Communists Protest Minuteman March 5-21-06

Photo by Tulip (click it for a bigger version)

Here are my videos from the march.

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Here are a few more video’s shot by Sonar of Save Our State. (here, and here)

More pictures and video’s of the march can be found at Save Our State. (here, and here)

    Police Arrest 2 At Anti-Immigration Protest

    (CBS) LOS ANGELES At least two people were arrested at an anti-immigration protest that drew counter-protesters, which erupted into a rowdy melee, with shouting matches, pushing and shoving.

    Protesters interrupted a rally organized by homeless activist Ted Hayes, Minuteman Project members and Save Our State at Broadway and Olympic Boulevard.

    Originally 50 officers were called in for the protest, however more were called in to deal with the two crowds, which grew increasingly hostile towards each other.

    “I thought something was going to happen,” said a nervous Cruz Yax, 40, of Hollywood, who was shopping downtown but got caught up in the fray. “I tried to go over there but I couldn’t,” she said, gesturing away from Broadway.

That was the initial biased report by local Los Angeles CBS news station, channel 2. They couldn’t even get the headline correct. It’s not anti-immigration its anti-illegal immigration.

A ROWDY MELEE with pushing and shoving? This is a flat out lie. Also, the reporting is so ambiguous that it sounds as though members of the Minutemen were arrested when it was actually the communists protesting against us that were arrested. And just how does CBS miss the fact that these protesters are Communists with all the red flags and Che Gueverra shirts?

Their follow-up report was just as bad.

    The three counter-demonstrators that were arrested during Sunday?s downtown rally that was held by the Minutemen and other groups opposed to illegal immigration may face misdemeanor charges of interfering with a march. About 100 people — including homeless activist Ted Hayes, who has sided with the Minutemen — participated in a march from Broadway and Olympic Boulevard to City Hall yesterday, outnumbered at least two to one by pro-immigrant demonstrators.

    Helmeted police officers, who tried to keep the groups separated, reported that the counter-demonstrators threw eggs and a glass bottle at them.

    Communist Salute

    Simon Blanco, 25, denounced the marchers as fascists.

    “What is more criminal, to work to help your family and lift the economy of this country or to sow hate and attack ethnic groups?” he asked in Spanish.

    Police acted as a barrier between the marchers and the counter-protesters on the sidewalks.

    “The people are very angry, the tensions are flying,” said immigration amnesty supporter John Osmand, 36, of Ventura, who charged that the Minutemen sought to trigger a riot while pro-immigrant activists demonstrated “a great deal of self-restraint.”

What the reporter fails to mention is that the people he interviewed, the ones that called the Minutemen fascists and charge that they were trying to start a riot, were members of the Communist party. To call these Communists “pro-immigrant” and to mention how they were using “a great deal of self-restraint” is infuriating.

Watch the incredibly weak CBS 2 news report (VIDEO). That’s me at the end of the report on my rollerblades.

    Prescott Wood

Prescott Wood is the head of A.N.S.W.E.R. in Los Angeles. A.N.S.W.E.R. has been instrumental in organizing the big illegal alien marches all around the country. They are a front group for the Marxist-Leninist Workers World Party. They idolize Joseph Stalin but when organizing Latino’s they promote Communist leaders Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, and Che Gueverra as hero’s of the common man.

    Viva La Revolucion

    Here’s a photo of an “immigrant” who came illegally into the United States in search of a better life for himself, his wife and his five babies. He does the jobs that American’s are too lazy to do. He’s a very hard worker.