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UC Riverside’s Navarro said his research showed that in 10 to 25 years, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas and Utah will be 50% Latino.

“I call that re-Mexicanization, not reconquista,” said Navarro, 64. “A new majority is forming. Everything will change. The White House will be within our reach. We might have to change the name to the Brown House.”

That kind of talk ? along with his latest book, “Mexicano Political Experience in Occupied Aztlan” ? has made Navarro the chief suspect for those who see reconquest afoot.

“We are keenly aware of the aggressive, militantly anti-American approach of many leaders of the Latino movement,” said Chris Simcox, co-leader of the Minuteman Project, a volunteer border watch group. “Armando is one of the most militant leaders of that movement. They openly advocate violence.”

Navarro denies advocating violence. But his demonstrations against the Minutemen, his fight against a San Bernardino initiative to ban landlords from renting to illegal immigrants, and his predictions of a showdown between whites and Latinos have earned him a file of hate mail the size of a phone book.

In David Horowitz’s book “The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America,” Navarro gets his own chapter. Horowitz writes that he “advocates the overthrow of the U.S. government by Latinos and reclamation of the southwestern United States by Mexico.”

Navarro, in his office surrounded by photos of himself with Fidel Castro and former Nicaraguan leader Daniel Ortega, shakes his head.

“I never said that,” he said.

Still, he tries to allay fears of a resurgent Aztlan.

“There is no reconquista conspiracy. I have no CIA ? no Chicano Intelligence Agency. There is no evidence to suggest there is some secret plan,” he said. “We are returning as a people to a place that was once ours. Does that mean I have dual loyalty? I was an officer in the U.S. Army for eight years. This is all a fabrication of fear mongers.”

He paused for a moment.

“We are only doing what any good Jew would do for Israel.”

23 Responses to “Re-Mexicanization or Reconquista”

  1. 1 Proud2bAmerican

    I don’t understand these people! Why do they want to make our nation mexico? Haven’t they been to mexico? Do they want to make us a third world and live in the filth and corruption that is mexico? If that’s what they want then they should leave us the hell alone and go back to mexico!

    Armando Navarro is a BUTTHOLE!!!! Deport all BUTTHOLES now!!!!!!

  2. 2 marleen

    Proud2b, they want to come here to use our country as a lawless playground. mexico does not strike me as a patriotic people.

  3. 3 Charles

    sure buddy
    your not trying to overthrow the us gov.
    your not ever going to use violence

    do you think americans are stupid?

    america rise up and stop this mexican invasian now

    screw bush and the senate

  4. 4 Andre

    I thought treason against ones country was a crime punishable by the death sentence. Not to mention Santa Anna never told anyone why Texas, California or any state that was held under spains dominion belonged to mexico and none of his acolades and worshippers ever will. I guess if mexico says they own the world, we must get off their planet.

  5. 5 Tom

    Think positive guys. I’m glad nutz like Navarro and people like him feel compelled and are stupid enough to spout their radical agenda to a public that is overall ignorant or blind to the truth. Wake up calls like this are sorely needed. We could not pay for better publicity to educate the public on what is really going on. He is considered a leader in the movement. Out of the horses mouth…. or this case a horse’s ass. Most of America hasn’t a clue what is really going on. The LA Times did us a favor by giving this lunatic a huge platform to state his twisted beliefs.

    Navarro blabbering his agenda in the LA Times is mariachi music to my ears. Imagine some unsuspecting white middle class house wife picking up the paper to find her horoscope and reading this:

    “UC Riverside?s Navarro said his research showed that in 10 to 25 years, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas and Utah will be 50% Latino.

    ?I call that re-Mexicanization, not reconquista,? said Navarro, 64. ?A new majority is forming. Everything will change. The White House will be within our reach. We might have to change the name to the Brown House.?

    The “Brown House”! That won’t sit well with most patriotic folk who are too busy making a living to really understand what is going on. Let them spew their dogma I say!! Education is a good thing.

  6. 6 Darlene

    The thing is, they think that what makes America great will stay that way. If they suceed, this beautiful country will turn into a doodie-hole just like their beloved mexico. You can take the illegal out of his country, but you can’t take the country (mexico) out of the illegal. These low-lifes make me puke.

  7. 7 johnny

    Tom, Good point! Think positive this Navarro is putting his foot in his mouth even further every time he opens it!

    Navarro states that the latino’s are taking over the southwestern part of the United States and this will happen in 10 to 25 years. 10 to 25 years is plenty of time needed for us to foccus on deporting and crimminalizing the illegal aliens and their supporters.

    I can tell you this much, that the illegal aliens have taken California and Arizona! Just look around you.

    Not to sound like a racist, but it is true that those two states, California and Arizona are mainy mexican now. I noticed it only took about 10 years of illegal immigration and amnesty. Now if you compare crime statistics over the course of 10 years while comparing it to the illegal alien population growth you will see an over whelming increase in violent crimes also including lessor offenses. You can also look at the increases in California’s budgets as well as Arizona’s.
    why is there such overwhelming increases in crime and budget controll? Illegal immigration, ancor babies and politicians who have let this spin out of controll.

  8. 8 Tom

    And Navarro receives a civil rights award for serving his community. Only in America. Insanity Reins!!!

    RIVERSIDE, Calif. ( — UC Riverside Ethnic Studies Professor Armando Navarro has traveled to Denver, Colo. as one of six people receiving a Cinco de Mayo Civil Rights Awards at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts on Friday, June 30.

