Summit on Latino and African American Race Relations in Los Angeles, CA 6-3-06

In this video, Luis Rodriquez, Special Council to the Public Defender, gets the ball rolling with The Race Card and others jump in. U.S Congressman Diane Watson is a race-baiting, political hack that whores herself out to special interest groups and radical left wing causes. She claims the Minutemen are the equivalent of the KKK. They claim that blacks and Latino’s are not united because of anti-illegal immigration groups like the Minutemen. Original Minuteman member, Marvin Stewart, calls her on her seditious betrayal of American citizens and feeble minded Assemblyman Mervyn Dymally retorts with a bizarre comment about pilgrims stealing Indian land.

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25 Responses to “Diane Watson - Race Baiting Political Whore”

  1. 1 Eddie B.

    When there is zero intelligence behind the green curtain then out come the race cards. Pitiful. Thanks for the video as always Dog.


  2. 2 Mike

    TRAITOR …WIN WIN WIN , for who? ThE MeIcANS…she evaded the question…. and interupted the host …..WHO ARE HER PEOPLE?…..
    SHE did not up hold her oath of office (CONGRESSWOMAN)!!! And she stated that the illegals can not be made fellons….of coarse they can,… we are a country of LAWS….. SHE should know this! WE CAN>>> MY ARRSS === The only thing I comprehend from her is AMNESTY AMnESTY AMnESTY….. WHO bought her loud… mouth,,, rude,, arrogant….none AMERICAN ARRSS !!!
    When are we going to see this JUICY stuff on the NATIONAL TV programs..WATCH DOG ???
    INVASION was the words he used …she basically siad “O well” we can’t do anything other than accept it !
    ANY BODY wanna start sending this congress woman JARS of vasilen!!!
    She wants ALL AMERICANS who have the RIGHT to be protected from any form of invasion to::: A ..HUM…. “take there right and shove it up there arsssss”
    SSOO lets start with her!! And we can even send the vasileen…. what say evey one here???
    It’s more than she’s offering us, so lets let her go first! Bend over congress woman… here come’s a very large American right!
    Then we send her to mexico POOR and competeing with MEXICaNS to survive! …. like we WILL be soon!!!….

  3. 3 Daviddiaz

    Hey Watchdog, I have no problem with the Minute Men. But S.O.S?
    I heard that they would go into poor African American neighborhoods and
    and tell them that they should hate all Mexicans especially illegal ones. If these people from S.O.S really are there to help the poor African Americans, then instead of teaching them to hate people, wether they are legal or not shouldn’t they have also helped them escape povety too? Like by giving them money or something or donations. The reason I asked this is because my college teacher told me this. She was an African American sociology teacher.

  4. 4 Jana

    Thank Heaven for Marvin. He’s the only one making sense in that room.

    Hey, Dymally & Watson: when the “brown brothers and sisters” retake the Southwest, you will be eliminated…by any means necessary. They do not care about black people, whites, asians, only brown people.

    I wish someone could share with them what was yelled at the Ted Hayes group who marched in L.A. a few weeks ago: “Go back to Europe and take the n*****s with you.” That’s how these invaders really feel.

  5. 5 Mike

    More BULLL
    Just klike the woman in the video…COMpREHESiVE BLA BLS BLA… Confuse the public into thinking you are trying keep every one from fighting…make them think you are doing some thing good for you while you rob them blind and get them to agree to give UP the rights that MANY good men have died for and still are dieng for!!!
    Do you really believ that etacher?? and what is that teacher doing teaching that in her class???
    Racism is for the ignorant…and the stupoid … and was out lawed adn will be the fall of the people who think it will get them waht they wan’t.
    You cant ROB a store or A bank YOU should’nt be allowed to invade other countries by the MILLIONS!
    Un less you wish to have WAR decalred agianst you… NO???

  6. 6 Mike

    O and woman are dieing for as well..

  7. 7 sparkyВІ

    And what, La Raza, Mecha, and La Academia Semillas Del Pueblo are?

  8. 8 Mike

    NO she siad “it cannot be done”… that they can not be made fellons as a congress woman she should clearify her intent on that note!
    And the comprehensive bull did not work in the eighties it will not work now, the minutemen are on a better path towards some thing that WILL eventually work. You DO realize that some of the PEOPLE you are calling TOKENS happen to BE american VETERANS OF FORIEGN WARS.
    These people don’t allow them selves to be tokens, they fight when they feel that what AMERICA is is being destroyed as are the minute.
    You are wrong, the minute men MARCH the boarder not becasue they HATE a certian race, but because they wan’t a soviergn nation.
    AND if comprehensive BLA BLA BLa means not protecting the right s of the american PEOPLE then maybe you should reconsider who you vote for.
    Because wether they are already here or still coming its still invasion by CITIZENS OF ANoTHER NATION.
    Enforcement must take place, race may seem a big variable to many people… but the is that this countries future depends on its soviournty…..
    AND LAWS aRE THE ONLY WAY THaT will happen not nation should be allowed to flood this country with its people… they should all be stopped and forced out and turned back…
    OR ATZLAN WILL be real!

