“Ideas of suppressing women and hatred for democratic values will soon be disseminated in the heart of our community,” said Roland Henning, a musician who lives half a block from the planned mosque. “And those of us who ask, ‘Why?’ are the ones being called intolerant and xenophobic. Europe isn’t just surrendering its culture. It’s surrendering any sense of logic.”

Residents of Berlin?s Heinersdorf neighborhood protested the foundation laying
ceremony last week. Residents have also filed legal complaints to block construction of the mosque.

As a mosque rises, a dispute flares in Berlin
Boston Globe
Janurary 9, 2007

BERLIN — A squabble over construction of the first mosque in formerly communist East Berlin is becoming the latest flash point between Muslims intent on asserting a strong identity in Europe and Europeans increasingly fearful that their secular societies are threatened by Islamic fundamentalism.

Last week, in a foundation laying ceremony that faced protests, members of the small, conservative Ahmadiyya Muslim group watched with pride as a patch of concrete was poured on the site of a razed sauerkraut factory in Heinersdorf, a neighborhood of modest businesses and tidy houses where no one is Islamic. The Ahmadiyyas picked the 5,200-square-foot lot because it was cheap. Members will commute to worship services from elsewhere in Berlin.

Men wore turbans and flat top pakul hats to the ceremony. Women, wearing traditional scarves or covered head-to-toe by burkhas, were relegated to their own tent separate from the Muslim males and local government dignitaries, a segregation that did not endear them to their prospective neighbors. Even communism celebrated the equality of sexes.

“No mosque!” opponents chanted from the street.

Members of the Muslim congregation hope the soaring minaret of the planned mosque will become a local landmark. “People should not fear us,” Iman Abdul Basit Tariq, the Pakistan-born leader of a flock of 200, said in an interview. “They should open their hearts to the beauty of Islam.”

Instead, the neighborhood has fought the mosque with marches, candlelight vigils, and petitions. Residents have also filed legal complaints that could block construction.

The protests have been resolutely peaceful. But bureaucrats responsible for promoting integration have chided objectors for failing to embrace “cultural diversity,” while self-described “anti-racist” activists have staged noisy countermarches through Heinersdorf. Mosque opponents — who include teachers and tradesmen, pensioners and young professionals — are angered by the charges of bigotry.

“Ideas of suppressing women and hatred for democratic values will soon be disseminated in the heart of our community,” said Roland Henning, a musician who lives half a block from the planned mosque. “And those of us who ask, ‘Why?’ are the ones being called intolerant and xenophobic. Europe isn’t just surrendering its culture. It’s surrendering any sense of logic.”…..

6 Responses to “Berlin Neighborhood Protest Construction Of Mosque”

  1. 1 Faye

    “They should open their eyes to the beauty of Islam.”

    Suicide bombers joyfully going to their deaths to meet 77 virgins.

    Convert to Islam and be subserviant, pay a poll-tax and be subserviant, or die.

    Women as slaves with no rights.

    I must need my glasses changed.

  2. 2 Vincent Narodnik

    ?They should open their eyes to the beauty of Islam.?

    (aesthetics trumps common sense and Law. nice .)

    Any person with this thought in their head ought to learn to sing it.
    Sing it and go force your acceptence in an arab nation.
    Even Saudi.
    In fact, Go move to Medina, infidel-or Mecca
    Keep on singing
    They really love that over there.
    As soon as youve moved in, immediately set to the work of building a personal army of legal vandals and harass the population
    As soon as youve sued yourself into a fear driven untouchability,
    a BIG church.
    Even, a CHRISTIAN church.
    One that will REALLY stand out in the skyline.
    Climb to the top of the steeple at chosen times of the day and sing at the top of your lungs
    Feel the love.
    Feel the tolerance.
    Feel the sword of the “religion of peace”.

    come to think of it, you dont have to go that far-
    just pack a bible with you and try carrying it in to an AYrab country.

    …I guess they just have a different “cultural understanding” of ‘tolerence”

  3. 3 Eddie B.

    Swig a scotch between verses and offer them some BBQ pork rinds. They love pork. And alcohol.

  4. 4 mikeusmcsanchez

    The fact is regardless of its beauty or any other religion,some idea of a social sciences mind through policy has transplanted these future conflicts around the globe.My opinion is the future of a planned one world religion arissing from the conflicts to come.This is another seed germanated.No pun intended

  5. 5 jo



    what better way to control the people than by the mightest tool of all. “moral authority” wore like a glove, surrounding an unyeilding fist of steel.

    a concept that man has never been able to resist. the history books abound with these endeavors. they work but for a while, but are ressurected again and again, by those who suck on the poison of the glory of the ultimate power trip.

  6. 6 Sherri

    “Europe isn’t just surrendering its culture, it’s surrendering common sense.”
    Very well said! Common sense has gone the way of the Dodo Bird! Anyone proposing common sense over political correctness, and the rule of law over political correctness is labeled a racist, xenophobe, or what ever other name you can think of.

    Vincent, you hit the nail right on the head with your post! Very well said!

    As for the comment: “Embrace the beauty of Islam.”
    I’m sure Islam would be a wonderful religion—if it weren’t based on hatred. Muslims can deny it all they want, but the facts are clear that Muslims have no problem subjugating women and mistreating them, mistreating or killing anyone who is a non-Mulsim, advocating the destruction and murder of the Jews as well as the West in general.
    This is not a peaceful religion. I’m sure not every Muslim is a radical fanatic, but let’s face it—the majority seem to have no problem with that aspect, even if they aren’t like that themselves.

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