2 Minutemen Protest 500,000 at LA Gran Marcha

I was at the Los Angeles Gran Marcha today videotaping the reconquest of the American Southwest, Aztlan. I’ll give you my own report later. What follows is a report from two good friends of mine. I knew they were planing to counter protest, a very bad idea. Once I was on the street, I could see it was clearly suicidal. I called them and asked them not to do it. They wouldn’t listen to me.

Jalaria says -

I was in downtown L.A. right at 10am. Me and my friend were ready for whatever might happen, armed with signs and a huge pole with an American flag at the top, and the California Bear Revolt flag below. These things were well concealed when we arrived. We walked to city hall where people were already gathering even though they were supposed to be at Olympic and Broadway. There were almost NO cops. We finally saw some hiding behind some bushes way behind a barricade at city hall, and I asked them where it would be safe to counter protest. They laughed at me, and told me I was crazy, and that we should just go somewhere else and not counter protest. I told him we don’t care anymore, we have to show these people not everyone is afraid of them, but we want to live through it. One cop said he liked our “heart” and that we should go across the street where all the other (6) cops were and demonstrate there. We went there and observed, but it felt very unsafe, crowds were gathering bigtime, and then the cops left.

I am telling you, there were so FEW cops there I was absolutely pissed. After taking some pics we went back to the cops and they said there was a counter protest on Main Street. We walked there, and only more Mexican flags! I finally found another cop that I had to FLAG DOWN and he helped out a lot. He told me about a minutemen that tried to counter demonstrate in the middle of the huge crowd, and he almost got ripped to shreds, they had to have SWAT or something go in and grab him!!!!! Then he basically told us we should go to the front of the LAPD and protest there. So anyways then we walked there, and again, no friggen cops in sight! In front of the police department! It didn’t even look open! I was so pissed by now that I decided it was time to counter protest since there were plenty of Mexican flags going by on that street (Los Angeles St.).

I had 2 main signs: “LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT” and “I.C.E., WHERE ARE YOU??” but I briefly displayed a “NO RACIST GUEST WORKER PROGRAM” sign and my friend had his big flagpole. Boy was that a dumb idea of ours to counter protest! We were lucky we were not physically attacked or followed back to the car afterwards. We were yelled at, flipped off, spit at but not on, dirty looked, and had a brief confrontation with some scary youngsters and their brainwash master. One young Hispanic girl even grabbed my sign out of my hands and threw it on the ground and stepped on the corner. I was taunting her though by holding a sign in my own country, I guess. They said that I had better shut up or they were going to kick my ass. I took great joy in pissing them off and said some very cutting things which was, again, stupid.

Anyways things started to slow down after awhile, and we had several people thank us (quietly) and one asian guy even shook our hands and everything! There was a lady capitalizing off the ruckus, handing out free t-shirts and sunglass-straps for “Bad Boys Bail Bonds” and her stuff was EXTREMELY popular with the people passing by. We decided in order to get out alive without calling a cab, we would sit on the grass with all our stuff hidden for awhile before walking to the car. That worked good, but we were fairly scared walking the whole way back to the car. We had to go north, to china town, and when we passed over the freeway, it was a horrible sight. When they all had nowhere else to march to, they lined the freeway overpasses, went down ONTO THE FREEWAY and waved Mexican flags all over. I was pretty upset and there WERE NO COPS!!!!!!!!!!!! So we finally made it back and drove the hell outta there! I don’t know what to think yet, I am only reporting. I am glad to be alive.

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  1. David Says:

    That is what is so damn scary about these people, the amount of violence they display. To think the government wants to let these people stay. It is a shame that the police are scared of them. All that does is empower these people even more. Good Lord I hope they don’t come flooding into my hometown.

  2. Sweetcakes Says:

    We missed our video guy today! We had a pleasant, uplifting rally today in Temecula. I’d say there were about 250 or so .Only one incident, caused by a wanna-be anarchist, “f—ing anything he could think of! Law enforcement managed to escort him away. A few followed, but everyone stayed cool.