  9. 9 The Watchdog

    DAVID DIAZ - “Hey Watchdog, I have no problem with the Minute Men. But S.O.S? I heard that they would go into poor African American neighborhoods and tell them that they should hate all Mexicans especially illegal ones. ”


  10. 10 Mike

    IT may not be practical to make them all felons, but that was not what she was asked, she was asked about failing to protect AMERICANS from an (”invasion”) of MEXICAN AND OTHER COUNTRIES Citizens.
    AND THAT as a country we can and if so feel it will make any thing we damn feel please to make a FELONY as a society a FELONY We WILL!
    The whole felony line of crap is to try and avoid that they are allready here and should not be! That was why she siad it, not to piont out the fact that a retarded law is trying to be passed but that, it was a good crap line to avoid addressing the true question!!!!! AAAAA HUUUUMMM …DRUM ROLLLLL READY ??
    Which was,.. CONGRESS WOMaN WHY HAVE YOU FAILED TO UP HOLD THE oath YOU TOOK TO protect the AMERICAN people from foriegn InVASion???
    IN which she should have siad ” I”M sorry thats classified”
    END of STORY ”’ O waite if your BUSH the BOOKS up side down soo it could be the begining of the story or the middle who could tell.
    AND I am not a DEMoCRATE…so don’t go there.

  11. 11 Jana

    Um, yeah, David, no one from S.O.S. has ever done anything like that. In fact they have wholeheartedly supported Ted Hayes, Marvin Stewart, and any and all black Americans. That’s what they’re about…AMERICANS of all colors. Same with The Minutemen.

    Joe Turner made an effort to reach out to the black community and he was invited last year to be part of Earl Ofari Hutchison’s Urban Policy Roundtable in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, the invitation was abruptly withdrawn before the event. Some of the black leaders scream all day about “unity”, but they’re afraid to unite with white people against a common threat because white people are supposed to be the enemy. None of us are going to get anywhere as long as that kind of thinking continues, but Watson and her ilk are so dyed-in-the-wool race baiters and white haters and professional victims, there’s probably no way to get through to them.

    I’m sorry that your teacher is such a dumbshit.

  12. 12 DavidDiaz

    To Watchdog:I heard that from and African American female teacher at my college, who says she was thre in the neighborhood when S.O.S was there talking to the African Americans about Illegals.

  13. 13 DavidDiaz

    To Jana: thank you for letting me know. maybe my teacher is a far left goon, or something. I don’t know.

  14. 14 Jana

    He already said it was false. Did you not see that? Geez.

  15. 15 Educated American

    Marvin Stewart said pretty much what I would have said if I was present at that event. Yes, America has some horrible stains on its past concerning matters of race. Yes, the English, Spanish, and French settlers did push the Native Americans asside. And sure enough, people of African descent suffered through brutal slavery. (Note: Jefferson wanted to insert anti-slavery sentiment in the Declaration of Independence but was dissuaded, and the seeds of the end of slavery can be found in the Constitution [Artcle I, Section 9; and Article 5]).

    But that ain’t the point. We have built a great nation. We’ve got flaws, and some real treasonous characters in the White House and Congress. HOWEVER, we want to keep our nation. We want to keep it as a Constitutional government, which DOES include the right to be free of foreign invasion. We DEMAND that our elected representatives merely perform their duty. Not perform miracles!

  16. 16 Johnny

    Mrs Watson is a prime example of someone who uses race as a means of contorting the truth about illegal immigration.
    It is my personal assumption that Mrs Watson does not want to make progress in dealing with the unity of the people. Instead Mrs Watson insists on critacizing the “patriots” as being KKK members and racists when in fact Mrs Watson is the person working to divide the people!It is clear as day that Mrs Watson has a personal agenda to undermine the American people.
    I applaud Mr Stewart’s question to Mrs Watson and MR Dymally. That is the only answer that they could come up with? The pilgrams destroying the indians! How is it that an idiot like that can get elected! Pilgrams were friends of the indians! Does Mr Dymally not recall thanksgiving?
    I have only one thing that I agree with congress woman Mrs Watson and that is not building a 700 million dollar wall. I personally feel that a wall will not stop illegal aliens and it the real issues like welfare and illegal hiring practices will be left un-attended to. I feel that the 700 millions dollars in tax payer money could go into better use such as more border patroll agents and better technologies to stop illegal immigration. With that said, I believe we must first cut off any and all reasons why these illegal aliens choose to come here. Most importantly I would focus on deporting the 12 million felons that are here. Mrs Watson clearly states that she is oposed to labeling illegal aliens as felons. America has a system in place that alows individuals to come here legally! The reason why it is a felony is the fact that they break our laws by entering our land illegaly! Most every country in this world has some law that prevents other countries from invading their homeland! Mrs Watson is apparently in another world because she does not see the threat that illegal immigration is causing. Mrs Watson is depended upon to protect our nation from invaders. Instead Mrs Watson is encouraging illegal immigrants to invade our country by standing by their side during this critical debate!

