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  1. 1 Vincent Narodnik

    Have you called your senator lately?

    Toll Free Numbers
    (800) 862-5530
    (800) 833-6354
    (866) 340-9281
    (866) 220-0044
    El Presidente
    (202) 456-1414 - FAX — (202) 456-2461
    Comment Line — (202) 456-1111
    This battle is far from over, friends.

  2. 2 Eddie B.

    Barbara Mikulski is at lunch. Leave a message. She might return your call. If you leave some money.

  3. 3 Jimmy

    You cannot trust mexicans. That is the simple truth.

    I just caught the mexican janitor, yard man calling me a feo cabron to a line girl.

    I have been consistently nice to this guy. Bought him cokes, when he did hard work
    outside on hot days. I genuinly liked this guy. I even pray for him.

    Now what’s the deal here?

    Being called an ugly he-goat, isn’t being nice. It is using spanish as an undercover
    language. This is however nothing new. Over the years, this kind of thing has happened.

    Either, I am really a sorry bastard, or these people cannot be trusted, and should be gone.

    This has happened so often with these good hearted folk, that I am not even disturbed by it.

    It is their nature.

    It is time to end the free ride.

    These people hate us and I don’t care who does not believe that.

    It is just the TRUTH.

    It’s time to flush the toilet.

  4. 4 Minutewoman

    Yes, Jimmy, the use of Spanish is a sign not only of laziness, but of deliberate disrespect and a covert, seditionist code language. They are laughing at us. They don’t think like we do, and we need to wake up to that.

  5. 5 Mountain Man

    They are SCUM pure and simple.

  6. 6 Sherri

    Why, exactly are the Mexican people so proud? What have they got to be proud of? Their native country is a cesspool of corruption. The entire society and culture is corrupt. Every time they move into a neighborhood it turns into a copy of a third-world dump. They have out of control birthrates, giving birth to children they can’t take care of. Most of them are illiterate and uneducated. They have no pride or respect for themselves or others, and then stand there demanding to be coddled and indulged as if it’s owed to them.

  7. 7 Minutewoman

    I’d like to make it clear that the comments I make here are based on the behavior of the Latino people that I see here in Southern California, and on news reports of their behavior in the United States. I have not been to Central America, so I have not experienced those people in their own countries. It could be that all we’re seeing here is the dregs, and that most of the Central Americans who choose to stay in their own countries are a whole different breed. I just don’t know. But I do know that we are mistaken if we think that all others think the same way we do.

    I can’t really say anything at all about ALL Mexicans, or ALL of any other nationality or race. All I can say is what I see being done in my country by those people of any nationality who come here illegally and those who support them, and it doesn’t look good to me. However, I think I would be crossing over into racist territory myself if I were ever to say that ALL people of any certain group were scum.

  8. 8 1Madmomma

    “However, I think I would be crossing over into racist territory myself if I were ever to say that ALL people of any certain group were scum.” Minutewoman, I agree whole heartedly. I’m not about being a racist! It is sometime difficult to not immediately judge, but I fight that. I don’t like illegals invading my country, and taking all the benefits that were intended for American citizens, as if we owe it to them just because they’re apart of the human race. Sorry, I don’t think so! I very much take immediate offense to hear people speak in any other language other than English. If I’d have logged onto this site for the first time and read peoples views, and it was all about hating all Mexicans, I’m quite sure I’d have never logged on again. People from ALL other countries that are here illegally need to GO HOME!

  9. 9 melody

    Interesting how our pets can look at us and tell we are talking about them, but some of the foreign language people never seem to think about that. If animals have some idea what is going on? Why do they think it is totally lost on us? Probably have no respect for us.

    I was waiting in line at the store and this Mexican said she was opening a line. I was standing behind a Mexican and was raised to have manners. I was not going to cut in front of him and dart into that line. Even if I was the sort of person to do that, anybody could see I only had 2 items in my cart. So, even if I did how long would it have took her to process my cash transaction? I didn’t have to speak Spanish to get the gist of what she was saying, “come over here now, don’t let her go in front of you” such panic in her voice. So eager to help her own people. I’ve never seen any thing like it. I’m surprised she didn’t lasso the guy.

  10. 10 litew8

    Jimmy, just call him ‘o ciucciarell.

  11. 11 litew8

    …or o ciuciarello

  12. 12 Minutewoman

    …way off the subject folks, but tonight I watched a PBS presentation of a live concert in 1971 by Ike and Tina Turner and the Ikettes. Man, I had forgotten what real entertainment and showmanship was like! I should say showwomanship, really. Ike’s band was good–real musicians, not garage-band punks–with a full horn section. But Tina and the Ikettes, well they were magnificent. No bashing instruments into the stage, no flamboyant costume changes, no pyrotechnics…just fantastic music and entertainment that had the whole audience on their feet. Those women really worked it out; they did all the old dances–the pony, the frug, the jerk, the swim, the mashed potatoes–and sang at the same time. They worked hard to give something to the audience and it was appreciated. I guess I’m really missing the old days, before America got completely off the track.

    Thanks for listening…

  13. 13 litew8

    …or, if you want to be real rude, call him finocchio or frocio.

  14. 14 Minutewoman

    litew8, you’d better tell him what those words mean so he knows what he’s getting into.

  15. 15 litew8

    I think you’re right Minutewoman. WD, you may want to delete the 11:13 pm post. It might be a tad bit too rude. The 10:17 pm post translates (in Neapolitan (Italian)) to mean ‘little donkey’.

  16. 16 litew8

    Delete at your discretion, - the word finocchio is pronounced like Pinocchio - substitute P with an F. (the children’s fairy tail - nose grows when he lies - it’s also an Italian story) Can also be said Sopranos style - finoc.

  17. 17 Jimmy

    litew8: It’s alright. I am not the kind of person who causes trouble. I try to keep a low
    profile, and be nice. Besides, I don’t hate this guy. It takes a lot to have me cross the line.

    Forgive and forget.

    But I do fear for when they become the majority. Hopefully something will happen to prevent
    that. Truly, they are NOT like us. You just have to be wary.

    Hate is not the answer. You just have to know what you are dealing with, and protect yourself
    mentally and physically. Hopefully, for most of us, we will never have to go through the hell
    of being controlled by these alien minds.

    If that sounds a little too soft, well, that’s just me. I find it easier and better to forgive than to
    hate anyone. But there are always a few exceptions, who do not deserve forgiveness.

    I’ll cut this old man some slack. I may need some sometime.

    It’s a new morning, and I feel good.

    Makes a lot of difference.

    Out all…………..

  18. 18 litew8

    I completely understand where you’re coming Jimmy. That’s why I suggested two options. The guy called you a goat, you could reply to him by calling him a donkey (it was even in an endearing way - like - sweet little donkey). I don’t consider it Hate. More like, showing the guy that you aren’t going to be made the fool. Some people will not stop unless you show them, be it verbally or physically. Besides, Anger is a natural human emotion. I am not the kind of person to be walked on. Never was. That’s just me.

  19. 19 Jimmy

    litew8: Thanks for the good words.

    I appreciate you.

  20. 20 Vincent Narodnik

    Found this on the side bar of the drunk Mexican video.
    Little thing about “Derechos Humanos”
    Worth 3 minutes to watch;search=

  21. 21

    Vincent: Worth the watch no doubt! That guy has a powerful voice, and is telling the bone rattl’in truth!

  22. 22 AmericanWorker

    To those who don’t know this group(White Lion) Please give it a chance and listen to the words. Old 80’s ROCK ! I think everyone will like it.

  23. 23 DfD

    Hey everybody, go over to and take a peek. I think they’re feeling the heat. Keep the pressure on! We’re winning!!

