Hispanic Family Values


WOONSOCKET, Rhode Island (AP) — Two mothers and their 13-year-old daughters were arrested after police say one woman drove her already suspended daughter to school to fight a teenage rival.

Ana Rivera, 44, and Maribel Santiago, 34, are scheduled to be arraigned Thursday on a charge of simple assault in connection with Monday’s fight. Their daughters and two other 13-year-old girls were charged with disorderly conduct and their cases were turned over to the Juvenile Detective Division.

Rivera allegedly drove her daughter to Woonsocket Middle School so she could fight Santiago’s daughter.

Police reports say the girls began feuding two weeks ago and began fighting outside the school on Monday. At one point, the melee involved all four girls, both mothers and a teacher, according to police.

Authorities said a teacher tried to break up the fight and was hit by Santiago.

Santiago and Rivera were released on $1,000 bail Monday evening, but Detective Lt. Timothy Paul said the department intends to notify the state Department of Children, Youth and Families about Rivera’s case.

Santiago, reached at home Wednesday, said she went to the school to pick up her daughter because of recent threats. She said she apologized to the school’s principal and was only trying to protect her daughter. Her daughter was suspended from school for 10 days after the fight.

“I just wanted to make sure my daughter stayed out of trouble,” Santiago said.

Rivera could not be reached for comment and it was unclear if she has an attorney.

10 Responses to “Mothers, Daughters Arrested After Brawl Outside School”

  1. 1 1Madmomma

    Daughters, like Mothers. Morons!

  2. 2 Vincent Narodnik

    There is a guy from Rhode Island named Rick Adams who has a 2 hour radio program called Radio Free America which can be found on RBNLive. Its always hard hitting and they talk about the invasion almost nonstop these days.
    He doesnt back down or diplomatically avoid bringing God into the discussion either, so any of you who prefer to think of these things in a purely this-world sort of way might get wrankled a little.
    Hes no zealot though.
    Its just that he lets you know EXACTLY where hes coming from.
    Thats nearly a crime these days, isnt it?

  3. 3 Eddie B.

    New TV!!!!

    Tough Taco Woman Contest”!!! Alright!!!


  4. 4 bergey


  5. 5 Mismary

    LOL, Eddy B… I can always count on you to to CRACK ME UP!

    I saw this on msnbc and thought: Here we go again… more fine family values from the culture of our Southern Neighbors!

  6. 6 Darlene

    My, my…one can only imagine what further ‘FAMILY VALUES’ are in store for us.

  7. 7 Faye

    What’s the big ruckus about?!! This happens every Friday and Saturday night here. They didn’t even stab or shoot anybody. Or punch ER nurses out. Or punch holes in the hospital’s walls. They didn’t even have the required 50 relatives per combatant.

  8. 8 Sandman

    Stories like this will soon be so common that it will not be newsworthy. We will see Raza-fueled anarchy running our streets. We wont have time to fight the crime because most of our free time will be spent struggling to make ends meet. Raza loves to use knives also, multiple stab stories so common that it makes back page news. When the story is told in the news, 90% of the time the criminals are Raza…

    Vincent, Rick Adams show is gr8.

  9. 9 Pamela

    Have you noticed lately that stories dealing with violence in the paper or on the news seldom give the name or race of the perpetrator or suspect? It used to be “police are looking for 2 white guys” or “hispanic men being sought on suspicion of…”. Now, nothing. Later, if there is a follow up story, they might give a description of the perpetrators. It is so obvious. I guess they are concerned about fueling racial tensions….? Or are they trying to protect someone….?

  10. 10 Sherri

    This kind of crap goes on all over the place in our society. Parents brawling on a Little League field or Pee Wee football field. What a great example they set for their children!
    And then people wonder why kids are so rude and disrespectful and misbehave. Take a look at the parents and you’ll see where it comes from. Ridiculous!
    Our society is going to be total anarchy! We are going to Hell in a handbasket—with a big, red bow on top!

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