  17. 17 Proud2bAmerican

    What is happening with these so called Afro leaders? They are sellng their own people out to illegal alien interest! And Dymally with that pilgrim crap! There were no organized nations here when the pilgrims came just a bunch of people chasing buffalo! The land was up for grabs for those people who could utilize it and we have built a great nation and I’ll be damned if we turn it over to a bunch of foreign invaders! Come on Afro brothers and sisters see through this bull coming from the hispanocs who will only use you and stab you in the back! Americans of all colors need to unite to stop this invasion!

  18. 18 Contessa

    Marvin Stewart is so eloquent, and stands out in this video as the only sign of intelligent life. He is a great spokesperson for ALL Americans, no matter their color, or ethnic background. Kudos to him. Brook, great video. Send this out nationally. Watson is clueless, she first misspeaks and says “comprehensive ‘integration”, no “immigration” reform”. Telling, isn’t it?

  19. 19 Sarah

    The poor MINUTEMEN. All they are doing is trying to protect us by trying to control the border. They gave up on our government long ago. Why do they get branded Racists. I was always taught that when people call other people names, there are usually 3 fingers pointing right back at them. Who are the real racists here??

  20. 20 madashell

    I as a Black American I am offended by this women, she does not represent the majority of blacks living in the united states, neither does Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton or any other Person who does not represent ALL Americans. An as for David Diaz, I don’t understand why you have a problem with the Minutemen, you say that you’re in College; do the research. I am associated with the Minutemen; I have not seen nor heard one Speaker share, or allow any racist remarks against anyone because of there race, creed, gender, color, or anything else. In our meeting we say the pledge of allegiance, we thank God for living in America, and we have vowed to do all that is possible to protect this nation, so what do you mean; you have a problem with the Minutemen, I’d like to know what is the problem? Please let me know, maybe I can help you dispel whatever myth you my have about the Minutemen.mean; you have a problem with the Minutemen, I’ed like to know what is the problem? Please let me know,maybe I can help you dispell whatever mithe you my have about the Minutemen. I do agree that S.O.S, or Save Our State is a very good org.

  21. 21 Eddie B.

    Sarah -

    The reason is that the illegals and all of their advocay groups are afraid of them and use dirty tricks to compensate. Race baiting is the soft under belly of America and they assume that who ever is having that charge leveled at them is going to go away.

  22. 22 Tammy

    Hey Madashell, I am on the exact same page as you.
    I am absolutely appalled by this woman’s audacity to speak out for all African Americans. Diane Watson you don’t represent me, neither does Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton. I don’t just look at this illegal immigration issue as a threat to just African Americans, this is a threat to every single one of us as individulas. This whole country is a stake because of this. She even had the nerve to say that we cannot be divided against our brown brothers, Hello! Diane Watson these are foriegn invaders. wtf, somebody really needs to straighten out that horrid wig.

  23. 23 Jimmy

    They call us black republicans “sell-outs” Have they ever heard themselves talk. they are selling their own people out to a foreign country that does’t care about their own people much less us.

  24. 24 Sherri

    The reason the race card gets pulled out is because people that use it don’t have any legitimate arguements for their side and they know it. So in order to get the opposition to back off, they use the race card, hoping that it will shut their opponents up.

  25. 25 Mary

    These dinosaurs like Watson, Dymally, Jesse Jackson etc. are not in touch with reality. These old farts are still stuck in the 60s and haven’t noticed that the world has moved on without them.

    American people are getting all mixed together; as a matter most of the black Americans I know have white relatives (for that matter most Hispanics and Asians too), or are part white themselves.

    These hate whitey fruitcakes expect people to hate their own relatives or part of their own blood? Hell even Jesse Jackson has a mixed race kid from his white mistress. Does he race-bait the mother of his own kid?

    We need to unite and get back to our old melting pot culture where people come together to create a new culture, not stay in their same old “groups” fighting for group privileges against other groups.

    The main thing wrong with our old melting pot culture was that blacks were not invited into it, even though they wanted to be. So now they are invited and we should all go back to being Americans first and last. This will make us strong again and allow us to fight off this foreign invasion.

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