Keep your friends close. Keep your enemies closer. Here is an editorial and brief analysis of where the “Immigrant rights” movement is and where it needs to go, courtesy of a pro illegal alien advocate. The Internet is a great place to be a fly on the wall. Heck, you know they do the same thing to us. :) GuardDog

Time to unite against Bush administration?s anti-immigrant ?surge?
People’s Weekly World
Janurary 10, 2007

News Analysis

Now that the Democratic majority 110th Congress is seated, the immigrant rights movement has an opportunity to move forward on several fronts.

In the first half of 2006, millions of undocumented immigrants and their allies marched for justice. In many places, these marches broke all historical records, and served notice that immigrant workers will not lie down to oppression.

The results of the Nov. 7 elections have put the immigrant rights movement in a better position legislatively. Although not all Democrats are good on immigration, Democratic majorities in the House and Senate, and the shift of key committee chairmanships to progressive Democrats like John Conyers, will allow for a more rational discussion. It will not be possible for the Republican right to ram through horrors like the Sensenbrenner bill, HR 4437. Furthermore, there is a greatly enhanced opportunity for congressional oversight, including hearings about of the Bush administration?s heavy-handed immigration enforcement actions.

Bush, who supported HR 4437, struck back hard against the protests, starting with a multistate raid on the IFCO pallet company in April. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff announced that from now on, the receipt of multiple ?No-Match? letters by employees of the same company would be the basis for investigations and raids. Major firms, like Smithfield Meats and the Cintas industrial laundry corporation, began to fire workers for whom such letters were received. On Dec. 12, more than 1,000 immigration cops swooped down on factories of the Swift meat company, arresting and processing for deportation more than 1,200 people.

In total, 186,600 immigrants were deported in 2006, a 12 percent increase over 2005?s 165,000. This is less than 2 percent of the 12 million undocumented, but it has sent a wave of anxiety through working-class immigrant communities.

The motives are obvious:

? Repression is a ?logical? response to the massive marches for immigrant rights.

? A crackdown appeases the most racist right-wing elements like Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-Colo.) who have been denouncing Bush as being soft on ?illegal immigration,? and encourages the ultra-right base.

? Raids serve to pressure business and others into supporting a guest worker program. Threatened with loss of their cheap labor, companies will be eager to get Congress to replace it with guest workers who can be controlled and exploited ?legally.? Meanwhile, the terrorization of immigrants by means of repression is part of a long-term trend to prevent them fighting for better wages and thus helps to amass profits through super-exploitation.

So, by means of stepped up repression, Bush thinks to keep the upper hand on the immigration issue, staving off attacks from left and right and controlling the direction of legislation.

This must be contested. We can not allow the 12 million undocumented immigrants in this country, and their millions of citizen and documented spouses and children (potential future voters), to be used as policy hostages by Bush.

The first step is to build a united front of opposition to anti-immigrant repression. The way is shown by workers at Smithfield in Tar Heel, N.C., who walked off the job to demand reinstatement of workers fired for No-Match letters, and won. Key was the fact that immigrant and Latino workers were joined by U.S. citizen workers of all races in this action, in spite of the efforts of the right to demonize immigrants and blame them for poverty and unemployment among U.S.-born workers.

The League of United Latin American Citizens, the Mexican-American Legal Defense and Education Fund, and the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials have united in calling for a moratorium on immigration raids and deportations. At Christmas, the American Friends Service Committee, along with the Labor Council on Latin American Affairs, the National Council of Latin American and Caribbean Communities and others, circulated a sign-on letter demanding such a moratorium, and dozens of national and local organizations added their names.

At the local and regional level, Centro Sin Fronteras and others in Chicago and the Midwest organized a 30,000-strong demonstration demanding a moratorium last July 19, and there have been a number of such protests in communities where raids have taken place.

This is a good beginning, but it needs to expand fast. Last year, organized labor was divided over legislative issues, but all people who believe in justice for workers can unite behind the moratorium call. So can all immigrant rights, faith-based, civil rights, African American, Latino, Asian, women?s, youth, GLBT organizations and many others who can build a moratorium coalition as broad as that which backed up the 2003 Immigrant Workers? Freedom Ride, and broader.

