Christie Czajkowski and traitor Robert Woo

The Webmaster of anti-American Truth Brigade has announced his departure from Christie’s group of goons. Anyone that associates with Christie Czajkowski will find themselves ostracized from every anti-illegal immigration group in Southern California.


August 15, 2007

Minuteman Project, President Jim Gilchrist
Minuteman Corps of California (MCDC), Carl Braun
San Diego Minutemen, Jeff Schwilk
Save Our State, Don Silva
Immigration Watchdog, Brook Young
No More Invasion, Dennis Slater


SAN DIEGO, CA ? Christie Czajkowski is a failed anti-illegal immigration activist who has been fired from at least eight (8) different Minuteman groups over the past 14 months, including MCC, MMP, MCDC, SOS, Friends of the Border Patrol, SDMM and other mainstream anti-illegal immigration groups.

She has been fired and banned from our groups for the following reasons:

- Criminal History including 3 Misdemeanor Convictions in Utah (two for disturbing the peace)

- Chronic Drug Use (medical marijuana?)

- Unsafe weapons handling at the border

- Insubordination and disobedience to Group Leaders at the border and public rallies.

- History of mental illness (Sharp Mesa Vista Mental Hospital)

- Radical public behavior including burning and defacing Mexican flags

- Aggressive, confrontational behavior towards pro-illegal alien groups and rallys in public.

- Not following published rules and guidelines for Minutemen members

- Confrontational behavior with Law Enforcement

- Filing False Police Reports

- Erratic behavior, severe depression, and suicide attempts and gestures.

- Treason: Openly working with pro-illegal alien activists to attack innocent Americans who do not side with her and her radical agenda.

- Teaming up with radical activist Russ Dove and his known racist group in Tucson

In addition to the above character issues, she currently has a $700,000 lawsuit pending against Jeff Schwilk from her trespassing incident in his house on Feb 4th. She falsely claimed he assaulted her when she refused to leave his property. Oceanside Police also had to respond to Schwilk?s home on Jan. 20th when she showed up uninvited at 2am and threatened to commit suicide in his driveway. They had to physically remove her from his property when she refused to leave and after she tried to break into Schwilk?s house.

She has attacked Minutemen, stalked them, and has falsely accused them of numerous crimes over the past nine months. Legal action is being taken against her for her illegal stalking and harassment activities.

Now she is trying to imply that Minutemen vandalized camps in Rancho Penasquitos both in November and on Jan. 27th, a claim that is completely false and known by SDPD who have fully investigated the alleged vandalism. Law Enforcement is well aware of her activities and is monitoring her actions.

She is an unemployed part-time mother of two young daughters who lives in a large rented house in Chula Vista paid for with donated money. She is currently President of the floundering internet group where Russ Dove is the Vice President, where they beg for donations to pay their living expences. They have openly expressed their goal of trying to bring down the Minutemen groups. They tell the public that the Minutemen are too passive in their actions and people must become radical in their activism to stop the invasion of the illegal aliens.

Russ Dove is reportedly a convicted felon and has also been recently convicted of another crime in Tucson, AZ. No sane illegal immigration activist in the nation has anything to do with Christie Czajkowski, Russ Dove, or their ?Truth Brigadeâ??.

The media is now being used to promote the lies of these anti-American activists against good, law-abiding anti-illegal immigration volunteers in Southern California.

20 Responses to “Christie Czajkowski Banned From CA Anti-Illegal Immigration Groups”

  1. 1 Educated American

    The list of this woman’s erratic behavior smacks of one of three things:

    1.) Someone who is moderately mentally disturbed, self-destructive, and not at peace with herself. A confused and lost soul.


    2.) Someone who has been working for the other side the whole time as a “plant” trying to discredit the anti-illegal immigration movement. (I.E. discrediting by association, “poisoning the well”, etc.)


    3.) Someone who is on the FBI or Homeland Security payroll. Her role would be to “COINTELPRO”-us out of existence. She could be a paid agent provocateur, in other words.

    I’d bet if we went back and closely studied her actions on film we’d see evidence of overt and obvious attempts to provoke a viloent outburst or physical confrontation with the pro-illegal side. That ain’t want we want. Yes, we should convey passion and seriousness. But our arguements must also be filled with reason and logic. We should not demean others in the pursuit of the preservation of United States political sovereignty and economic prosperity.
    Remember, if Mexicans and other immigrants are SINCERE in their wish to become Americans, we should welcome them. Once educated in the civic philosophy of the United States, immigrants make fantastic first-generation Americans. My two closest friends are perfect examples thereof (One from the Middle East, the other from Asia. Incidentally, they were both LEGAL immigrants who - as recent Americans - DESPISE illegal immigration.)

