Pizza for Pesos

The pizza chain accepting Mexican pesos in Texas has locations in So Cal and is extending its acceptance of this foreign currency in Maywood and Lynwood.

The Dallas News

Starting Monday, patrons of the Dallas-based Pizza Patrón chain, which caters heavily to Latinos, will be able to purchase American pizzas with Mexican pesos.

Restaurant experts and economists said they knew of no other food chain with locations so far from the Mexican border offering such a service.

“We’re trying to reach out to our core customer,” Antonio Swad, president of Pizza Patrón Inc., said Friday.

“We know they come back [from Mexico] and have pesos left over. We want to be a convenient place for them to spend their pesos.”

While U.S. restaurant chains have stepped up their marketing to Latino consumers and incorporated Latin flavors in the menu, it’s unusual to see that outreach extend to the cash register.

“I think it’s a very interesting idea,” said Ron Paul, president of Technomic Inc., a Chicago-based restaurant market research firm. “They are catering to that audience.”

But Mr. Paul said he did not see other chains rushing to emulate the program, in part because of bookkeeping headaches.


Rush Limbaugh

“Starting today, patrons of the Dallas-based Pizza Patrón chain, which caters heavily to Latinos, will be able to purchase American pizzas with Mexican pesos. Restaurant experts and economists said they knew of no other food chain with a location so far from the Mexican border offering such a service. ‘We’re trying to reach out to our core customers,’ said Antonio Swad, president of Pizza Patron, Inc. ‘We know when they come back from Mexico, they have pesos left over. We want to be a convenient place for them to spend their pesos.’

“Ron Paul, the president of Technomic, Inc., a Chicago-based restaurant market research firm said, ‘It’s a very interesting idea. They are catering to that audience.’” All right, you know this stuff doesn’t go away. It’s just like gay marriage. It’s like illegal immigration. It gets proposed and here we’ve got “pesos for pizzas” in Dallas, at this one firm. It’ll grow. It will expand. Just like, I don’t know where it happened first but there was a first place where you went to get your driver’s license or something and the signs, the instructions were posted in Spanish. There had to be a first. Now it’s everywhere. I don’t know if it will be everywhere, at least soon, but it’s not going to be confined to one pizza place, because the market spawns competition — and, of course, Mexicans coming in from Mexico with pesos buy things other than pizzas. They buy other things, and wherever these other things are sold, there will have to be now a movement to make pesos available as currency so these people can buy these things. You wait. It won’t be long.

18 Responses to “Pizza for Pesos”

  1. 1 Eddie B.


  2. 2 jo

    interchangable currency, laying the foundation for the amero dollar. uniform currency for better severing the people.

  3. 3 smp

    I think these places should get pizza pranked into bankruptcy…

  4. 4 litew8

    lol smp
    - - - - - -
    Pizza isn’t even Hispanic! What a rip-off!

  5. 5 litew8

    And they say they don’t want to assimilate. They don’t seem to have any issue with taking on another culture’s identity. What a crock. Posers.

  6. 6 Minutewoman

    Jo, I think you’re right about this one. All the SPP/NAU people have to do is get SOME of the stores to start dealing in pesos, maybe 40%. The bookkeeping would indeed be a headache, and the change-making, and the frustration of the buying public would increase until the Amero would seem like a good idea. Americans would be hood-winked once again, playing right into the totalitarianism of one-world government.

  7. 7 Darlene

    Wonder what “secret” ingredient they put in their pizza sauce. This make my blood boil!

  8. 8 Sherri

    I can tell you right now, if this chain comes to Northern California, I’ll be telling everyone I know not to patronize their business!

    Jo, you raise and excellent point. Yes, this could very well be used as an excuse to switch to the “amero” for the NAU. Greedy traitors!

  9. 9 Durango24k

    When I lived in Vanvouver Canadiens would go over the border to buy gas. Gas stations would take Canadien dollars and I believe the registers might even have had automatic conversion rates so the clerk didnt have to calculate the difference. The Canadien stores close to the border would take U.S. dollars as well.

