“I didn’t know anything before today,” said Jesse Potts, ASB president and a senior at Everett High. He called Huerta’s call for immigrant rights “controversial” and objected to her leading students in the “Si se puede” chant.

“She put words in our mouths,” he said.

    Latino Illegal Immigrant Rights Activist Dolores Huerta

Activist calls for equality for immigrant workers
Seattle Times
Janurary 11, 2007

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s vision of justice and equality should be extended to America’s immigrant workers, a champion of rights for farmworkers and women said Wednesday in Everett.

Dolores Huerta, a co-founder with César Chávez of the United Farm Workers union, told audiences at Everett High School and at a noon-time rally that King’s last speech was in support of striking garbage workers in Memphis, Tenn.

“He spent his last days trying to get dignity and respect for workers,” Huerta said. “We should stand with the families who today do the heavy work of this country.”

Huerta led the boycott of grapes in the 1960s that forced growers to provide better conditions for migrant workers, including toilets and water in the fields, sick leave and medical benefits.

The farmworkers’ rallying cry, “Si se puede” ? “Yes, we can,” has been picked up by a new generation of Latino activists calling for immigration reform and rights for undocumented workers.

But many in the high-school audience had not heard of 76-year-old Huerta before Wednesday, or of her efforts the past four decades on behalf of human rights. Some of the schools non-Latino students were less receptive to her remarks.

“I didn’t know anything before today,” said Jesse Potts, ASB president and a senior at Everett High. He called Huerta’s call for immigrant rights “controversial” and objected to her leading students in the “Si se puede” chant.

“She put words in our mouths,” he said……


“Republicans Hate Latinos” Speaker At Everett High School
Sound Politics
Janurary 11, 2007

Two Seattle Times stories yesterday and about the Everett High School speech of United Farm Workers co-founder and Cesar Chavez ally Dolores Huerta highlight Martin Luther King Day, and illegal immigrant “rights.” No mention of her comments in a 2006 speech to 800 at a Tucson high school that “Republicans hate Latinos.” The Times does note she led Everett students in a cheer now used by activists to endorse legal status for illegal immigrants, and at least one student wasn’t happy.

The Times highlights Huerta’s labor negotiations and leadership of the consumer grape boycott to win better working conditions for farmworkers. That was an important victory for a good cause. But as Steve Sailer writes in The American Conservative, her UFW co-founder Chavez once marched to the Mexican border to protest illegal immigration. And the worker benefits won by UFW have badly dissipated.

Today, (the) United Farm Workers functions less as a union–it represents only 2 percent of the California agricultural workforce–than as a lucrative Latino-pride fundraising machine providing sinecures for a dozen Chavez relatives. (LA Times writer Miriam) Pawel writes, “Chavez’s heirs run a web of tax-exempt organizations that exploit his legacy and invoke the harsh lives of farm workers to raise millions of dollars in public and private money. The money does little to improve the lives of California farm workers, who still struggle with the most basic health and housing needs and try to get by on seasonal, minimum-wage jobs.”

From 1965 to 1981, the UFW succeeded in raising wages significantly for stoop laborers in California. Since then, their pay has fallen, and they’ve lost most of the fringe benefits they had won. Today, most make less than $10,000 per year. Hundreds were discovered near Salinas living in caves, a mass indignity that even that town’s most famous son, John Steinbeck, barely anticipated in The Grapes of Wrath……

To read entire article click here.

28 Responses to “Dolores Huerta Leads Unknowing Impressionable Students In The "Si se puede" Chant.”

  1. 1 Faye

    So they’re being permitted to go into our high schools and promote pro-illegal immigration… and support of a union that has not provided any help to the same people they’re proposing to help….

    Where’d the money go?

    And she’s evidently making the rounds of high schools. Are they presenting the anti-illegal immigration side?

  2. 2 Eddie B.

    Man-oh-man, the Communists are really on a roll and America is totally asleep at the wheel.

    Wake up!!! Big, BIG ditch in the road that will blow out every single tire on the car. Then you will have to hitch a ride from Mexico. If they will pick you up….

    Wake up mom. Wake up dad. Do you know what kind of crap is being shoveled into your children’s brain at school? What kind of Communist propoganda your kids are absorbing and chanting?

