Last year, City Attorney of San Diego attempted to “nifong” John Monti, however the attempted legal lynching didn’t work. John Monti was acquitted. John Monti’s acquittal in October 2007 showed the length that “human rights advocates” will go to persecute someone like John Monti.

John Monti would have been sentenced to several years in prison if the San Diego Police Department, City Attorney Michael Aguirre, and the so-called “human rights advocates” had their way.

However, something went awry in their plan ? it was called the TRUTH. Monti was acquitted 12-0! Monti, who was demonized by the local San Diego liberal press as someone who attacked “disabled immigrants” while yelling racial slurs, was acquitted completely!

Here is why:

? Monti stood for what he believed in. He told them about the sex trafficking of Mexican minor girls that is happening as a consequence of illegal immigration and the corruption in Mexico. This was the truth that the SDPD and so-called “migrant advocates” didn’t want to be heard.

? Monti’s, who is a Los Angeles area bilingual 6th grade teacher, had his students and their parents come as his character witnesses. They told the truth.

? Independent witnesses came to tell the truth as to what they saw. An independent witness even surfaced during the trial who had been maliciously ignored by the police and told the truth! She had been horrified by reading how the liberal San Diego press had gotten the story wrong!

Listen to Roger Hedgecock discuss Monti’s case with his attorney Allison Aranda.

Claudia Smith, SD City Attorney, And SDPD
Conspire To Wrongfully Convict John Monti

Part I

Part II

In spite of the truth, the self-appointed “human rights advocates” have filed a law suit against John Monti to harass him. It was to make him shut-up and shut him down. However, Monti in turn filed a civil rights lawsuit against the city of San Diego, the San Diego Police Department, Claudia Smith, and Officer Patrick Lenhart.

Now, John Monti needs your help to fight for justice.

I ask you to help John Monti defend himself against this unrelenting legal attack on him and his family. Do this by donating to the United States Justice Foundation at: Network For Good

Also, you can join John Monti’s FaceBook Cause group to give financial support.

The goal is to raise $50,000 to defend Mr. Monti and to demand justice. By the way, the United States Justice Foundation has represented countless activists. By supporting John Monti, you will be supporting the United States Justice Foundation as well which will further its work in supporting patriots, like Monti.

5 Responses to “The John Monti Civil Rights Suit”
  1. Angel says:

    12 to zip….that’s awesome. If I remember correctly, he was a teacher.

  2. Angel says:

    Has Claudia learned her lesson yet, or is she still harrassing all of you over there?? I haven’t heard much about her in a year or so.

  3. The Watchdog says:

    John is suing her for violating his civil rights.

    There’s a lot more information that I’ll put out soon.

  4. George says:

    Oh yeah watchdog I keep for getting to ask you about Rany of sos is he still in jail and also hwat ever happened to the Jim Glich??(Iam not sure of the spelling of his last name) law suit and some thing about hisbeing in some legaltrouble. do you have any updates onthose??

  5. The Watchdog says:

    Randy was releases from jail the first week of May. I was waiting for him to make a statement but I guess he still has to go back to court to settle one last phony charge against him. All the serious charges against him were dropped.

    I guess he doesn’t want to say anything that could jeopardize his situation until it is all over. He spent 5 month in jail for nothing and he is enjoying his freedom and time with his family.

    The Jim Gilchrist fraud trial is moving forward but the hearing was delayed by the courts until July 1st (I think that’s the new date.)

    I’m not part of the fraud lawsuit but you know Jim has tried to silence me from talking about it on this website with a frivolous defamation lawsuit against me. Although Jim Gilchrist named me in the lawsuit nearly two months ago, he never bothered to serve me the papers. I think he has a few days left to do it and then it’ll be too late.

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