This DVD is of the well publicized town hall meeting in Carlsbad, California presented by CA Senator Bill Morrow. The event on 8/11/2005 was emceed by former San Diego Mayor and KOGO AM600 radio personality Roger Hedgecock.

Here are the speakers in order of appearance:

  • Introduction by Senator Bill Morrow
  • Emcee Roger Hedgecock
  • Madeleine Cosman ? Author, Medical Law
  • Pete Nunez ? Former Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury
  • Jim Gilchrist ? Cofounder of the Minutemen
  • Tom Tancredo ? CO Congressman, Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus
  • Ray Haynes ? CA Assemblyman
  • Robert Vasquez - ID County Commissioner
  • Closing by Senator Bill Morrow

    It is 98 minutes long. The event was shot with a high quality professional digital video camera mounted on a steady tripod. The audio was taken directly from the PA board that fed the live radio broadcasts as heard on KFI AM640 and KOGO AM600.

    The DVD does not have any slick packaging. It is a simple labeled DVD in a jewel case. It should be playable on all home DVD players and the latest (+R-R) computer DVD players. If the DVD is defective, just return it and I will refund your money. If the DVD is damaged or lost in the mail, I will replace it, free of charge.


    The DVD?s will be mailed first class U.S. mail within 2-3 days after the order is placed. I will try to mail them the very next day. You will receive an email confirmation when the DVD has shipped.

    You may also send a check or money order to:

    Brook Young
    P.O. Box 678
    North Hollywood, CA 91603

    Here are a few screen shots from the DVD.
    Screen Shots
    If you have a question, send me an email using the following form:



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