Pizza Patron officials said they have received
    hundreds of e-mails about the plan.

Pizza chain under fire for peso plan
KVUE Austin
Janurary 11, 2006

A pizza chain has been hit with death threats and hate mail after offering to accept Mexican pesos, becoming another flashpoint in the nation’s debate over immigrants.

“This is the United States of America, not the United States of Mexico,” one e-mail read. “Quit catering to the damn illegal Mexicans,” demanded another.

Dallas-based Pizza Patron said it was not trying to inject itself into a larger political debate about illegal immigration when it posted signs this week saying “Aceptamos pesos” ? or “We accept pesos” ? at its 59 stores across Texas, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada and California.

Pizza Patron spokesman Andy Gamm said the company was just trying to sell more pizza to its customers, 60 percent of whom are Hispanic.

Wal-Mart, H-E-B supermarkets and other American businesses in towns along the Mexican border accept pesos. And some busineses in New York and Minnesota communities along the northern border accept Canadian dollars.

The difference here is that many of the pizza joints are far from the border, in places like Dallas, more than 400 miles away, and Denver, more than 700 miles.

“If people would understand that the majority of our customers are Hispanic, then it might make more sense for a company to sell pizza for pesos,” Gamm said. “It doesn’t make sense in Connecticut. And it doesn’t make sense in North Dakota or in Maine. But it makes perfect sense here in Dallas, in Phoenix, in Denver — areas far from the border that have significant Hispanic populations.”

The company said it has received hundreds of e-mails, some supportive, most critical.

While praising the pesos plan as an innovative way to appeal to Hispanics, a partner in the nation’s largest Hispanic public relations firm said a backlash was inevitable.

“Right now there’s a lot of anti-immigrant rhetoric going around that could make them a lightning rod,” said Patricia Perez, a partner at Valencia, Perez & Echeveste in Los Angeles……

Click here to contact Pizza Patron

    Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade goes after the owner of a Dallas pizza chain that accepts pesos.

23 Responses to “Pizza Patron Becomes Flashpoint In Debate Over Illegal Immigration”

  1. 1 beadalong

    Well, I’d certainly like to contact this b…stard but his website wants the regular home address as well the email address (of course he needs the email address if he wants to make a response), but he doesn’t need to have the rest of the info. ?

    It should be illegal for this to happen anyway. And he has the nerve to compare his acceptance of pesos to “accepting gift cards.”

    And he says he doesn’t know who’s illegal and who’s not just like any other store, but really, to accept pesos? You can bet your bottom dollar most of these “patrons” will probably be illegal.

    Didn’t this a$$hole give a damn what happened on 9/11? Apparently not.

    He is yet another prime example of why the “Corporate Personhood Law” must be abolished.

  2. 2 Faye

    I gave him my e-mail, my address, and my phone number.

    His is twisted thinking and he’s a part of the problem and doesn’t even know it.

  3. 3 Eddie B.

    Out of the Mouths of Madness:

    ?Stop throwing the Constitution in my face. It?s just a goddamned piece of paper!?
    – George W. Bush, November 2005

    ?We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine, and other great publications whose members have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion over forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop a plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But the work now is much more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto determination practiced in past centuries”
    – David Rockefeller, founder of the Trilateral Commission, June 1991

    “To a certain extent we are going to have to yield some of our sovereignty, which will be controversial at home. Under NAFTA, some Americans are going to be hurt as low-wage jobs are taken away.”
    – Winston Lord, Trilateralist and former CFR President, September 1992

    ??perhaps national sovereignty wasn’t such a great idea after all??
    – Scott Talbott, Trilateralist and former CFR Director, June 1992

    Wake up America. It is coming. It is speeding up too. Get pissed.


  4. 4 Juan

    Well.For those of you who do not believe, here is the lineup of the events that will unfold over the next 10 yrs:

    1. The Pesos will be accepted in HUNDREDS of more latino owned business throughout the US. They will do it just to piss off americans and plant the “seed” of economic rebellion in the US.

    2. They will accept US dollars for their pay. In fact, they will request cash payment first, and then perhaps a check, 2nd. The Pesos is only used to dispose off in the US in exchnage for US dollars. Again, it is economic rebellion here.

    3. As of now the US Federal Bank has an arrangement with the Mexican Federal Bank that allows for easier, and cheaper transfer of funds to Mexico ( not to the US, mind you). So, they have made it easier to wire funds to Mexico — almost a seamless transaction.

    4. They have devised an ATM Product that can be used on both sides of the border, if the owner of the account has a US based banking account. If they are deported, they can draw funds from their US account. Neat, if you were sent back to Panama City.

    5. More “hispanic” banks have opened, and will continue to open who will specifically cater to the hispanic population and who will, in turn, sell these new banking products to their clients. They will increase their asset base and buy into other banks. Case in point: BANCO POPULAR. They are a bank based in Puerto Rico and has gained great strides into the banking world.