Such a coalition can not only defeat the repression, but set the stage for more worker friendly comprehensive immigration legislation.

28 Responses to “Keep Your Friends Close. Keep Your Pro Illegal Immigrant Advocates Closer.”

  1. 1 Faye

    Well, GuardDog, this is eye-opening. I’m at a complete loss, though. Bush, repressive on immigration? And so much organization, planning, and concerted effort to gain amnesty for ILLEGAL ALIENS (I will not call them undocumented immigrants - they are documented — they have ours). Boggles my mind that so many have such wrong-headed thinking as to go to a foreign country and make demands instead of making demands on their own corrupt government. Of course, Aztlan explains all this… the ultimate goal is not amnesty but complete take-over.

  2. 2 beadalong

    Peoples’ Weekly World? This sounds Communist to me and Communists are definitely open-border advocates.

  3. 3 Durango24k

    “Furthermore, there is a greatly enhanced opportunity for congressional oversight, including hearings about of the Bush administration?s HEAVY-HANDED immigration enforcement actions.” Ba….hahahahahahahahahahaha!

    What crack has this guy been smoking? Is Jeb cracking down with a heavy hand cuz it sure isn’t Georgy Porgy! Heavy handed? Exsqueeze me while I choke on my laughter! If they think George is heavy handed they sure wouldnt like what America wants. They will think they’ve been pummeled by Tyson pre-Islam days with one hand tied behind their backs blindfolded. Knock them straight back over the border fence which doesnt exist! Ker-POW!

    Now look at this statement. This is a guy that doesnt believe a word he says himself and must think hes writing to people with IQ’s less than 50, which he might well be doing…yikes!

    “This must be contested. We can not allow the 12 million undocumented immigrants in this country, and their millions of citizen and documented spouses and children (potential future voters), to be used as policy hostages by Bush.”…………He admits 12 million undocs., with their CITIZEN children and DOCUMENTED spouses! Huh? So why does he think OR know that one spouse is undoc. and the OTHER is documented. Why would he think that? Its just that trickery writing that most people blow by, and it makes no sense at all. Then again…your test score Pedro…49? Bingo!

    Last but not least. Repression! What does obeying the laws have to do with oppression? Again, trying to ride on the coatails of black America and slavery when their is no similarity at all!

    One more thing. Race baiting language. these use this to their own demise. When you use a word out of context you start watering down the meaning. It was fun watching the video on watchdogamerica (dot) com with the Minutemen standing in from of the Los Angeles City Councilboard meeting when he brought with him every race known to man who belongs to the Minutemen. He reiterated several times when introducing himself that “We are from the MULTICULTURAL, MULTICULTURAL, I say MULTICULTURAL Minutemen Organization”. It was priceless to see them put them in their place for writing a City sponsored statement chastizing the “racist” Minutemen.

    This phrase used in the article above “racist right-wing elements like Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-Colo.)” Tom Tancredo is a member of the House Of Rep. and is a racist for wanting laws enforced? Thank you pro-illegal writers for watering down that word to the point that America is desensitized to it. Thank you again and again.

    Anyways, lets get out and attend waht ever rallies we can folks. It matters!

  4. 4 Contessa

    Beadalong, you nailed it! The “People’s Weekly World” is a communist rag, one of their frequent writers and contributors is none other than Emma Lozano’s (you know, Elvira’s socialist “handler” and wife of “Slim Coleman” the pastor of the store-front
    “church” where she’s holed up making a mockery of our laws”) nephew, Rudy Lozano. The Lozano family, Mexican communists and rabble rousers have had a long history in Chicago. Here’s more about the “PWW”
    from their own site….

    The People?s Weekly World / Nuestro Mundo is a national, grassroots weekly newspaper and the direct descendant of the Daily Worker. Published by Long View Publishing Co., the PWW reports on and analyzes the pressing issues and struggles of the day: for workers? rights, peace, equality, social and economic justice, democracy, civil liberties, women?s rights, protection of the environment, and more.

