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Transcript of The Aztec Al-Qaeda Video

NARRATOR: Marcos Aguilar, the Principal and founder of the Academia Semillas del Pueblo school and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa are both former members of the UCLA chapter of MEChA.

Antonio Villaraigosa and Marcos Aguilar

MEChA was founded for the sole purpose of radicalizing young Latino students with a hatred for America, Chicano pride, and separatism.

Returning the American Southwest to Mexico was the stated goal in the late 60â??s when MEChA was founded but today they seek nothing less than control of the United States either by ballot box or by armed revolution.

While Antonio Villaraigosa was President of the UCLA Chapter of MEChA, he engineered the removal of the director of the Chicano Studies Center. Antonio claimed the director was â??trying to alter the concept behind Chicano studiesâ? by refusing to include the Communist Chicano group â??National Committee to Free Los Tres.â? Antonio demanded Communist inclusion within UCLAâ??s Chicano Studies Center.

Antonio Villaraigosa (aka Tony Villar) 1974

In 1993 as a member of UCLAâ??s chapter of MEChA, Marcos Aguilar, along with other Chicano radicals trashed the Faculty Center causing $50,000 in damage. Marcos and 9 other students then went on a two week hunger strike demanding that the Chicano Studies Program be given departmental status. They sought the creation of a Chicano studies major at UCLA and eventually the school Chancellor gave in.

When I was a high school teacher at Garfield High School, one of the largest high schools in the United States. Most of the Mexican children there had lost a sense of identity. Because, itâ??s own administration and the general policy of the LA Unified School District is in fact to Americanize Mexican and African American children in Los Angeles. And they would argue that thatâ??s good. I believe that thatâ??s not good.

NARRATOR: Today Marcos Aguilar runs his own charter school for grades K through 8. The school is funded by state taxpayers and the National Council of La Raza, or â??The Race.â? Most of the students are the children of illegal aliens. They are taught Chicano pride, Aztec mythology, and Aztec math. The school teaches primarily in Spanish, but it also teaches Mandarin and the ancient native language, Nahuatl which is now used by members of the Mexican Mafia.

MARCOS AGUILAR: Nowhere in the constitution of the United States or in the Declaration of Independence does it say that because you come here that you know have to become an American.

NARRATOR: The school teaches a hatred of America and ethnic segregation. English, math and American history take a back seat to Danza Azteca, a traditional form of Aztec Indian dance.

This is Marcos Aguilar beating the drum on July 4th, 1996, Americans that gathered to celebrate Independence Day and rally against illegal immigration. Marcos Aguilar was there along with other Chicano radicals in protest.

Marcos Aguilar in 1996. Aztec warrior or Vegas showgirl?

BROWN BERET: And we claim this land is ours. Itâ??s always been ours, and weâ??re still here. And none of this talk about deporting. If anyone is gonna be deported itâ??s you.

NARRATOR: American citizens were brutally attacked by illegal aliens and Communist Chicano radicals.

MAN WITH BLOODY HEAD: When the officers departed. Then, all hell broke loose.

MAN IN T-SHIRT: This is what they do to American Citizens. They destroy us. They hurt us.

MAN WITH BLOODY HEAD: They just hate America and anything America stands for.

CHICANO RADICALS: We didnâ??t cross the borders, the borders crossed us. Whoâ??s the illegal aliens? Pilgrims!

MARCOS AGUILAR: The United States is who is the immigrant here. Not us.

NARRATOR: Marcosâ?? school earned the lowest possible scores on the statewide Academic Performance Index, meriting a 1 on a scale of 10. It also ranked the lowest out of all the charter schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District.

MARCOS AGUILAR: They may not score the highest on the API tests. But the success there is that they didnâ??t commit suicide and that they graduated from high school.

NARRATOR: The Semillas school has only been in existence for 4 years and until recently it only taught up to the 5th grade, so none of Aguilarsâ?? students could have graduated yet. And when you consider the abysmal test scores and that 63% of Latinoâ??s in Los Angeles drop out of high school, itâ??s unlikely that any of Aguilarâ??s students will graduate.

If not committing suicide is a measure of success for Marcos Aguilar, then he must be extremely proud of his protégé Juan Alvarez seen here dancing beside him. Marcos Aguilar taught at Garfield high school where he met Juan Alvarez. This is a yearbook photo of Aguilar in the Danza Azteca group that he founded. On the opposite page is Juan Alvarez in the MEChA club.

Juan Manuel Alvarez in 1996

In January of 2005, Juan Alvarez parked his Jeep Grand Cherokee on the Metro link railroad tracks in Glendale, CA. He then stood by as an approaching passenger train smashed into it. The train derailed into another train traveling in the opposite direction and 11 people were killed and nearly 200 were injured.

11 dead, 180 injured

After the crash, Alvarez raised his arms into the air and fell to his knees. He than fled the scene and visited a friend from the Danza Azteca dance group. He poked himself in the arms and chest with a pair of scissors which at first had some believing that he had tried to commit suicide on the tracks. But the wounds were only superficial and eyewitness accounts along evidence at the scene pointed out that Alvarez had doused the interior and exterior of the vehicle in gasoline. He was hoping that his vehicle would explode on impact.

If Alvarez wasnâ??t trying to commit suicide, why did he leave his SUV on the tracks? And why did he poke himself with scissors, enough to bleed, but not enough to cause serious injury.

One explanation was that he was trying to get the attention of his ex-wife. Of course he could have bought her flowers if that was his intention.

It is reported that Juan Alvarez often dressed as an Indian in his everyday life, much the way Marcos Aguilar does. Perhaps a better explanation of why Juan Alvarez murdered eleven innocent people is because he took his Aztec beliefs to the extreme.

Juan Manuel Alvarez, the MEChA Mass Murderer

In ancient Aztec society, human sacrifice and bloodletting were primary forms of ritual.

The godâ??s sacrificed themselves to create the world and sun, and they offered their own blood to create people.

Humankind owed a tremendous debt to the gods, and this debt could only be discharged through frequent offerings of human blood.

The Aztecs accomplished this duty through human sacrifice and bloodletting. They would cut themselves until they bled.

In 2006, KABC reporter Sandy Wells was assaulted when he tried to interview Marcos Aguilar. Marcos refused to speak with him and as the reporter walked back to his car he was nearly run down by a vehicle that drove up onto the sidewalk. He was tackled to the ground by the driver and the audio tape was stolen from his voice recorder.

When news of the assault hit the mainstream press the school became notorious. Its unusual teaching practices and failing test scores were impossible to defend but Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa issued a statement. He supported the school, and its teaching philosophy. Even though the school focused on Chicano Pride, a hatred for America, and racial separatism, he stated that it was protected by the First Amendment right of free speech.

    Pretend Indian, Marcos Aguilar

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120 Responses to “The Aztec Al-Qaeda”
  1. Joseph Turner says:


    Perhaps, the most powerful and moving piece I have seen to date done by anyone in the anti-illegal immigration movement. Hats off to you, sir!

    Joseph Turner
    Save Our State

  2. juan says:

    Well, good reporting work Watchdog.

    Im shocked to know that this man Juan Alvarez ( who has a realtionship with the school director) was responsible for the train derailment in Burbank. I was in the LA area, about 1/2 hour away from this crash and I recall the radio reports about the horrific accident and the early descriptions of the man who parked his Jeep at the rail crossing.

    I thought it was one of the most selfish and destructive acts committed against innocent lives ever in the LA area. This man should recieve the death penalty for what he planned and executed with deliberate intent.

    You have uncovered a very, very disturbing story. What else will we face in the coming years from groups such as these?? I ask, who is at the top of Mecha?? who runs this organization?? Who are the top leaders of this group??

    Death, destruction, revolution, anarchy??? Is this their fundamental agenda?

  3. DavidDiaz says:

    Juan???? Amigo how are you???? You want to know who the leader is? who the hell knows. However you can find out since you always find alot of things out.

  4. Sharon says:

    After that reporter was attacked, O’Reilly had him scheduled to go on his show and at the last minute, he did a no show stating that he was sick. O’Reilly was mad because he had to scramble to fill the spot. This was about 7 weeks ago. It was after the marching on May 1.

  5. DavidDiaz says:

    yeah Sharon I remeber that episode when Aguilar pretended to be sick. I wanted to know his side of the story, but he wimped out, what a lowlife.

  6. steak knife says:

    Diaz, Please tell me, Are you loyal to America or Mexico? Your posts confuse me. If you favor America then thats cool. If not, get the fuk out!

  7. Ed says:

    Sharon you know Iuse to be a big fan of O’reilly but not now he has done very little on the subjactof Illegals & the owo & these are the most inportent matters facing our is the bigest story of the century yet he does little coverage on it.I have tried to email him but they keep returning them.Undeleverable. WEB MASTER???

  8. DavidDiaz says:

    Yeah I know what you mean Steak knife. Don’t worry man,im on America’s side. You might wonder why i kash out on some people. The problem is its though being a Mexican right now. I mean if you join Americas side then you get labeled a traitor, however i also get bad looks from Whites because since Im hispanic they think that im for illegal immigration. So i can t really join anybody. Im usually with you guys however, when I feel that people are started to say hateful things about mexicanbs and saying they are all the same they I usually turn against that induividual as I did with you once. Im on Americas side remeber that.

