before? At first I thought it was a “spoof” by John and Ken…..It was great-would like to donate if they need funds for more airtime!

  22. 22 Pamela

    That should have been


  23. 23 beadalong

    I don’t know latinofortancredo. I haven’t sent a letter. I should do so later today because of what you mentioned here. What you does make sense, but it would be nice to crack down on the landlords as well.

  24. 24 Pamela

    That is the correct webadress.
    The site was founded by Barbara Coe. I believe she is a scheduled speaker at the rally for the border agents in LA on Saturday.
    If you go to this site, you can hear clips of the commercials. And, yes, donations are appreciated! PayPal or mail-in.

  25. 25 Pamela

    Go to and read the two article links related to Arnie.

    In one he wants to give illegals health insurance (and tax the doctors 2% of their gross income and the hospitals 4% to help cover the cost)

    In the next he says he wants to cut Welfare to tens of thousands of illegals…..?????

    Talk about trying to play both sides of the fence! No, this isn’t a joke!

    Both links are to the LA Times-no registration required..

  26. 26 Pamela

    The upside of proposal #1 is that the employers of proposal #1 will have to contribute to the fund.

    The upside to proposal #2 is that other states have already done this succesfully. Some illegal families are currently receiving $300 or more per month. Without the extra freebies maybe they will self-deport.

  27. 27 Angel

    I wish that I could go to a ralley myself. They don’t have one in my state. Looks like a pretty good list firecoalition has there.

  28. 28 Angel

    Went to Pamela’s site above.
    Looks like the new walk-in is up and running quickly and getting everyone fired up.

    On occasion take a moment some days and just gaze at the sky (especially in the evening). You’ll see a purple - to light purple hue. Even when it is dark and you look in the moonlight. But you have to stare at it a few moments to see it sometimes.
    When you see purple, that’s spiritual protection. There is a layer of white, green, and purple all around us. I am using the light to have you see the purple more often. Isn’t it just beautiful?

  29. 29 latinofortancredo

    oh thanks pamela and beadalong at least some people responded me,please let’s push this issue,the ban rental could be ok but what invaders would do? move the other city,so the ICE program its better,oh $500 per officer? that its cheap illegal aliens cost more than that and hazelton its wasting funds for the rental ban that can be use for the ICE program,the evil aclu cant do anything to stop the ICE program,so please pamela,beadalong and anyone here who cares for America send letters to hazelton city counsil and escondido and to any city counsil who cares for his citizens
    thank you
    NO amnesty

  30. 30 litew8

    latinofortancredo said:
    “would do? move the other city”

    I agree latinofortancredo. The ICE program is good. But it has its limitations as to how the law is enforced (human contact). I personally think the city bans are more effective because of the necessity restrictions. I think BOTH would be great combined.

  31. 31 Johnny

    I was wondering how many people voted Democrat this mid term election, because the republican party was not doing anything about illegal immigration?

    I keep hearing a lot of talk about why the Democrats won the election. And personally I feel that many voted Democrat in rebellion to the republican party becaue of their do nothing attitude on illegal immigration.

    If you ask a liberal this question they will give an entirely different answer like the Iraq war or too much religion etc etc.

    I bet middle America voted Democrat because of Illega immigration.

    Any ideas?

  32. 32 Johnny

    There has to be one reason why our president ignores America when it comes to illegal immigration.

    What is sad about illegal immigration is that illegal immigration can be solved with simplicity.

    All you have to do to end illegal immigration with out rioting and violence is cut off the one reason they come here for, and that is the jobs and welfare benifits.

    They would all pack up and head home if they knew that they could not find work here or free money.

  33. 33 Johnny

    But then the ACLU would come along and take sides with the illegals saying that they have rights even though they are not citizens.

    Just like birth right citizenship. it is so amazing how the constitution can be distorted to fit the liberal courts agenda for socialism.