    My first reaction to this was not to sweat it. After reading a few comments here about that trend growing and thinking about it more, it does seem kinda odd that they would do this so far away from the border. It could just draw in sales. People might consciously remember that rather than having to go to the bank to exchange their pesos, they might as well order a pizza. Who knows.

    I agree with Jo that for this union to go ahead, the powers at hand know they have to create a problem to offer the solution. The hispanics will pic up on this, especially in their neighborhoods to start. Then it will spread outward from there as the “over-accomidating” nature of our ass-nine politicians might come to save the day. Nowadays, I’m suspicious of anything I hear coming out of Mexico or anything to do with them. I guess we need to keep our eyes open.

    At the end of the day its just money conversion. Big deal. How much trouble would it be for them to always try and convert their paychecks (money) into pesos. Who likes going to the bank anyways? I’m not so sure I’m convinced it will be a problem. I’ll keep an eye open just in case!

  10. 10 Eddie B.

    Darlene… e coli.

  11. 11 Brad

    I seriously doubt anyone but the new illegal alien would have or want pesos. Anyone who has traveled in Mexico, knows most Mexicans value dollars more than pesos. I suspect most coyotes would only take gringo dollars. If I was a Mexican and was going to sneak across the border, I sure as hell wouldn’t be carrying Mexican money.

    As to the pizza joint, wouldn’t it be discriminatory to cater to a special group. I mean if I had currency from some country other then Mexico wouldn’t it be discriminatory for them not to accommodate me? It would be funny to see an Asian, European or African sue them because they didn’t accept their native country currency.

  12. 12 Sandman

    In the past, I would go to one of these “Pizza Patron” stores because they sell cheap-priced pizzas. ( think a large 3 item pizza costs about $6) Anyway, I always noticed that the inside of these stores had a heavy “Viva la Raza” vibe everywhere you looked. I often wondered if a restaurant in the U.S. could proudly proclaim that they are a business that wants to target WHITE American people as the primary customers. I cannot imagine how the media would react to a story like that. Each store keeps a data base on all call-ins, so they do use this info to target PATRONage areas for the future. I do not blame a company for working a target crowd, but using RACE as a prime factor for who they want to serve is …. RACIST

  13. 13 Vaquera Guera

    Well, I still have some pesos from my last trip to Mexico and I am a white American, however, usually what I do with the peso money is save it for the next time I visit or ….. sometimes if I have quite a bit left, I exchange them with people that I know are going to Mexico to visit their family or whatever.

    If the town doing this was a border town, well, I might buy that comment that was made that many persons visiting Mexico are coming back with pesos and etc. But, in my opinion it is just another tactic in the reconquista playbook, they have taken down the American flag and waved the mexican flags, they have turned many towns across the country into 3rd world mexican barrios and on and on… this is just one more arrogant move on their part to shove something in the face of American people.

    But, all in all, what difference does it make? Soon, we will be spending not dollars or pesos, King Jorge has already decided that Mexico, U.S. and Canada will be merged through the NAU that we will be spending Ameros.

  14. 14 1Madmomma

    Maybe ICE could have a sting operation. PFP, Pot for Pesos.

  15. 15 jim f

    i wonder what the new amero will look like? f**k the NAU and f**k jorge and most of all F**K MEXICO!

  16. 16 Darlene


    The Amero will have Martin, Bush and Fox (or Calderon) in the center holding hands and grabbing each other’s asses with the other hand.

  17. 17 Sherri

    Darlene: You are so bad girl! ;)
    I don’t even want to get a visual of that picture! I’ll have nightmares forever!

  18. 18 Angel

    jo and minutewoman you both are so smart
    That really makes sense to me what you all said. I never thought of that. Get the country going crazy with 2 currencies and then we must switch to middle ground Amero.

    I learn so much from you all.

    I wish that there was a site comparable to this on Iraq and that mess. Iraq and illegal immigration are really the same issues.

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