  9. DavidDiaz says:

    Joseph turner!!! Dude I saw you get arrested once, whats going on man!

  10. Ed says:

    yeah Juan it is there agenda & more they want to kill us you know if they won & took over the U.S. in no time it would b in the same shape as mexico.but I believe that they are patsys for the owo they are using them they will incite them via their their leaders in to a war with us to divert attention away form the final invasion.Then when they,the elites of the world have control of north america they will kill them & inslave us. remember bush”s grandadm & his friends admired hitler.& perhaps they too want a white world under their control.

  11. Ed says:

    Sharon maybe that reporter was told by his boss not to go or be fired.

  12. X says:

    David Diaz…awww man. Most of these people on this site HATE Mexicans! They’ll tell you that they are just against “illegal immigration”, but read the posts. Steak Knife has said some crazy things about Latinos, not undocumented Latinos, but Latinos as a whole. Wake up! Either you really want to fit in with the anti-immigrant movement, or you are just plain ignorant. I still have hope for you man. You don’t have to kiss Steak Knife’s butt for him to like you. You said it yourself, Steak Knife was talking stuff about ALL Mexicans, and yet you still want to be on “his” side? Trust me on this one, there will be a time when it’s not about whether you are documented or not. The question will be whether you are Latino or not.

  13. Oldrebel says:

    I’m speechless Watchdog!! When are you going to put your work on the silver screen? I’d pay to see it!! ;) Nice narrative tone in your voice! Drum beats were very effective, kept my attention! Joe, this guy is a diamond in the rough! Protect this kid, he’s our eyes and ears for the nation! Watchdog, when are you going to bring some of your work to the attention of the national media? Somewhere where you will get more the 60 seconds of air time! Your stuff has GOT to get out there!

  14. Darlene says:


    I’m renaming David Diaz : to “Sybil” Diaz because of his multiple personalities. Most trolls say that they are on our side. Sybil has a right to say his peace even though he speaks with “forked tongue”. Bless the guy as he sure is entertaining! I find him amusing!

  15. Ed says:

    and tehse guys were educated in our universtiies just kike many of the japanaese & muslem terrorest.& many others.personaly I would like to send the statue of liberty back to France & let them take the poor huddled masses.

  16. DavidDiaz says:

    To Darlene: I decieve people Of course I do who doesnet You are my Amiga right?

    Hey X do you have an email adress. I wish to talk to you in private. My email is

  17. Sherri says:

    Every one of these idiots should be deported! If they hate America so much, they need to pack their bags and leave! Go teach your Aztec math in Mexico and other countries! That ridiculous school should be shut down immediately! It has no business operating. The traitorous mayor needs to be removed for supporting this nonense!

    X, you are wrong in your statement that we hate Mexicans. We hate the b.s. they bring to this country with them. Why is it all right for Mexicans to keep illegals from their country while demanding that we take their illegals here? That’s the kind of corrupt sh*t that people are so angry about—the hypocrisy of these people! We are against ANYONE who is in this country illegally and want all of them deported! And if David considers himself an American, then I say more power to him! At least he’s got the guts to stand up and be proud of being an American, unlike these radical razas who don’t mind the benefits of living here, but want to be Mexican. If that’s what they want, they need to go to Mexico and enjoy all the Mexican culture they like. This is America!

    I am so sick and tired of hearing the same old b.s. from these idiots. “This is our land” and all of that. Get over it! It’s not yours anymore, it hasn’t been for over one-hundred years, so DEAL WITH IT! If you don’t like it, then get out and stay out!

  18. DavidDiaz says:

    Anyways thanks for the name change Darlene from now sybil diaz

  19. San Diego Patriot says:

    Just think, there are thousands of anchor babies who have come up in the last decade or two through our education system who are going to be more crazy than these guys.
    We are paying for these people to organize to destory the USA.

  20. Darlene says:


    Thanks for being a good sport. No, I’m not your amiga…sorry. I just chat with you every once in awhile on this site. It’s fun chatting with you, though.

  21. The Watchdog says:

    If my voice narration guy was available I would have had his voice on there, not mine, but I couldn’t wait for him.

  22. The Watchdog says:

    Email this link to everyone you think should see this video.

  23. Darlene says:


    You have a great speaking voice and the monotone effect made the story all the more rivetting! I think you should do more of it….seriously!

  24. DavidDiaz says:

    The Watchdog has a great voice! Ha! prove it! The only time I seen the Watchdog was on Hannity and Colmes, and all I saw was a nervous guy. He looked like a skinhead, thats when I decided to check this website out, and haven’t left since, even if I have pisssed off a few poeple. (Most notably Eddy B, Tammy(where is she?) and Steak knife. As well as some other people, Davey in Seattle, Sharon or Sherri( I don’t know who)

  25. Barry says:

    Marcos Aguilar that son of a bitch, trying to pawn himself as Indian. Really. A psychotic Indian wannabe. That genocidal maniac should have been cut to peices. A regular Mexican Bin Laden.
    I agree with you Sherri that school be shut down immediately. As for the traitorous mayor, he along with his family should be deported.
    Technically the mexicans didn’t own the land, in the beginning.
    Its no wonder that I got labelled as a nature worshipper. I have a lot hatred for that man. A few Mexicans have a nasty habit of insulting other ethnic groups.
    Personally I respect Watchdog. :)

  26. The Watchdog says:

    David Diaz is a casualty of the Los Angeles Unified School District.

    I’m keeping him on a short leash and he probably won’t be posting for much longer.

  27. Barry says:

    I watched that video, it sure send chills down my spine. I feel sorry for those immigrant who believe that garbage. Radical Mexicans are barbaric sons of bitches.
    The oldest trick in the book, divide and conquer.
    Here we go again, conquistitors.
    Mexicans don’t own lands, in the US or in Canada. What kind of garbage are they preaching? Its bad enough that they try to claim land for themselves, those theiving sons of bitches.
    Everyone has the right to live in peace and security. As I suspect those bastards would kill us all, considering we’re non-latinos.

  28. Contessa says:

    Watchdog: Excellent - this video is unbelievable. I’m going to send it to some media contacts that I have. I hope this gets national press - it deserves it. I was blown away by the fact that La Raza has 50 charter schools - all that have to operate with federal, state and local taxpayer funds. This needs to be exposed. There should be a movement to stop funding these racist, separatist schools. I’d love to see a list, if there are any in my state, you bet I’m going to bring it to the attention of our state legislators. I bet that the “Board Members” of the Semillas school all probably have checkered pasts.

  29. Chris says:

    How long did you think it was going to take before Mexican terrorism in the US started?

  30. C Poston says:

    Great job on the video WD!

    Sending it far and wide…

  31. Eddie B. says:

    GREAT POST DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Marcos Aguilar, the Principal and founder of the Academia Semillas del Pueblo school, was the goon that had a radio reporter beat up in public. What ever happened to that? That situation made Lou Dobbs once then dropped off the face of the Earth.


    NICE NECKLACE……………………..

  32. Craig says:

    Excellent video as always Watchdog! You are one of the handful of people leading on the forefront of this battle, thank god for your passion and your efforts.

    As soon as I finish this I’m going to look for an address to send you a little money.

    Keep up the great work! I think you are singlehandedly making a difference.

  33. juan says:


    You are wrong again X. Dead wrong. You misunderstand this issue. You are neglecting the fact that we have millions of americans, who have become americans, even tough they may be of Mexican, or Central American, or South American descent. They may even be from Spain, and yet they call themselves Americans and are willing to speak out about the crimes and violations commited against their families, their communties and their adopated Nation.

    Is it is a question of being documented, legal vs. undocumented, illegal. The issue is very clear: Mexico has its laws of immigration. The “undocumented” in Mexico are arrested, detained and deported. In some cases, they are mistreated by commited crimes against them such as rape, murder, robbery, etc. The Mexico national police enforce this piolice, along with their military at the souther end of the border. Many Central Americans are arrested by the Mexicans in Mexico.

    So, keeing in line with this issue, As Americans were are voicing our disgust with the onslaught of illegal immigration. You may have 11 egyptians violate our immigrtation and visas laws — and we will still argue the same line of thought in regards to the enforcement of our laws. This is not an issue of Americans hating Latinos — this is playing these concerns based on race or nationality and this argument no longer holds any water.

    Look at the news about Mexican gangs killing Blacks in LA.. What is this about?? Mexicans gangs are targeting Blacks in order to elimiate them from their communities and surroundings. This is exactly what you speak of, “hatred toward another ethnic group” only that this is true, and the crimes are be committed by Mexican Gangs and the public has been informed. Your statements are dead wrong — and unfortunately the recent news of these killings by Mexican Gangs does not help resolve any of theses issue.

  34. TexasCowgirl says:

    I’m ready to buy your full - length DVD Watchdog. When will it be ready?