  34. 34 Johnny

    It just shows what kind of scam is going on with Bush and his elites, not to pardon these two heros from our border patroll. What kind of president takes side with the enemy?

    Bush has got to be stopped and brought up on charges.

  35. 35 Mary

    You guys are gonna love this:

    Illegals who are caught have been arrested an AVERAGE of SIX TIMES for violations of the law:,2933,242333,00.html

    In other words, six times that these criminal scum could have been deported, and weren’t.

    I’m sure the families of the hundreds of Americans who are slaughtered by illegals each month are thrilled to hear that!

    When does the nightmare end?

    Johnny, re your comments, I did notice that before the elections Lou Dobbs ran one of his online polls which asked which party would do a better job enforcing the law against illegals, and the Democrats won by a huge amount.

    Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. Obviously the word didn’t get out that the House Republicans led by King, Tancredo and Sensenbrenner were the only barriers standing in the way of mass amnesty last year.

  36. 36 Mary

    Latino for Tancredo

    Agree with you 100 percent. Why waste time and money on rental bans? Just enter the local authorities in the ICE program and be done with it.

    I bet a lot of local authorities aren’t aware it exists. And I bet the Bush admin. didn’t exactly go out of their way to tell them about it, either.

  37. 37 Mary

    Okay here’s another one:

    This time they nabbed a 78-year-old lady walking in a crosswalk with a cane! Hit and run.

    They don’t say if the perp is illegal but I bet he is. Typical modus operandi.

  38. 38 Mary

    PS — as I understand it the ICE program is only for illegals who are brought in on criminal charges, it’s not for nabbing people for just being here illegaly. But in the end, it still gets rid of a lot of them because most of them seem to be criminals of one type or another anyways.

  39. 39 beadalong

    Okay LatinoforTancredo. I will definitely try contacting them (it wouldn’t hurt) and I also think it would take the combination.

  40. 40 beadalong

    Thanks Angel, I will look.

  41. 41 Mary

    Gotta wonder about this one too:

    Two Asian women, mother and daughter, killed by a guy with a Hispanic name who was driving away from police in a stolen car.

    It doesn’t say if said turd was illegal or not, but you gotta wonder. . .the media often deletes that “irrelevant” fact.

  42. 42 latinofortancredo

    thank all the people who responded,let’s letters to cities councils, enter the ICE training!!!!!

  43. 43 bergey

    I will tell you guys something sad. I try to talk to people here in Milwaukee, Wi about these two unfortunate BP officers, and no one has even heard about it. I am doing my best to spread the word, and this blog to everyone I know and more. I will be with you guys in mind and spirit if not body come the 13th.

  44. 44 Darlene

    My best friend’s son is a cop in CA in a small Aztlan- occupied central valley town. Yesterday, he got a police call regarding extremely loud music at a home situated on a cul-de-sac. When he arrived and was approaching the house, a Hispanic man accompanied with several other people surrounded him, screaming Gringo POS, This is our country, don’t tell us what to do , etc. Next thing he knew dozens of Hispanics came out of several homes, also situated on the cul-de-sac and began threatening him. It didn’t help that he is a blue-eyed, blond. He had to call for 7…yes 7 back-up officers to finally calm the situation down. There were several arrests. He is so sick of the s*** he has to deal with, he is considering quitting law enforcement, even though he’s only been a cop for a year.

  45. 45 bergey

    Darlene, What does POS mean?

  46. 46 Mary

    Piece of Sh*t.

  47. 47 Darlene

    Thank you, MARY!

  48. 48 Mary


    TYSON FOODS suffers its worst quarter ever in 10 YEARS.

    The boycott is working, the boycott is working! Keep it up!

    Of course the MSM refuses to acknowledge WHY Tyson is doing so badly.

    First Scum Depot, now Tyson! THERE IS A GOD AFTER ALL.

    GO BOYCOTTERS GO! KEEP IT UP. LET’S run Tyson into bankruptcy, unless they change their ways.