  2. 2 The Watchdog

    You hit the nail on the head with…

    1.) Mentally disturbed, self-destructive, and not at peace with herself. A confused and lost soul.

    She claims to be a victim everywhere she goes by everyone she meets. Everyone is after her.

    I was at her house once and she started yelling at the walls in different rooms because she thought there were hidden audio bugs and camera’s in her house. She thought people were watching her and bugging her place. She’s extremely paranoid.

    She’s loves attention, even negative attention. She thrives on it. Everything is all about her. I’m sure in her own twisted way, she loves seeing that now I’m publicly turning on her too.

  3. 3 Angel

    Wow Watchdog! I don’t know much about her, but I do recall seeing her picture and name before (probably on this site).

    Sounds like she’s on meth or LSD. Marijuana can also make someone paranoid. LSD can raise one’s vibrational level so they start hearing things. A lot of red flags .

    Too bad - she’s a pretty lady.

    Educated American’s #2 and #3 can easily be a possibility too. Don’t rule it out because it sounds over the top. I got really suspicious when you wrote that she has children and only works part-time. Money is coming in from somewhere. She may not really work at all .

    At least you (MM) all know to stay aware from here.

  4. 4 The Watchdog

    She hasn’t had a job for almost two years. Her mother gives her money and takes care of her kids half of the time. I don’t know the story on the father.

    She is very pretty and she’s also very intelligent. Her videos are excellent and I’ve always thought that if she was on some sort of medication she could’ve been the greatest patriot ever. Unfortunately, she self-medicates with marijuana and it’s doing more harm than good.

  5. 5 Brad

    I have to say that I find it some what interesting that Christie was accepted whole heartedly by some of the above mentioned groups, so long as she walked lock step with the powers that controlled them. Her personal past was not an issue so long as she didn’t want to retain control of her videos, or questioned the power structure. It is more then obvious that her personal past is being used against her now, even though there are currently other MM still on the border that would not pass scrutiny.
    This entire situation smells of those in power wanting to silence a dissenting voice.

    What purpose did the above “press release/personal attack” achieve? Will the press no longer talk with Christie? Will she no longer be allowed to walk public sidewalks where protests are taking place? Will she no longer be able to video? The answer is no. The above release served not one purpose. other then to try to discredit her.
    If what Christie has to say is so far fetched and out there, why bother? Let her rambling be just that ramblings. What did she say that provoked the need to discredit her?

    After re-reading the above release several times, I would fire who ever wrote it. I am sure a good attorney, would have more then enough to file an aggressive case of libel against the signatures.

    Now it may appear that I am defending Christie for her actions and alleged actions, I am not. I just do not like one sided stories. There is more to this then what has been printed here. I question the motivations of everyone involved in this.

  6. 6 The Watchdog

    Brad, she has her own website and there isn’t anything that she can say or do that she hasn’t already said or done. I encourage you to join her and the goons at turd brigade if you want to hear what she has to say.

    She was never accepted whole heartedly by everyone. Stop generalizing. It’s not her past that bothers people. It is her behavior over the past year.

    We don’t want to talk about others and air our dirty laundry in public but now we have all gotten together and denounced this woman.

    It’s funny that you would decide that all these groups of people that have interacted with her this past year must be in the wrong and that this poor woman is a victim by everyone everywhere she goes. At least that’s what she wants people to think. What a joke.

    You and Linda Muller were quick to judge Barbara Coe and Marvin Stewart during the whole Jim Gilchrist fiasco. I don’t remember you trying to tell both sides of the story as you like to put it. That MMP situation is still unresolved despite what you and Linda claim. You can pick your dog in that race but I’m going to let the court decide.

  7. 7 Brad

    Oh Brook you want to play the attack game with me now? I honestly thought better of you. All I said was that I question the motives of both sides of this. Of course it is now obvious to me (as well as everyone else here) that anyone that disagrees with you or raises questions should be considered a goon. Obviously you want everyone to agree with your idea of fairness, right and wrong. Sorry that I can’t go along with you on this.

