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On Saturday, September 16th 2007, Brook Young of attended a protest in Simi Valley, CA organized by the anti-illegal immigration organization, Save Our State. The protest was in response to the United Church of Christâ??s decision to provide â??sanctuaryâ? to an illegal alien named Liliana who has been ordered to leave the country.

There were approximately 80 protesters from Save Our State, No More Invasion, and the Antelope Valley Independent Minutemen in attendance and approximately 25 counter protesters from the Communist organization A.N.S.W.E.R. FBI Agents were present, as well as dozens of Simi Valley Police Officers, some in uniform and others in plain clothes.

During the protest, Brook Young was assaulted by Naui Huitzilopochtli and was forced to defend him self with pepper spray. The incident occurred one hundred feet away from the main protest area. Brook Young has two witnesses to the assault but has yet to find someone with videotape of the incident. Brook Young is planning to file criminal charges against Naui Huitzilopochtli but without videotape evidence it may be difficult to prosecute.

Naui Huitzilopochtli is a brown supremacist, with a long history of harassment and aggression towards those in the anti-illegal immigration movement. Brook Young and his Attorney are now compiling videotape of Naui Huitzilopochtli making racist remarks towards black and white Americans as well as Hispanic Americans that Naui views as traitors to his race. Naui Huitzilopochtliâ??s assault on Brook Young was no doubt a hate crime and will be prosecuting as such.

Any witnesses to this hate crime committed against Brook Young are requested to contact him through his website at

Americans Speak Out Against Lawbreaking Church

This is a great video from the Simi Valley protest put together by Max. Max has done a lot of work on behalf of the family of imprisoned Border Agent Nacho Ramos. Max put together this website for the family, and all the money raised goes directly to them. Max is an original Minuteman and he has a ton of great videos on his YouTube page.

created by Roger Young of Save Our State.

10 Responses to “Video: Watchdog vs. Naui Huitzilopochtli”
  1. Angel says:

    He gave his true intent away at the end. He wants money for the hospital bill that he won’t pay.

    Good job carrying pepper spray WD. If state laws permit, keep a gun in vehicle if you don’t already.

  2. George(formerly-Ed) says:

    Hey way to go Brook That guy got just what he deserved.

  3. Angel says:

    WD - Also keep that thing I sent you last year charged up weekly and on you at all times. I programmed it for you specifically.

  4. Matthew says:

    Way to go Brook, way to defend yourself!

    I had an extremely hard time trying to listen to and understand their broken English, uneducated vocabulary and complete ignorance of recounting such a horrific they claim impacted his life. It was totally scripted and rehearsed. I am very surprised that, that puke dj doing the interviewing is able to be employed by a radio station or any where for that matter. I gather that he he must have only a 5th or 6th grade education due to the fact that he uses neighborhood, ghetto gang slang and justifies crime and illegality by way of illegal immigration.

    Not only do mexican illegals and their supporters ask for trouble, but they also breed it. Why in the hell would they come out to a peaceful demonstration uninvited, encourage liliana’s illegal activity by counter protesting, and then be the center of a melee, then claim to be the victims? He was the victim of Brook, he was the victim of the police, he was the victim of the hospital, he was a victim of mexico…….. on and on and on victimization! Just proves beyond doubt that they are all completely irresponsible and unable to function not only in their own country, but here in the God blessed U.S.A.

    Illeagal aliens and their supporters are of satan.

  5. AniMEL says:

    This guy is joking, right?

    Okay…when I was in corrections, I had to do pepper spray training three times. Whenever you do that training, you have to be sprayed. Having been sprayed more than once, I will agree that it hurts like hell. It burns your eyes and your skin, your tear glands go into overdrive, and it’s just a generally unpleasant experience. Know what we did after pepper spray training? We sparred. There was no medical treatment. They pretty much just told us not to rub our eyes, and advised us to wash our hair in the sink before showering to avoid any chemical in your hair from being washed down your body (let your imagination run wild).

    I’m now an EMT. When people call an ambulance after being pepper sprayed, we’ll only take them to the hospital if they ask us to (and an ambulance ride is not cheap). Why? Pepper spray almost never causes lasting damage. It’s not a life threat. Unless the patient has severe asthma or they’re going into anaphylactic shock (again, extremely rare, I have yet to see it), we don’t advise them to go to the hospital. Again–there is no medical treatment. It’s just gonna hurt like hell for a little while.

    As for Naui, that little bastard deserved it. He’s a piss-ant brown supremacist and he’s only trying to stir up trouble. He’ll get what he deserves. He wasn’t having trouble breathing; he was upset and his body was reacting to his emotions. It happens all the time. Now he’s eating it all up because there are people out there who would rather hear him lie than believe the truth. And to be sure, I think that host knew perfectly well that Naui was lying–and he enjoys it.

  6. The Watchdog says:

    In that photo where Naui was arrested, he was screaming as loud as he could “The Mexican is being arrested, the Mexican is being arrested, police brutality!” He’s such a slimy little creep, that guy.

  7. says:

    Ah…the two little words that magically get the attention of every lawyer on the Western seaboard. I should start selling shirts that say “where’s all that police brutality when you need it?” superimposed over Naui’s picture.

    Or maybe I should use Erik Martinez…

  8. scatman43 says:

    I could’t understand a word the invader was sayin, But I did enjoy seein it cry like a little girl!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA. Very funny stuff. Brook should’a kick’t the IDIOT in the balls after sprayin it. LOL ;) THIS IS WHAT I LIKE TO SEE!!!!!! Keep up the GOOD work Brook. I laughed every time I heard it cry like a baby. I e’ed this to everybody that I know, They thought it was VERY,VERY funny TOOOOOO. HAHAHAHAHA

  9. scatman43 says:

    BTW, What the HELL is a “hUiTiZlOpOzChTlI”? Don’t tell me that dosen’t sound ALIEN !!!!! Shit , Dosen’t even sound human. Oh, BTW I had a big LAUGH outta that too. When ever I want a laugh I just click on invader; there I am laughin my ass off. LOL :0. VERY funny things & STUPID toooooooo. HOHOHOHO

  10. obeythelaworGTFO says:

    He got seasoned up pretty good. If he was the true mexican he says he is that pepper spray should have tasted good. I thought they liked things hot and spicey. Guess I was wrong.

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