    I hope the day in LA ended safely for you-know-who. It looked huge and evil in the clips I have seen. What is it going to take to get America’s attention? We are running out of time. Our kids and theirs don’t have a chance if we can’t prevail…NOW! Never thought I’d see this in my lifetime.

  3. Joe Says:

    500,000 people and no arrests or incidents. I was there, it was very organized and peaceful.

  4. The Watchdog Says:

    I didn’t have any problems either. Everyone was well behaved. Of course I wasn’t weilding an ICE WHERE ARE YOU SIGN either. If I had, I’m certain things would’ve been different.

  5. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    However organized and peaceful it may have been, it was in the cause of the squalor and menace that is the reconquista. For that, a half a days unwonted good behavior is not to be misread by the just as a sign that these people are anything less than invaders-or that the rules of human conduct have been changed [just for them!] making it ok for invaders to stay. The rules of human conduct have NOT changed and mexicans ARE equal, meaning we dont bend the rules for them and they are one and all to be thrown out. I hear you David! I lived in a town that got overrun and youre not alone. Most people however who live in towns not yet affected by the swarm fear in their hearts what you said. Only a few have the guts to talk about it.

  6. Jane Says:

    Half-a-million peaceful protesters…that is until HR4437 passes then that might change to half-a-million violent protesters, and thats just in L.A.

  7. Joe Says:

    My prediction if HR4437 passes: Initially maybe a little local rioting but after protestors get organized they will march to Washington, D.C. and DEMAND a rapid change by initiating a (violent, perhaps) coup-d’etat of the Senate!

  8. Anti-Illigal immigrations Says:

    Let’s not forget that these idiots out protesting represent a minority supporting Open-border policy. However, if Washington chooses to support Amnesty program, It will be America No more, as these massive protests serve as evidence of growing invasions to the point of no return.

    It is no surprise that those who were granted amnesty 20 years ago are here in the protest today back-stabbing against America in favor of foreign invasions, specifically mexico and central america. Let’s hope these protests will serve as a “wake-up” call to Congress for strict Immigrations enforcements and border security.

  9. Roger Says:

    Joe, it would be a serioudly bad mistake if that they (protesters) will regret for a long time if it turn out to be a violence protest in Washington.

  10. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    OK So my question is; At what point did the French see the foriegn flags marching up and down the street and realize that they had been invaded? How many layers of civility had to be peeled away before they could bring themselves to talk about solutions to their foreign occupation? D A King is right-Even the French had a resistence! Speaking of history, has everyone here heard of The Zimmerman Memorandum? Heres a link: http://www.discoverthenetwork.org/printindividualProfile.asp?indid=939 It is very easy to forget the motives of ones ‘neighbor’ when one is drunken on an exotic economic theory. Maybe jorge bush should do a little brush up on history, eh?

  11. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    …and while were at it, lets not forget el Plan de San Diego, http://www.tsha.utexas.edu/handbook/online/articles/PP/ngp4.html For doing initial research, the above link is great (discoverthenetwork.org) Take 5 or 10 minutes and gain some deeper understanding of mexico. Itll pay you rewards in debate!

  12. Brad Says:

    There is a reason the police were hard to find. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is very pro illegal immigrant.

  13. Jalira Says:

    The cops I talked to looked scared out of their wits. They kept moving always, and stayed hidden. Thats pretty sad.

  14. Jim Says:

    For those who are against illigal immigrations, and voted for LA mayor Reconquista, this is a wake-ups for you all.

  15. George Says:

    Our politicians had better wake up pretty quick! Those peaceful demonstrators could turn into a 500,000 man army real fast. Dont you just love the governments national security policy. Lets give them all amnesty.They will then respect our laws and our culture more. Ha-Ha

  16. Adriana Says:

    I am soooo glad I finally found an org. with the same believes as mine. I totally agree with what you guys are doing and I want to be part of it, anything I can do, without compromising my health or wellbeing nor my families, I want to join.

    Just let me know, any rallies, anything to show my support on taking back our country and being proud of being an American Citizen, please let me know.

    Much thanks!!!!!

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