  24. 24 Mary

    You’re right Minutewoman. Public TV had re-runs of the Flip Wilson show a while back; what a trip back in time that was. Clean, fun humor, no putting anyone down, no trash-talking, plus everyone was so well dressed and well-groomed, including Flip who was dressed to the nines in his custom-tailored Botany 500 suits.

    My parents loved Flip and especially “Geraldine”. I’d forgotten all about those old routines. They were great.

    Yup, we have really fallen low since then.

  25. 25 litew8

    Alert! Help stop passage of Senator Specter’s new amnesty-lite bill!

    Senator Specter (R-PA) is attempting to pass an immigration bill that contains most of the elements of the recent, failed “comprehensive” bill, but instead of immediately offering an automatic path to citizenship to illegal immigrants would “just eliminate their fugitive status.”

    Specter hopes he can escape the charge of “amnesty” that he thinks killed the last bill. Of course, this bill still provides an amnesty. Those who entered our country illegally would incur no penalty and be allowed to stay. Specter said, “whether a person is categorized as a permanent legal resident or some other category, as a matter of nomenclature this can be worked out.”

    The other major change is that Specter’s bill would leave intact the family reunification standard that the defunct immigration bill would have replaced with a skills-based system.

    To learn more and to take action, click [ HERE ].

  26. 26 Mary

    Bahamians protest illegal alien Haitians:


    A little bit humorous to see the sorts of things they are saying about the Haitians:

    “They don’t pay national insurance, they don’t pay for medicine when they go to the clinic. They are draining us, they are taking our jobs.” said Martin-Lee, unmoved by fact that the rally was held in the heart of where many of the alleged illegals are said to rent apartments.

    “We can’t let them destroy our country, they have already destroyed theirs, now they want to do the same thing to ours.”

    Though no more than 20 people participated in the anti-illegal demonstration at any one time, curious islanders, walking and driving past in golf carts honked horns or yelled out in support. One middle-aged male motorist belted: “Send them all home, they are taking up all the apartments and me and my children can’t find a place to stay.”

    Many Harbour Islanders believe that the price of rent is being driven up by Haitians, who they say stay seven and eight to a two bedroom apartment and split the rent among themselves.

    A young woman who strolled by the demonstration chimed: “It’s time we take a stand.” ”

    They could be us!

  27. 27 Mary

    South Korean think tank predicted that the US would be a Third World country in 30 years because of illegals:

  28. 28 Faye


  29. 29

    info on it;t=76212

  30. 30

  31. 31

    Hmmm… adding comments has been disabled on both the youtube videos. Look at how many times they were viewed in such a short amount of time! Story’s out — too late to disable comments. We’re going to make them anyway in a LOT of other places.

  32. 32

    How much more corrupt can this countries so called leaders get? How long will it be before all HELL breaks loose?

  33. 33 Minutewoman

    I heard Rush Limbaugh talk about it today. Apparently, the Dems were so scared to lose that vote that they actually broke the rules of order and cheated by illegally extending the vote after the votes had all been counted and the voting closed!!! They are desperate, and willing to do anything to win.

  34. 34 The Watchdog

    Portland drivers on ice.

    Icy Roads In Portland - Watch more free videos

  35. 35 litew8

    Faye, they replayed the upset Republicans on the radio today, I heard it. It was AWESOME! First you could hear everyone getting upset, the noise started to grow and grow. Then EVERYONE started to chant, chaNT, chANT, cHANT, CHANT! It gave me goose bumps listening to the patriotic protest! All the while Pelosi hammering the gavel - to no avail! HAHAHA

  36. 36 NoYouCant

    You can still leave comments on this one Faye:

  37. 37 Minutewoman

    Hey WatchDog, what a hoot! …and Oregonians say we don’t know how to drive in the rain! I was born in Ohio, where they know that when the roads ice up, you stay home! We got lots of great “snow days” off of school that way.

  38. 38 Angel

    I’ve been noticing “black” helicopters flying around my area for a couple of days.

  39. 39 Angel

    Mary - The Bahamians must be racist, bigots. LOL

  40. 40 Sherri

    Mary, that story you posted was great! So I guess Angel is right—Bahamians are racist against Hatians, just like we’re racists for not wanting all of Mexico, Central America, and Asia’s poverty problems.

    So now here we go again, politicians ignoring the will of the people and attempting to push through yet ANOTHER (sh)amnesty bill. When will these people learn? I’m glad that there were actually politicians who fought against it. They’re all running scared, playing Political Theatre, and they know we’re not fooled. They don’t care.
    It’s like a bunch of children playing make-believe “government”, where the participants who don’t get things their way suddenly want to change the rules in the middle of the game, or others who yell and shout, and even some who have tempter tantrums by banging or throwing things.

    You don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

  41. 41 BEADALONG

    I think we will be there in far less time than that. We also have 2 wars going on (it seems like forever), the “Endless War on Terror”, the MASSIVE Trade Deficit, the loss of our manufracturing jobs, the H1B etc visas and this unlimited illegal immigration…Actually, I’m quite afraid of China pulling the rug out from underneath us and we’ll end like Zimbabwe.

  42. 42

    No wonder they all want to leave. These statues look like they were taken from Dante’s Inferno. Look at who’s footing the bill for this that’s going to come plague us, probably by way of Enrique.

  43. 43

    Arizona illegal alien tax fraud

  44. 44 Occidental Man

    Please vote for Dr RON PAUL

  45. 45 Angel

    Some more of my nutty angel lore. Just thought I’d let you know so you can stop reading now. This is just for believers. Those who are spiritually ascended themselves. Think of earth to heaven as a huge ladder. Where are you on the ladder? Highly ascended people are further up the ladder. One way to gage is how much you are open to me and what I write. Evil an evilness are of course rock bottom. Just watch a high achieving professional fall fast from drugs and alcohol.

    Angels do have special powers. What I should say is that angels know the powers that you, too, can tap into with some knowledge, practice, and ascension increase.

    Telepathy is one of those traits that angels have, but they must learn to use it. I was told that I could communicate through telepathy back in December. So I tested it out on my dog (of all things!)
    One afternoon my dog was resting by my feet. I knew that he wasn’t asleep. Mentally I called his name. His head flew up and he look at me and then looked around the room and then back at me. It was hysterical. He had the most confused look on his face as I think he realized that I didn’t call his name out loud. It was at least a couple minutes before he relaxed and went back to sleep. I think he shrugged it off as he didn’t really hear anything. Thereafter, whenever I would use telepathy on him, he just doesn’t pay attention.

    There are many predictions out there that in the future, we will all be using telepathy. The world will be a grand place because no one will be able to lie, cheat, or deceive.

  46. 46 Angel

    Occidental Man - Done. Thanks for the link.

    Looks like Paul is winning another one.

  47. 47 melody


    The Rockefeller foundation gave a $100,000 grant for that? I guess I should be glad 35 Mexicans can wait a little while longer to invade us because for now they got some work.

    What a waste of money. What do they want for the Mexicans to have nightmares. I would after be subjected to looking at all those weird, I don’t know if they even merit being called statues. Just looked like a bunch of dirt to me. Art…?

    The Rockefeller motive has to be evil. Wouldn’t it be better to drop off care packages with cheese,meat, peanut butter, something to eat besides rice and beans. Maybe give some peasants the gift of indoor plumbing or electricity? No! They must promote nightmares!

    I notice how he talks about illegal immigration like the weather something nobody has control over. Typical BS piece of media propoganda.

  48. 48 Minutewoman

    Yup Faye, the Rockefeller Foundation, that bastion of globalism, gave that guy six figures to make another mess to send to America. Maybe they will set them up in Baldwin Park and San Diego along with the other monuments to a foreign power.