  35. Jon says:

    Awesome job on that report, ignorance should no longer be bliss, this video needs to get out to major networks, Fox News should pick it up…
    Its time these thugs were shut down, who do they think they are, they come here espousing their hate for America, yet they take the governmental grants, they hide behind our constitution “Freedom of Speech” and “Freedom from Religious Persecution” was never intended as a shelter for hatred…
    American apathy is going to be the undoing of us, I myself am an immigrant who came here legally from Australia, I get a lump in my throat when I hear our national anthem, I stand proudly as an American.
    I also wanted to point out a recent, what I call incident, I went to the Hollywood bowl for the opening night, to hear and watch Santana play and was sickened to hear Edward James Olmos come out on stage and ramble for nearly 20 minutes about what a great Latino Santana was thats all well and good, but he opened his rant with a full paragraph of Spanish, then didn’t have the decency to interpret what he said, instead he joked about the “Latino Challenged” he derided the audience and he rallied the Latinos who were there, I never saw anything about that in the press and never got a reply from The Bowl after I complained… anyway thats kind of secondary to thhis awesome video, Its going out to everyone I know…
    Keep up the great work…

  36. Steve says:

    A very interesting investigative report. Deserves further research and follow-up by the major networks (doubtful) — and Lou Dobbs (perhaps).

  37. Rim05 says:

    WD, that was a great video. You will be getting a donation from me, you deserve it.
    You do not need a narrator you are the real thing. Your voice was so serious I could just see you. Your voice was so calm and attention getting.
    I say again YOU DO GOOD WORK.

  38. Eddie B. says:

    Sybil Diaz -

    Glad you noticed. X pisses me off too. He is a friggin’ moron. Drain bramaged norom.

    Keep up the great work Watchdog!

  39. Michael says:

    X…your pathetic “victimization” and charges of racism is your only ammo against patriotic Americans who have the Truth. The truth is our ammunition & your lie versus our truth is like comparing a .22 bullet against a hydrogen bomb. Time is at hand for you and your ilk. You brown supremacists that justify the existance of your seperatist school will continue to be exposed as well as your terrorism against American citizens. My suggestion is get out while you can. As for my fellow patriots, keep up the good work & may God Bless America. This IS our land and THIS IS our fight!

  40. steak knife says:

    Dog, I tip my hat to you!! You are a true patriot. Keep on keepin’ on for our cause! I’m prould of people like you and others on this site! And to X, X, I have nothing bad to say about LEGAl Mexican Americans!! When I speak I always mean ILLEGAL Mexicans. So, X, get your head out of your ass,wipe the shit from your face, & quit talking bullshit! You are a fuckin’ disgrace to not only the mexican people but to all of society! Go now X, the lettuce is ripe, go pick it!

  41. steak knife says:

    Oh,X, I almost forgot. Yes, there will be a time when we Americans will rise up & confront all the bullshit that the illegals are throwing at us. And guess what X? You cowards will lose. You will beat feet back to Meheco with your tail between your legs! Go in haste asshole!

  42. Cruz Bustamonte says:

    Oh my, I had no idea. Well, now I am so ashamed ***hangs head in shame. Yes, Mecha and LA Raza truely do suck, I realize that now.

    I’m going to send that video to everyone I know. I tried to show it to Arnold but he was too busy, and he said I was exhibiting a depth of prejudice that frightened him.

  43. Sybil Diaz says:

    Remember guys the enemies are not the Mexicans, the Whites, or Blacks, but Corporate America.

  44. Brent from Vista says:

    [Watchdog] - Great Video!! Forwarded to everyone I could. Getting lots of positive reaction from the people I work with too. Some didn’t even know about MECHa. Your video will be a good eye opener for people.

    Keep up the great work!!

  45. Ron says:

    Excellent video Watchdog. Connecting the dots is essential and you accomplished that remarkably. I know I won’t be the first or the last but I’m sending your link to every mainstream show that covers this issue. Hope to see you back on Hannity and Colmes again. You did fine the first time and will do better in the next. -Thank you

  46. Angel says:

    Watchdog, Minutemen, Paul Revere Riders, Tom Tancredo, and many others will be heroes when all of this is over. They’ll hold places in the history books for future generations to learn about.

    We are witnessing history in the making.

    Did Paul Revere get discouraged and wonder if he was doing the right thing? Did he get frustrated when Americans didn’t respond right away? Of course, he did.

    2/3 of our country will remain asleep throughout this whole ordeal. Even if you slap them silly. We just need the 1/3 to get energized and to know they must carry the weight of the rest.

    In peace and light,


  47. Mountain Man says:

    WatchDog, great video. I would like to give you prase, but everybody before me said it all. Anyway great job. You are a TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOT. GOD BLESS YOU.

  48. Mountain Man says:

    Oh I forgot to say the thing that pisses me off is the fact that our Government is giving these creeps millions more tax dollars. Sometimes I think this shit is going to give me a stroke I get so mad.

  49. X says:

    Sherri- I know you “like” “legal” Latinos. I remember that you said that you like them a lot.

    Diaz- I’ll e-mail you

    Watchdog- Why are you going to silence Diaz?

  50. johnny says:

    To David Diaz, I am sorry to inform you that you are making an ass out of yourself on this web site. Mr Diaz, the point that you are clearly missing is the fact that you are fortunate to live in the greatest country in the world! This is the only country that the poorest of poor people are welcomed to and have an “equal” opportunity to become successful. Now you must remember that the illegal aliens whom you support come here by “choice” and that America does not force them to cross onto our borders. In fact your family probably came here legally, lets assume. If this is indeed the case then I suggest that you Mr. Diaz learn real fast that We only have room for Americans. We must always respect our roots and that is that, just respect. We must live as Americans and Americans only. Our past cultures and heritages should only be practiced as a way to remember or for fun. Most importantly, being an American is just that, being an American!

  51. johnny says:

    Meccha…..Terrorists with a different name and a different religion!
    That is my new bumber sticker that I am going to have made.

  52. X says:


    Not that I want to help you, but your Meccha is not correct. I think that you’re getting confused with Mecca. The proper way to spell it is MEChA. Go ahead and make the bumber sticker, there is no bad publicity.

  53. The Watchdog says:

    X- David Diaz acts childish and he’s annoying. He seldom has a point to make and he likes to attack the other posters. On top of that he sends me email after email expecting me to respond to every one of them. He’s acted like this for months.

  54. Davey in Seattle says:


    You are a typical fucking racial Mexican and you aren’t foolling anyone especially me. I wouldn’t trust you unless I grew up with you and served in the Corps. Well, we can leave that part out because it will never happen. I grew up in LA so don’t try and use that bait and switch idea. That is why the Mexicans use the language barrier to to hide and also use the masks to fool Americans. I have had some Mexican friends and I knew they were proud of their heritage but, they were Americans and didn’t use the hyphen. They hated gangs just as much as I.


    I listened to your video, and you have to send this to Congressman Sensenbrenner and Tom Tancredo. Maybe Tom can use this in his presentation, to plead his case against these groups getting funding and stop this invasion.

    I know that many of the politicians don’t know of this La Raza, MECHa, and other militant groups spreading these messages in the schools and other propagana. Many senators and congressman vote on issues because thsy are being pressured by the Leader to sign the bill so they can go home.

  55. marleen says:

    great great video WD !

  56. johnny says:

    dog! Your video is the bomb, we on this website are in debt to your great work what ever I can do to help.
    thus far I spread the word about your site and your work when ever I can!
    Thanks Dog!

  57. steak knife says:

    X, Who are you to question the WatchDog? This is his site. I give him a lot of credit for putting up with you & Diaz. He is being fair. But then again, he ain’t the type to be shit on. I give him credit for that. And X, I want to thank you. You are responsible for giving all of us here a “reallity check” about how fucked up you people really are! Thanks again X!!

  58. Croc says:

    People had better wake up. No matter how far out these people seem to be in their ideas of how the world should be in their way of thinking, it is a threat that must be dealt with. Turn your back. Pretend it really isn’t a problem. Keep saying that the Mexicans only want the opportunity to have a life that any American would want. A good job, education for their kids, and a roof over their head with food on the table and a warm bed to sleep safely at night. Ya right!!!!!!!!! Wake up people, the wolf is at your door and he is hungry. Sleep with one eye open.

  59. Davey in Seattle says:


    Becareful with that idea because you are a target for these fools. If they see any thing that would destroy their ideas they will retaliate and maybe slash your tires. Worst yet they might even gang bang you.

    A better idea is to put the sticker on their cars and spread the message were they live, just don’t get caught. Be stealth, and incognito and be safe. I use a sharpe and I can make my point with Viva La Migra! US Border Patrol!

    If you show yourself at any rallys you will be exposed. Remember these assholes are really chicken shit and will fight if you look at them.

    My experience is take the baddest one down and kick his ass and then rest will stay away from you.

  60. Mountain Man says:

    Good post Croc. You hit it right on the head.

  61. Jimmy says:

    Anyone ever have this experience with mexicans?
    You finish shopping at Wal-Mart, it is night, you go out the door and
    encounter a group of the loud, swarthy razas. You make sure you
    out as soon as you can. You don’t feel safe. You get into fight
    or flight mode. You get prepaired to do whatever you must to defend
    yourself and your pretty wife.

    After you pass by, you see and hear one of these “good people” loudly
    SPIT on the ground. You wonder, “why did he do that uncouth act?”

    Later on a website, you learn that is the mexican equivelant of flipping
    the bird. A total disrespect for me, my wife and any other whites who
    happened to be coming out.