    The PWW is known for its partisan coverage. We take sides ? for truth and justice. We are partisan to the working class, racially and nationally oppressed peoples, women, youth, seniors, international solidarity, Marxism and socialism. We enjoy a special relationship with the Communist Party USA, founded in 1919, and publish its news and views.

  5. 5 concerned_american43

    The author of this article is obviously a communist scumbag! Here’s a thought!


    All these idiot activist groups, and screaming mimis like to leave out the fact that the Mexican government has a responsibility to take care of their own citizens, not the AMERICAN TAXPAYER! This is so ridiculous, that they think they actually have the right to be here, and if US Citizens speak up they are called racists! They are a bunch of dishonest, whinebag, criminal appeasing, traitorous scoundrels who should all be put in prison for TREASON AGAINST THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! I’m so sick of this nonsense!

  6. 6 Cribster

    If Bush is so tough on illegal immigration how do you explain the 20,000,000 illegal aliens swarming the country?!

  7. 7 TexasPatriot

    URGENT!!! New Article on

    Immigration Reform Summit
    in Washington D.C. to
    Set Agenda for 2007

    The National Alliance for Human Rights (NAHR), in conjunction with numerous other organizations, will be holding a two-day summit on January 20 and 21, 2007 in Washington, D.C. that is designed to advance comprehensive immigration policy. In addition, on January 22, Summit participants will be encouraged to garner support for the defined proposal by lobbying legislators on Capitol Hill. Wrapping-up the Summit activities that afternoon, will be a reception to welcome the elected officials representing all Mexico?s political parties, and headed by newly elected PRD Congressman Jose Pepe Jacques Medina. Late last year, both Mexico?s Houses voted unanimously on a Resolution asking the United States Government to honor the request of Elvira Arrellano to stay in this country with her United States born son. There has never been a more compelling time in the history of this country for the development and passing of ethical immigration law.

    Throughout 2006, hundreds of thousands of Latina/os turned out onto the streets of this nation to protest inhumane legislation such as H.R.4437, which was being proposed in the name of justice; yet nothing could have been further from the truth. This type of Xenophobic, bigoted legislation would not only be devastating to the immigrant population but to the United States as well. By the year?s end, in a moment of desperation to obtain immigration reform, there were those who even contemplated supporting the Kennedy/McCain bill and/or the Hagel/Martinez amendment; however, in fact, neither provided what could be considered as moral laws. During 2007, we who are committed to protecting the rights of the more than 12 million seeking to stay in this country without persecution and also for those who will continue to come here due to the strife in their country?s of origin, can help mold righteous immigration law.

    The January 20 to 21 Summit on Developing Humane Immigration Law should be viewed as the first step of many that will be needed if we hope to replicate the mass demonstrations for action that were carried out in 2006. We must, however, not depend solely on street protests, but expand our efforts to include the drafting and lobbying of laws that we know to be honorable. For the last four months NAHR, under the direction of its National Coordinator Armando Navarro, has been moving aggressively to pin-point the ideal time for this kick-off. This conference could not be happening at a more propitious time.

    Read the rest of the article:


  8. 8 mississippian

    Let the name Tancredo continue to strike fear in them, because if all goes well, it will be the name I will be shouting on the streets of my state. We have to turn this descent around, before it’s too late.

  9. 9 Pamela

    Armando Navarro is in charge of this. What a surprise! (not)

    Letters, FAXES and Emails are crucial to this effort, but it would be even more effective if we could get some bodies there as well.

    Does anyone know of a similar campaign for the anti-illegal invasion side?

    Several years ago, Conservative Talk Radio DJs sponsored an event and listeners from across the Country banned together and went to DC We need this now! Any thoughts from anyone as to how to organize this?

  10. 10 Pamela

    Does You Don’t Speak For Me have any similar rallies planed in DC that we could participate in?