  49. 49 Minutewoman

    Yeah, OccidentalMan, Ron Paul kicked ass again, even though Georgie wouldn’t let him talk! Dr. Paul got 5,600 votes, and the next one down, Mitt Romney, got only 1,000 and change–and this was on ABC!!. It’s Ron Paul hands down. Why won’t the mainstream media wake up and listen to the people??

  50. 50 Minutewoman

    P.S. ABC cut the voting off precisely at 12 noon. I wonder if they were scared to see what would happen if they let it go on any longer.

  51. 51

    Faye: If I’d been one of his friends, I’d be insulted, and hurt. He either has no artistic ability, or he thinks his old friends are really ugly.LOL! Did you all notice the one in front looks like a pig, hummm. He knows!

  52. 52


    Actually he’s copying. I’ve seen this before, but right now I can’t remember where. Plus, notice the drying on the one on the right. At least it won’t tolerate travel to be stuffed down our throats.

  53. 53;t=76360

  54. 54 melody

    Immigrant Eligibility Requirements for food stamps last modified by the USDA 06/08/2007

    On this page it shows how unfair food stamps are. The eligible immigrants are told that they can apply for food stamps even if members of the household are not eligible. The only reason I can think for someone in the “household” not to be eligible would be if he was illegal.

    They tell U.S. citizens to report a change of income of $50.00. They tell Americans that each member’s income is counted as part of the household income. Why should these illegals be exempt from income reporting requirments just because they work for cash under the table or use one fake ss# for work and a real ss# for food stamps?

    With all these unpredictable hours some bosses want people to work some legal people are going to have to come to the welfare office every month to let the social worker make a copy of pay stubs and get a receipt so they can prove they dropped off this proof. I hear rumors that the social workers will throw these copies in the garbage if you mail them in. Then you could get in trouble for not reporting this change of income.

    If more than one household member is working who knows how many pay stubs will have to be brought in? Remember it goes by household income so all income has to carefully be added together each month to see if proof needs to be brought in.

    Able-bodied-adults-with-no-dependents can only get food stamps for 3 months out of evey 3 years without meeting an 80 hour a month work requirment. They can do 80 hours of volunteer work a month for the food stamps. The most food stamps 1 person by himself can get is $155.00. Divide that by 80 hours and you got slave labor. That is like paying somebody $1.93 an hour to keep their $155.00 a month food stamps and people are worried about Mexicans? Not all volunteers are lucky enough to be able to walk to their volunteer site so if they are needed only 4 hours a day they have to pay the bus fare of a full time worker because they got to go 5 days a week!

    When the American is not able to meet his volunteer work he is thought to be lazy, but how does the American afford to work like that.

    A grown-up-anchor-baby can live with 20 people and if at least 1 is a child still get his food stamps even if the kid is not related to him. The American who trys to take care of himself loses his food stamps and is lucky if he can sleep on the floor of a friend or relatives house. I wish our media gave homeless Americans half the attention they give invaders!

    on this page there is a link to see states that provide their own food stamp programs for immigrants who do not meet regular food stamp eligibility requirments.

  55. 55;cset=true

    I wonder what would happen should one of us find a church that would offer us sanctuary from the drug cartels, the drunk drivers, the gang members, etc.

  56. 56 Eddie B.

    Melody -

    “The Rockefeller motive has to be evil”

    Everything the Rockefeller family has done has been been to hasten the total destruction of America. It started by providing fuel to Hitler when they owned Standard Oil. Profits from the sale of oil and gas to Hitler went to Swiss bank accounts.

    It accelerated when Rockefeller funded the Nationaal Education Association (NEA) to begin the dumbing down of America. Now Rockefeller funds a plethora of non-governmental agencies (NGOs) to hasten our destructioin including La Raza.

    Rockefeller is Illuminati. He is pue evil. He has no qualms about murdering us because he considers Americans “cattle”. Sheeple.

  57. 57 Vincent Narodnik

    A couple of stray facts about the Rockafeller family:
    What is now PEMEX (Mexicos ‘nationalized’ oil company) was formerly Standard Oil of Ohio, and a few other minor players.
    Lazaro Cardenas was responsible for that move
    The year was 1917. (1917!)
    Prior to that, the US vigorously defended US business interests abroad.
    When Rockafellers oil company got stolen from him, what was our response?
    I think though, that Standard Oil was “stolen” from him., meaning to say that it was part of a murky arrangement that we will have to wait till Kingdom Come to understand fully.

    The piece of ground on which the United Nations sits was donated by Rockafeller.

    and about a thousand other stray facts which…Im sure have no relation to the curious orientation of all Rockafeller “charitable” institutions toward totalitarian OneWorld Governance. Its just a bunch of coincidences.
    Has anyone seen my Prozac?

  58. 58 Minutewoman

    Sorry Vincent, I borrowed it.

  59. 59

    Minutewoman -

    Do you and Vincent share?

    I got really depressed earlier, but I ran across these. Enjoy.

  60. 60 Minutewoman

    Thanks, Faye. Ron really kicked butt this morning. I wish they would let him talk more.

  61. 61 Sandman

    Angel, I have not seen many helicopters lately but almost EVERY day when I am at my country home, I see an all-white, unmarked small jet that flys very low at usually the same trajectory. I always know when it is coming because the jet engines have a high-pitch sound that is like no other plane. I am pretty good at identifying aircraft, but this plane is like no other. It has back-swept wings and 2 small outrigger engines. It flys very fast but I cannot see ANY markings on it. Has anyone seen this in your area?…I know that a town about 40 miles to the east called Bastrop has a huge UN vehicle depot, full of white vehicles and aircraft. There are aerial photos of this depot floating around the web, The website once had picture archives that had these photos available…I forgot to mention but sometimes a t-38 painted in non-military colors flys with this plane. I am wondering what is going on, are we on the edge of something big?

  62. 62 Sandman

    …BTW, that website that I added a link to is different. I will find that website.

    …And also, It seems like Ron Paul is kicking ass on every poll I see. I am wondering now if the whole electoral process is not TOTALLY rigged! I do not know ANYBODY who likes the GOP frontrunners and only a few die-hard democrats that would even consider Hitlery or Osama. The media does not want Ron Paul nor do the Globalistas. The whole thing is rigged!!!

  63. 63 Sandman

    A quick link found these pix…

  64. 64 Angel

    Sandman - Wow! Pictures of military tanks on US soil. It didn’t list a date. I wonder when those pics were taken. Falls in place with “Final Invasion of the United States”. However, I was expecting another country - not UN to invade us. Could be people on our own soil that will run those tanks. We have had a massive Asian explosion in Georgia - especially since 2005. I went to Duluth , GA today. There is a large 100 store mall there. I saw Asian signs everywhere. Especially at car dealerships. I associate Asian with Communism. I usually stay far away from that area because it’s either illegals or Asians or both.

    We all need to post that link everywhere possible.

  65. 65 Sandman

    I guess that it would not hurt to read up on some various Executive orders that are in place and ready for…Some reason. MSM is strangely silent about all this. I guess that Paris Hilton is more entertaining. I sure am laughing.;sid=1062

  66. 66 Sandman

    …And some more good Ron Paul news…;sid=3181

  67. 67 Sandman

    Eddie B, check this youtube clip…

  68. 68 Sandman

    Here it is..

  69. 69


  70. 70 Vincent Narodnik

    Borrowed what?
    Whatever it is, Im sure its ok.