    In your press release above it was you that brought up her past, not me. Never once did I say she was a victim. I also never claimed she was accepted by EVERYONE. In fact at the bottom of my above post I said wasn’t defending or condoning any of her actions or alleged actions. The fact is, any time a group tries to discredit or silence a single person, it raises a red flag. One person spewing lies, can make you angry, but those lies cannot hurt a larger group if that group is on the up and up. If what she has to say is so totally off the wall wrong and false, why such a concerted effort to silence her?

    The Jeff/Christie bitterness/feud has been going on since their parting. Any person following the soap opera, would feel this press release is just more of the same BS that has been slung back and forth for a long while. I was really surprised you signed on.

    As to my reporting of the MMP fiasco, not once did I see you address any of it here. If my reporting was so one sided as you allege, why didn’t you correct it? Why didn’t you report about Babara Coe’s or Marvin Stewart’s position? Why didn’t you call me on it then? Why did you wait till months after the fact to say something and then only because I dare question the motivation of the above press release? If I was wrong, you should have reported it and corrected me at the time. From your comment you obviously had information, that I didn’t. You sure as hell wouldn’t have hurt my feelings to have reported any errors or the other side of the story. I would have welcomed it and cross posted it at WHG. I am beginning to see that you are a don’t rock the boat kind of a guy. Go along to get along, the end justifies the means philosophy. I am sure you earned some bonus points with the big boys for signing on.

    Also why did you choose to bring Linda into this post? As far as I know she has never posted here, or ever had any dealings with you other then adding an Immigration Watchdog link to her sites. Lol

    I am truly beginning to believe the illegal immigration movement is one big ego club and that if you disagree or question anything about it, you are attacked, ostracized and made an outcast.

  8. 8 Vincent Narodnik

    Even if this woman wasnt a plant or an operative, we should never believe that there are no such persons among us. The fed has a looooong history of infiltration, psyops, etc. Now, with a quick reflection on the morality they display from day to day in everything else: do we believe that they are ABOVE spying on us?or , as may be the case with Christie Czajkowski, a cog with a broken spline, inserted with deliberate intent of wrecking the motor?
    This smells of Psyops all over. They do this knowing that all that is necessary is to spread a fear or a suspicion among a target group, and the suspicion will raise all kinds of bad blood to the top of the pot, then there will be infighting, power struggles, etc. The more public the better, as far as they are concerned.

    This isnt anything I have studied directly, although I did get alot of good ideas about it from
    which is a good book from a good author. Its worth a read.
    Also, Witness, by
    who was into clandestine activity up to his eyeballs for the biggest part of his life. This is a good book, but its about 800 pages if I remember.

  9. 9 The Watchdog

    I wasn’t calling you a goon. It is just a fact that half of active Turd Brigade members are known goons. So if you were to join her site you would be with Chrisitie and the goons. She is clearly not on our side.

    There’s nothing she can say that she hasn’t already said. This isn’t a coverup or something. But if you think there’s a big story there, and all the TV and newspapers haven’t already covered it you should contact her. She’s probably contacted you already.

    I’m going to stop beating this dead horse now.

  10. 10 Adam

    Brad, Some common sense is in order here, and unfortunately you seem to be devoid of it.

    Her past IS relevant. Nutcases lie, fantasize, hallucinate, etc. In their own minds they can’t tell fact from fiction. Here we have a pot-smoking wacko who has been in and out of a mental institution. She has taken up with a known felon (THEFT charges) who is covered in racist tatoos. Neither one has worked steadily for a couple of years. Now together they are spouting what they call “truth” and begging for donations. Do you think people like this are trustworthy? If so, by all means send them some of your money!!

    It’s amazing how many people (mostly women) have remarked that they could tell she was off her rocker immediately by watching her on video. I see it too — watch the bizarro facial expressions and exaggerated gestures.

    Her mental atatus aside, she has been busted as a prevaricator countless times. E.g., the “beating” at Jeff S.’s house. The video that she and her friend Mr. Felon claims to show her being physically abused shows no such thing. What we do see is someone with a beer in his hand who is infuriated (rightly so) that she won’t leave and who then proceeds to curse and yell and move toward her. Finally he swats the camera that she is holding. That’s IT. No beating. Now, do you really think he would have called 911, then hung up the phone and start “manhandling” her knowing that the cops would be there any minute? The cops came while Christie was still there. If she had had one mark on her, the police would have cuffed Jeff S. and hauled him off to jail! They didn’t. They would have filed charges against him! They didn’t. If she had had one mark on her, they would have taken her to the hospital! They didn’t. Instead they came, took the report, and then left. If Christie had been injured she would have sought medical care at some point afterward. Did she? Not that we know of! That is just ONE example; there are too many others to list here.