    My first girlfriend was half mexican. I ended up marrying a golden haired
    girl, with hair down to her feet. She is Choctaw, Irish, Dutch, and German mix. One of her forebears was at the Alamoe, bu

  62. Jimmy says:

    but escaped death because he was sent out before the final end of it.
    It makes me angry now when I see all the mexicans in Dallas county.

    I never was much racist before, but these people are pushing it now.

    Any else, just plain tired and worn out by these spitters, who seem to just plain hate us?

    computer on the fritz, sorry for the split post.

    God Bless good old kind hearted America, who even allows the scum of the earth to come and hate.

  63. Andres says:

    Now i understand why you americans are so angry BUT please let me remind you DO NOT GENERALIZE please. PEACE.

  64. Davey in Seattle says:


    Please tell us how many Hispanics are real Americans? All of the 85% of Illegals are already criminals by crossing the border. Of all of those, how many are decent citizen? Most of the 85% are on welfare sucking America dry and not putting a fair share of the money back into our system, then goes to Mexico. 20 Billion of our money goes to support your country when Americans are going without so these poor ignorant people can have a better life?

    Why is it that the illegals are told that Americans owe them and should in fact take advantage of our welfare system? Were do they get that idea Americans owe them anything?

    If anyone thinks we should help these people, please take them home with you and feed them so I won’t have too!

    From all of things America has done for them for nothing, why shouldn’t we be mad? Please explain? Were are they getting their history from? The US paid good money for this country along with blood to make a decent country. Most the illeagls have destroyed this country and we don’t want anymore. Why don’t you post an ad and say, you will take them in?

  65. Brad says:

    One word: Excellent!

  66. johnny says:

    good point Davey!
    I run into a lot of mexicans since I live in Phoenix, I talk with good ones that work hard and I see a lot of ones that are up to no good, you can tell.
    I noticed that the ones who are here and have been here for at leat 15 to 20 years are actually good people who work and speak proficient English. It is this new breed of border crossers who are fresh out of Mexico who are coming here causing all of the problems. If the government would have shut the borders down tight about 20 years ago, we would not be having problems like this. I doubt if Sept 11th would have even happened. What is fucked up is that there are still more of them comming here and despite having an unarmed national gaurd on the border that will not stop them from crossing. they will find ways past these guys in more remote areas. they will not be discouraged because most of these border jumpers are ignorant and do not plan to well. if they were smart they would not be using coyotes and dying of dehydration in the deserts.

  67. X says:

    Johnny- Blaming Sept. 11th on Mexicans…man you are stretching. Why don’t you blame slavery, the holocaust, and the South Africa apartheid on Mexicans as well.

    (Act like a crowd is chanting this)



  68. johnny says:

    X I did not blame Sep 11th on the mexicans I blamed our open borders policies for sept 11th.
    Most importantly the ones to blame for sept 11th are the muslim radicals who hate us and want every last one of us dead.
    X… I have to tell you that your typical liberal bias will not work with me! You are a liberal in the making my friend!

    there is a difference between a mexican and an american who is from mexico or is of mexican desent.
    We have mexicans from mexico who want to live here but do not want to repect our language borders and our culture. X how do you know that i am not mexican?

  69. Sherri says:

    X, I guess when I posted I should have posted my thoughts a little clearer. Yes, I do like men with darker features, but I’ve never dated a Latino. Why? Because I’m not willing to put up with all of that macho sh*t. Besides, there are other dark featured men like Black Irish and Italians. So what?—because I expressed an attraction to darker featured men I’m supposed to just cave and go along with this ridiculous attempt at turning America into Mexico? I don’t think so! I still don’t want any illegals here, and I don’t care where they’re from! I especially don’t like the corrupt culture of Mexico coming here and spreading like a disease all over the place.

    Davey, you go my man! Excellent post! I couldn’t agree more that Mexico needs to get itself together and do something to improve itself instead of expecting America to do the job for them. I also agree with your comment how these illegal invaders have an arrogant sense of entitlement and think that we owe them something. If we would use attrition through enforcement properly, they would find out a different story!

  70. Contessa says:

    WD: For what its worth, don’t give Diaz or X their “15 seconds of fame” anymore. Marcos Aguilar epitomizes what is wrong with: 1) “La Raza” studies, 2) anchor-baby citizenship, 3) affirmative action, 4) the complete racial politicization of the LAUSD to the detriment of American students.

    What do we do to fight this stuff? If racist, separatist, illegl aliens or their anchor babies can get elected into the school district boards, city councils, etc. then so can we. Get active, get involved on those levels. Volunteer as a “poll watcher” for your local county elections board. Be a “voter registration” watchdog. Support Tancredo’s efforts to stop illegal aliens from registering to vote.

  71. Eddie B. says:

    X you are truly a moron.

  72. Steak Knife says:

    Eddie, I second that!!

  73. Andres says:



  74. X says:

    Andres- Don’t let Davey bully you. Be proud of being Mexican, and supporting your people in the u.s. and Mexico. Don’t be part of a losing battle, stay true to your roots and stay on our side.

  75. Oldrebel says:

    Yeah, be true to Mexico is right, I agree 100%! Go back to Mexico and fix it. If you’d do that, I bet you’d get backing from more Americans then you’d ever imagine. I sincerely mean that!

  76. X says:

    One more thing…I’m sorry to burst your bubble folks, but Mexicans ARE Indians. Read your history! The mestizo is not a half and half mix, they come from Indian ancestors. So for those of you that “idolize” Native Americans, start idolizing Mexicans as well, because they are as indian as you get.

  77. X says:

    Oh…and not all Mexicans have Aztec roots. In fact, it’s almost impossible to know exactly which tribe one descends from due to the European Spanish Invasion.

  78. Long time resident says:

    Great story and video, Watchdog! Good connecting the ‘dots’ here.
    The train wreck was terrorism, plain & simple.

    Your good words of ‘Pretend Indian, Marcos Aguilar’ reminds me of another pretend Indian in Colorado University, Ward Chapman. He is getting his punishment too.

  79. Andres says:

    Dont Worry X of course im on the Mexican Side and never forget my roots , but i disagree with the illegall immigration, because i cant understand why our mexican paisanos go to USA and try to work for this racists like Davey but I have to support our people who go USA to work no to ashamedour People like Marcos Aguilar, one thing is Chicano Pride and other thing is Hated Americans because they are whites, Im tired of this racial things. Im with you X and always with Mexico. PEACE

  80. X says:

    Long time resident- Ward Churchill is White; Marcos Aguilar is Indian (because he’s Mexican)

  81. Eddie B. says:

    Thanks for clearing that up. So, take your sorry Mexican are Indian ass and leave. Go someplace and do something. A mind is a terrible thing to waste and you ain’t got much left.

    Go write a book on Mexicans are Indians……. for dummies. Dummy.

  82. Katie A. says:

    They have always been the face of terrorism in the U.S., squatters, America’s new mexigypsis, ROOTEM OUT! That’s what I say, I’m ready to back all law enforcement, locally, state and federally to ROOTEM OUT! Americans are the brotherhood of Israel and these little mexi-heziz GOTTA GO…IN THE NAME OF JESUS! HOOrah..we ain’t afraid of you, NO SIR! Make sure your guns are cleaned, locked and loaded, because this silent war, isn’t silent anymore…I’ve seen this coming for a long time. I’m a woman with a bad case of PMS for the mexigypis squatters, no love lost here, no racist here either…I’m simply their enemy because they made me that, they are in my land without invitation.

  83. Will B says:

    Hey WatchDog, we need more videos like this describing exactly what we (Americans) are facing from this illegal invasion. They won’t stop coming. These 3rd World PARASITES will continue to suck the life out of this country until we make a stand to STOP IT. It’s that simple.

    I am so sick of this. Illiterate, low skill workers, who are only proficient in making babies (just like every other animal on the planet), come to America and not only refuse to leave but they demand rights the same as actual CITIZENS. And now we’re learning that there is a growing number of radical terrorists who are using OUR tax dollars to fund their hate mongering organizations.

    Is insanity endemic to the majority of American citizens, that we allow all of this to happen? I mean, what do we think is going to happen? That these aliens will just disappear if we ignore them long enough? I’ve been wondering for some time what it means to be an American. I’ve lost faith in this country because its leaders and many of its citizens have failed the basic tenants that once made this nation great.

    Are we just going to lay down and let them take over? That is precisely their intention, to take over. Either we’re going to fight them or surrender and we won’t have much longer to decide our course of action (or inaction).

  84. tim55 says:

    You got a winner here brother, somehow, some way, this has got to get mainstream airtime. I bet Villariagosas polictal enemies would LOVE to see this. Hell of a job. Keep the faith, brother.

