Latest MSM Sob Story?No Legal Aid for Illegal Aliens!
January 8, 2007

The sob stories about illegal immigrants never seem to stop. And the notorious “Mainstream Media” continue to be the major offenders.

Take the front page story in Monday, January 8, 2007 Washington Post, by Karin Bruillard [email her]: Battling Deportation Often a Solitary Journey,

Here we go again!

Bruillard begins,

“Shortly after 9 a.m., all rose.

?The black-robed judge took his seat under the Justice Department seal and in front of the federal prosecutor. People whispering in various languages spilled out of the cramped courtroom into the hallway of the federal immigration court in Arlington County, waiting for their chance to fight to stay in the United States, agree to leave or be deported.

Salvadoran Roxana Velasco sat alone in the waiting room. Like several other people listed on that morning’s 37-case docket, she had no attorney.

??The judge said I have to have a lawyer or I have to represent myself,? said Velasco, 30, recalling her first hearing in October. ?How am I going to do that??

?In immigration courts, there are judges and prosecutors, evidence and witnesses. The consequences can be great: banishment, separation from family, perhaps persecution at home. But unlike in criminal courts, the government does not provide free lawyers for the poor. And in what court officials deem a great concern, a growing number of people in immigration court have no legal counsel: Of more than 314,000 people whose cases ran their course in fiscal 2005, two-thirds went through on their own, or pro se.”

We, good, fair minded American citizens, know that everyone is entitled to his or her day in court. Of course we all pay taxes to sustain an expensive court system. So what has poor Velasco done to be in this terrible pickle? As the Post article says,

“Velasco, who was caught by federal border police after slipping across the Rio Grande a year ago, said she immigrated illegally to be with her husband, who lives in the District. She said she called three lawyers, but two wanted $10,000 and one said she could not help. So on a recent morning, Velasco took Metro to a Ballston building, pressed the elevator button marked “PH” for penthouse and ascended to the immigration court, a suite of six small courtrooms.”

How did Velasco not get sent back when she first crossed? I naively thought illegal aliens were caught and sent back. The Post fails to ask that question. This article also does not tell us of the status of her husband in DC. Is he a citizen? Is he here legally or illegally?


Folks, as numerous studies show, among the many public services impinged by this non enforcement policy, your children and grandchildren?s public school systems are truly on the line and seriously at risk. Sob stories such as this Post front pager ignore the real tragedy: what mass immigration is doing to Americans.

Over 80% of all Americans have been demanding real immigration reform for years. If the new Congress doesn?t get the message, it should be ousted along with our lame duck President in 2008.

7 Responses to “Latest MSM Sob Story?No Legal Aid for Illegal Aliens!”

  1. 1 Sherri

    The MSM has no shame trying to push it’s ultra-liberal, open-borders agenda.
    So what are we supposed to do? Cry for these people? Are we supposed to feel sorry for them and just say, “Oh, how sad! Let them stay, that’s so sad! And it’s just not fair!”
    Get over it! Life isn’t fair—it never has been, it never will be, either!
    And do non-citizens in Mexico illegally get an attorney at the taxpayer’s expense? Probably not. No—they get sent to a Mexican prison for two years or more.
    I do not feel sorry for someone who comes into this country illegally, sponges off of the system, and then acts as if it’s owed to them. These people came here illegally, they knew what they were doing, and now they have to face the music.
    Try doing it the legal way if you want to be here.

  2. 2 DfD

    AMNESTY EXTREMIST do not have the support of the American people!!! DEPORT ILLEGAL ALIENS,NOW!!!!!

  3. 3 Mydadsgirl13

    Im just amazed that I was totally oblivious to this problem 3 weeks ago, and one day we suddenly have demonstrations of illegals demanding my rights. Dang…..what has law enforcement been doing?

  4. 4 jim f

    boo hoo, anybody got a hanky? enough is enough, how can anyone feel sorry for these leeches? when are people going to feel sorry for the middle class tax payers? we are being squeezed out of existance and it’s only a matter of time before WE are standing on street corners looking for a days wage. revolution anybody?

  5. 5 jo

    done, stick me with a fork!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 6 Darlene


    Girl, you nailed it once again. I am so tired of the MSM publishing these bleeding heart stories of the plight of the poor illegal immigrant. As I visit links and visit various newspapers articles, I am amazed that the reporters only tell stories of the poor, mistreated illegals. Rarely, if ever, do you hear about the plight of Americans and what we are subjected to on a daily basis. Well said, Sheri!

  7. 7 Durango24k

    Did you find an attorney to represent you?” Malphrus asked.

    “Not yet,” she said through an interpreter.

    “I’m not aware of any basis that you have for remaining in the United States,” Malphrus told her. “The only thing I can do is grant you voluntary departure from the United States in four months.”

    “Okay,” Velasco said, with a nod.

    PUH…LEASE!…. “Okay” says Velasco..with a WINK and a FREAKIN NOD…”Dont worry senor dumba** judge..I wont voluntarily be going anywhere, especially to Mexico, thank you Mr American dumba** judge. Thank you dumba** America!”.hehehehehe

    Then off she goes to the nearest cheap ID provider to get herself a new identity and LIVES HAPPILY EVER AFTER!…THE END! hehehehehehehe..stupit gringos!

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