    6. More loans to hispanics. They are working on this for easier qualification for access to capital for mortgages and homeownership. The leading organization is called, National Associations of Hispanic Real Estate Professional. They are pushing this work forward.

    7. This new totalization arrangement for social secuirty with Mexico. SS# income available for the illegally obtained SS# card holder. Can you make this any easier for Mexican citizens? It is theft, Mexican style. For those who dont know it, better learn fast how to spot this.

    6. You will see more and more and more “worker” protests in the streets claiming more and more benefits, rights, income, and status as free, universal “workers” rights to be bestowed upon those who have entered the US illegally. There is a MAJOR push for the socialization of US worker laws and concepts. For example, Huerta and the UFW union, has big ambitions and ties with Chavez ( of Venezuela) and Castro ( Cuba). It is a documented fact they have routinely met with them for — who knows?, money, political support, shared ideas and concepts?

    7. They will be demanding that SPANISH be taught in their local schools so they can show an improvement in the school test scores. For example, the UFW union has laid a plan to install immigration friendly political friends in your local school boards, and state education positions, so they can influence the final outcome of policies and school curriclum for the hispanic popluation. One day you will wake up and read a story that the State of California has removed the the stated exit exam, have removed history books, has removed English as the language for teaching, and will replace them with: Spanish text, spanish instructions, history of Mexico and politics of Mexico. If you do not believe this, then I can send you articles about this development and a statement that Dolores Huerta made claimg they will fight back, “with we start with the Schools.” They are laying the groundwork for this revolution in the school system. Case in point, the forced poltical and economic takeover of the LAUSD by the LA Mayor. Why do you think he is pushing this so hard?

    Yes, taking the PESOS now at a Pizza chain seems so innocent, so “whats the big deal” kind of thing. It will lead to more and more opportunities to turn it over into the hands of Mexico. You will see BANKS taking in PESOS for deposits and payments of CARS, MORTGAGEs, CRedit Cards, lines of credits, etc — becuase they can make money on the exchnage rate of the US dollar vs Mexican pesos. They know this, they make an extra 1.00 per transactiona and they see millions of transaction per dollar — BOOM! straight to their bottom line profit margins. Millions in pocket change.


  5. 5 Eddie B.

    Great post Juan. I believe you.

  6. 6 Vaquera Guera

    Yes, Juan, you are correct in all your points. Like you said, taking the pesos now at the pizza chain seems innocent and there is more behind that agenda than the average person will recognize at this point in the game.

  7. 7 Eddie B.

    It is all about money and the banks charging for currency exchange absolutely fits. Perfect fit.

    Pepperoni for your pesos there Pedro?


  8. 8 Concerned Citizen

    If you haven’t done so already, take the time to read the following extensive discourse at the website below. Get educated about what’s really happening behind our backs between the three shadow governments in North America that are now coming out of the shadows. Then, as Eddie B. says, get mad as hell!


  9. 9 Eddie B.

    Great site Concerned Citizen!!! Check this out. Like yours, it shows how far back this goes with the treason. THIS IS PLANNED FOLKS!!!

    Great article and it is all quotations that you can drill down on using Google. You can’t make this stuff up.

    Without a doubt The Council for Foreign Relations and Rockefeller ARE EVIL. The Trilateral Commission which he spun off to take the heat away from CFR ARE EVIL.

    “We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.” — Rockefeller 1991. Made in a speech to the Bilderberg Society which are the Elite of the Elite Global pigs.

    This is going down fast now that we are starting to turn on the lights for everyone not hooked into MSM watching the panda bear birthday parties.

    Wake up your neighbors.


  10. 10 Pamela

    Yes to all of the above points. This whole movement has obviously been planned and in the works for a long, long time. With the cooperation of THe WA Post, NY Times and others, these groups have managed to keep their agenda off of the public radar.
    With the attention that was brought to the growing problem of illegal immigration and with the subsequent anger that this issue has sparked with the Citizens, the leaders of the shadow governments are compelled to speed up their plans before they are blown wide open. They certainly were not prepared for this opposition at this point.
    While a lot of people are finally starting to see illegal immigration as a threat, there are many who still don’t. More importantly, very few people believe in the existence of these shadow governments or their agendas. Will the word get out in time?

    In response to Juans point #7 about the schools. A popular conservative talk radio show host has been warning parents for twenty years that there is a group of people behind the public education system who want to undermine the values of this Country, teach our kids to hate America and lower the educational standards. She cites the sexualization and exploitation of children as becoming more prevalent and acceptable, the removal of religous symbols or references from schools and texts, the opposition to saluting the flag, the teaching of diversity and
    tolerance of other cultures even as our traditions are being challenged and eradicated. Would seem that person was right.