    Couple of stray field notes from over the weekend.
    Item 1, The Wichita Eagle glowingly reported that Americans are right now becoming a minority in their own public school system. The article was a glowing homage to an illegal alien-now-guidence counselor who guides ‘clients’ through the system. She proudly said that ‘we dont let legal status stand in the way of service’ …and Im sure the room glowed with her own magnificence.
    She also said that she hopes that those she helps wont lose their culture, or their language. I was thinking about catapults by that time and had to toss the paper down.
    Worthless rag.
    As for low flying unmarked jets, I saw one repeatedly flying over my parents house over the course of the weekend. There is a Corp.Aviation field nearby, but still, the jets have never flown so low, esp. at night.
    (Perhaps connected)
    Robert Gates, Rumsfelds stand-in, is a native of Wichita.
    (curiously, I understand that his grandfather was Frederick T. Gates, who was JD Rockafellers spiritual adviser-and more importantly, his philanthropic advisor.)
    (take that for what its worth)
    I was reading multiple accounts about low flying helicopters day and night flying to and away fromthe US capitol about a month ago….and the reports were from 40 year residents in the neighborhood, who said that in all his years, the only time that that would happen was immediately before something BIG was about to happen. Midnight planning sessions, is what it is.
    What I saw was probably R. Gates coming home for the weekend (?)
    Now for something completely different
    On the way over to the folks house, stopped at a garage sale. Picked up a stack of old magazines for a buck or whatever.
    One of them was Colliers dated Feb, 1952
    Edward Stetenius on the cover
    I usually read old magazines to laugh at the advertisements
    this one was strange though. In the contents section, there was an article about “United Nations Patriots” ….what???? UN Patriots????what the hell could that be?
    I guess thats about all for now.
    Scraping paint today. No funzees.

  71. 71

    Good article on Ron Paul:;t=76492

  72. 72 Eddie B.

    Great article on Rockefeller on News with Views. Everybody should start to understand how this family works. Definitley the Illuminati. Very evil.

  73. 73 Eddie B.

    Whoops. A link would help.

  74. 74 Eddie B.

    Sandman -

    I can’t wait to see END GAME. Alex Jones is definitely a guy I would like to shake hands with.

  75. 75 allamerican

    Look, stop with the RACIST CARD already!! It is not racist to try to stop a foreign people from taking over OUR country! PERIOD!! Look at all the damages, we do not have to like or respect people who are causing us and our children harm. Look at the huge increases in the rape & murder rates alone. What do you think, we should just shut up and turn everything over??


  76. 76 allamerican

    David Rockafeller told Hillary Clinton back in the 1990s to take note of Hitler’s methods, and she has, and that’s a fact (see ‘Cloning of the American Mind’ by BK Eakman). Problem is, no one will believe it. These people are the devil come to life, and will do anything, anything to accomplish subjugation of the American people. They will make the former Soviet Union look like a paradise!

  77. 77


    Minutewoman said she borrowed your Prozac when you had asked where it was. I wanted to know if ya’ll would share it.


    What and who are you ranting about?

  78. 78 peternoamnesty

    hello? i dont know if i can post

  79. 79 Angel


    Posted: Tue Aug 07, 2007 4:33 am Post subject: Students required to live with Hispanic family


    Now in order to earn a social work degree from Dalton State College in GA, the student must spend 10 days living with a hispanic family! This is really outrageous!

    PS: We have a HUGE number of illegal aliens. Dalton is the only city listed in GA as having a LaRaza office.

    From the Chattanooga Times Free Press

    Social work program accredited
    Tuesday, July 31, 2007

    By Erin Fuchs
    Dalton Bureau

    DALTON, Ga. — For the past five years, David Boyle has been working to earn accreditation for Dalton State College’s fledgling division of social work.

    “I was hired to do this program,” Dr. Boyle joked, “so it’s all my fault.”

    On Aug. 15, social work students at Dalton State will start classes — for the first time — in an accredited bachelor’s program. Full accreditation was granted last month.

    “It was really reassuring,” said senior social work student Adam Barnette. “I’ll be the first class that my diploma is under a fully accredited program. That’s really cool.”

    Dalton State’s social work program was conceived to serve the shifting demographic in Northwest Georgia, and requirements include Spanish and studies about Hispanic culture. Degree candidates also must live with a Hispanic family for 10 days during the summer.

    “It’s practically a necessity, but we’re the only ones that are actually doing it,” Dr. Boyle said, referring to teaching social work students Spanish.

    Social work scholar Dr. Freddie Avant, president-elect of the National Association of Baccalaureate Social Work Program Directors, said Dalton State College’s program is unusual.

    “It is a very, very unique program,” said Dr. Avant, who is familiar with social work programs throughout the country. “There’s not many programs that exist in the nation that focus specifically on bilingual education.”

    Dalton State’s bilingual program grew from a 1999 report from the University System of Georgia’s Hispanic Task Force that said foreign language classes should be required for social work majors.

    “They identified the need for bilingual social workers as a critical, unmet need,” Dr. Boyle said.

    Evaluators with the accreditation-granting Council on Social Work Education wrote in a 2005 report that Dalton State served the “unique needs of the region” including a “rapidly emerging Latino population.”

    “The program has developed its mission,” the report said.

    The mission of serving Hispanics doesn’t appeal to all students, Dr. Boyle said. “It screens out some students,” he said.

    In fact, Michael Fowler, a social work major who graduated this year, said he initially balked at learning Spanish.

    When evaluators visited the school during the accreditation process, Mr. Fowler said, they asked the students what they didn’t like about the school.

    “The biggest complaint was that most of us are adults and are now being told that we must learn Spanish,” Mr. Fowler said. “It was just a constant struggle.”

    But he said Dr. Boyle is like a parent who forces an unpleasant task upon his children because he knows it will benefit them when they grow up.

    “Several of my former classmates received jobs before others, because number one, they had a (bachelor’s in social work) from Dalton State; and two, they … had at least a functional understanding of Spanish,” Mr. Fowler said.;zoneid=77

  80. 80

    Well, by all means!!! What else were Americans put on earth for EXCEPT to serve (illegal) hispanics?!!

  81. 81 melody

    Angel, “students required to live with hispanic family”,

    You know what that means. The invaders are taking over the social work field. The Americans not of a Spanish speaking background will not be able to keep up with the bilingual Spanish students. Then they will start recruiting social workers strait from Mexico or some other Spanish country. Soon when Americans go for Welfare or Social Security help there will be nobody there who can speak English. Americans will need an interpreter to talk to a social worker in their own country!

    It seems like bilingual mean Spanish only!

  82. 82 NoYouCant

    NEW YORK ? A United Nations employee was arrested Monday on charges that he and two others used U.N. letterhead to gain permission for foreigners to enter the country illegally, prosecutors announced….,2933,292259,00.html

  83. 83 NoYouCant

    Hey Vincent, I googled 1952, United Nations, Patriots and found lot’s of very interesting stuff concerning the Korean War and the UN.

    I never heard of Michael New and his story, thought I’d post it.

  84. 84 NoYouCant

    allamerican, I hear you! Vent away!

  85. 85

    melody: Fact of the mater is that (at least where I live in California), the welfare office is already run by predominantly hispanic people now. I’d even go so far as to guess there are even illegals employed there. As of right now, they have to be able to speak english, well I think anyway. I also know that many of these workers will pull for their own first. EXAMPLE- There is only so much money, or spots, allocated for free child day care. There is only enough for a few more children. They will fill that position with a little mexican kid, rather than a black, white, red, or brown child of another nationality.

  86. 86 Minutewoman

    NYC: Wow, the Michael New story is very frightening to me. The U.S. Army forcing our soldiers to fight under U.N. colors? Isn’t that treason?

