The Politics of Religion & Immigration

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Is it acceptable for Cardinal Roger Mahony to instruct his Priests, Bishops and Catholic lay workers to defy U. S. Immigration Laws in hopes of derailing reform legislation? Full Disclosure Network presents the striking but contrasting views of Cardinal Mahony and International Radio Broadcaster Stan Interrante, of the “Catholic News & Views”, (St. Joseph Radio) are featured in a 28 minute Internet Video.

13 Responses to “The Politics of Religion & Immigration”

  1. Carlos Calderon Says:

    What ugly bubbles to put on the picture of the cardinal! That he has his opinion on illegal immigration is one thing but to lump him and the overwhelming majority of priest who have given their lives over to Christ with that small minority of men who disguised themselves under the vows of the Holy Orders is a disgrace! Shame! Shame! Shame!

  2. Mike Says:

    Agreed,… with the above,… if they want to give aid to illegals,… let them, if we dry up the jobs thell go home anyway if illlegals want to become priest,… fine by me…. but shouldn’t give the citizen ship…..

    The cardinal despite his efforts to go agianst american law,… will only delay the enveitable ,,…..ignore him…. let them do as there faith calls upon them to do….. give to rome what is rome’s and give god what is god’s!
    That’s the beauty of this country,…freedom for those legal americans!

  3. Jerry Says:

    The cardinal is an advocate for law breakers.
    Shame on the holy order, it is a disgrace.
    A former catholic

  4. John Creasy Says:

    God says to do justice! The clergy are supporting INJUSTICE by supporting and encouraging people to break our immigration laws which are designed to protect us as a people/culture. How dare those hypocrites do this. They are sellouts. May God curse them.

  5. marleen Says:

    not only do they protect and support injustice concerning the illegals, but they also protected AND supported injustice by turning their ‘’Holy'’ backs while the cult of their priest [ brethren] raped and molested the most innocent of their faith… the children, the INNOCENT children.

  6. BabyDoc Says:

    I used to be catholic, am no longer. I will have nothing to do with an organization that molests children, protects those guilty of the molestation and an organization that supports the civilian takeover of the United States by foreigners.

  7. The Watchdog Says:

    Carlos and Mike,

    Phoney Mahoney has sheltered pedophile priests for years. He refuses to turn over his records to the LAPD. He is just as guilty as the pedophiles themselves who RAPE CHILDREN. Mahoney is not a man of God. He is a religious racketeer. A monster. His rotten soul belongs in hell.

    Carlos. Your days of posting on my website are over. You are a fucking idiot and you’ve given us all a headache for far too long.


  8. marleen Says:


  9. Mike Says:

    OOOOO and preists who rape children should not be allowed to hide behind that veil…. investigators should dig deeply and peel the layers away and lock the sicko’s up…. and if this guy is hidding the truth than we need to get evidence of this…. if its found lock em up too,… until then if he’s guilty of hidding the truth from the living…. Satin wil come licking his lips,.. with a particular place in HELL just for those who do his work in hidding as men of goD!!!!
    And a good man is judged not buy the faith he gives threw a priest but the good he gives in general! Dont have blind faith,.. priest are intended as guides not as a step ins for your soul…
    But man if there law breakers catch em and lock em up… till then rember your soul is your responsability!!!

  10. Ron Says:

    Good call Watchdog, Carlos is not worth the time it takes to read his uneducated, pro-open borders, cheap labor, biased posts. Adios Carlos and Viva La Raza to you!!

  11. Rick Forman Says:

    Mahoney is a disgrace to his faith. Especially for refusing to cooperate with authorities to extract justice for the pedophiles in his diocese.

    What was it Jesus said?

    “Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea.”

    The Catholic church believes they can use the full force of government to promote charity. We have been fighting a Catholic charity in Tenn. for years over the TennCare fiasco. If the Catholic church is so concerned for people then why didn’t they rid the church of the pedophiles and use the half billion dollars the church has paid out in settlements to help people?

    Mahoney needs to render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s.

  12. Contend Says:

    True Christians uphold the Laws of the land. This bishop will probably end up in prison for sticking some illegal kid.


    Sadly, the only reason that the Catholic Church has protected the illegal aliens is that there are 11 million catholics in these group and they will give money to the church plus provide children for the sexual predators that control and are protected by the Catholic Hierarchy.

    Illegal inmigrants have a right to have their day in court but the Intervention of the Catholic Church is for their hedonistic pleasures of wealth a forbidden (criminal sex acts) which they are fighting in court. ERL

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