    Will your kids be calling the UN Police to tell them you are whispering bad things about Booosh and the New World Order?

    Wake up. Turn off the TV. Throw away your paper. Take to the streets. Get pissed. You better start getting pissed because THEY are pissed and want everything. Your money. Your country. Your house. Your land. Everything. Nothing is sacred anymore. Nothing. Wake and and get mad as hell.

    ?I’M AS MAD AS HELL, AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!? I want you to get up right now, sit up, go to your windows, open them and stick your head out and yell - ‘I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!’ Things have got to change. But first, you’ve gotta get mad!… You’ve got to say, ?I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!?

    Then we’ll figure out what to do about the depression and the inflation and the oil crisis. But first get up out of your chairs, open the window, stick your head out, and yell, and say it: “I’M AS MAD AS HELL, AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!”

    – Howard Beale, Network, 1976

  3. 3 concerned_american43

    I think I’m stating the obvious when I say that this fight for America has been made harder for the fact our government supports illegal immigration and it’s part of a larger plan. They have all of their traitorous agents out brainwashing the children and the uneducated of this country to go fight for something that is not theirs by right or by law. I think this process was started a long time ago, but nobody in the general public will listen because we are labeled “conspiracy theorists”! Well it’s here and it’s happening, but people are still asleep.

    A friend of mine the other night said how could they hide the truth of what they are doing, wouldn’t more people no about it? My answer was,
    “Yes, the truth has come out about what’s going on, but they attack the truth with their own SPIN! Such as labeling those who speak the truth as conspiracy theorists! That way they can discredit anyone who questions the government and the government’s policies!”

    We are headed for the New World Order, and when it happens, those that were asleep will wake up when it’s too late. I don’t think the tide can be stopped, but theirs one thing they can not take.

    My belief in God, and doing God’s Will to best of my ability one day at a time!
    They can not take your soul or your spirit. God Bless You All!
    God Bless America!

  4. 4 Occidental Man

    Dolores Huerta would look good with an apple in her mouth. How about illegal immigrants RESPONSIBILITYS? All together kids sing, its all about me me me me

  5. 5 Vincent Narodnik

    Lets join the chant - but add some truth to it:


  6. 6 Occidental Man

    Someday you Right Handed pigs, will get your asses kicked for suppressing the rights of the 10% left handed population in the world. You Commee sh-t heads will get what?s coming to you, forcing us to use right handed tools?? Fu-k You?WE HAVE RIGHTS
    How crazy can things get????

  7. 7 1Madmomma

    Parents need to fight this. She came to that school under false pretenses. If I had a student in a school that I thought might get caught up in this, I’d start yelling before they allow it to happen. She is taking advantage of MLK day. Shameful!

  8. 8 Eddie B.

    1946 — The Teacher and World Government by former editor of the NEA Journal (National Education Association) Joy Elmer Morgan is published. He says:

    “In the struggle to establish an adequate world government, the teacher… can do much to prepare the hearts and minds of children for global understanding and cooperation… At the very heart of all the agencies which will assure the coming of world government must stand the school, the teacher, and the organized profession.”

    1931 — Students at the Lenin School of Political Warfare in Moscow are taught:

    “One day we shall start to spread the most theatrical peace movement the world has ever seen. The capitalist countries, stupid and decadent … will fall into the trap offered by the possibility of making new friends. Our day will come in 30 years or so… The bourgeoisie must be lulled into a false sense of security.”

  9. 9 Vaquera Guera

    76 years old, well that’s the good news.

  10. 10 Vincent Narodnik

    These people even manage to steal the tactics and means of the ‘civil rights’ movement. It is nearly incomprehensible how debased you would have to be to attempt to weasil the benefits fought for by blacks.
    It makes me even sicker to see people like J Jackson STILL profiteering on the backs of those people who he purports to champion.
    Who is the worse massa?
    Is there a word for someone who eats only dead vultures?

  11. 11 Vincent Narodnik

    This is related. It is about a woman named Jane Elliot who gets paid enormous sums of usually taxpayer money to go around and psychologically abuse white people. It is called “sensitivity training”. If I remember clearly, she gets in the neighborhood of $25,000-$30,000 per “training session”.
    If you dont believe your eyes from article above-Google her. Go to her website and have a look around. Please be warned though, this is not for the squeemish.