  85. mrmiata7 says:

    Diaz and X, I am so sick and tired of illegal border hoppers who claim they aren’t criminals but violate all manner of immigration laws. I am so sick of illegal aliens, their piece of shit racist and militant handlers along with this worthless waste of taxpayer waste of dollars de-facto Mexican government controlled by drug cartels, the fortune 500, and Vicente Fox who claim they are hardworking, honest and decent despite the massive social security and welfare fraud committed by using fraudulent numbers and documentation, bilking american taxpayers and the government out of billions of dollars a year through use of multiple ssn’s resulting in multiple payments while Americans who spent their whole lives paying into the system won’t see a dime. I am sick and tired of seeing my health care facilities paid for with my taxdollars being used by illegal aliens as ER’s who then are unable or refuse to reimburse hospitals for their healthcare forcing them to close as they are so far in the red financially. Those that remain open have policies such as one called “Hispanic Days” that tell Americans as they did with one veteran to come back on a non-hispanic day. I am sick and tired of the diseases once eradicated by our first world health care system decades ago now re-emerging by those coming from thrid world toilets of countries with third world healthcare systems. I am sick and tired of the crime, drugs, graffitti and gangs they bring into this country. Talk to any police department and they will tell you ILLEGAL Latinos have the fastest growing crime rates. 95 percent of outstanding warrants in LA are for illegal aliens with 67 percent for murder. I have plenty of scenarios for your edification such as the rape of a 4 year old girl who was then tossed over a wall. Or the rape of an 8 year old or the rape of 2 young women, both are deaf and one was in a wheel chair. How about the illegal alien who was deported for various charges including robbery and assault and thanks to our porous borders returned and fired into a crowded birthday party celebration critically wounding two boys, an 8 year ols and 3 year old. How about the illegal alien who shot into a playground filled with kids? Or the one who had 14 prior convictions including 4 dui’s who slammed into a car driven by a Tennessee couple killing them both. How about the one who was DUI and slammed into a pair of students returning from a prom, killing the boyfriend and causing the girlfriend to lose both of her legs below the knees? And how about the one that was DUI and killed a father and daughter on the way to the beach? The mother survived but is incapacited and has to be helped with even the most simplest of tasks. They both were school teachers. My anger rises even more each time I write of this. If you are so law abiding why do you carry firearms which is a felony for illegal aliens? Why do you drive without a license and insurance which are misdeamors? Why do you drive under the influence? Why whenever you are caught it usually is with drugs, firearms and fake documents and you have multiple copies as well? Why do you use fraudulent ssn’s resulting in ruined lives for many Americans through identity theft to include children whose numbers seem to be an ever increasing choice. Why do you rape, molest, rob, kidnap and destroy citizens lives with your savagery and wanton disregard for people’s lives and property? Your culture is one that has few laws and they are not enforced; therefore you bring this mentality with you. After not acting like civilized human beings for the majority of your lives you are now in a country which expects you to act like civilized human beings and you can’t deal with it. Don’t tell me that this isn’t indicative of every illegal alien. By sneaking across our borders like the cockroaches you are with the lights turned out and using fraudulent social security numbers and documenatation you already are criminals as those are felonies. I am sick of the filth and povery perpetuated by their life style with the assistance of corrupt public officials and law enforcement which gives illegal aliens a license to live 50 to one bedroom apartment, leave trash all over, urinate and defecate on public and private property and raise chickens and livestock within city limits. I am sick of pregant women running across the border only to hatch their never ending torrent of cockroaches in our hospitals to only use them to claim benefits and citizenship. I, as a retired military veteran with 24 years of military service with combat duty am sick and tired of marching in veterans parades only to be labeled as Nazi’s and racists and be pummeled by water bottles and other objects only for displaying my love and sacrifice for this country and to honor those that too have sacrificed their health and lives defending those rights, through which your arrogance and your in our face attitude you demand by chanting, screaming mobs who threaten violence if they are not placated. I am sick and tired of illegal aliens marching in our streets carrying the flags of a foreign nation and signs and posters praising terrorists as Che Guevera, Bin-Laden, Zawqawi, Hitler and Stalin while chanting death to gringos, go back to Europe and this land was our’s before it was yours..we didn’t cross the borders…they crossed us. Diaz and X; more and more Americans are waking up to this travesty and they are beyond furious. I fought for this country which now is being sold out by the likes of El Presidente Vicente Bush who is nothing but a treasonous, traitorous, corrupt, jackass of a human being who has disgraced the office held by many good men before him who did what was right and stood up for Americans FIRST. He is an ouright fraud, a sham and the most contemptible person to ever hold public office. This nation was built upon the blood, sweat, tears and sacrifices of Americans who to this day continue those sacrifices to maintain the thread that binds this nation’s fabric together. This is a characteristic of responsible citizenship. With citizenship comes responsibility, which as demonstrated by your actions shows you are not nor will you ever be responsible citizens. I am tired of being a safety valve for those who have no desire to LEGALLY become a citizen but who like the barbarians that destroyed Rome were only concerned with stealing the fruits of other’s labors. Unless we as Americans stop the invading barbarian hordes we will, as with all previous empires will disappear into the dustbin of history.

  86. Educated American says:

    Great work Watchdog! I think that feature-length documentary you’ve been planning could be close to being completed. Yes?

  87. The Watchdog says:

    No Educated American, I’m a long ways off. I’m so deep in the trees that I can’t see the forest.

    I am going to put out two full length DVD’s sometime soon though. The first DVD will be “Goons Gone Wild Vol. 1″ I have so much crazy footage of these commies and anarchists that I am going to give them their very own DVD. That will be a fun one.

    The 2nd DVD will be sort of a “how-to” video on day labor site activism. This one will be as entertaining as it is disturbing.

  88. Sherri says:

    MrMiata7, here, here! That was an EXCELLENT post! You hit the nail right on the head! Every point you made was exactly like it is!

    Andres and X, if you hate America so much and love Mexico, then go live there!

  89. X says:

    mrmiata7- I agree with you on one matter, Bush has been a horrible president. You sound like a right-wing military propoganda film. You want to start calling Latinos, Charlie? It help’s dehumanize them…Oh, sorry you don’t need help doing that. The simple fact that you put Che and Hitler in the same category shows me that you have undergone quite a bit of brainwashing. Well, the military will do that to you. They don’t want you to think for yourself, it’s their job to think, and it’s your job to “do” and to read/listen/watch propoganda.

  90. X says:

    P.S. You’re outnumbered soldier!

  91. Katie A. says:

    Hey X, what’s that stand for…what…X marks the spot. Ok, let’s see when the beads are line up if their hittin the target.


    Will B - they’re not proficient at making babies, their proficient at making degenerates, and DEFINITELY NOT proficient at raising their little mexigypsis hoodlem animals. You every seen them running around like a bunch of banjis. Now I know what the leash was really intended for.

    MrMiata7 - You go baby, gitrdone!

    and last but least WATCHDOG…you ROCK! RUFFF…HOOrah!

  92. X says:

    Sherri- Maybe you should live in Mexico. You might find a good Latino papacito to treat you good, since Latinos are so hot.

  93. Jimmy says:

    mrmiata7: Best post Ive ever seen here. Exactly right.

    Hey watchdog, I love your dvd title: Goons gone wild. How appropriate.

    this invasion started in the mid 70’s, I felt sorry for the mexicans, now I feel sorry only for the AMERICANS who have been just too kind hearted for their own good.

    God save America, and Mexico too, if possible…………………..

  94. Al Smith says:

    It is sad to see that people got to these extremes motivated by hatred. Donâ??t you all see it? A lot of the information here is fabricated and lacks of evidence. For example the main video showing Juan Alvarez as the responsible for the deaths of many. Yes, he did something awful and he should be punished for, But he is an US citizen!! Donâ??t you all see that?? Oh he is from Mexican descent so he must be bad right? Jeez, people get a life! Stop hating others, for all of the ones that call themselves Christians, Mormons, Catholics, or whatever, is that what your god wants from you? to hate on the disadvantage? to promote hatred in your childrenâ??s souls? have not you learned anything from history? WALLS never work no matter what, it never worked in Berlin, China and it will never work here. If you truly called yourself a human not a christian but a human, you might want to start by asking yourself; What kind of positive example can I teach my children? My family? This Nation has been composed by immigrants and it will continue to be that way. Other cultures enrich this country in many ways. Immigrants do pay taxes and NEVER receive a penny back from the government because they do not have valid SSN to file a tax return. Where is all of that money?? Well, our country has it and itâ??s being used for what? for war, for personal self interests. Focus your energy to the real enemy: The manipulators an the brain-washers that run this groups full of hatred and bigotry. Hope you all think about this and reflect on your actionsâ?¦If my posting evens makes it to your message board.

  95. The Watchdog says:

    AL SMITH -


    How much evidence do you need? I have photo’s, video’s and dozens of newspaper articles on Juan Alvarez and his involvment with the hate group MEChA, the racist Marcos Aguilar and Danza Azteca. I didn’t fabricate or create anything new. It’s all in the LA Times. I just put it all together in a video. All of the information and the photo of Antonio Villaraigosa is from the UCLA Bruin archives. The audio of Marcos Aguilar is from an NPR interview and a local TV news interview.

    Whether or not Alvarez is a citizen isn’t brought up in the video and it is not discussed in any of the news articles I have. It doesn’t matter. I also don’t know if he is of Mexican descent. He could be Guatemalan for all I know. It doesn’t matter. I don’t know how you can tell if someone is a U.S. citizen of Mexican descent just by looking at them.

    What matters is that MEChA is a racist hate group and it has no place in our public schools. What matters is that Marcos Aguilar is a brown supramecist and he should not be teaching children. What matters is that Acadamia Semillas de Pueblo is a horrible failure on every level. The only thing this school does is pollute young minds with brown supremacist views and a hatred for America.

