Traitor John McCain Gets Punk’d

Angry American’s demolish John McCain at an Arizona Town Hall meeting. I wish I was there to see his lily white face turn red.


After attending Senator McCain’s morning Town Hall yesterday, I was so disgusted at the way the local politicians censored citizen questions that I abandoned the idea of attending the evening session. The Tempe mayor laid down the ground rules: only questions and no “speeches” (which obviously included statements that disputed McCain’s claims).

It was a royal sham from the word go, just like Bush press conferences. I’m sure it was packed with McCain toadies, because they started a standing ovation when he walked in and of course most people joined in (with a few exceptions like me).

Thanks to my friend Annette, who encouraged me to accompany her to the evening session, where the McCain held a real Town Hall rather than the stage production choreographed by Hizzoner the Tempe mayor.

But the Tempe experience revealed the one-liners and sound-bytes McCain used to promote his amnesty and discourage any disagreement. In promoting his bill (that he carefully avoided calling an “amnesty”), he said there were only 3 options (1) maintain the status quot, (2) allow them to stay or (3) a mass roundup, which he dismissed as impossible claiming the busses needed would stretch from San Diego to Alaska. Twice in the morning at the Tempe session and at least 3 times in the evening, he challenged the audience, “If you have another solution, give it to me and I promise to take it to the Senate for review.” Of course that was just another of his ill-advised challenges used to condescendingly dismiss anyone who disagrees, secure in his arrogance that no one will dare to call his bluff. The recent “$50 per hour lettuce-picker jobs” are just another example.

In justifying the need for amnesty, he cited that the dictionary defined amnesty as “forgiveness” that required allowing them to remain in the US, dismissing any disagrement with the one-liner “Then you’re reading a different dictionary than I am.”

It was a real achievement to even get a turn at the mike, because the country club ballroom at Sun Lakes retirement community was jammed, at least 1500 people. Thanks again to Annette and two elderly ladies who kept poking the aide with their canes to remind him he promised me a turn at the mike.

Finally my turn came. I took a deep breath and jumped in, determined to keep going even if he tried to interrupt and talk over me:
“Senator, I’ll begin by answering a question you’ve asked several times this evening, and then I have a question of my own.” You’ve asked for an alternate plan for dealing with the 11 million illegal aliens in the US, and that plan has been documented by Mark Krikorian of Center for Immigration Studies in DC. It’s called “Attrition through Enforcement,” and it sets out a ‘comprehensive’ strategy well known to Congressman Tom Tancredo of Colorado and the House Immigration Reform Caucus. The plan has been summarized very succintly and clearly by Mike Cutler, retired from 27 years’ service in Treasury, Customs and INS, who often says “Nobody breaks into the amusement park when the rides are closed.”

“So Senator, you close down the rides–crack down on the employers as you promised to do 20 years ago when you voted for the “one time amnesty,” end the publicly-funded benefits to illegal aliens and their families as we did with Prop 200, end the government grants to agencies who help illegal aliens like Catholic Charities and Arizona Interfaith, and end the “anchor baby” citizenship nonsense that enables illegal alien families to “piggy-back” on their US-born children. And Senator, that won’t require a constitutional amendment as you claim–we need only to pass HR 698, intriduced earlier in the seesion by Congressman Charlie Norwood of GA. If you’re not familiar with these provisions, I know that Congressman Tom would welcome the opportunity to outline the option with you. So that leaves you to show whether you’re a man of your word and will take the option for Senate consideration as you’ve promised.”

“Now for my question, Senator. The agencies that will be responsible for administering and enforcing your McCain-Kennedy Amnesty (and it IS an amnesty, Senator)…”

He then interrupted with a condescening one-liner that he used at the morning session, “..then you’re reading a different dictionary than I am…” to which I replied, “Senator, I don’t used dictionaries to read laws. I read this law in United States Code Title 8, Section 1324.”