  49. 49 Mary

    9,000 illegal alien child sex offenders caught in just 3 years:

  50. 50 Pamela


    For the most part, you are right about the rental bans just forcing illegals to move to other places. However, many of them just decide to go back to Mexico because of these bans.
    Many can not afford to move to a new place, don’t want the hassle of re-enrolling their kids in school etc. Often they work within walking distance or rely on public transporation to get to their jobs. If they are forced out of town, many leave their jobs and have to find new ones. For some, this is a deterent. So, in some ways it is effective-more importantly it sends a message-if you are here illegally, you are not welcome.
    It would seem that a combination of strategies is the best approach. Go after employers, go after those using forged or fake IDs, cut food stamps, free medeical care, birthright citizenship, free public education and in-state college tuition ( I feel colleges should not even consider applicants unless they are citizens, or legal residents or have a student visa). Additionally, law enforcement needs to step up and become involved with ICE. Although ICE does have the power to deport any illegal, at any time, for any reason, THEY have decided at this time to only address illegal invaders involved in criminal activity. They feel that for the time being this is how they can be the most effective with the manpower that they have. Although frustrating, this makes sense-afterall, there are 12 million plus illegals. Get rid of the worst troublemakers first then hopefully instituting and enforcing laws on local levels will pressure others to leave.
    Most importantly, we can’t give up. 12 million people are not going to leave on their own. We need to continue our efforts at all levels.

  51. 51 Sandman

    I hope that some MINUTEMEN organizations can get together and make some noise in all areas of the country. What sort of message does the US Govt. want to send to the border patrol by this action. ? is it being done to demoralize the other border patrol agents so they just look the other way?
    These questions MUST be answered.

  52. 52 Pamela


    If you have not already, watch the video of the Lou Dobbs show posted here concerning this. The two representatives seemd to believe that this whole situation smells of corruption at a higher level. What other possible explanation is there?
    Also, have heard that it has had a negative impact on both the morale and the job performance of some of the agents. They are intimidated to do their job for fear of being targeted like these guys.

  53. 53 Zorro

    I am organizing the Philly Free the Border Patrol Day on Saturday. Anyone can do this in their town. You just step up and get listed at American Freedom Riders and they will notify all the lists of the new city. Danny Smith

    I have never protested before - we don’t see a lot of that in my area.. yet. if you don’t see your city’s Federal Building listed for Saturday just do it yourself! Even if we get 5 people showing up at a Federal Building that is showing solidarity for the cause of getting these good agents pardoned and shining the media light on the travesty of justice that has occurred.

    The above email is not me - I am


  54. 54 beadalong

    Johnny, I think the reason for no enforcement of illegal immigrants is probably the NORTH AMERICAN UNION (the union of Canada, the U.S. and Mexico) and with it will be the NAFTA Superhighway.

  55. 55 Ed

    Hey watchdog I want to change my name rd to my real name how can. I do it in the login it says no editing.

  56. 56 Mary

    FAIR pilots program to give approval sticker to businesses that are certified illegal-alien-free:

  57. 57 Mary

    Rich Mexicans flee Tijuana violence and choas:

  58. 58 Pamela


    Bless you!
    Good luck and stay safe!


    The obvious question is who is the real estate agent who sold homes to illegals and how can they establish businesses here?

  59. 59 Johnny

    If W Bush’s actions are not that of a dictator then correct me if I am wrog. 55 congress members, hundreds of thousands of faxes and letters to the white house what is wrong with this president?

    Bush should be charged with treason for not defending the citizens against invasion!

    What kind of conspiracy is going on with Bush?

    How come they are making a big deal out of this on the regular news?

    Lets get these two heros back home with their families and decorate them with honors for a job well done!

  60. 60 Johnny

    Pamela, if they can use pesos at pizza resturant now, illegals can start their own business and sell homes to illegals. You might as well just give them the border at least that is how it seems these days.

    It makes no sense what so ever!