  87. 87 Vincent Narodnik

    Thanks Faye, NYC,
    Ill look that up after I get all of the paint chips out of my…everything!
    Im covered head to toe!
    Heres a interesting/funny video a friend sent me
    Dont know who this Cramer guy is, but WOW
    hes PISSED!

  88. 88 Angel

    He is very pissed. I’ve never seen him before. It’s was just posted today and there are over 300,000 hits!

    I did read somewhere today on a blog where someone said to take money out of banks for a coming collapse. But…who knows. We’ve been down this road before.

  89. 89 BEADALONG

    Wow, there is a lot of good info coming in here.

    And wow Angel, that article on Amexication sure was something. So, Boyle’s requiring his students to speak Spanish. Hm…shouldn’t it have been the other way around? That these people should have been required to learn English?

  90. 90 BEADALONG

    That was a good Ron Paul video but I was also watching the ones that say he sucks. They do make a point when they say some taxes are required to build/maintain roads, schools, etc which is true. But that 1913 income tax I think should still be abolished.

    Also, some of the candidates are involved with the CFR & want to get this NAU accomplished….Those people who argued against him never mentioned a thing about the NAU….and I highly doubt that they would want this….Maybe again, they just don’t care about that.

  91. 91 D-7

    Well it’s coming. I was flipping channels and came across the worthless Comcast community channel. Of course, not for the first time did they have someone from some hispanic organization. The host asked him what he thought of the policy or legislation they are trying to run through in Pierce County (think Tacoma, WA) to REQUIRE kids, starting in third grade, to learn Spanish. He said, “I think it will be GOOD FOR OUR PEOPLE!!!!”

  92. 92 Angel

    Yeah Beadalong, it should be the other way around. They’re just slowly changing the language on us. Maybe we won’t notice and think how wonderful that we all know 2 languages. I agree there is great stuff on here. This is my favorite site. I go to a couple others, but this one has people that know what’s really going on.

  93. 93 Angel

    I heard that Tom Tancredo recently warned about China. I think it was insinuating of an attack. Folks , they are already here. We’ve got Koreans, Chinese, Vietnamese, and on and on. Communists pretending to want that better life.

    Living in dangerous times.

  94. 94 BEADALONG

    I agree Angel. It’ll be on the sneaky side, but I’ve also been noticing more & more Spanish signs creeping up (stores) (including a Clear-Channel billboard in Spanish) in North San Jose.

    I’ve also been noticing that anything in a box is usually now in 3 languages-French, English & Spanish. Is this another clue that the NAU is being formed?

    Yup, I usually go here: Then Jeff Rense, News with Views (I don’t agreee with everthing on that site though), Alex Jones, David Ike (although his Reptilian stuff I ignore), Educate Yourself, Vdare, We Hate Gringos, Iluminati News, World Net News, 7th Fire & a couple of others.

    Hmm, Tancredo recently warned about China? Uh oh. With Chertoff’s “gut feeling,” who knows, but Lou Dobbs has been saying that China’s been building their military.

    Over here in the Santa Clara Valley, CA, we’re loaded with Vietnamese (have been for about 20 some years now) as well as illegals along with a high percentage of people from India (thanks to the H1B visas that greedy Larry Ellison and his ilk adore so much.

  95. 95 DfD

    Diversity = “Separate But Equal”

  96. 96


  97. 97

    Have you guys been hearing anything from Numbers USA? I haven’t gotten anything in awhile, and it seems things are going on in Washington that we should be responding to in mass.

  98. 98 melody

    On that website there is a cartoon creature named straw-EEE who is hitting the head of Ron Paul and saying “We’re not going to take it anymore.” to Ron Paul Supporters.

    They have polls and I could not find Ron Paul’s name so I don’t think they’re including him in the polls on that website. Lots of names on these polls that I’ve never heard of.

  99. 99 simone

    Quote I recently read. I don’t recall the author, but it is so appropriate for what is going on today.

    “In the days of universal deceit, the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”

  100. 100 Sandman

    Simone, that was George Orwell from the book “1984″

  101. 101 Sherri

    Faye, thanks for that link! So La Raza doesn’t want a lot of Africans coming here, eh? What’s the matter, Ceceilia? Afraid the Africans are going to show your people for what they are? A bunch of leeches with their hands out demanding constantly because they want something. La Raza and other groups like it need to shut up. They are nothing but a bunch of racist a–holes.

  102. 102 Angel

    Faye, I saw your link on another site, so I think it’s making its rounds.

  103. 103 Angel

    I found this on a blog. We may think that it is isolated, but I think this will happen in the future to us more.

    Posted: Wed Aug 08, 2007 1:13 pm Post subject: Illegal Immigration Debate…..


    Lone Protester

    My name is Terry Funderburk. I live in Columbia, SC and have a small business in the new home construction industry here. I install copper on new homes. I have been in business for almost 20 years now and always had plenty of work lined up. Usually, I had 20 to 30 jobs lined up for the next few weeks. Last year my company grossed 176 grand. I have 2 employees and a partner. (my son). This year though, things have gone to hell in a hand basket. Here we are almost into August and my business has grossed so far this year 18 grand. (by this time last year we had grossed 110 grand). So what?s different between this year and last year? Right, the illegal competition.

    Let me tell you a little story that actually happened to me this week (it still seems surreal). But it begins about a month ago. Then I stopped by a home that was being rebuilt due to a lightning strike last year I knew the homeowner, I have done 2 different copper jobs on his house before it burned down. I asked him if he was planning on installing copper on the front and rear porches and he said yes, to please give him a bid on it. He said that he had an international team of roofers to install the shingles on the roof and that if I wanted the copper job to be sure to give him a low bid. He said that the international roofers got paid 4 to 5 dollars an hour for the shingles. (thats what American roofers were making in 1970). Well, I turned in a bid to him for 5 grand on the copperwork. A fair price.

    So this past Monday morning was when my adventure began. (and it ain’t over by a long shot). I drove by that house early Monday, the international roofing team was hard at work installing the copper. I saw red. I got enraged. I went home, made up 2 picket signs, one said illegals, stop stealing our jobs and the other simply said Enforce our laws. I told my wife that I probably wasn’t coming home that night because I was going to protest until I got arrested and taken to jail. In route to the job I called my son and told him what I was planning to do. I asked for his support, gave him my digital camera and had him park his truck across the intersection from the job with the camera and take pictures of me protesting that job. I got my picket sign and started marching up and down the street yelling. I brought out all of the homeowners neighbors told them exactly how cheap their friend was. Every vehicle that came by I made sure they slowed down, read my sign and saw how mad I was.

    After about 30 minutes of doing this a single cop showed up. He pulled over, came up to me, grabbed my sign, threw it down on the road and told me to come to his patrol car with him. I asked him if I was under arrest, he said no that he just wanted to talk to me. I told him no, I wanted his hands off me, my sign back and that I wanted to keep expressing my first amendment rights. He grabbed me forcefully then, trying to steer me to his vehicle but I immediately sat down in the middle of the road. I was still yelling because I was madder than hell at that homeowner. He cuffed my hands behind me then he real forcefully tried to pick me up so I yelled to my son, Police brutality, take a picture, lol, That cop took his hands off me then and called for a backup. The other cop arrived after 30 minutes or so and the entire time I am so pissed I yelled at everybody that came by. A lot of them gave a thumbs up. Once the cop was talking to the homeowner so I reached over and picked up my sign with my hands cuffed and yelled for my son to take a picture, (nice one too).

