Report from Jeff Schwilk of SDMM

Another vicious attack on an peaceful, law-abiding American activist (Mike Spencer) today by a violent Latina pro-illegal alien criminal.

We had a very successful op this morning at the infamous Vista Vons DLS recording the approximately 55 Day Laborers who were loitering all over the large shopping center and the employers violating the Vista City Ordinace and Federal law to hire them. We recorded at least 8 illegal hirings in 3 hours.

The new Mexican Restaurant called the sheriffs on us for standing near their property documenting the illegals. At about 9:50, five sheriffs deputies arrived to inform the mexi owners that here in America its not illegal to stand on a public sidewalk near their sanctuary business. The police stuck around for the next 20 minutes to ensure there were no more problems. As we were preparing to leave at 10:10, a man started yelling at us from in front of the nearby Discount Store. We went over to see what it was he was saying and a young Hispanic woman approached us in the parking lot.

latina vigilante

Latina Vigilante

As the video clearly shows, the woman cocks back and attacks Mike. There were at least two witnesses that saw her smack Mike on the side of his head and face.

The nearby sheriffs ran over and immediately arrested the attacker, handcuffed her, and put her in the back of the cruiser. Her woman’s mother was also questioned because she also hit Mike and pulled his hair during the scuffle with her daughter.

vigilante mom
Vigilante Mom

Looks like another La Raza vigilante will be facing a judge soon for her crimes. Mikes injuries were not serious (see pictures attached). This is at least the 18th unprovoked attack on a MM in San Diego County since June 2005. Bush was right about vigilantes being in the illegal immigration movement, he was just mistaken about which side. The Latino activists and alien supporters have a long history of violent confrontations with American activists.

9 Responses to “Latina Vigilante Arrested For Assault On San Diego Minuteman”
  1. melody says:

    I don’t think the latina lady realizes she did anything wrong. I bet she probably didn’t actually think she could get arrested for that even though the law enforcement was standing nearby. Her mother also participated in the attack? I guess this is an example of invader family values.

  2. Matthew says:

    Prosecute that latina to the fullest extent of the law. Get a restraining order issued against her too. she committed a hate crime based on a racially motivated dispute that turned into a crime. I pray that Mike ask for enhanced charges on this woman. Get a restraining order issued to protect every SDMM too. That anchor baby is a danger to all of them. Sue the hell out of here civilly. Her personal information is all there on the police report. Ask her probation officer to order her to anger management classes and to pay restitution in the thousands of dollars. Blast this all over the Internet and send it to fienswien, boxer and arnold.

    By the way, that tan klan don parada who is as corrupt as all hell and in bed with faby nunez trying to get there term limits increased so they can further fight for illegal aliens here in California, well he was car jacked today at gun point. I hope it was an illegal who did it so he can feel the wrath of mexican illegal just like we all do.

  3. JB says:

    He needs to follow up with tests to make sure he hasn’t been infected by some type of Hepatitis or aids from her filthy fingernails. She’s so typical. Finally…some LEO’s who had the good sense to arrest that anchor spawn.

  4. Faye says:

    Block, then punch. It’s called self-defense. That kid’s nose was certainly a big enough target.

  5. midwest minuteman says:

    Agree 100% with JB….

    Who knows where those RABID fingers have been!!!

  6. gatekeeper says:

    He should test for ringworm as well. I just read an article about the increase in the number of cases of worms (ring and tape and others) that are being found among the impoverished, especially of new illegal immigrants. I may have read it through Watchdog, I don’t remember.

  7. Cribster says:

    The La’eeenas are more savage than the male savages!

    At least they FINALLY arrested one.

  8. the marlboro man says:

    What would happen to her if she did that in MEDICO?????Lock her ass up for a mo. then send her ass home to MEDICO!!!!

  9. BEADALONG says:

    Does she really think anybody’s that stupid to believe the day laborers are “just on break?” Yea right.

    If she’s illegal herself, she should be deported. If she’s an Anchor Baby, she is a classic reason the 14th Amendment needs to be revised and all citizenships to these Anchor Babies revoked all the way back to 1986.

    And yup, when I heard Don Perata was carjacked, I was thinking the same exact thing, Matthew!

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