Although I wasn’t watching McCain, my friend Annette told me he’d been pacing up to then, but when I didn’t back down at his dismissive comments, his face began to get red and she commented that it was obvious he was mad. She also said that the room went dead quiet; perhaps the audience was eager to see how McCain would react. I’m amazed that he didn’t continue talking over me, but perhaps like most bullies, they back down when they find someone who isn’t intimidated by them.

But I knew that stooping would mean losing control of the mike, and continued on:
“And Senator, Section 1324 defines illegal presence in the US and prescribes only 1 penalty for illegal presence in the US–deportation.”

“The two Dept of Homeland Security agencies charged with insuring compliance are CIS–Citizenship & Immigration Services and ICE–Immigration & Customs Enforcement. Their historical incompetence and non-performance of their job is well-documented by the GAO back to 1995, they were charged by Congress to eliminate the 3-million applicant backlog by the end of FY 2006, and their report last November plainly stated that new laws, such as a guest-worker plan, would seriously hinder accomplishing that objective. Corruption was added to bungling and incompetence when the CIS Security Chief resigned, blowing the whistle on bribes to CIS employees in the form of money, gifts and sexual favors.”

“Senator, these are the same people who mailed automatic renewals of student visas to flight schools for students killed in the 9/11 Islamic terrorist attacks on New York and DC. Senator, how do you expect Americans to believe that your promises of enforcement will be fulfilled by such people?”

When I finished, I was dry and had to find a water fountain. I heard just enough of his reply to hear him say he was familiar with “my” plan and wasn’t going to take it back to the Senate. He diverted the subject by telling how the Irish had difficulties when they first came to America but eventually assimilated. He never answered my question of how agencies that can’t and won’t enforce current laws can enforce new ones.

Several people slapped me on the back as I left the room looking for water, one had even attended the morning session in Tempe and said, “You said exactly what I wanted to but couldn’t.”

I returned to the room just as the meeting ended, and met Annette out in the lobby. But the best part was to come: a couple approached me and the man asked, “Do you work in immigraton because you know about the subject?” When he learned I’m a computer analyst, he asked where I learned what I know, I told him I grew up in Southern California–the best classroom there is.

I learned he was a former ICE chief for their Phoenix office, so it was a real compliment when a front-line profiessional says something like that.

On the drive home when Annette told me how mad McCain had become when I didn’t back down from his condescending treatment, the effort in attending that night became worth it.

During the meeting, about 90% of the questions/comments were on immigration, maybe even more. Any supporters of McCain’s amnesty bill were quiet that night, because everyone speaking on immigration opposed his amnesty. It’s clear that despite the overwhelming voter opposition, it didn’t change McCain’s determination to shove this down our throats, just as he did in 1986.

Arizonans can’t vote him out of the Senate for another 4 years, but he has other plans–the GOP presidential nomination in 2008. Americans in other states don’t know the REAL John McCain like Arizonans do, but we have two years to educate them. I’m sure his stubborn insistence on this illegal alien amnesty will raise his visibility with Americans on an issue that he probably prefers would have remained “low-profile.”

When McCain originally took his “pro-illegal alien amnesty” position several years ago, I’m sure they expected this amnesty to sail through Congress easily. I doubt he expected to have the issue become the hot and visible issue it is today.

Let’s hope every pro-illegal alien senator experienced similar confrontations during their recess.

Sandy M.


21 Responses to “Traitor John McCain Gets Punk’d”

  1. Jason Says:

    That is awesome. I hope some audio or even video of this meeting pops up somewhere… I would have loved to have witnessed this…

  2. Sherri Says:

    Way to go, Sandy! John McCain is an idiot, just like the rest of them in Washington. He’s also very arrogant, which is typical for a member of Congress. These people seem to forget that they work for US, we don’t work for THEM. This man wants to be President? I certainly won’t vote for him, and I’ll encourage everyone I know not to vote for him, either.