  12. 12 D-7

    From the Seattle Times article:
    “Everett High School was the scene of a melee last year between police and Latino students. Seven students were arrested and many more suspended after the fight. The incident exacerbated racial tensions at the school and prompted a demonstration on the Snohomish County courthouse steps by Latino parents and community leaders who said their students were discriminated against.”

    What my students told me last year is that ONLY Hispanic students were fighting other Hispanic students, and of course they then cried “racism” when the police were called in to break it up. In other words, there was no racial tension initially; they were just indignant not to be treated specially, and not be accountable for the fight like all the other students would have been if they had been involved. They always have their asses kissed, especially because of that counselor who is still there, Ms. Self-Ortiz.

  13. 13 D-7

    Faye, my kids go to this school:
    “…presenting the anti-immigration side?” Hell no. And they won’t. The staff is too liberal, and too scared for their jobs if they do disagree. I’ve complained about the counsleor above. She is blatantly preferential of the Hispanic students, but the principal & district tell me they cannot discuss discipline or issues regarding staff. Boy, sounds to me like a good way not to have to raise a complaint against a staff member if you disagree, because there is no way to check that a complaint was taken.

  14. 14 GuardDog

    I wrote an e-mail to the author of the first article I posted above:

    “Activist calls for equality for immigrant workers”

    Ms. Thompson,

    This is in reference to your article:

    “Activist calls for equality for immigrant workers”

    Earlier this year Dolores Huerta spoke to impressionable students at another high school assembly where she proceeded to blast all Republicans by saying they “hated” all Latinos. Why did you not mention that? She continues to try and equate Martin Luther King and the civil rights movements of the 50’s and 60’s with the ILLEGAL immigrant rights movement of today. While doing so upsetting many in the Black community who say she is hijacking the Black civil rights movement for her own selfish purposes. Why did you not mention that? She talks about her old friend César Chávez but fails to mention he was against illegal immigration. Why did you not mention that? There were many in the audience that felt ambushed by her speech. You mentioned one person. Briefly talking about Martin Luther King and then turning the entire speech into a tirade on illegal immigration rights. Why did you not mention that? Many in the audience were horrified when she led the “Si se puede” illegal immigrant rights chant. And you mention one lone person that “objected” to it. Not once did she or in your entire article did you mention the legal term that has been used for decades to describe foreigners in our country illegally. I am sure you know the term, “Illegal Aliens”. Instead you use “immigrant rights” when what everybody is really talking about is “illegal immigrant rights”. You use the term “undocumented” when what you really mean is “illegal immigrant” or “illegal alien”. And your reason for this is? I’ll tell you want it is. The brainwashing of America. Liberal, biased, sympathetic journalism that favors 20 million law breakers in our country. Shame on you!! Do you really hate America that much that you only tell half truths to your readers so to convince them that illegal immigration is good for this country. Shame on you for your biased reporting.

    If you want to let your voice be heard to Lynn Thompson journalist who penned this article contact her here:


  15. 15 beadalong

    Beautifully said Guard Dog!

  16. 16 D-7

    Thanks for that, GuardDog. You are so right about everything you said to her. I e-mailed too.
    I’m just so disgusted.

  17. 17 Eddie B.

    Here, here Guard Dog! I will send her a love letter too.

  18. 18 concerned_american43

    I have sent this email to Lynn Thompson the author of this article. Good job Watchdog, your article sparked me to respond as well!

    Ms. Thompson,

    As an American Citizen I am very concerned with this article that highlights several fallacies that surprisingly is coming from an individual that marched with Cesar Chavez. I don’t understand why the battle for the rights of those that are in this country ILLEGALLY is being fought here, and not in Mexico! There is absolutely no comparison between the Civil Rights movement launched by Martin Luther King, and what’s going on with this country and 30 million illegal aliens. Let me reiterate, yes I believe their rights have been violated, but not HERE, BUT IN THEIR OWN COUNTRIES! Who obviously do not care about them whatsoever. I suggest these ultra-funded movements like La Raza, La Mecha, ACLU, and Dolores Huerta take their fight where it belongs! Why don’t you write about that? It’s honest, and it’s true.