    Well, both cops came over to me, I asked them if I was under arrest they said no. They picked me up (no help from me) and shoved me in the back of the patrol car. I looked at the homeowner while they were doing this and he had a smirk on his face so I called him a cheap bastard. I asked both cops again if I was under arrest, they both said no so I demanded to be released. Then the first cop sat in the front seat and began to write a ticket. I asked him what was the charge he said cursing. lol. I started laughing then, it was just so damn funny (and tragic). I asked him, tell me, which crime is worse, cursing, that homeowner knowingly and admitting to employing illegals or the illegals breaking the law by being here illegally? Well, I certainly found out which crime is the most serious because I spent the next 22 hours in jail for cursing. When I got out of jail Tuesday afternoon I called and emailed 8 different law firms. I went to criminal court yesterday morning (for cursing mind you). The judge asked me how did I plead. I told him I wanted a jury trial. That?s what the lawyers had advised me. Every word in this story is true. I got the pictures to prove it. And the ticket for cursing too of course. My trial should be within the next 3 to six weeks, I’m just about bankrupt because of all the illegal competition, but I swear to God if I am found guilty of cursing I will take it all the way to the supreme court. I listened to Michael Savage the other evening and he said that there were 30 illegal Hispanics outside his studio protesting something he said over the air. He said that they sounded like they were offended and then he said that there are 180 million Americans offended by the millions of illegals flooding across our southern border but of the 2 groups who is our politicians and government listening to. The 30 illegals of course.

    But I tell you what, it is way past time for the American people to put there feet down, to get rid of most of the bums in Washington and locally and get this country back to the way it was before it became politically correct. The way things are going these days I fear for the future of my kids and grandkids. Is there anybody out there with me or can offer me any advice? Thanks for reading a tragic story from a very outraged patriot. Terry Funderburk PS Almost forgot, but I am not one of Senator Lindsey Grahams bigots(this fellow is gone come Nov 0. I am married to a beautiful lady from the Philippines. It cost 15 grand in visa and lawyer fees to get her here LEGALLY. The process took 2 years. She didn’t have a border to just stroll across like our southern neighbors love to do all the time. Terry Funderburk, lone protester.

  104. 104

    Hello Watchdog’s; Have any of you been getting letters, updates, etc from Numbers USA? Since I’ve gotten a new e-mail address, I’m feeling a bit lost as I’ve not heard anything from them. I sent them my info, but because I haven’t heard from them, maybe something didn’t go through right. Let me know please. Thanks

  105. 105 Minutewoman

    1MM: I haven’t heard from Numbers in more than a week.

  106. 106 simone

    Thanks, Sandman.

  107. 107 litew8

    1MM: They need money. I think that’s the reason why they aren’t alerting. Everything comes at a price, even patriotism.

  108. 108 Vincent Narodnik

    Lets all do our part and help Numbers USA.
    I dont think that their central roll in defeating 1639, and all the others can be underestimated. Without them, 2006’s version of it would have been passed and we would already be submerged in “Willing Workers”-and living in an entirely different (but New ™ ! and Excititng ™ ! country.
    I myself am now unemployed, but Im going to send in my chip today.

    Hope that aint too preachy.

    Now, I stumbled across this pathogen a little while ago. Have a look if you dare.
    It is a website of an Estonian OneWorlder living ungratefully in London, publishing books and making loads of money doing speaking engagements to wealthy companies and groups telling them how they will be so much better when…I dont really have to finish this sentence, do I ? Grab a gander at his ‘links’ also-preferably by an open window, as no bucket will contain the result.

  109. 109 peternoamnesty

    hey i do not understand why some of you folks and why this site being anti-amnesty and pro border support ron paul for president,read this facts
    (1) Paul consistently voted every year since 1999 against putting the military on the border:
    2006: H. Amdt. 206 to H.R. 1815
    2004: Goode Amendment to H.R. 4200
    2003: Goode Amendment to H.R. 1588
    2002: H. Amdt. 479 to H.R. 4546
    2001: Traficant amendment to HR 2586
    2000: Traficant amendment to H.R.4205
    1999: Trafficant Amendment to H.R. 1401.
    (2) Paul voted in 1997, 2001( H.R. 1885) and 2002 (H RES 365) to grant, extend or continue Section 245-i amnesties for illegal aliens.
    (3) Paul voted NO on extending the voluntary Basic Pilot Workplace Verification Program (H.R. 2359),
    (4) Paul voted NO on the border fence in 2005 (Hunter Amendment to HR 4437 - “Enforcement Only” Bill).
    (5) Paul voted YES to increase H2-B (HR 763 in 2005) and H-1B visas (HR 3736 in 1998). In 1998, he voted to allow US firms to lay off Americans to replace them with foreigners.

  110. 110 peternoamnesty

    oh sorry i didnt post the link…
    What’s so different about Ron Paul?

    Dust from the November 2006 election had barely settled when presidential candidates began assembling for the 2008 campaign. With the exception of Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX), most were known quantities. Lots of “folklore” has been circulated about Congressman Paul, but how much is actually fact vs. “factoid?”

    Dr. Paul’s distinction among Republican candidates is that he’s the only one who opposes the War in Iraq. As an American who long ago realized that the US military is used as a corporate security force to protect globalist assets and interests overseas, and the “wars” and “police actions” are mounted whenever global capital interests are threatened, I felt Dr. Paul deserved further investigation as a viable candidate. Whether or not he actually emerges as the winning GOP candidate isn’t as important as his forcing RNC recognition of opposition to the Iraq War among conservative voters.

    “Doing my homework” as an informed voter didn’t mean I began with Ron Paul as a blank slate; an old family friend had told me of his Libertarian background, his unorthodox “Constitution-only” stands and her respect for him. Like most Southern Californians, she thoroughly disapproves of his “open borders” position and his past support for illegal alien amnesty, but she supports him because she knows of his love for America.

    Selecting the Immigration/Border Security issue as my yardstick for evaluating whether Congressman Paul’s positions were well-founded and realistic doesn’t make me a “one-issue” voter. I chose the issue that I’m most savvy on; many years as an activist on an issue that politicians don’t want to discuss has given me valuable experience in recognizing evasion and “phony baloney.”

    As of early 2007, Dr. Paul hadn’t published his “official” position on Immigration/Border Security. His House of Representatives website ( doesn’t have an “issues” page, nor did I find anything on his Liberty Caucus site. The site that his supporters claim gives a thorough explanation of all pertinent information and links was under construction, as was his “Exploratory Committee” website.

    So my only feasible starting point was the Libertarian Party website, where I found that I agree with many Libertarian views. I do join many Americans in the two I oppose strongly: “open borders” and “open access to drugs.” Congressman Paul’s campaign website agrees with these LP positions. Since reports that Dr. Paul supports legalizing prostitution lack substantiation, I discarded them as gossip.

    Mrs. Penny Langford Freeman came to town.

    A great “educational” opportunity arrived in February 2007 via a program with speakers opposing the North American Union, including Ms. Penny Langford Freeman, assistant to Congressman Ron Paul. I recognized a great opportunity to learn more about a Presidential candidate that held the promise of the new blood Americans are calling for the in the 2008 election.

    I was particularly interested in learning how Congressman Paul reconciles his opposition to NAU and NAFTA with his Libertarian Party’s “open immigration” platform. When evaluating politicians’ promises and “positions,” I’ve adopted The Judge Judy Test: “If it doesn’t make sense, it’s probably not true.” Not only is it easily understood by virtually everyone, but it’s also been foolproof.

    Considering the current interest of Americans on the immigration issue, it wasn’t easy to locate his position. Despite Mrs. Freeman’s insistence that and the “Exploratory Committee” websites answered all questions on Dr. Paul’s position, they were still under construction.