  3. ann Says:

    I didn’t know John McCain was like that I know now. I want all new people in our government. The ones that has been there all these years have sold the Americans out.. I think they don’t want white people to live…They are trying to destroy our country..I want people in there that cares about United States. We need the poor people the back bone of America to take the government back.. The rich people don’t care about us they only care about is the almighty dollar….They are the ones that are pushing for the illegals to be here.So that they want have to give a decent wage for the work that makes them rich. The rich don’t have to live with them see them ever where they go because they are rich….

  4. Carolus Says:

    This is really depressing. John MacCain seemed to be the natural conservative candidate for the Republicans. A bright and experienced leader liberals couldn’t make fun of.
    Now he seems to gone all crazy on the most important issue, the immigration.

    Who’s too vote for now?
    Giuliani? Sure, he’s great on economy and stuff like that, but not to good on immigration.

    Damn, can’t anything go the right way?

  5. James Paul von Helton Says:


    Sorry, he’s in bed with the homosexuals & abortionists.

    (Now there’s a mental picture for ya!)

    McCain speaks out of both sides of his mouth, so IMHO, he cannot be trusted…..

    …..And he sure is hanging around Kennedy an aweful lot!!


  6. The Watchdog Says:

    I was upset that McCain didn’t get the nomination back when he was running against Jorge W. I liked him and I’ve always hated Jorge W.

    McCain has really blown it with his stance on Immigration. He’s thumbed his nose at the American public and he’s done it with such an arrogance. He’s unfit for public office and he needs to be thrown out.

  7. Contessa Says:

    Man it looks like there isn’t anyone out there on either side except Tom Tancredo or Hayworth. Immigration is the big issue. Who is on the side of the American people, our sovereignty and our national security? Frist has become soft on immigration and is now wanting to reintroduce his amnesty/guestworker program. Don’t be fooled by his tough talk anymore. Pound him with phone calls, e-mails and faxes. No path to legalization at all. If the illegals want to become American, they need to go home. Stand in line, apply for a visa. Get behind everyone else. Learn English, go to school, learn a profession or trade. Learn some more English. If they get the visa, fine. They are welcome. If not, go scream in the streets of your home country. Tell it to them. We’re done.

  8. Tim Ho Says:

    look further to see how badly the Senate is giving away the store. THe “Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act” creates H-5b non-immigrant visas for immigrants based upon production of “evidence” providing “reasonable inference” that the alien was living and working in the US before the law. That “evidence” can be “affidavits”. Any such documents completed by someone verifying employment in an affidavit that “contains incorrect data” “shall not be considered in violation” of the statute receiving the get out of jail free card for a five year felony.

    Which do you think whill happen to the 2+ million arriving too late for amnesty, they will return home or submit false affidavits? Duh
    Pitiful, shameful, sinful is what the Senate is doing

  9. George Says:

    At one time I thought McCain might be the answer; that he would stand up for the middle class American who is drowning in this cess-pool called illegal immigration, but his recent actions have changed my mind.

    While these pro-illegal immigration groups demand their rights, latino business leaders from the United States (who sit on mexican government advisory councils) are in mexico discussing and trying to direct the course of U.S. economic policies. There are city and state leaders in California who have openly preached sedition for the cause of the illegal immigrant.
    The federal government should be putting a stop to these activities.
    If any group of American Citizens acted this way the FBI would have rounded them up weeks ago and brought charges against them!!! Why the double standards and hands off approach???
    It is not just about illegal immigration now!! The very existence of the United States is at stake.
    I think our goveernment needs a thorough house cleaning in November 2006 and 2008!!

    No to amnesty; yes for a wall; or there will be no United States in the years to come.

  10. Brad Says:

    Check out this article on the United States of North America:

    As for them learning English, I just read this article on Vdare:

    Elitists, globalists, corporate whores, the entire congress is filled with them.