  11. 11 Occidental Man

    Illegals have no since of what justice or fair play is and once they have the majority vote they will take away your freedom and then your LIFE. Deport all 43 Million illegal aliens.

  12. 12 Sandman

    Thank you for your input on the immigration debate. You are a true American and I wish that more Hispanic people could think like you do. I know many Hispanics and they are not all of the Reconquista mold. Many Hispanics though do not speak out against what they are seeing because the immigration debate has moved to a racial issue and they do not want to appear to be against their own kind. That is a shame because patriotic American Hispanics can tip the balance of this fight.
    God bless you, friend!

  13. 13 Pamela

    Texas Patriot,

    I sent this link to John and Ken hoping that they will talk about it on their show. With over one million listeners in LA,OC and San Diego hopefully it will fire some people up to write letters etc.


    On that note, I had an idea about a way to possibly impact Congressman a little more on this issue.
    Remember the “send a brick” campaign from last Spring? Thousands of people sent an actual brick to Congressional Members with the message BUILD A WALL. It was very effective.

    By now Congressmen have heard all the anti-illegal arguments-lower wages, higher taxes, crowded schools, hospital closings etc. and by now have probably become failrly desensitized to most of it.
    Here is my thought. How about if we start copying news articles directly related to crimes by immigrants against Citizens and mail them directly to the Representatives? Gather as many articles as you can related to child molestation, rape, burglary, murder (unfortunately there are many to choose from)- make several sets of copies and mail them (as many as will fit into a large manilla envelope) to as many Reps as you can afford. Don’t bother with Kennedy or McCain -they are on the dark side and can’t be swayed. Do, however, send them to your own rep even if they are anti-illegal immigration, just to help reinforce their beliefs. Include reps from other areas or States esp, those “newbies” who ran in the last election on an anti-illegal immigration platform and won. We need to win over the fence sitters. No need to send a long message with the articles perhaps just something like “When will this madness stop?” “Don’t Citizens deserve better?” “You were elected to protect us!’. Something short and to the point. Let the articles do the talking. They should be sent to DC Offices as reps are back in session now. Addresses can be found on the site.

    If you are unfortunate to have lost a friend or loved one to a violent crime perpetrated by a KNOWN illegal send a photograph of that victim with their name, age, and nature of the crime written on the front of the photo.

    Links to articles can be found on this website or you can google any major city followed by the word news (ie LA News) and will get a link to area papers and articles. If you don’t have a printer, perhaps a friend will download the articles and then you can take them to get copies made.
    The more people who join in on this the better the impact will be.
    Anyone think this could work? Anyone interested in trying? Anyone think they have friends/relatives co-workers or contacts at other anti-illegal immigration sites that would be willing to help and help spread the word? Anyone think I have completely lost it?

    We would have to start doing this soon as “negotiations” are already underway. Please respond pro or con. Other suggestions or revisions also would be welcome.Thanks.

  14. 14 beadalong

    Thank you Contessa. Boy, you had a lot of good information there!

    Thanks TexasPatriot. Well, I had just fired off email letters (regarding No Amnesty, No to Bush’s War and I questioned why the Schwarzenegger speech wasn’t aired on TV) to some politicians this morning before I read this. Well here we go again. I will fire off some tomorrow informing them that I/we are aware of this Armando Navarro plan.

    Boy, I can’t believe how this relentless this is.

    OFF-TOPIC: BUSH SPEECH: It sounded to me like he wants a surge and he wants to expand the war into Iran & Syria. Is this man trying to bring about WWIII or am I just being crazy here?

  15. 15 Eddie B.

    Beadalong -

    This is definitely a false front in that this will be ALL OVER MSM for months while his seditous, Bushbot cronies destroy the border.

    Who is going pay attention to the border when 20,000 people are going to war???….

    This is a smake screen. And I really feel for those soldiers who are going to be the pawns in this.

