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Herman Baca is an old-shool reconquista. He’s been a preaching about Aztlan to the Latino community for 35 years. He is president of the San Diego-based Committee on Chicano Rights.

This video was shot at the San Bernardino Latino forum in January of 2006. Many of the Latino leaders involved in organizing the current marches for amnesty were present at this forum, including California Congressman Joe Baca and his son from the CA State Assembly, Joe Baca Jr.

3 Responses to “Herman Baca - Reconquista”

  1. 1 Vincent Narodnik

    Listened to that video, yep everything I expected. Its shot through with trite resonings that dont hold water but have that particular odor as do all bogus ‘arguements’ from Komintern/Accademia. “it isnt a migration issue-its a labor issue; and you cant fence in a labor issue” right . Good one. Hows it feel to be a ventrilloquist dummy, Baca? I dont have time to run the numbers on this guy, but for general information, there is a site called ‘ knowthenetworks ‘.com that details who is who, who pays who and how etc. Its pretty useful and the truth is that for all we know-this guy is a major player-its wrong to think that just because Katie Couric has never mentioned Bacas name or whoever, that they arent largely influential…that communist girl on the stage the other day is case in point.

  2. 2 Jim

    Illigal aliens sympathizers like Herman Baca are here in the US for one and only one mission, and that’s reconsquita. One can see deep hatred of America in his face, and he cant wait to see that day when America is succumbed to a complete invasion .

  3. 3 Fred Dawes

    you do know that AZTLAN is right out of hitler handbook right? the reds used this idea and we are seeing the real start of this plan with mass so called immigration for the ideals of pure evil Herman Baca is in many ways a new hitler and is the enemy of all good people. I can only hope this guy get whats coming to him someday.

    Aztlan means pure tyranny in the old way and Bush is helping in all ways.

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