  61. 61 Vaquera Guera

    Hey Johnny, where ya been? Those kinds of illegal transactions have been going on for years or what they’ll do is this, they will put the property in the name of their “anchor baby” and thereby securing the title in the name of an American citizen, in case they get deported or whatever, but the sale is usually done under table or “rent to own” type of deal. The big difference as of today is that the government and corporations are getting in on the action by allowing the illegals to get “benefits”, open bank accounts, aquire home loans and etc. because before if you did not have the proper documentation you could not qualify and…. the biggest fear was that the illegal did not want to “blow his cover” of being in the country illegally, so he stayed away from trying to get on paper, but now, like I said, the government and big corporate business have erased these obstacles of legitimate ID’s and they have created their own rules and laws with regards to opening up bank accounts and securing loans…..

    Because remember, these “anchor babies” grow up and then what happens is that they grow up to become bankers, real estate agents, welfare workers, and etc. so through the years they have placed themselves in the position to change the system and basically erase the legal aspects of these institutions.

  62. 62 Occidental Man

    Bush, Saddam Hussein, = EGOMANIAC?S

  63. 63 Occidental Man

    C ? can not follow laws
    O - obligations ignored
    R - remorselessness
    R - recklessness
    U - underhandedness
    P - planning deficit
    T - temper

  64. 64 latinofortancredo

    this article is sad i guess miss waldron is wasting the time,im starting to think she is just playing with the issue
    look at the resolution she will present,does that help? please someone post her email here,why she does not present a bill to put escondido city police in the ICE training?

  65. 65 Pamela


    Councilwoman Marie Waldron at

    Mayor Pro-tem Sam Abed at

    These two council members both support this ordinance and have been the most vocal of those who do support it.

    Hope this helps! Thanks for contacting them. Also, if you are in an emailing mood, would you consider contacting the Mayor of Costa Mesa and commenting on that City’s success with the ICE agent that they have working in their jails? They would like to have their own officers trained by ICE but are “borrowing” an ICE agent to see how effective the program is. So far, this one agent has IDd about 46 illegals in the jails.
    Mayor Mansoor is a great guy. He and the City Council have been receiving all types of threats and accusations of racial profiling and xenophobia.
    He needs support on this especially from the Latino Community. Thanks!

    He reads all of his own email and will probably write you back.

  66. 66 Johnny

    Occidental Man,

    I like what you compiled about Bush.

    Very nice!

  67. 67 Johnny

    Vaquera Guera

    Yea I agree completely with you on this.

    You know the old saying money talks.

    The large amnounts of people crossing our border means that they will be using money.
    A lot of these large corporations are corrupt and don’t mind exploiting these people all in the name of big tax breaks.
    I have stopped doing business with some of these known business that support the illegal alien agenda.

  68. 68 Darlene

    Hi Pamela,

    I e-mailed Mr. Monsoor and received a wonderful personal message back from his thanking me for my support. He is a true American Hero in my book.

  69. 69 Mary


    Please. Use the CAPS free fax system at the URL above to send a message to Girlyman that WE DON’t WANT TO PAY FOR FREE HEALTHCARE FOR ILLEGALS. It’s fast and easy.

  70. 70 Mary

    Holy cow, check out this unbelievable story:

    Illegal murders his infant daughter by slamming her head against the wall in a fit of rage (what else). Child is rendered a vegetable.

    Now the murdering illegal is SUING the doctor on the case for disconnecting the vegetable child’s life support system:

    This will probably start a trend of illegals seriously harming their children and then finding a pretext for suing the medical professionals who try to care for the children.

    Anything for money, these losers will do.

  71. 71 beadalong

    Thank you Mary. I just emailed Girlyman (no I didn’t call him that). and isn’t this illegal out of his mind? He’s the one that essentially killed her anyway. What was her life going to be like as a veggie?