  16. 16 D-7

    This diverges a little but is why we have to keep on top of this. Here is the bulk of a letter I just had to write to the Mayor’s Office, since it was they who recommended/procured Dolores Huerta:

    “…I have two high-schoolers currently attending (name deleted) High School. Yesterday they attended a speech supposedly in honor of Martin Luther King, and instead were treated to a pro-illegal immigration rally by Dolores Huerta. She made a salutary reference to Martin Luther King, and then for the rest of the time, proceeded to feed propaganda to the kids by making them yell things in Spanish. She tried to influence their sympathy by asking such things as if they were stuck on a desert island, would they rather have a farmer (that is those who do the jobs Americans won’t do), or instead, a doctor or a lawyer, since only the farmer would know how to provide food. She also tried to sway them by asking if they were stuck in a bad situation, or starving, wouldn’t they too, come over or cross the border to make their lives better.
    I asked around if anyone could provide a script or recording for me so that I could verify what my students told me, but apparently none is available. Many of the kids were offended as related in discussions in class afterwards and thought her talk had nothing to do with the struggle of Martin Luther King, but simply to push her pro-illegal immigration indoctrination. People who break into the country illegally, cut in front of those who follow our laws & procedures, and then demand the rights of citizens do not compare to people forcibly brought here. One of my son’s teachers actually walked out on it. Someone should have been aware of her agenda; this is not the first time it has happened:

    Worst of all is what kind of person she is. One of my sons challenged her on her propaganda. Of course, he had to wait until all the hugs and pictures were done with all the Hispanic students. When he went back to class, the kids continued to talk about what a load of crap it was, and then my son’s Mexican friend told my son Dolores Huerta had called him a “faggot” behind his back as my son turned to leave.”

  17. 17 1Madmomma

    D-7; If that is true, what your sons friend said, she said, what an immature way to conduct yourself. Hopefully even those that she had an impact on heard that, and maybe gave them some food for thought about this woman. These people lie, cheat and steal, to get what, and where they want. DISGRACEFUL!

  18. 18 D-7

    I know Madmomma. The problem is only the hispanic kids hanging around after the speech heard it. Everyone else was insulted by the speech and had left. My son didn’t hear it and he didn’t think to ask his friend if she had said it under her breath in English or Spanish. I’m thinking Spanish.
    I googled this old hag, she was born in 1930, yet still she acts like this when she is soon to meet her Maker. What a dumbass!!
    Apparently her brother-in-law was Cesar Chavez.

    Already got a reply from the Mayor’s Office. Typical. They are careful not to express any kind of opinion. ‘thank you, & we’ll share your comments at our debriefing on this’… Will they not confront her on this? I doubt it.

  19. 19 Contessa

    This year, MLK celebrations will be hijacked and used by the pro-illegal alien lobby to support “their struggle for civil rights”. Man, how low will they stoop? They are dishonoring what MLK did and stood for…. it has nothing to do with ILLEGAL ALIENS. Shame on all of them.

    Dolores Huerta is a Communist sympathizer. She is a very evil woman. She hates this country and hates “white folks”. She is not a nice person. D-7, have your children write a letter to the principal, the superintendent and send a copy to as many local reporters as possible and have as many of his/her friends, students, teachers and staff that were highly offended by the speech sign it as well. Why should taxpayers be paying Huerta money for this speaking engagement at a local public high school, particularly when it had nothing to do with MLK?

  20. 20 D-7

    Thanks Contessa;
    already spoke to the principal & superintendent and they pawned me off on the Mayor’s Office — I guess it’s “their” fault, — Huerta was apparently donated by them.
    But I guess from what I heard there was a flood of phone calls from other parents too. It’s just too bad in my state, Washington, if you are well-to-do, as are many of these other parents, this will be the only experience for those parents. I, on the other hand am poor, so I get to experience these things weekly, one way or another, because I live among them.

  21. 21 jo


    in a way you are in a good position to raise some hell.i addressed some issues on your other post. let me add ,as a parent of school age children may i suggest that you maybe start checking some issues. for example ,do your children have computers available for their use. what are the computer resources in some of the nearby “charter schools” that have total hispanic enrollment or spanish language instruction in non language subjects.
    i would also like to suggest that if you can , get your children inexpensive voice activated tape recorders, as it appears that this school is out of control. let them pay for your children’s college education when you sue the sh*t out of them.
    i can garantee that no teachers will support you as they are afraid of losing their jobs or retaliation. so you are on your own. in this current climate those who document, document , document stand a chance. if you have any other parents on the same page that would be good.