  96. mrmiata7 says:

    I can tell you from first hand experience that walls do work; being stationed in Germany for a number of years and spending time in East Berlin years before the wall came down it prevented very from fleeing East Berlin and subsequently the iron curtain sphere.
    X, I am not brainwashed the military doesn’t do that. But then I fiorget being an illegal alien freeloader you hate this country and anything that it represents. What I represented were the facts even from those that testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee and even from some that had a pro-illegal slant. I mentioned Latinos, as 67 percent of illegal aliens are from Latin America with 95 percent from Mexico. You don’t see tons of Irish, Germans, Poles, and other groups coming across our border. The proble with illegal aliens and their advocates is you have been brainwashed into believing this country is yours and what wealth Americans have was earned through hard work, sweat and devotion in achieving the American dream and that you think you are entitled to it as retribution for what you feel were wrongs when we won the Mexican-American War and you willingly signed the treaty of Hidalgo-Guadalupe. I have videos showing some of the more notorious figures proudly displayed by many marchers during the May 1 and many other marches and I saw Che-Guevera, Hitler, Bin-Laden, Stalin and Schwarznegger and Bush dressed up in Nazi uniforms. And for your information we have been assaulted by militants while in parades wearing bandanas and chanting death to us, go back to Europe and other assorted euphemisms. And I do agree with you about Bush. We are in a war on terror and he has the audacity to say he has made this country safer but we still need to be on the alert. But yet he stills leaves our borders wide open and ports unsecure despite that he has been told terrorists have made it across our southern border; some of them were identified as Hezbollah and Al Quaeda who changed their last names to Spanish surnames. Articles of clothing belonging to them have been found along with prayer rugs. I also love the one about a GAO (I think it was GAO) team that was able to successfully sneak a simulated nuclear device across our southern border right up to the Federal building in Tucson, Arizona. I don’t know about you X but in light of all the recent terror plots, securing our borders is not a racist thing as you and illegal alien supporters would lead everyone to believe it is ….it is a survival thing as one of those devices being set off in one or more of our cities makes no distinction between an illegal alien and a legal citizen. It affects all of us. Think about it for a time and quickly X, as from what I hear and read in various publications and magazines we may not have much of that left.

  97. Oldrebel says:

    Al Smith- At first I really don’t think anyone hated Mexicans. But after their protests with their hatred of America, I think things did change. I admit, a lot more Americans are starting to hate them, sad to say. I personally do not hate Mexicans, I have many Mexican and El Savador friends. They are legal hard working citizens of this country who speak English, and are just plain darn kind people. They did things the legal way without demanding a free job; healthcare; amnesty; etc. And they learned English, everything you would expect an immigrant to do. And they are disgusted with the way the illegals (which are mostly coming thru Mexico) are acting.

    You are right, this country is made of immigrants. But do you realize the problem in this day and age, is the massive numbers of them? Go to to open your eyes on what this is going to do to our population! We just cannot take in that many people.

    You’re right, most of them do not have legal SSN’s, but haven’t you heard about the arrests of people who are giving them fake SSN’s? Or how they are stealing SSN’S? And in your mind, this is ok, and the illegals are just sweet and innocent? They are taking construction jobs; factory jobs; restaurant jobs; housekeeping jobs; etc. from American citizens, all over the country. Not just in Calif. What will happen to our working class citizens, just so these poor illegals can have a job? Will our poor and lower class be pushed out to live in the streets? What American citizens (of all races) are concerned about, is will this turn into a third world country do to overpopulation. American citizens think we should take care of our own first.

    And what did we see in these protests in May? Illegals flying the Mexican flag, some above the American flag which was flown upside down. Signs saying ‘this is our country, get out and go back to Europe.’ Demanding amnesty, for being here illegal, and not wanting to follow our immigration laws. What right do they have to demand things and take things from our American citizens? No, they were not all Mexican. But the majority are. Some are communist groups, and bleeding heart sympathizers who don’t realize what the long term affect will have on this country. This is just some of the reasons Americans are starting to hate Mexicans. It is too bad, because a lot of them are very nice people. But nice or not, they still need to follow our immigration laws.

    I hope you will think about a few of these things. No, do not hate them. But in order to help control the problem, you could write, call and email your politicians. You are right, and most here would agree, this is our governments fault. But Americans are getting angry because nothing is being done, and 850,000 new illegals come in each year. And they are getting more violent and demanding, which will probably end up with riots and deaths. Then pleaseeeeee don’t say “these poor immigrants” to me. Maybe you will change your tune and say ” I was very wrong about this ILLEGAL immigration deal, but now it’s too late.”

  98. X says:

    Al Smith- Preach on Brotha.

    mrmiata7- I can’t debate this with you if you deny history. Securing borders has nothing to do with terrorism. Let’s face the facts. Look at the terrosim plot that just got thwarted. Reliable sources are saying that the notice stemmed from a phone call, greater intelligence. If the phone call was not made, we have another bombing, not matter how secure the borders are. You’re looking at a cirlce problem, and trying to solve it with a square solution. Hmmm…this sounds similar. Bin Laden is most likely responsible for 911, but the U.S. goes after Saddam Hussein. Maybe you like George more than you let on.

  99. Sweetcakes says:

    I agree with all who are now paying homage to you, my friend! You have it all. Use your gifts to move forward with your insight, your photographic and videographic talent and your dedication to whatever you believe in! You are worthy of some national attention by now, my shiny-headed hero! Well done!

  100. Andres says:

    Al Smith - Wonderful Comments.

  101. BoilingPeach says:

    To follow up on MrMiata’s point, here is a great quote from Martin Niemuller, a German pastor, talking about apathy and the Nazi’s:

    “In Germany they came first for the Communists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist.
    Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew.
    Then they came for the Trade Unionists and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Trade Unionist.
    Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant.
    Then they came for me, and by that time there was no one left to speak up.”

    Martin Niemuller, 1939

    My point is not to compare the Illegals to the Nazi’s (at least, not directly) but rather that if we think these Illegals won’t Negatively affect every American citizen, then we’re just fooling ourselves and inaction on this critical issue will destroy our country. Waiting for someone else to speak up accomplishes nothing, especially when that other person is waiting for you to speak up.

    A huge conflict is up ahead if we continue to say nothing and do nothing. Guaranteed.
    But it’s so easy to avoid the conflict:

    Build the Wall
    Workplace enforcement
    Abolish the Anchor Baby Law
    Remove ALL illegal aliens, including any and all Anchor babies born after the 1986 Amnesty disgrace.
    And finally, reduce the number of Legal immigrants from south of the border.

    Also, I have to disagree w/ MrMiata’s estimate that only 850,000 Illegals invade this country every year. That estimate is far, far too conservative, unless he has a source that supports that number.

    Oh, and Watchdog, great work! Videos are much more effective than articles. America needs to wake up!

  102. mrmiata7 says:

    X, You are more naive then I thought….there are terrorists that have crossed our northern and southern borders and a government agency was ABLE to smuggle a simulated nuclear device to Tucson, Arizona. Border patrol agents have found parts of IED’s along the border too. How is MS13 able to enter this country and terrorize citizens? How can you say that unsecured borders has NOTING to do with terrorism? You are so pro-illegal you can’t pulll your head out from a constantly cloudy place and acknowledge the danger from NOT protecting our sovereign territory. Why do you think the Berlin wall and the Wall of China was built? Your side, as always, when unable to come up with an answer to a logical question or statement always dances around the issue or invokes the race or hate card. Your side, in another effort to distort facts always seems to confuse ILLEGAL Immigration with legal immigration. Again all of you violated federal immigration laws by sneaking into this country but as always you say this is not criminal. And you wonder why you aren’t welcome here. We Americans are getting so tired of the lawlessness from unchecked ILLEGAL immigration and listening to the same racist or hatred rhetoric because we only want to secure our borders which is our right as Americans. Americans are waking up and you are becoming desperate as we see through all your bs. Let me see….LaRaza….”All for the race….nothing for anyone outside the race” which I think is their creed and the famous quote from LARaza member Juan Gutierrez…..”We absolutely have to get rid of the grino…and even if it means we have to kill him”. If I was on Bush’s side I would be just as open borders and pro ILLEGAL immigrant as he is….everything I have stated is contrary to what he believes in…so again your side as always resorts to answers or beliefs that are completely irrelevent to the topic at hand. You are grasping at straws….starting to feel the heat from LEGAL American citizens X? Face it…you are here ILLEGALLY and Americans are getting tired of it and want you to go home and improve your own country.

  103. Kati A says:

    ORIGINALLY POSTED BY Oldrebel: â??I have many Mexican and El Salvador friends. They are legal hard working citizens of this country who speak English, and are just plain darn kind people. They did things the legal way without demanding a free job; healthcare; amnesty; etc. And they learned English, everything you would expect an immigrant to do.â?

    Right Oldrebel,

    With regard to your Above-mentioned statement, I have (2) two questions for you.

    First, have you ever seen those Citizenship papers, and

    Secondly, did you ask them if they immigrated through our Ellis Island (when used) and if not what United States Immigration office did they go through and where and what day did they take theyâ??re swearing in of the oath? Bet you didn’t, just another sucker believing the B.S. they throw your way because they smile at you, acted nice to you and work hard. Hell what criminal doesnâ??t do those things when they want to go undetected? And that’s what they are when the steel their way into our country, America…CRIMINALS. And that would mean you are aiding and abetting same CRIMINALS, which makes you a CRIMINAL.

