LA County Sheriff Lee Baca, on April 4th, told a largely African-American audience in Compton that when Latino gangs are at war with black gangs over drugs and turf they are sometimes satisfied to kill any young black living in their rival?s territory in order to flex their criminal muscle. In other words, Baca asserted innocents are being targeted for death by gangs just because of their race. Sounds like a hate-crime to most of us.

Fox 11 News obtained a videotape of the remarks Baca made to the National Association for Equal Justice in America; those remarks, taped by Lonzo Williams, a cable TV talk-show host, were included in a Fox 11 story that aired Friday (April 10) as part of our continuing coverage of the murder of Jamiel Shaw, a promising LA High School football player, allegedly killed by an 18th Street gang member on March 2.

Shaw lived in a neighborhood identified as the turf of the Black P-Stones (BPS), an African-American gang that has had a long, deadly feud with the predominantly Latino 18th Street gang. But Shaw was not a member of BPS, and the evening he was murdered Shaw was not wearing attire that might have caused him to be mistakenly identified as a gang member. Immigration and police officials say Shaw’s accused murderer, Pedro Espinoza, 19, is an illegal alien who has been an 18th Street gang member since he was 12 years old.

Here is exactly what Baca told the African-American audience in Compton: ?I don?t say it?s all but there is a percent of these Latino kids killing blacks because of a race-related motivation. That is my opinion.?

Pretty explosive stuff. And then Baca went a step further, claiming his deputies had overheard jailed Latino gang bosses (so-called ?shot-callers?) telling their followers on the outside that, in a feud with a black gang, it was okay to kill any blacks to make their point. ?We?ve heard when the person out there can?t find African-American gang member to shoot, the shot-caller says: ?Then shoot any African-American you see.?? (Jamiel Shaw’s father was in the audience that day and Baca looked him straight in the eye when he made these remarks; but the sheriff did NOT specifically say if he believed Shaw?s murder was racially-motivated).

4 Responses to “LA County Sheriff Lee Baca: Latino Gangs Are Shooting Any Black Americans They See”
  1. Johnny says:

    I so happen to know sheriff Baca very well. I admire Baca for the courage of standing up for what is right and doing his job by informing the community of what is “really” taking place.

    In a PC world it is very rare to find a police or city official who is going to stand before a large audience of mostly illegal immigrants and anchor babies and warn fellow Americans of the danger they are living next to.

    Now I waiting for the community to get together and overthrow the mayor and some of it’s council members.

  2. John Creasy says:

    It’s time for Black people to start targeting this mexican trash…then there will be some change. Malcolm X stated many years ago in speaking about Klan violence (paraphrasing)–In order to communicate with people you must speak their language, and language of the Klan is violence. For Blacks to communicate with the Klan they too must respond with violence then the Klan will understand. These mexican trash are completely out of their minds and like the rabid mad trash that they are will be put down viciously in the very near future, because people are getting sick and tired of their crap.

  3. psj says:

    I heard Baca speak on March 5th at a community meeting re: Eastside Torrance Gang shooting the day before. He seemed on the up and up, tho’ I could barely hear him.

    Baca’s days are numbered. Villar is denying any racial motivation on the obviously racially motivated shootings, ostensibly because he doesn’t want to start any racial strife & angst amongst his criminal countrymen. Bratton has his nose so far up Villar’s rear poncho he will meekly and gladly sniff any odiforous refrito fumes this obscene excuse of a mayor emits. Baca isn’t being a good little gringo and partaking of the gas. Villar needs to be Grayed out of office quickly.

    Creasy: this Mexi-trash is notably anti-black. It isn’t a huge step to say they’re also anti-white. My fence & interactions can attest to that. The next time they tag it I’m going to put up a poster that says “This is the Job That Americans Won’t Do”. I’ll get some good shots and post ‘em. Sure, it will probably cause new and improved gang art, but I don’t have to clean it up.

  4. Educated American says:

    I’ve been saying for a while now that we are suffering a slow-burn ethnic cleansing in Los Angeles. It is also a national invasion. America is being illegally invaded and Americans (mostly black) are being eliminated. The whole picture is totally crazy when you behold it. But there it is.

    On a higher level, it is a plan for balkanizing the Southwest portion of the United States. This divide-and-conquer scheme serves the New World Order oligarchs by making it nearly impossible to form some kind of united movement to save the soverignty and economic prosperity of the United States.
    We’re too busy fighting off La M, and MS-13, and other random riff-raff to address the big picture.

    John Creasy: You need to get like Parker from Alien and/or Childs from The Thing!! I was just looking through a book of Malcolm X speeches I have, but can’t locate that particular passage you’re mentioning. I remember it, though. In one of his later speeches he actually encourages some young WHITE activists to go out and take on the Klan. I’m a big fan of the ‘64-’65 Malcolm. Too bad he couldn’t have dodged the bullets for another year or so. I think he would be more widely accepted today as a civil rights leader if he just had a bit more time.

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