    Eddie B.
    you are absolutely right . this unwinable war is just a diverison. these beasts are shameless. may they burn in hell and may the people not fall for it. it is almost as though he is courting impeachment, maybe the ultimate diverison

  22. 22 TexasPatriot

    Pamela- Thanks for forwarding that info to the DJ’s! Great idea about sending a picture of a loved one affected by the Illegal invaders! My elderly Mother’s neighborhood in Houston got overrun with Illegal invaders about 10 years ago and my sister was almost a casualty one night when she heard 2 Hispanic men fighting over a Hispanic woman on the end of my Mother’s driveway and she went outside to ask them to please be quiet. The Hispanic woman started screaming and begging her to call the “Policia, por favor” and then the two Hispanic men started screaming ugly things at my sister in Spanish and one reached in the back of their truck for a shotgun, meanwhile my sister started running back towards the house, barely has time to get inside, slam the door and hit the floor before he blasted the front door with the shotgun! While my sister is crawling on the floor towards the phone, my elderly Mother is screaming hysterically and praying in Spanish (she immigrated here legally in 1946 from Colombia), luckily the Hispanic guy took off running back down the driveway to his friend, they shove the Hispanic woman into the truck kicking and screaming and drove away! The Houston police finally showed up, took the report and told my sister that she shouldn’t have gone outside! A few months ago they had a Houston cop murdered by an Illegal invader so now they know how it feels!

  23. 23 TexasPatriot

    Eddie B.- I agree!!! I’ve said it for the last year:

    “Who is going pay attention to the border when 20,000 people are going to war????.

    This is a smoke screen. And I really feel for those soldiers who are going to be the pawns in this.”

    And I really feel sorry for ALL the soldiers that will come back and find that they have NO country! I think Bush purposely started this unwinnable war so he can open our borders and implement the North American Union! Our brave men and women that have died were nothing more than collateral damage to him! He needs to be impeached and imprisoned in Gitmo or some nasty Mexican border town prison for the rest of his life!

  24. 24 beadalong

    You have a point there Eddie B.

  25. 25 beadalong

    Not only impeachment for Bush, but take his whole damn family along with all his friends and the PNAC crowd and send them all to the Al Anbar province (not to be confused with the Green Zone in any stretch) since they love war so very very much.

  26. 26 beadalong

    That’s terrible TexasPatriot. Maybe this is exactly what should happen to the people that are foisting this problem on us whether they’re in a gated community or not. Well, if they’re using illegal alien labor, hopefully they will turn on them too. Doesn’t Pelosi run a vineyard in CA? Maybe she also uses illegal aliens.”

  27. 27 beadalong

    That’s totally disgusting to deliberately confuse illegal immigration with MLK. The 2 have absolutely nothing in common!

  28. 28 Sherri

    Dolores Huerta is a communist and should not be allowed to give any speech at any school anywhere. What the hell does a pro-illegal invader activist have to do with MLK, Jr.? Absolutely nothing!

    As for this article, what a bunch of crap! Gee—should we get the violin out?
    How, exactly, are these people repressed/oppressed? They leech from the system at taxpayer expense for housing, welfare, medical, education, etc. They drive with no insurance or driver’s license. They’ve entered the country illegally. They refuse to assimilate and do things the correct and legal way.
    If anything, they oppress themselves by breaking the law and refusing to respect or obey American laws or way of life. If they feel oppressed, they have no one but themselves to blame for it.
    And if they were as oppressed as they claim, they wouldn’t have it as good as they do here. They would be abused, beaten, murdered, raped, and everything else left and right. They would have no rights (not that they do anyway) at all.
    Oppressed/repressed? BULLSH-T! It’s the American taxpayers who are oppressed, having to continuously foot the bill for this b.s.!

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