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Please be ready to submit your views as we open the convention this summer and hammer out the final document that will open the door toward a revived and reinvigorated American Republic.


1. Keep our constitution. Original, very minor changes as required.
2. Eliminate various ?states of emergency.?
3. Return to a gold/silver monetary system.
4. Eliminate the Federal Reserve System. Eliminate taxing system.
5. Cancel the Federal Reserve mandated national debt in full.
6. Reduce the federal government?s bureaucracy to original size and scope.
7. Eliminate the Federal judicial courts to Appeals and Supreme only.
8. Return all National (State Guards) to state (Governor?s) jurisdiction.
9. Return all American Forces to American bases from service worldwide.
10. Eliminate all executive orders ever written. Replace with valid laws.

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Attendees to the summit are requested to enroll now for our number count. Go to the HearlandUSA Party website for more information.

6 Responses to “"Heartland USA National Summit" in Kansas City, April 12-14th”

  1. 1 Eddie B.

    This is an eye popper! This should be the agenda for the next 100 days. Not the Pelosi Papers.


  2. 2 Occidental Man

    Heartland USA
    I have read the proposed platform and I agree 100%

  3. 3 jo

    i have read the proposed platform and i have some issues with it. while it has some very good items, for the most part, i find the religious portion to be troubling. this part reads like the christian right seeking control. while nothing is perfect, i feel that this nation can end up in deep poop if people allow themselves to be lead by reaction, instead of seeking change proactively. the constitution was not about exclusion of all religions except christianity. there are areas that could be repressive as time goes on. i question the innocence of intention on this one.
    what is the real agenda of the “authors”?

  4. 4 Vincent Narodnik

    I havent had the time to read their site, but sounds good and I almost certainly will attend. If I do, Ill send in a report. This may be as interesting a spectacle as the Dade County Gun and Knife show I attended in 91. I’m sure that many of the enemy will send listeners- so I’ll go half for what they have to say and half to spot the weasils in attendance.

  5. 5 Sherri

    Wow! A platform that’s based on COMMON SENSE! What a concept! I love it!

    Jo: The purpose of the part about religion has to do with the way the Founders originally set things up, not the ridiculous nonsense we have today, thanks to the ACLU.
    Religious expression was encouraged out in the open, rather than being treated like criminals who have to hide in the shadows. If the Founders could see what’s happening now, they’d puke and most likely condemn anyone that brings such and idea up as a fool—and they’d be right.

    I also liked the part about income tax. It’s true that it’s unConsititutional. The Founders never intended for us to pay annual income tax. The current tax structure we have now is Draconian!

  6. 6 Brad

    Jo, I too have an issue with the religious portion. There has to be a middle ground between the Religious Right and the ACLU. A Christian Right controlled country would not be anymore tolerable then a Fundamental Islamic country.

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