    We gave her a chance. We listened to her side. We watched her videos with an open mind. The jury is in: She can’t be trusted. Christie is her own worst enemy and has lost this PR war she has launched. If she’s smart she will hang it up.

  11. 11 The Watchdog

    This just in….

    From: Dennis Slater
    Sent: Friday, August 17, 2007 1:08 PM
    Subject: Truth Brigade

    “NMI does not affiliate with truth brigade or the individual Chriski aka Minutemom Chriski. That group is a bunch of goons and traitors to our country and cause. Everyone needs to know that NMI will not and does not support that trashy group. They are a disgrace to the rest of us who are true patriots. The trash they have done to hurt our cause and other patriots is inexcusable.”

    Dennis Slater, Founder NMI

  12. 12 AmericanPatriot77

    I’m surprised it took so damn long for everyone to realize the trash that truthbrigade is. As soon as she started with the disgusting behavior I backed away. She has gotten worse since then.

  13. 13 Angel

    Hey Watchdog,

    I found this on the net. Go to the end of the article and watch the 20 second videos. Why are they such short clips. They are taken out of context when they are that short.

  14. 14 Angel

    Red flags -

    -evidence of being on drugs
    -no income
    -turning on the group
    -mental health problems

    I think Educated American really covered all the bases.

    There are at least 20,000 people in this country that work covertly in various ways. Think about it. Chances are we have met or at the least seen these people.

    Also, a little less known is MKultra. This is where they have brainwashed people and then use them as spies. LSD is the drug they use mostly. Research symptoms of LSD and it will sound like Christie. She’s also been in a mental hospital. I hate to alarm people but there are some bad things that go on in some of those places. Experiments for one. She could be a victim of this and not know it. This also makes one very dangerous.

    Brad, watch those videos in that article cited above. This was some sort of set-up. Notice how she narrarates (sp?) the entire thing. She sounded like she was enjoying the entire event. She was also announcing things that weren’t on the video.

    I think that she is a spy.

  15. 15 Roy Warden

    Well, its’ been quite an education for me to read some of the above commentary. And I wonder why, in every revolution, so much energy is always spent spent in consuming ones own? I think it comes from a conflict of self interest, and am reminded that, “Those who live in glass houses, shouldn’t throw stones.

    I strenuously object to some of the “indictments” listed above. And I will tell you why:

    1) Use of someone’s alleged medical history to discredit their character.

    Maybe some of you are too young to remember Nixon’s burglary of a doctor’s office to discredit Daniel Ellsberg. A person’s medical history should have nothing to do with their political activities, which should be judged independently, on their own merits. Have any of you been treated for depression? It’s the most commonly treated illness of our day.

    Go on, read the real story about the “Patriots” of 1776. All were drunks. Some were manic-depressive, or just depressive as was Winston Churchill and Abe Lincoln. And all were characterized by the British, and the vast majority of Americans who, btw, Did Not Like the Patriots and Did Not Support the American Revolution, as “madmen” who were bringing the American people to ruin.

    2) “Radical public behavior including burning and defacing the Mexican Flag?”

    Who are you kidding? Radical street demonstrations is lawful; go read Terminiello v City of Chicago, a US Supreme Court Case, and find out what the right of political protest really means. Radical street demonstrations were a technique used by the Patriots to condemn British officials and the Americans who supported them.

    And what’s wrong with burning a flag of a foreign power, especially when that same flag has been waved in the streets as a sign of foreign political domination of America? Are you candy-asses or just asses?

    3) “Aggressive, confrontational behavior against pro-illegal alien groups and rallys in public” To agressively confront pro-illegal alien groups, on its’ face, is lawful and commendable behavior. It is also quintessentially American behavior, and one of the techniques used by our founders to shape public opinion and prepare for revolutionary change.

    4) “Confrontational behavior with law enforcement.”