  72. 72 Pamela



    The real reason that this scum is suing the baby’s Dr. is this. As long as the child is alive (even if she is on life supporT)the father can not be charged with murder. Once she is removed from life support and dies he can be charged with murder.
    There have been similar cases where a father does this to a child and the child is placed on life support. The mother will decide to remove the child from life support and the father will try and sue her to keep the child on life support. A few years ago in CA they had a similar case- the child remained on life support for several years while the parents fought this out in court. The mom finally won, and when the child died after being removed from life support, the father was arrested. He is now in jail.
    Great justice system, huh?

  73. 73 Mary

    Father of man murdered by four illegals last year starts anti-illegal-immigration group:

  74. 74 Durango24k

    I just called the White House to talk to a live operator to leave a comment for the President to pardon Ramos And Compean. I doubt I was online for 90 seconds before the live operator answered. It’s quick and easy so please drop a dime and continue flooding the White House with calls. It’s these little things that count. Imagine if your spouse, brother, sister, parent or loved one was about to check into prison for doing a wonderful job. For 10 YEARS! Shame on the U.S. attorneys who did this!

    Please call the White House (202-456-1111) and demand the President pardon the agents.

  75. 75 Mountain Man

    Mary what does MSM mean?

    Mountain Man

  76. 76 Contessa

    Zorro: Have you contacted C4ICE in Philly, they’ll be at the rally at the Fed. Courthouse on Saturday. See their website. Heard some possible big names will be there, too! Can you say “cheesesteak” in English?

  77. 77 Durango24k

    MSM = Main stream media!

  78. 78 latinofortancredo

    i sent the emails to the 2 city councils…….someone here snet emails to them? about the issue of the ICE with the city police? i guess that waldron is playing witht the issue she does care about the citizens,do you see the new city resolution?its worthless

  79. 79 latinofortancredo

    urgent ppl send faxes
    NO amnesty
    and please reminds the city counsil the ICE training

  80. 80 latinofortancredo

    amnesty to come?
    Congressional leaders predict immigration law Sun Jan 7, 3:10 PM ET

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Democratic and Republican leaders predicted on Sunday the U.S. Congress would pass an immigration law this session after scuttling President George W. Bush’s plan last year.

    Democratic leaders also said they were looking at ways to provide middle class tax relief, with one hinting of possibly ending some tax breaks for the wealthy.

    House of Representatives Democratic Leader Steny Hoyer of Maryland said on “Fox News Sunday” that immigration was one of the topics discussed when congressional leaders were invited to the White House last week to meet with Bush.

    “He (Bush) smiled and he said, ‘You know, I think I’m going to have a lot easier time dealing with you on immigration than I had dealing with the House Republican leadership on immigration,”‘ said Hoyer.

    “I think that’s the case,” said Hoyer, who did not detail the plan.

    Bush proposed a major overhaul of the immigration system that included a limited guest worker program and an easier path to citizenship for many already in the country. He coupled that with money for increased border security.

    In the end, House Republicans killed the immigration overhaul and Congress limited its action to approving money for 700 miles of fencing along the U.S.-Mexico border.

    Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky agreed that an immigration bill was possible.

    Democrats last week took control of both houses of Congress for the first time in 12 years and have been outlining their legislative agenda since then.

    On taxes, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California said her party was looking at ways to provide “tax cuts for the middle class” but did not rule out repealing breaks for the wealthiest taxpayers.

    “We’re not going to start with repealing tax cuts, but they certainly are not off the table for people making over half a million dollars a year,” Pelosi said on CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

    And Hoyer said Democrats were hoping to find a way to adjust the alternative minimum tax so it did not strike the upper middle class. The tax was instituted to make sure the rich did not escape paying some tax, but it has not been changed or indexed so that inflation has brought more people under its provisions, raising their taxes.

    But drastically changing it could cost the federal government $1 trillion over 10 years.