    Why is there so much disregard for the American Citizen, you know the tax payer who is forced to support this movement financially?

    Why is it those who are proponents of border security, and enforcing our immigration laws are being villified and called racists?

    Why is it that two loyal and brave border agents are being sent to prison for over a decade for protecting the American Citizens against a drug smuggler, while that drug smuggler gets amnesty and is now suing the government?

    Can you argue that it is visits like this all over the country that are now sparking more and more racial tension and violence?

    How about the growing crime rate, gang violence, drugs, that are now visiting more and more communities in America? This is one of the major reasons why American Citizens are getting fed up and looking for ICE to do it’s job!

    Last but not least, what about the people from other countries who have played by the rules and are on a waiting list to get their citizenship to this country or have obtained citizenship. You don’t think this is a big slap in their faces? How dare any of these groups disrespect them!

    These are the real issues at hand. I ask as a journalist, hopefully a proponent of the truth with matching integrity that your report these things as well. I am an American, a US Citizen and I have a right to want my borders secured, live in a safe place, and not being forced to have deductions taken out of my hard earned pay to support ILLEGAL BEHAVIOR! Take the Civil Rights fight to Mexico, stop trying to bully American Citizens, and playing the all too famous race card. Last but not least, God Bless America, and all of the men and women who died protecting us and who continue to sacrifice their lives for us.

  19. 19 Darlene

    Yes, VaqueraGuerra, Huerta being 76 IS very good news, indeed. LOL!

  20. 20 Darlene


    Tucson: Border Agent kills suspected illegal alien.


  21. 21 D-7

    I just got done watching Huerta’s speech on our government access station that she gave at the Everett Events Center; obviously after the one she gave to the High School.

    This speech was much more subdued, because she had an adult audience, not captive children. This time she had people chant something in Zulu, then “Viva Dr. Martin Luther King”, and then, “Si se puede”.
    She compared the largely black population that comprises Washington, D. C. not being able to vote to us additionally needing to ask our Congressmen to seek rights for the undocumented. Insidious.
    She actually mentioned her encounter with a student (my son) after the High School speech. She insinuated that she corrected his claim that “they take our welfare”, with the counter that anyone knows if you don’t have documentation you can’t get welfare.
    People who know illegals know they get benefits through their anchor babies and false documents.
    But…more importantly, I asked my son about this. He really said to her that they take our money by having their anchor babies here. She said to him they pay tax everytime they buy something at the store. He said (facetiously) he was sure that made up for the hospital cost.

    Dishonest & deceitful. Of course, no mention that she called him a faggot.

  22. 22 Sherri

    Ceasar Chavez must be spinning in his grave, with this crap from Dolores Huerta and the other stuff going on with his family! Shame on all of these people!
    Dolores Huerta needs to get a life! And if I were a student at this school, I would have stood up and either walked out or turned my back on her racist garbage!
    Someone also needs to remind her that ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS do not have rights in this country, contrary to hers and La Raza’s opinions!
    The parents of the students in this school need to band together and speak to an attorney to see whether or not there is anything that they can do. They also need to contact the school and raise hell with the administration!

  23. 23 hadenuff


    I live here in WA State with you. If my children were students at that school, and “subjected” to that one-sided veiwpoint I think I would have to “loose myself” and all “lady-like virtues” i have and go down to that school cussing like a…well, like a..Mexican drug dealer. I had to wonder if this incident alone does’nt bring up the probability of lawsuits. I certainly hope she does’nt find her way to the schools in the south sound, because If she tries to brainwash my kids with this crap and I find out about it(and I will find out)my reaction will most likely get me fired, if not arrested.

  24. 24 beadalong

    Actually, I’d like to see people like Dolores Huerta, the institutions and non profits, etc who are actively committing treason, tried for treason and treated accordingly. Didn’t treason once warrant hanging or the firing squad?

  25. 25 Faye


    Your letter to the journalist was outstanding and I will also write her.