    You people should take the time to read my federal lawsuit against the City of Tucson and Tucson Police Department. Here in Pima County. illegal aliens are a foundational part of the political and economic landscape, and vast fortunes are being made off them. Law enforcement has been used to protect and support the open defiance of our borders, and the financial interests of those who profit big time from the importation and exploitation of Illegal Mexican Aliens.

    5 “Teaming up with radical activist Russ Dove and his known racist group in Tucson.”

    I’m here on the ground in Tucson. As far as I know Russ Dove doesn’t have a “group”. Russ Dove shows up at rally’s where his conduct is commendable, and lawful. Where have you people been?

    Russ and I have had many, and continue to have, many disagreements regarding border issues. But Russ and I keep these disagreements to ourselves. We go our separate ways. Each of us does his own thing. Occassionally, we come together at rallies, where each of us speaks with a unique viewpoint. Additonally, Russ assists me with internet presence and I assist him with legal issues.

    We are free Americans. We are not left wingers. We don’t walk in lock-step in some blind obedience to some greater “Politically Correct” group viewpoint, or party orthodoxy. We think and act independent of each other. In America, that’s the way it suppossed to be.

    Roy Warden
    520 881-0535

  16. 16 Sandman

    As far as I can Tell, Christie is only guilty of being a little more radical than most. I also want to burn a Mexican flag in public and I will do that when the time is right. If she likes weed, that is her own vice and decision to use it. I think tobacco, booze or Rx pills are far more dangerous anyway. But then again I just started hearing about her on this site , so I looked into her and found an interesting interview on youtube with “the Radio Avenger” Rick Adams…

  17. 17 Adam

    Mr. Worden,

    A vast majority of depressed patients receive their treatment on a out-patient basis with counseling and/or medication rather than inpatient. Typically one must be severely depressed, with suicidal and/or homicidal ideations, to be admitted to an in-patient psychiatric facility.

    Also the

  18. 18 Angel

    With all due respect to all of you that disagree with me and others on here. I understand. It sounds so “out there” so “inconceivable”. But, I’ve researched MKultra and other ongoings.

    Yesterday afternoon I spent quite a while researching this woman and listening to all 8 clips of that radio interview on youtube. I even emailed Watchdog and told him about it. If you don’t think that woman was high on drugs or high on something, you may want to listen to it all again. I also noticed discrepancies with her personal life which she really didn’t want to talk about much. The only thing she would say is that people in the community don’t want her there. According to the interview, she’s been divorced and a single parent for 10 years. First, I’ll say that it is highly unusual for a woman at her young age to remain a single parent that long. Secondly, she obviously has a child younger than 10 years. Just look at the picture. something is amiss there. One man from Texas tried to have a very , very serious discussion with her about getting out of California, she just laughs and laughs and laughs. To her own admission, she has called the police because she thought that people were stalking her at her residence and the police didn’t believe her. She would not bring up her career and whatever that may be. The only thing that she said is that she has been on unemployment for 2 years. I don’t know about California laws, but Georgia laws will give you 18 months on unemployment with the active participation of looking for employment. The money is about $250 a week and maybe $450 with 2 kids. I’ve never been on unemployment, but I can tell you that you can’t live off of that for 2 years. She also keeps herself up (I can tell by looking at the pictures) which isn’t cheap either. Money is there somewhere, somehow.

    I thought maybe it was just the radio clips where she sounded high, but I watched most every other youtube clip she had. She over emphasizes herself, laughs uncontrollably at times, and seems anything but genuine.

    Also, on the radio clip, she sounded rehearsed. Like she says the same thing for each type of question. Nothing really unique about her interview and what she said.

    I also watched the clip in the guys house on his birthday when she decided that she wanted tapes back. She waited until she had him mad then turns on the camera. Anyone would be pissed if you are trying to go into someone’s room of their house and take something that is there. “She” tried to start a confrontation.

    Add to that , she had a history of mental illness. We’re not talking about a little depression and then the psychiatrist writes out a prescription. Most people in mental hospitals or ones who have been are delusional. Also, many people who are mentally ill are very smart, too. They can be very dangerous people.

    Watchdog said that she hears voices when he was around her. LSD popped in my head as soon as I heard that.

    There are just too many red flags about her.
    At the risk of sounding sexist, I suggest that you have a another woman listen and watch her and see if she feels like I do. Men can get enamored with a beautiful woman and not see clearly.

  19. 19 Angel

  20. 20 Angel

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