Get Inside The Head Of Lou Dobbs

Charlie Rose Interviews Ken Auletta & Lou Dobbs December 2006

Segment 1: 00:00 - 13:00. Journalist Ken Auletta talks about his recent profile of Lou Dobbs in The New Yorker.
Segment 2: 13:00 - 56:40. Lou Dobbs, host of “Lou Dobbs Tonight” and author of “War on the Middle Class”. Lou talks about why he thinks the way he does. NAFTA, Minimum wage, Free trade, Illegal immigration, and China are among the topics touched. Lou is the man!!

11 Responses to “Get Inside The Head Of Lou Dobbs”

  1. 1 beadalong

    I’m so glad this man is around.

    Off-topic: The Schwarzenegger speech wasn’t aired on Channel 7 or NBC. Huh. I thought something that important should have been aired. I think that’s just plain dirty and that should have been their responsibility.

  2. 2 Pamela

    I found that strange too. The speech was aired on talk radio but nothing on our local channels.
    Perhaps the MSM did not want to announce his health care plan and alert and anger the sheeple.

  3. 3 DfD

    To me, Lou Dobbs appears to be a COMMON SENSE kind of guy. The others are too EXTREME for me!
    DfD (Democrats for Deportation)

  4. 4 Pamela

    Related to big busisness outsourcing jobs

    Found this article about how last May Honeywell Aviation opened a new plant in MEXICALI, Mexico. They plan on hiring MEXICAN engineers, they feel this will help stimulate the regions economy and justified their move saying that Mexicali was already the site of much aviation production. Traitors one and all.

  5. 5 Pamela

    Oh yeah…
    They plan on hiring 200 engineers in 2007 and have already had a plant in Tijuana for two years. They feel that they have a good source of hard working, dedicated help.

  6. 6 Ron

    Lou Dobbs is nothing less then honest, forthcoming, and refreshingly insightful! I only hope his reputation and influence grows so large it casts its shadow over our whole governmental bureaucracy.

    This was a great interview with great questions and in my opinion even greater responses. Go Lou!!

  7. 7 D-7

    Regarding outsourcing: Just this week I was calling Verizon late at night regarding something on my bill. At first I thought the guy was American, but then I noticed he had a slight hispanic accent and asked what country he was in (which is usually the first question I always ask of a call center). It was Mexico.
    During high volume times during the day, a lot of these call centers will actually use Americans, as did my former company, but if you call at night, probably not.
    I hung up on him, which I should not have done because they are evaluated partially on shortness of calls — how fast they can get you off the phone.
    I called back and got the Philippines — she was an idiot, left me on hold which I succumbed to by hanging up — again, something I should not have done because they are hoping you will hang up to shorten their call and because they really don’t know how to help you.
    Third call: I got the Philippines again. I was asking her to lodge a complaint about outsourcing & how I didn’t pay Verizon to pay foreigners. She took part of my complaint, then suddenly asked me to hold, which I did. Fifteen minutes later, I’m suddenly speaking to an American which she had transfered me to in tech support. I did not need tech support. I asked him the policy on how to lodge a complaint and he said generally one needs to ask for a supervisor and the supervisor can take a complaint, that all the initial representative can do is note your account. I had asked this American what city he was born in, and then what state Las Vegas (where he was born) was in, and then when he added that he grew up in Memphis TN, I then trusted that he was American.
    To wrap this up, she never took a complaint because she could not. The American’s South African manager supposedly did for me.
    Bottom line: Don’t trust the quality of call centers, you will be lied to and diverted by foreigners. This is not the first time I have gotten the run-around by the foreign call centers. All they want to do is get you off the phone. Americans that still work for the company then take the brunt of “low productivity” because they have to clean up the mess and the anger of customers that previously had to deal with the incompetence & lies of the foreigners.
    All that is going to be left is low-paying service jobs — and you’ll have to speak Spanish to get those!!
    BUT, thank God for Lou Dobbs! I tell my kids not to disturb me, I have to listen to my lover! Oh, he and Tom Tancredo!!

  8. 8 Eddie B.

    Lou Dobbs is the man on the tube. Thank God this man is telling it like it is. That definitely takes a good pair of stones these days fer sure.

  9. 9 Darlene

    Lou Dobbs is the ONLY person on the tube that has the intestinal fortitude to dig deeply for the truth, grasp it and spread it over the airwaves for all to know. This man is my personal hero and I never miss any of his specials re: illegals, the middle class, etc. I’m still quite amazed that CNN has allowed him to do what he does best.

    Hi D-7,

    I’ve experienced the same things you have when calling in to “Customer Service” call centers. I always ask where the person is speaking to me from and almost always they will say a foreign country. The foreigners that answer are always polite and helpful. When I ask to speak to an American, I, too get put on hold for a very long time and am eventually connected to someone here in the States. I learned a long time ago that most likely, if someone has a heavy Mid-Eastern accent and they are named BUFFY of MINDY that I have received a foreign call center.

  10. 10 beadalong

    Hi Pamela. It was aired on talk radio? Oh I didn’t know that, but I should have thought of that, huh?

    But yea, I thought that was strange too and the “Talking Heads” went on today about sound blips of his plan “like we all knew what was going on”. I thought this was totally bizarre.

    And yea, with your last line of the statement of not alerting us to his health plan and making us mad is probably true & makes perfect sense to me (but now that the word’s out and Mary gave us the CAPS link, I signed that petitician for Girlyman not to give illegal aliens any more free health care just a few minutes ago).

    Anyway back to this lack of airing his speech, even if it was “webcast.” (Minus checking the radio to see if it was there), Not everybody has a computer and (even with computers) some people in the household might actually want to hear the speech together and not have to go alone on line and dig around for it and I definitely think it is the networks responsibility and duty to air these kinds of things.

  11. 11 beadalong

    Hmm, well I found the website called “Office of the Governor Home Page” regarding Schwarzenegger’s speech. I got about 1/2 through or so. It’ s actually fairly boring. He did mentioned that everyone needed health care although at that particulr point, he didn’t get into much detail.

    However, he did say that California has a “No Net Operating deficit.”

    I still find it odd that it wasn’t televised and upon listening to KGO the following morning, there was no mention of it. I thought for sure, it would have been a 9:00, 10:00 or 11:00 subject.

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