    Hoyer said he thought the tax could be adjusted and not cost the government anything but he did not say how.
    we got to fight the amnesty plan use this tool to send fax

  81. 81 beadalong

    OFF TOPIC: UGLY BETTY again: I only caught the last 2 minutes of the show tonight but from what I saw, The illegal alien father of Betty gave a little gift to the Immigration Worker and she then hugged him and thanked him.

    I should have watched more of it tonight, but boy, this is definitely propaganda to me.

  82. 82 Minutewoman

    You can watch tonight’s UB tomorrow on the ABC website:
    I have to admit I hate the “feel sorry for us poor latinos we only break the law because we have to” part of the series, and I had decided ahead of time that I would not watch it. But dang, it is well written, interesting, quirky, and the main character is very likeable. I’m mad at myself for watching it, but I often do.
    What’s up with the mystery woman whose face is covered in gauze? Did her husband try to kill her, and she didn’t die, and now she has some fiendish plan for revenge? Oh my God, I’m caught up in a Mexican novella! Help!!!

  83. 83 Mary

    Texas city commissioner’s son arrested for smuggling illegals:

    (Yes, the kid has a Hispanic name.)

  84. 84 beadalong

    Hi Minutewoman. Thank you for the link. I can’t watch it tonight though. I had a heavy transcription workload tonight. My hubby happened to turn it to the station so I just watched the very tail end of it (since I didn’t know what happened earlier in the episode, I still thought it was funny when the 2 women were in the elevator fighting at the very end.)

    What you say is very true. From what I saw on previous shows, it is what you say. I liked it a lot until it turned out that her father was illegal. I don’t know what’s up with that woman either.

    Funny, my hubby said he didn’t like it at all, but he sure manages to watch it each time it comes on. Your’e right, we’re caught up in a Mexican novella, (help!)

  85. 85 latinofortancredo

    AgJOBS Amnesty Legislation
    AgJOBS amnesty legislation that would provide amnesty to close to 3 million illegal aliens was re-introduced in the Senate and House by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA; S. 237) and Rep. Howard Berman (D-CA; H.R. 371). The Senate passed AgJOBS legislation as part of its ?comprehensive? immigration bill (S. 2611) last May, but the measure died when the House refused to take it up before adjournment. In addition, both the House and Senate saw stand-alone AgJOBS measures (H.R. 884 and S. 359) introduced during the 109th Congress.

    For more information on current and former AgJOBS legislation, CLICK HERE. NumbersUSA will provide a full analysis of S. 237 and H.R. 371 when more information is available.

  86. 86 latinofortancredo


  87. 87 Pamela


    Yes, Mayor Mansoor usualy responds to his emails.
    Although I have never received a response to an email from anyone on Escondidos City Council, I have left phone messages for Marie Waldron and Sam Abed in the past about specific concerns and have received return calls from them both. They are both very gracious and vey dedicated to this cause. I assume that they are overwhelmed at this time…..

  88. 88 The Watchdog

    The following is a partial list of people pardoned by George W. Bush. As of December 21, 2006, President George W. Bush had issued 113 presidential pardon to people who have served their entire sentence, and has commuted in addition the sentences of three people. [1]

    This list is a subset of . list of people pardoned by a United States president. The order is alphabetical, the year is the date of conviction.