    Just before the speech, I revisited the Libertarian Party website where its “Issues” page listed what the LP regarded at the time as “Hot Issues:” High Gas Prices, Corruption on Capitol Hill, the Iraq War. Neither the NAU/SPP nor Immigration/Border Security qualified as “hot issues!”

    Without the Dr. Paul’s “Immigration Report Card” of his votes assembled by NumbersUSA, I’d have been sunk.

    Mrs. Freeman spoke on Congressman Paul’s early recognition of the virus affecting America (erosion of US sovereignty). Hearing Mrs. Freeman tell us that Paul “always tells the truth, even when he knows it isn’t what people want to hear” certainly sounded promising for hearing a candid and forthright statement on where Ron Paul really stands. When she called for audience questions, I lost no time in getting to the mike.

    Ron Paul’s voting record

    I’d collected Ron Paul’s voting record on the very strategies urged that night to reverse the influence of “one-world government:” hiring Americans, no amnesty for illegal aliens and border security based on Paul’s Immigration Voting Record & Report Card on the NumbersUSA website:

    (1) Paul consistently voted every year since 1999 against putting the military on the border:
    2006: H. Amdt. 206 to H.R. 1815
    2004: Goode Amendment to H.R. 4200
    2003: Goode Amendment to H.R. 1588
    2002: H. Amdt. 479 to H.R. 4546
    2001: Traficant amendment to HR 2586
    2000: Traficant amendment to H.R.4205
    1999: Trafficant Amendment to H.R. 1401.
    (2) Paul voted in 1997, 2001( H.R. 1885) and 2002 (H RES 365) to grant, extend or continue Section 245-i amnesties for illegal aliens.
    (3) Paul voted NO on extending the voluntary Basic Pilot Workplace Verification Program (H.R. 2359),
    (4) Paul voted NO on the border fence in 2005 (Hunter Amendment to HR 4437 - “Enforcement Only” Bill).
    (5) Paul voted YES to increase H2-B (HR 763 in 2005) and H-1B visas (HR 3736 in 1998). In 1998, he voted to allow US firms to lay off Americans to replace them with foreigners.
    What a surprise to hear Mrs. Freeman focus her reply not on the five items I’d presented, but instead on Congressman Paul’s introduction of a bill banning “birthright citizenship” (actually one of several in the Congressional hopper). Was this another example of the politicians’ shell game?

    I reminded her that my questions weren’t about birthright citizenship, but instead about using the military on the border, opposing the border fence amendment to HR 4437, his support for several Section 245i amnesties for illegal aliens and increased guest-worker visas for jobs Americans want. She apparently realized that I wouldn’t be blown off so easily and spoke to the questions presented.

    She said a border fence wasn’t needed; sensors at the border would be enough. On the matter of the military on the border, she said it wasn’t necessary–the Border Patrol should be fully empowered to do the job. She claimed that the job was done more effectively without the military when states patrolled their own borders, adding an anecdote about Texas Rangers’ success in stopping diseased cattle from crossing the border.

    My genealogical research tells me this is baloney. My great-grandfather served on the southern border at Fort Ringgold, TX while in the US Army (Fifth Infantry, Company E) from 1885-1889. Post Returns and Annual reports filed by military commanders to their superiors telling their duties and activities make clear that the Army and Cavalry patrolled the southern border at the time during Arizona and New Mexico territorial days. These reports were published as leather-bound books, distributed to senators, congressmen and others who eventually donated their copies to public and private collections (the set I used is maintained at the University of Nevada Reno library). “Post Returns” are a land military base equivalent of a ship’s log, and are maintained by the National Archives.

    She complimented the Minutemen on how effective their work has been, suggesting that she believes their mission is permanent. (Perhaps she hasn’t heard Chris Simcox tell that the Minutemen eagerly await the day when the federal government will assume their constitutional duty and let the Minutemen go home.)

    When Mrs. Freeman insisted that Ron Paul has NEVER voted for illegal alien amnesties, I further questioned, “He’s never voted to support amnesties under 8 USC Section 245i?” with the bill numbers above. After a slight hesitation, she repeated the denial.

    While the “Section 245i Amnesty” wasn’t the same “path to citizenship” or “earned legalization” touted in “comprehensive immigration reform,” it qualified as amnesty by “allowing an illegal alien to remain in the US legally”–the distinction is that 245i was for a temporary amnesty period rather than permanent. 245i was a loophole in the 1996 IRCA that barred illegal aliens from receiving visas for 10 years. By paying a “fee,” illegal aliens who applied for legal status could remain in the US while their application was reviewed and evade the usual investigation done in their home countries. (This has a familiar ring!) The 245i program has since ended, but Ron Paul voted for its continuance in 1997, 2001 and 2002, and voted AGAINST ending it later.

    Because all illegal alien amnesty bills during the past 5 years have originated in the Senate rather than the House, Congressman Paul hasn’t been put in a position of casting a publicly-recorded vote on illegal alien amnesty since 2002.

    It was obvious that Mrs. Freeman was not only unprepared but also unwilling to speak to Paul’s voting record on immigration issues, which shocked me. Others in the audience apparently recognized Mrs. Freeman’s evasions when they approached me afterward and inquired the source of my research.

    To encounter from the Ron Paul camp the same evasions characteristic of typical hack politicians was disappointing, but I knew other opportunities would be forthcoming as the presidential campaign continued.

    Directly from the Paul Campaign

    And that’s exactly what happened. As months passed, the Ron Paul Campaign website ( was updated with his “6-Point Plan” on Immigration Reform / Border Security, and several Paul supporters assured me it would answer all my questions.

    They were wrong. The 6 Points raised more questions than it answered; I was underwhelmed.

    So on July 8 2007, I e-mailed an inquiry to the Ron Paul campaign via its website, outlining specifics that I recognized were missing from the “6-Point Plan.” Activists on the immigration issue have learned that what a politician DOESN’T say is just as important as what is acknowledged and it was clearly true of Ron Paul.

    The inquiry can be found HERE. Public posting not only shared awareness of how ambiguous was the “6-point Plan, but the current interest level in Ron Paul generated lots of speculation and postings even without the campaign’s reply. It effectively “opened the public debate.”

    My July 8 inquiry remains unreplied to this day. Not what I would have expected from a candidate claimed to tell the whole truth, even when it’s not what people want to hear. On the other hand, it wasn’t such a surprise after the February speech experience.

    10 days later on July 18, I re-sent the inquiry and this time followed up with a phone call to the campaign. I did learn that the campaign staffers monitor phone calls much more conscientiously than e-mails when I received a call the following day from the campaign’s “point-person on immigration,” Don Rasmussen. He wanted me to go to, where he would “walk me through” each point that would answer all my questions.

    “Not so fast, Mr. Rasmussen,” I said. “I’ve read your 6-point plan and it’s the result of the ambiguities it contains that I sent my inquiry. Since I’ve spent the time to organize the “action items,” why don’t you give me your e-mail address, I’ll send you a copy of the inquiry and you can respond to that.” That Mr. Rasmussen gave me his e-mail address told me he was a legitimate campaign spokesman.

    I was initially impressed that, true to his word, Mr. Rasmussen did reply within 24 hours. I would have been even more impressed had his reply actually addressed the items I presented rather than just offer a generic “one size fits all” evasion of hiding behind some nebulous definition of “we always follow the Constitution.” Past emphasis on Congressman Paul’s integrity led me to expect more than the standard evasion that I’ve heard from staffers of (for example) Senators John McCain or Jon Kyl.

    In the next installment, read Congressman Paul’s positions on immigration, directly from the campaign’s “point person on immigration,” Mr. Don Rasmussen.