  11. 11 GuardDog

    Juan, Where the heck have you been? I have been missing your intelligent and thoughtful posts. Stay with us please! GuardDog

  12. 12 Angel

    I had no idea that businesses like Walmart and others are accepting pesos. I’m glad I read Juan’s comments.
    That’s all I’ll say.

  13. 13 Juan

    Guarddog. Believe it or not, Ive been busying working. Ive been reading the posts and follow the information. Im out here, and will contribute a bit more when I have the time. We need to continue on.

    The issue is this, for example, Im right at the center of the United Farm Workers Union here. Dolores Huerta and their ORGANIZATION ( they have banks, real estate holdings, radio stations, commercial centers and even a quasi-church in their names, they are an ORGANIZATION in the millions$$)and they have funds to make their voices heard with the HIspanic community (legal and illegal).

    So, another organization needs to be in place, MUCH BETTER funded and organized to combat this onslaught. Keep in mind, — they own and control several radion stations throughout the US. I dont know how many, but a lot to make an enourmous social difference. Did you see the marches — well, they were spurned on by radio, as you know.

    Thats my 2 cents for the afternoon.

  14. 14 Darlene


    We have missed you so much. Glad that you are well and back on the board.
    Also, excellent points re: the peso situation. Unfortunately, I know you are right!

  15. 15 Darlene

    EDDIE B.,

    Thanks for bringing back that old saying: I’M MAD AS HELL AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE. This should be our motto at the end of every letter that we write to corporations, politicians and illegal alien defenders. It’s short, to the point and yet speaks volumes. Let’s do it!

  16. 16 Darlene


    Visited the site that you suggested…we are in for it. SCARY STUFF!

  17. 17 jo

    thank you,
    you put things so well.
    i was going to comment that this pesos deal is also the begining of the black market that will function in conjunction with the amero dollar. this is about business, even if they present it to the mexicans as a tool of rebellion. maybe that presentation of rebellion is for american consumpion so that it well be viewed and ignored as just another curltural thing from people who appear to have corruption in their DNA. their motives and progress in the school systems have been transparent for many , many years. i have spoken to people about it for many , many years. people don’t want to even acknowledge it and still act as though i am paranoid, stupid, crazy and/or all of that. i don’t understand why american parents ,particularly those that have children going to schools in lower and middle income schools are not raising hell. many of these schools don’t have enough supplies, and here in california many children are still going to classes in those trailers that were supposed to be temporray many many years ago, and in some of them when it rains it does so inside. furthermore they are dangerous, because they are no longer sound. parents do nothing while the monies go to fund these private “charter ” schools for these illegals. they have stuff going on on so many different levels about so many different things. it is like trying to collect water in a shieve to try and curtail and stop it.

  18. 18 Darlene


    Pizza Patron has changed their “Serving the Hispanic Community” to “SERVICE TO COMMUNITY, COMMITMENT TO QUALITY”. The heat has been turned on against those racists.

  19. 19 Minutewoman

    Thank you, Juan, for your valuable input on the “peso” issue. I e-mailed it to people who need to see that it’s not just about getting rid of a few extra pesos.

    Thank you, Concerned Citizen, for that awesome website! The whole ball of wax is there, well thought out and completely foot-noted so no one can claim it’s made up or it’s just some kook’s paranoid opinion.

    Eddie B., I love your posts, and you inspired me to rent the “Network” video, which I will watch this weekend.

    Darlene, Pamels, Jo, Beadalong and all, I appreciate all your thoughts.

  20. 20 D-7

    Wow, Concerned Citizen, I put that one in Favorites.
    Too horrendous to digest at once.
    And to think in the late ’80s someone was always trying to tell me about Rockefeller & the elites. I shrugged it off because he was prone to conspiracy theories.
    I repent.

  21. 21 Darlene

    And Minutewoman, I appreciate all of your thought-provoking posts. Most all of you on this site make my day and help me to cope with this illegal situation. It always feels to good to vent and learn about what’s going on.

  22. 22 Sherri

    Juan! Great to see you back! We’ve missed you!

    These corporations are nothing but greedy pigs and they worship the almighty dollar. They could care less about doing what’s right. Disgusting!

    Concerned Citizen: Will be checking out that link. I’m sure it contains plenty of useful information to spread around to people and try to wake them up. Thanks for the info!

  23. 23 Sherri

    Eddie B. and Concerned Citizen: Thanks for those links! Great info!
    As for David Rockefeller: It’s easy to be so liberal when you’re wealthy. You and your family are not directly affected by all of this chaos. The rest of us are.
    People like the Rockefellers and Kennedys have no clue what so ever. They live in gated communities and ivory towers, far removed from reality.
    I’d love to see them lose all of their wealth and have to get down in the trenches with everyone else and see what reality truly is. Not the Utopian, fantasy worlds they live in.

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