  11. Michael Cutler Says:

    I am pleased that you decided, in part, to quote me concerning the analogy about amusement parks. Immigration is, for the most part, not as complicated to understand as the open borders folks would have us believe. What Sandy did at that town hall meeting is what all Americans need to do at every opportunity that we can- call our leaders on their duplicitous conduct! The security of a nation begins at it borders and requires an immigration system that has integrity and resources. When we openly oppose those who are elected to represent us, we make it clear that if they do not represent us they will forfeit their careers in politics!

    Sandy, your actions are to be commended and hopefully will be emulated by American citizens all around our nation. We are waging a war on terrorism, gangs and other crimes. The safety and survival of our nation and our citizens hang in the balance!

    Reading your account of that town hall meeting made my day! Remember a country without secure borders can no more stand than can a house without walls!

  12. BorderRaven Says:

    BRAVO! Sandy,

    Senator John McCain supporting illegal aliens, after he was a POW in Vietnam, galls the heck out of me. I would expect a public servant more loyal to his country, than the traitor he has turned into.


  13. ern56 Says:

    Now that’s telling him, I heard Mc Cain talk before and all his speach’s are the same, he thinks he got all the answers but he don’t know how sick we are of the illegall.

  14. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    …”Which do you think whill happen to the 2+ million arriving too late for amnesty, they will return home or submit false affidavits? Duh
    Pitiful, shameful, sinful is what the Senate is doing”
    Thanks for the courage to say the plain truth Tim Ho. I will file those facts in my head to toss at congressional interns when I talk to them. Facts are good as gold.

  15. TexasCowgirl Says:

    Here’s a poll we can take to give our opinions about El McCaino. We all know how much the news LOVES polls - so start bitching about him now, and maybe that SOB won’t be running for President.

  16. Carolus Says:

    So… Who’s to vote for in 2008? Neither McCain or Giuliani are any good, and they are the top runner-ups for the GOP. The dems are naturally out of the question…

    That leaves us with… Pat Buchanan?

  17. TexasCowgirl Says:

    Newt maybe?

  18. James Paul von Helton Says:

    Carolus Says:

    “That leaves us with? Pat Buchanan?”

    Pat Buchanan on Immigration :

    America is becoming Mexamerica. (Sep 2004)
    Immigration tsunami will make whites a minority in US. (Oct 2002)
    Terrorists are among us as undocumented immigrants. (Sep 2001)
    Treat illegal immigration as an invasion & repel it. (Aug 1995)
    Stop the invasion from the south; limit immigration. (Oct 2000)
    Make English our official language. (Oct 2000)
    Use troops on borders to limit immigration. (Oct 2000)
    Teach new immigrants to be American & limit their numbers. (Aug 2000)
    Vast majority wants border controls like Buchanan fence. (May 2000)
    A million immigrants a year: ?we?re gonna lose our country?. (May 2000)
    Most pressing foreign policy crisis: illegal immigration. (Sep 1999)
    Secure our porous borders; teach immigrants English. (Jun 1999)
    Immigration ?time out?; reduce to 250,000 per year. (May 1999)

  19. Voting Says:

    What about Tom Tancredo for president?


  20. Punk'd Says:

    It’s about time McCain gets “punk’d” . I wish l could have seen that. It would have been hilarious. An arrogant Senator getting punk’d is something worth seeing!


  21. jrfoleyjr Says:

    People mention how chummy McCain is with Kennedy, but forget that he has ALWAYS been in thick with the Democrats. He is obviously tight with Russ Feingold. Look way back to the Keating 5 bank scandal… google it and look who his co-conspirators were. There was McCain with 4 Democrats. That cost the tax payers several billions. He has ALWAYS been rather tight with them and seems to straddle the aisle in the senate.

    I am glad more people are starting to see this snake in the grass for what he is. His “Straight Talk Express” was anything but. I wonder what conditioned responses his hosts at the Hanoi Hilton programmed him with?

    I wish I could have been at that meeting. I saw another one where he was popping off the one liners and even talked to a few people afterwards away from the podium and just kept repeating his programmed one liners like a parrot.

    It would really have been awesome if CSPAN had picked it up!

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