    The awards are organized annually by New West Side Economic Development (NEWSED), founded in 1973 to increase the economic and political development of the residents of west Denver.

    ?The Cinco de Mayo Civil Rights Awards offer thanks to those who have tirelessly served the cause of civil rights,? said LeRoy Lemos, director of the event. He said Prof. Navarro stood out because he builds a bridge between theory and practice, and he helped organize recent demonstrations demanding justice for undocumented immigrants.

    Navarro said he is glad to accept the award. ?It is recognition for what we do in support of social justice and human rights,? he said. ?I?m just one of many people working in this area.?

  9. 9 Sherri

    This Butthole is a traitor! I say let him keep talking! Eventually, he’ll have enough rope to hang himself. He’ll spout off his racist rhetoric once too often, and it will blow up in his face!
    This idiot is a college professor? Obviously, he needs to take some history and read how his beloved Mexico signed all of that over with the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo! This moron should be fired for spouting his racist crap and the alumni of his school should demand that he be fired or else they’ll withhold their donations.

  10. 10 johnny

    yea sherri, just think that this college professer is teaching our youth this garbage and were paying thousands of dollars for it!

  11. 11 steak knife

    It’s a fact that mexicans bring a knife to a gun fight. Don’t worry about these lowlife,cowardly strokes! They will never,ever prevail. Regards.

  12. 12 Madashell

    All People of Mexican decent does not think this way, there are many who believes the opposite of this clown. Remember there are Latino Minutemen and Women.

    If this man advocate the over throw of the United States then he should be prosecuted for treason? It’s obvious that the present Gov. wants anarchy, this administration wants open borders, bush is a globalist. Since the news media refuse to cover this type of tripe I have decided to draw a map on the biggest poster that I can find of the states that these treasonous bastards are attempting to claim, and take it to every event that deals with illegal immigration. If we all do something similar; finally then all Americans will know, then maybe we can get this turned around before it’s too late. I will also send a copy of this reconqesta map to all the Politicians in Nevada, and ask them to investigate, there again if enough of us show that we are concerned about these various acts of treason then maybe they will also get involved.

  13. 13 johnny

  14. 14 Madashell

    Man, I laughed at that for at least 30 minutes. seems like the local police, state police, INS or some agency could do the same thing. Take theme to jail, and deport them. Surely they will be a little more careful with who they will try to work for after that.

  15. 15 UTA Student

    Mexico: “The New Revolution” May Start Tomorrow

    Note: This website is sympathetic to immigrants. I’m sure it’ll become apparent.

  16. 16 Mikey

    It is a good thing that we found out about this now. If they had waited another 5 or 10 years with their secret to take over the southwest, they would have millions more illegals in this country to back them up. What we can do now is reduce the numbers with alot of pressure from new ID systems, house rental and driver licence restrictions, new laws denying social services, and a stop to automatic citizenship to name a few. People without papers need to go home, either on their own or WITH OUR HELP.



  18. 18 Sharon

    If Mexicans were really smart, they would all go back home and increase their population by a quarter and then overthrow their government. With their massive numbers in Mexico City alone, they could do it easily. Running to another country doesn’t solve their homeland issues. They just create new issues for themselves here.

  19. 19 Roger

    As said all along, Navarro’s UC infiltration to indoctrinate and recruit young minds in achieving his so-called De Facto war against the US. This traitor/ racist and his goons finally have admitted their true intentions of Reconquista the US . That intention is stated very clearly through his statement, undoubtedly. Their use of violence through gang activities, through street protests and intimidations, through drug smugglings….and this idiotic liar denied all of it. How outrageous!.
    Navaroo claims his dual loyalty in order to acheive his solo loyalty with Mexico once his mission of reconsquista accomplished, and that’s all this bastard cares about. He said he was an US army officer, so what? officers turned traitors all the time (with such twisted mentality as his in particular). Besides, he might had very well drafted into the army and stayed because of benefits rather than patriotism. He should be on the FBI list of ” National threat “.

  20. 20 johnny

    Mad As Hell is right we can not loose sight of the fact that there are a handful of Mexican-Americans that are on our side. There are plenty of Americans on Mexico’s side as well.

    I am an American, I say to Navarro that actions speak louder then words! As long as you are in my country peacefully trying to take over it with out shooting of bullets then I will protest and vote for some one who will take your ass out of my country! And if all else failes America wil use violence towards people like you to get you the hell out off our land! We did it with the British and we will do the same to you!
    now eat shit and die Navarro!

  21. 21 Eddie B.

    Mark your targets before you shoot.

  22. 22 Bruce Cain

    In light of Tancredo’s new book, In Mortal Danger, it is becoming clearer that there IS capitulation between the Mexican Drug Cartels, the Mexican Illegal Human Smuggling operations and possibly some of the Pro Amnesty groups.

    The real solution lies in the verification of SS#’a on W-2 forms. According to one study 50% of all illegals could be “voluntarilly repatriated” using this method. And best of all it will only cost 2.5 Billion over 5 years. For comparison, the war in Iraq is costing us about 6 billion per month.

    For more info on the immigration issue go to the following link:

  23. 23 Oldrebel

    I think Jorge Boosh is a maniac!! This terrorist (and that is what he is) should not even be allowed in this country!!

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