    Alan Dale Austin (1987 misapplication of mortgage funds)
    Bruce Louis Bartos (1987 transportation of a machine gun in foreign commerce)
    David Thomas Billmyer (1978 military conviction for making a false claim)
    Carl E. Cantrell (1967 moonshining)
    Charles Winston Carter (1964 conspiracy to steal government property)
    Meredith Elizabeth Casares (1989 embezzlement of US Postal Service funds)
    Randall Leece Deal Clayton (1960 and 1964 liquor laws)
    Charles Russell Cooper (1959 bootlegging)
    William Charles Davis (1983 income tax evasion)
    William Henry Eagle (1972 moonshining)
    Robert Carter Eversole (1984 theft)
    Gerald Douglas Ficke (1992 money laundering)
    Harper James Finucan (1980 marijuana possession with intent to distribute)
    Anthony Americo Franchi (1983 tax evasion)
    Kenneth Clifford Foner (1991 bank fraud)
    Victoria Diane Frost (1994 conspiracy to possess and
    William Grover Frye (1968 AWOL and 1973 sale of stolen car)
    Joseph Daniel Gavin (1979 military insubordination, drunkenness, threats, and other offenses)
    George Glenn (1956 accepting $50 bribe while in military)
    Samuel Wattie Guerry (1984 food stamp fraud)
    Charles E. Hamilton (1989 mail fraud)
    Stanley Bernard Hamilton 1990 (money order fraud)
    Brianna Lea Haney (1991 failure to report monetary instruments)
    David Custer Heaston (1988 false statement)
    Melodie Jean Hebert (1984 defrauding U.S. with false claims)
    Bobby Frank Kay Sr. (1959 moonshining)
    James Ernest Kinard, Jr. (1984 fraudulent firearms dealer records)
    Richard Ardell Krueger (1979 mail fraud and 1980 and false statement on a loan application)
    Devin Timothy Kruse (1979 AWOL from Coast Guard)
    Margaret Ann Leggett (1981 false claims)
    Raul Marin (1982 failure to appear in court)
    Melvin L. McKee (1982 conspiracy to make false statements on a loan application)
    Charles McKinley, (1950 moonshining)
    Michael Mark McLaughlin (1983 mail fraud and conspiracy)
    Michael Robert Moelter (1988 illegal gambling business)
    Billie Curtis Moore (1977 income tax evasion)
    Richard Arthur Morse (1963 transportation of a stolen vehicle)
    Kenneth Lynn Norris (1993 unlawful disposal of hazardous waste)
    Joseph Mathew Novak (1994 possession and transfer of an illegal weapon)
    Donald Lee Pendergrass (1964 armed bank robbery)
    Fred Dale Pitzer (1976 transportation of falsely made securities)
    Charles Blurford Power (1948 transportation of a stolen vehicle)
    Gerard Murphy Rayne (1972 car theft)
    James Edward Reed (1975 marijuana possession with intent to distribute)
    Cecil John Rhodes (1981 false statement on a loan application)
    John Louis Ribando (1976 and 1978 marijuana dealing)
    Ernest Rudnet (1992 conspiracy to file false tax returns)
    Gary L. Saltzburg (1995 theft of government property)
    John Gregory Schillace (1988 conspiracy to possess cocaine for distribution)
    Russell Don Sell (1995 aiding and abetting a false statement on a loan application)
    James Leon Adams Simpsonville (1965 selling firearms to out of state residents and falsifying firearms records)
    Scott LaVerne Sparks (1989 theft of government property)
    Wendy St. Charles (1984 conspiracy to trade narcotics and cocaine distribution)
    David Lloyd St. Croix (1989 disposal of stolen explosives)
    Johnson Heyward Tisdale (1994 food stamp fraud)
    Edward Rodriguez Trevino, Jr. (1997 theft, convicted in military court)
    Jerry Dean Walker (1989 cocaine distribution)
    Joseph William Warner (1995 arson on an Indian reservation)
    Jimmy Lee Williams (1995 false statements on a loan application)
    Tony Dale Ashworth Winnsboro (1989 unlawful transfer of a firearm)
    Two commutations of sentence were granted on May 20, 2004. They were granted to:

    Geraldine Gordon (1989 distribution of phencyclidine) (sentenced to 20 years plus 10 years supervised release; sentence commuted after 15 years, term of supervised release left intact)
    Bobby Mac Berry (1997 conspiracy to manufacture and possess with intent to distribute marijuana, money laundering) (sentenced to 9 years imprisonment plus 5 years supervised release; sentence reduced to 6 and a half years, terms of supervised release left intact)
    A commutation of sentence was granted on December 21, 2006 to an Iowa man convicted of a drug crime.

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