    I believe it was your site that carried a video not long ago about Mexican Consul Messing in Our Schools or something to that effect. I found an article about Hispanics conducting an assembly at an elementary school either in south Texas or Louisiana not long ago where they gave out Mexican flags and supposedly only the visiting adult Hispanics said the Mexican pledge of allegiance. Sorry to be so vague; I’m tired and I guess godaddy is down or something - I can’t pull up my site. My own town recently settled (questionable because this has been going on 30 years)a lawsuit with MALDEF by restructing the schools and placing ESL students inside the buildings. (We have had to buy trailers to accommodate the influx.) Their reasoning, printed in the local paper, was “so they (ESL students) will be close to the bathrooms.” Now, MALDEF is back again investigating whether we’re handling sex education in the schools correctly. Then there’s the CASA thing. Dallas made their principals learn Spanish within a 3 year period…. or else. I accessed Teacher Association sites several months ago and one way up north was bragging that under the ESL program they had taught the kids Hispanic culture and traditions and they were now asking for more money to fund another program to teach English to the ESL kids. The audacity of that astounded me. I also watched a House Appropriations meeting on tv last spring where a Hispanic woman was presenting the findings of her master’s dissertation. She was promoting bringing over Mexican national school teachers because the Hispanic kids weren’t getting the “nurturing and comfort” from American teachers they require to do well in school. The Hispanic parents were excused from helping their children “because they have 2 jobs.”

    The point of this is that it appears our educational system has been thoroughly invaded. They’re not just attending our schools. They are out to control them and the curriculum. I am sitting here seeing this, knowing people are sending their kids to school to learn reading, writing, and arithmatic and thinking that’s what they’re getting. And what’s happening… they’re being immersed in another country’s culture and brought into assemblies promoting pro-illegal immigration activities. This is not to be taken lightly. Amway is not as popular as it once was, but the premise is the same — hype them up and change is possible. I am very disturbed that MALDEF, LULAC, ACLU, CRUCIAL and a myriad of other politically motivated organizations are becoming so active in our school systems. And knowing they get a lot of their funding from federal grants tends to make me angry. They present themselves as organizations mainly having educational or minority goals and look at what they’re doing.

    So, this Everett Central… is it in Seattle? What dang town is it in so I can find the principal and the mayor?

  26. 26 Faye

    Well, here’s mine to Ms. Thompson:

    Dear Ms. Thompson,

    Right now I am so dumbfounded I don’t know whether to thank you for your article or berate you for it. Although obviously biased, it contained kernels of information to anger a thinking person. (1) a controversial political activist was allowed to speak to a school assembly of students as young as seventh-graders. (2) she was allowed to lead the students in a chant (3) evidently, some students were brought to the assembly and the march / rally despite the threat of snow and ice that kept people with a brain in their head home safe. (4) this evidently isn’t the only occurrence since an earlier field trip was mentioned.

    These students are being subjected to an indoctrination of acceptance and promotion of the ideals of a special interest group. They weren’t told of the illegal status of these workers or of any of the problems created by them. The comparison Huerta and many of her type makes of their efforts to Martin Luther King’s is an invalid one. She’s not even on the same page with Chavez who was against illegal immigration.

    I have no problem with children being taught what’s going on the world in a calm, unbiased manner. To subject them to this sort of brainwashing is inexcusable.

  27. 27 D-7

    Hi Faye.
    The city is Everett, Washington, approximately 30 miles north of Seattle. The speech, as far as I can tell, was given both at Everett High School, and the Everett Events Center (basically built for the ice hockey team, but for concerts, etc., as well). Ray Stephanson is the mayor. I sent my letter to Kate Reardon, because I was directed to do so by Jim McNally of the Everett School District.
    The principal of Everett High School (Phone:425-385-4400 Fax:425-385-4402) is Catherine Matthews: cmatthews@everettsd.org
    The school district told me that Dolores Huerta was donated/procured by the mayor’s office. According to the City of Everett website, letters to the mayor are to be directed to Kate Reardon: kreardon@ci.everett.wa.us
    You will find the bulk of my letter to Kate Reardon on Keep Your Friends Close. Keep Your Pro Illegal Immigrant Advocates Closer.

  28. 28 Faye

    Thanks, D-7

    Donated/procured by the mayor’s office…. this makes my mind boggle.

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