    Oh thatâ??s right though, forgot silly me…you LIKE themâ?¦youâ??re a classic aiding and abetting person, you sure youâ??re a Legitimate Citizen/Immigrant. Maybe you should check what country YOUR allegiance is to. You sound like a fence straddler, donâ??t slip.

    By the way less than 3% of gypsi-hezispancis come here through the appropriate LEGAL channels, whether it was through Ellis Island (when it existed) or through The United States Immigration channel…AND THAT’S ON THE HIGH SIDE! IDIOT. Oh, I forgot, their YOUR FRIENDS and theyâ??re â??darn kind peopleâ?. Newsflash, it isnâ??t about emotion or that they are or arenâ??t â??darn kind peopleâ?â?¦ ITâ??S ABOUT THE LAW!

    So, did you EVER ask them to show you and answer the above-mentioned questions BEFORE YOU BECAME FRIENDS with these â??DARN NICE PEOPLEâ??! Again I say, bet NOT you aiding and abetting piss poor excuse for an American.

  104. Oldrebel says:

    Kati A- No I did not ask them for their papers. You may be right, maybe they are not legal at all. But am I to hate them if they aren’t? That was my point, you cannot put everyone in the same catagory, and cannot hate. I am against illegal immigration, regardless. I do not hate hispanics as a race, and most people fighting this cause do not. By the way you post you make it sound as if you are very racist. And THAT my friend “IS a piss poor excuse for an American”, and hurts this cause. It’s people like you that give the media all it’s ammo to undermind us. I agree, I have always said it is about the law. And maybe you are right, I am too naive and new to the way things are done. I have been trying to learn how to go about handling the illegal problem and what to do about it. I do not live in Calif., so have not experienced what they have. Apparently no one is interested in teaching the rest of the country what to do, so the hell with it!! When you learn to speak civily and point out things someone is doing wrong, maybe this country will come together. I’m tired of being treated and called an idiot for trying to learn and help in this fight. So good luck, fight the friggin thing yourself, and when you wonder why you have lost the cause and the rest of the country isn’t helping, remember how you treated those who tried to help!!

  105. Kati A says:


    No racist, no bs supporter here either. Just a LAW ABIDING ‘LEGITIMATE’ CITIZEN/IMMIGRANT.

    You want to stay informed Oldrebel…I live on the frontlines of America in, it might as well be IRAQ. The new face of terrorism in America is the Illegal Alien and their degenerate children (mostly in gangs) who they brought here in tow and are now grown up having their own degenerates and the BS continues, but not for long…America has and continues to WAKE UP. No room for pussy cats here, it’s a war zone, want to know your enemy and what they support…I’ll help you, here are some links:

    [Live Feed - Nationwide Talk radio out of Los Angeles, CA, by FOX]
    [Live Feed - Nationwide Talk radio out of Los Angeles, CA, by ABC]

    IMMIGRATION REFORM (Informative Links)
    [Federation for American Immigration Reform]
    [Project of Federation of American Immigration Reform]

    [Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America]
    [NASCO International Mid-Continent Trade and Transportation Corridor]
    [Keep Texas Moving]

    [Border Fence Info]
    [Chris Simcox’s Personal Blog]
    [’Accountability Statement’ made by Founder/President Chris Simcox of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps.]

    M.E.Ch.A., AZTLAN, LA RAZA INFO (Informative Links)
    [M.E.Ch.A. Clubs operating on public school campuses]

    This is not a good thing for Law Enforcement or America. This is not a nice little latino club like they would like folks to believe. On the contrary, this should not be allowed in our public schools (first because tax payer dollars being utilized and secondly, it’s A ANTI-AMERICAN MOVEMENT under the guise of a nice(not) little latino club). These are like sleeper cells, except they are called M.E.Ch.A. These M.E.Ch.A. Clubs within our public schools across America were (I hate to say, but folks don’t completely get it yet) effectively utilized to coordinate latino walk-outs in March in support of ‘A Day Without A mexican’. Incidentally, it was a blissful day in L.A. the day of the march. I will never forget it, I thought I was in utopia, no gun shots, no police helicopters overhead, no police sirens, no ambulance sirens, no fire truck sirens…the Illegals and all their degenerate children and supporters were downtown in L.A. We all got to see firsthand what it is like to have lawbreaking aliens out of our communities. It was an experience I will never forget, it’s how life could be if all our laws were allowed to be enforced.
    [The philosophy of M.E.Ch.A]
    [Who is Aztlan, La Raza and M.E.Ch.A.]
    [National Council of La Raza]
    [An Independent News Service]

    I hope this helps, best to you and yours, always!

    Katie A.

  106. The Watchdog says:

    Kati A - Your comments are extremly harsh and uncalled for. If you want to post on this website you’re going to have to stop attacking others.

  107. Kati A says:

    Oh Watchdog, you kiss azz, take me off your mailing.

  108. PatrioticDream says:

    Back on topic - WD, this video was truly moving and insightful. By far the best video to date! The MECHA crowd has an agenda to destroy America. This video needs to be seen by everyone in America to expose the truth. Thank you WD for your bravery, patriotism, and talents!

  109. Sarah says:

    Did anyone learn about the mexican-American war? Americans kicked mezcan ass! They lost Aztlan, HELLO. Go home below the border. Land has always been won and lost, mexicans just can’t accept they lost. LOSERS!

  110. Mechupus says:

    A lot of people feeling guilty out there
    Oh no their coming to take us away
    chicken little the sky is falling
    every time the US has a economiic problem like the 1930 depression
    we blamed the Mexican so we deported them
    get serious Mexico doesn’t have money or troops
    nor do the Mexicans or illegals
    half are in the republican party
    the other half is in church praying for a beller life
    we know you are just trying to distract everyone from the real issue
    war Iraq, Iran
    environment global warming
    retirement no social security
    national debt
    trade defect

    but look out for China we owe them billions we are totally
    dependent on them for everything
    Chinaâ??s merchandise trade surplus soared to $102 billion in 2005
    Almost half of the US Treasury bonds are now owned in Asia. So China is financing Bush’s bold economic experiment: running two or more wars simultaneously with a huge budget and trade deficit, and equally huge tax handouts for the richest Americans
    inexpensive consumer products that no longer are manufactured in significant quantities in the United States
    The United States and China share the most imbalanced
    bilateral trade relationship in the world. The United States
    imports more goods from China than it exports to a tune of
    $202 billion dollars each year. All told, China alone
    accounts for nearly 26% of the United States’
    $725.8 billion trade deficit.
    Watch your backs conservatives
    And we are dependent on the middle east for oil

    The last year Mr. Clinton was in office the nation
    borrowed an additional 18 billion dollars,
    the first year Mr. Bush Jr. was in office he had to borrow 270 billion. The tax cut that caused this borrowing was supposed to stimulate the economy, but two years later Bush had to push through yet another tax cut. The second tax cut was needed because it was clear that the first one did not work. Economic history tells us the second did not work either. As a result of all his tax cutting and no cutting in spending President Bush set a record in 2003 for the biggest single yearly dollar increase in debt in the nationâ??s history, he did it again in 2004. The debt is now increasing at the rate of 600 billion dollars a year

    I guess your not finished
    with Native American removal

    it’s okay to remove Native American
    lets not look at what Bush Jr. is doing
    Lets distract everyone from the real issue
    war Iraq, Iran
    environment global warming
    retirement no social security
    national debt
    trade defect
    after all he is telling us the truth

  111. PaulC says:

    My brother own a store in Long Beach, CA, 10 years ago the area was a full of gang bangers The Cripps and The Bloods (Yes they are proud great american citizens) Nowdays the Long Beach is a more peacefull ane less violent ever since immigrants came to the area and start giving back life to this crime infesred territory. Nowdays in the afternoons we can see lots of latinos families, mom, dad and kids (Yes family values still happens in America) strolling thru the streets what it was war infested zone. This families are here in an area where family values does not exist since the typical african american and white american believe in divorced relationships and kids running astrays after completing 18 year of age (yes a lot american tax dollars being watsed by great american citizens).

    My brother neighborhood is mostly african american and they pay subsidized city rent (yes they don’t want to work like mexicans, it is easier to live from goverment freebies, they are great american citizens) , they eat by going to the mexican owned grocery store by the corner and paying with food stamps (yes they are great american citizend using american citizens tax dollars)

    Everytime I stand on the sidewalk I can see expensive taxi cabs (look like they were imported from London) driving white american come to a maerican owned bar in the other corner. They come to get the expensive dope (yes drugs brought by ugly mexicans for american pleasure) sold to them by mostly african american drug dealers (yes they are great american citizens). At the end the black american drug dealers and his mexican drug runner end-up in prison, the mexican probably get deported. The white american ride the expensive taxi cab back to his expensive apartment with his girlfriend to enjoy the leisure of being a great american citizen.

    Good Night….

  112. -S- says:

    North America and what is now the United States of America was NEVER “the land of Mexico” nor property of Mexico.

    Mexico was for most of our contemporary past under property of/rule by Spain. There was a small patch that is today the State of Texas that was argued as to which country it belonged to (and was fought over and the Spanish and their army with some Mexicans in it, ultimately lost the fight), and that issue was settled by armed response from U.S. citizens and affiliated volunteers to armed aggression by Spain, and then by Mexico under Spanish tutelage and/or later by Spanish model and military behavior.

    About California, the land was largely unoccupied except for a few bands of Native Americans. Not Mexicans, not Spanish, but Native Americans. Malibu, for example, is one of their long-ago sites.

    The only influence by Spain in what is today the state of California in the United States was by volunteer effort, Catholic missionaries. Free enterprise, private industry. But they never “occupied” the area that is today the state of California, never “owned” the land mass, the geography, and many other citizens of the United States of America settled and owned property in what is today California.

    In fact, the land that is most of today’s California was regarded by most Hispanics in the West as undesirable and not worth their time and effort. It was not until Catholic Missions began to be built and towns around them that the place was settled by mostly European descendents of United States citizens, or those who then became U.S. citizens. Eventually the area was declared a state in the Union, just as earlier was Texas and Arizona, etc. in the West.

    As to “native” people, the Hopi Indians are the only group of peoples in North America who share Asian mitochondrial DNA (which is inherited by each gender from their mothers and passed along by the maternal lineage, and is traceable as far back as who today is regarded as “Eve,” the oldest known mitochondrial DNA from a single female that has been identified — there is no other mitochondrial DNA that has contemporarily been identified except that), as do all the people from Central America (wherein Mexico today exists).

    ALL THE OTHER “native” people in North America — ALL other tribes — share mitochondrial DNA with Europeans, and in fact, share it with Northern Europeans, not those from the Mediterranean nor Northern Africa nor the Middle East, but share DNA with people who are described today as Northern European (Europe didn’t exist until rather modern times but the term describes people from the Mid and North Atlantic Coast of today’s Europe all the way over through today’s Russia and even earlier in the Japanese Islands, which originally were populated also by the same “northern Euorpean” people of shared DNA, later replaced by people from Central Asia).

    Central Asians populated CEntral America and some of South America LONG AFTER human groups populated North America. Not once, but several times. Only later than that did people from Central Asia and South Asia reach Central Ameica and from them arose the ancestors of today’s “native” Mexican, Guatemalan, Columbian, Bolivian, etc. (Central and parts of South America).

    The ORIGINAL people in North America were a mixed-”breed” group from Northern Europe, that large landmass that is defined today as from the West Coast of France/the U.K. all the way over to Japan. They did not share DNA with South Asia so were almost certainly separated from those Southern Asians by geography or some other decidedly separating aspect (maybe did not even know of one another, and the Southern Asian human population may have been so small for a very long time that it was undiscovered by the North, and vice-versa).

    As to more contemporary times in North America, there is a long, long history among “native” American tribes of fights and wars with people from CEntral America, who attempted ongoing invasioin to the North and were fought off. In fact, that’s what’s taking place today in the same concept and behavior.

    The ONLY people and area in North America that even shared community with CEntral America was/were the Hopi. The Hopi are basically from Southern Asia, the rest of North American people were from Northern Europe/today’s North Russia/North China area (not Southern Asian as today, however, by majority).

    The very notion that any part of North America is “owned” or “belongs to” Central America, nor any of their ancestors, is rubbish. It’s complete nonsense.

  113. -S- says:

    The point of this is, is that there is so much deceit that is motivating a lot of emotional nonsense from Central and South America about “Europeans” — there are just not enough educated people in basic facts that are providing leadership to what appears to me to be a largely uneducated and highly emotionally driven uninformed and misinformed people from Central and South America. Unfortunately, people such as these are very useful to others to manipulate (as they are being manipulated) for political, dictatorial purposes, and for paramilitary deployment.

    Why aren’t these same people attempting to “occupy” China and declare the place “theirs.” It would make as much sense as the allegation that most of if not all the U.S. is “owned” by “Mexicans” — it’s just total illogic at work.

    If anything, the people of Mexico are the descendants of Southern Asians. Why aren’t they floating over to Asia and laying claim to “their” land?

    These rhetorical questions here are for purposes of trying to point out how nonsensical and irrational the allegations of today are, that the U.S. is “the property of Mexico” or anyone else.

    In fact, Mexico didn’t even exist when native Americans lived in North America, nor when the South Asians occupied most of Central America, as did their descendants. So to allege that “Mexico” and “Mexicans” “owe” or even “owned” parts of the U.S. is ridiculous.

    What’s going on is that there’s a huge amount of racism from Central America about “Anglos.” THAT’s where the racism is. They revile “Europeans” based upon nonsensical stories liars have told them after smoking too much grass or drinking too much tequila or probably a lot of both.

  114. Roxan Tiscareno says:

    Yes, China is our main lender and I thought I’ve heard we’re at least 8 Trillion in debt . COSCO (communist China) is overseeing some of our ports and apparently Dubai Portsworld is still here also (although that story fell off the face of the earth too).

    However, invasion of our borders and illegal immigration is a serious thing . And since this is such an easy thing to do, there are other people besides Mexicans coming in. Hmm….Bush constantly brags about his Terrorism and Security……And besides, why are we being called racists when we want our borders maintained and respected?

    This is not unreasonable. Mexico guards its southern border and I’ve read they treat their illegals much worse. That must make them racist as well.

    Finally, if Aztlan was so darn good, why’d they leave?

  115. Mechupus says:

    Roxan Tiscareno

    When you say â??that story fell off the face of the earth tooâ?
    Does that meam itâ??s not true or not important?
    You mention â??why are we being called racists?â?
    â??if Aztlan was so darn good, whyâ??d they leave â?? thatâ??s a good question did the Mexicans (Native Americans) leave?

    We American have a lot of problems starting with US China trade deficits, national debt, environment global warming /climate change, Iraq war, energy/oil dependency, health care, more wars
    US global merchandise trade and current account deficits hit annual rates of $900 billion in the fourth quarter of 2005
    National Debt has continued to increase an average of
    $1.75 billion per day since September 30, 2005
    The deficits could reach annual rates of $1 trillion within the next year or so
    Gross National Debt = $8,524,889,468,526.36
    The identification of humans as the main driver of global warming it clearly defines the problem as one that is within our power to address. with aggressive emission reductions as well as flexibility in adapting to those changes we cannot avoid, we have a small window in which to avoid truly dangerous warming and provide future generations with a sustainable world. This will require immediate and sustained action
    Iraq war, we donâ??t know how get out and itâ??s costing us money and we are helping the Terrorist by staying there
    Part of the reason we donâ??t owe more is because we are borrowing from retirement â??social securityâ? to pay down the [Social Security Trust + $ 1,977,526,809,261 $ 284,436 Income: FICA Payroll taxes Gov. Trust Funds + $ 3,555,712,632,267 $ 455,758 Income: FICA & gas taxes.Outgo: Medicare, highways, etc]. national debt
    energy/oil, global warming We need energy but do we need oil? We are smart enough to find alternate way to get provide energy for our needs
    health care/ minimum wage 5.15 the working poor Over 43 million U.S. residents, nearly one in six Americans under the age of 65, lack health coverage. $41 billion spent on uncompensated care using 2004 dollars. This cost is largely borne by taxpayers.
    More â?? preemptive warsâ? Iran, North Korea

    Letâ??s stop the lying, stop blaming others, let be honest letâ??s look for some real answers

    To real questions
    trade deficits, national debt, environment global warming /climate change, Iraq war, energy/oil dependency, health care, more wars

  116. Kyle says:

    Excellent video,,, was given your website address by a friend,,, and it is always good to see someone fighting for the truth, especially on this issue. In addition, as a proud American of hispanic decent,,, I completely disagree with these radicals who try to further an anti-american cause. This is a serious issue that will not go away, unless our government takes action to stop it. Unfortunately, these fanatics will take whatever they can get and continue to use it to move their cause forward. This will only hurt our country and I hope that the American people will stand up for our country and voice their thoughts on this issue to the members of our government to put a stop to these rising radical groups. Therefore, I fully support the efforts of your website and thank-you for putting this video together!


    Kyle - An American patriot and proud US Citizen!!!

  117. David says:

    Its all about pride. What mecha and these extremist charter schools do is pump the students so full of pride they eventually begin to feel invincible. I was always weary of the mecha chapter in my college. But they’re not the first to use pride as a springboard for their agenda, the Nazi’s did it and al-qaeda does it too. The title Aztec al-Qaeda is most appropriate because they’re doing the same thing. Teaching hatred and justifying violence through the sake of pride. “Ooh look at us, we’re latinos, we can make music, we can dance, we’re brown.” Yes but can you add and subtract?

  118. mtvr66 says:

    I went to school in East los Angeles in 1970’s, it felt wrong when many of the elemantary schools would make a big Deal out of Cinco de Mayo and would marginalize any American holiday, looking back the Aztecalaraza crowd were working hard to undermine the American Identity in the schools, it may too late for some areas to change unless we make english only the language of this land.

  119. Mexigringa says:

    A beautiful example of xenophobic hysteria.

  120. abstrak says:


    that was extremely fanatical. Patrioticism aside, that was just wrong.

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