    COMING: Part 2: “Ping-Pong Interview” with Ron Paul’s point person on immigration Part 3: “Ron Paul–What you see is what you get, but what do you see?”

    © 2007 NWV - All Rights Reserved

  111. 111 Angel

    Peternoamnesty - I’m always concerned when someone tries to put down Tancredo, Hunter, or Paul. Do you have more information out there to back your claims? A while back I checked Ron Paul’s immigration report card and it was pretty darn good. I am open, though, to new information. Ron Paul is unique in that he can cross party lines. He can get the democrats because he is and has been anti-war and is a devout believer in freedom of speech (especially the internet). He can get the conservatives because of his stance on the federal reserve and most of his other positions fall in line with conservatives. In my opinion, that’s his mystique.

  112. 112 Angel

    I haven’t heard from Numbers either. I think the last time I got an email from them was BEFORE this last amnesty bill died.

    I did get an email from about 2 weeks ago.

    I too get concerned. Does it mean nothing is going on? I don’t think so.

  113. 113 Sandman

    Petroamnesty, I was not aware of Paul’s voting record on immigration that you posted and I will dig deeper into it, but i want to ask you who in the race do you want? Fred Thompson? Rudy? McCain? Tancredo and Hunter unfortunately will not even be in the race in 2 months. they are almost tapped out financially. And when the dust settles, Paul will still be there in the race with 3 or so other candidates. Not only that but immigration is only one issue of many in this country. I guess that an illegal war is ok? erasing the Constitution is good as long as we are protected from the “terrorists” or that the military is being used as a global police force…Hmmm, I notice too how as Paul’s popularity grows, more MSM heat is going after him.I hope that all truths come out and all hype is exposed. I really want to see him questioned on the immigration bills that he signed if that is true.
    Bottom line is this: The whole race is rigged with globalist puppets who are in reality pretty much the same on the big picture. Any candidate who will take the position against globalism , central banking, big Govt , open borders, wants to maintain the integrity of the Constitution and is against the war has my vote.

  114. 114 Minutewoman

    I too feel that Ron Paul’s “six-points” are rather nebulous, but his statements on all the other issues are nebulous too, in the sense that they are written in very general terms, not specific enough.

    The voting record is important, and I, like Sandman, was under the impression that Paul’s record on immigration issues was good, so we need to look into that. However, If Paul were actually able to make the changes he speaks about in all the other issues, especially U.S. sovereignty, the end result would be a drastic reduction in both legal and illegal immigration. I would, however, like to see specifically what sort of immigration reform he has in mind, and what sort of border protection he has in mind.

    I also wonder how the libertarian trade free-for-all philosophy differs at all from globalism. How does Paul square that with his public stance against the NAU, when the trade free-for-all seems to be what the NAU is after?

    Looking at all the candidates on both sides, I really don’t think anyone is actually telling the whole truth, but that Paul is at least not lying. And I do believe he wants and intends to uphold the Constitution to the best of his ability. We’re never going to have a perfect president, because we ourselves are all unique individuals with differing wants and needs.

    I am interested in your observations, and I hope the people can get Dr. Paul to clarify more issues to us.

  115. 115 peternoamnesty

    the problem with the “changes” minutewoman is that everybody now is “against amnesty” like mitt romney did you read the latest of McCain? dont trust McCain either LA RAZA has the money and money talks so let them win the republican nomination and you will see.Look at Hunter and Tancredo on the NAU issue,Hunter was the man who cut the money for the spp(or ssp i dont remember)and i guess tancredo voted with him
    ANGEL tancredo and hunter are good guys in fact tey have perfect voting records but we cant say the same for ron paul,his only anti amnesty stance is the anchor baby issue and we al know that that will never happen
    SANDMAN tancredo will be in the race,i hope Hunter too ill show you an article soon…

  116. 116 peternoamnesty

    “The campaign is also expected to file papers for federal primary matching funds in the next week or so, Buchanan said. Federal law permits contributions from individuals of up to $250 to be matched dollar for dollar by public funds.

    Tancredo raised $2.8 million through June. Buchanan estimates that the campaign should already be eligible for roughly $2 million in public financing, which is disbursed at the beginning of the year.”
    “but i want to ask you who in the race do you want? Fred Thompson? Rudy? McCain?” Hunter then Tancredo

  117. 117 Angel

    Morning Star Ranch’s border problems

  118. 118 Angel

    Rep. Brice from CA (I think that’s his name) was on Lou Dobbs tonight. We need to get going and demand that the border be secure pronto!

  119. 119 litew8

    SANDMAN, I don’t think your comment is completely accurate. Right now it is a fight for the straw poll in Iowa. It appears that Romney is leading, and it is predicted Tancredo will be a STRONG 2nd. In a few more days, we’ll see the outcome.

  120. 120 litew8

    Nothing against Paul, but I don’t think he will make the top 5. Potential candidates need to make the top 5 to break out (I believe, correct me if I’m wrong).

  121. 121 peternoamnesty

    we have to donate to hunter and tancredo..i guess all dem candidates are at la raza side

  122. 122

    I heard him, too, Angel. They’re supposed to be home so I’m going down to my representative’s office and have a discussion. The senators would require a long drive — I might go visit them, but I will hound them one way or the other.

    That was a definite point in the direction of what’s required on Dobbs. Everybody start yelling AGAIN!! Maybe we need to put a ps on our stuff this time:


  123. 123 Angel


    Check this out.

  124. 124 Angel

    It dawned on me a while back that there are probably other lightworkers on here. We are all over the world. The work and overall mission cannot be stopped. They seldom reveal themselves; however, that will be changing soon.

    This is for them

  125. 125 Minutewoman

    Hey Angel, are you an Actualism Lightworker? I think there are a number of different kinds. I think the people on this video are lightworkers too.

  126. 126 Angel

    Minutewoman - I’m not sure what an “actualism lightworker” is. I popped it in the search engine and an unrelated link popped up.

    I watched your link. Those folks could be lightworkers. There’s is just no way to tell as it is a big secret to the world (but not so secretive anymore).

    My situation is a little different. I am a lightworker in that I use God’s light to heal, protect, etc., etc. Everyone is probably fine with that but next …oh
    I’m a walk-in angel who is a practicing lightworker. Yeah it sounds crazy. In the 50s they probably would have placed me in the insane assylum. There’s not much out there about us (we’re another big secret to the world). The only book I’ve found about those like me is called Strangers Among Us by Ruth Montgomery. You can get a used copy for $5 on amazon. Prior to 2003 I was just an average American. Great book. I highly recommend, but you must have an open mind.

    God bless

  127. 127 Minutewoman

    Yes, Angel, I remember reading a couple of her books more than 20 years ago, along with many others, like Edgar Cayce, Raymond Moody, and some of the other spiritualists and theosophists.

    For 12 years I studied and practiced Actualism lightwork. I had the honor to meet the founder, Russell Paul Schofield and to study with his first crop of lightwork teachers, who were truly inspired.

    I am glad this is not the 1950’s any more. What would be the point of locking up someone who only wants to love people and do good?

  128. 128 BEADALONG

    Thank you Angel. I thought that was incredibly beautiful (to me anyway).

  129. 129 coyote

    Why don’t we use our mind to create a service for all the illigals and make some money instead of wasting our time trying to fight them.

  130. 130 melody

    Would-be migrants must undergo classes in what it means to be French

    The contract “of welcome and integration” has been mandatory since January for all people from outside the European Union applying for long-stay visas, except for students and seasonal workers. It is part of a package of immigration rules known as the “Sarkozy law,” passed in July 2006, when Nicolas Sarkozy, now the president, was interior minister.

    The contract “of welcome and integration” has been mandatory since January for all people from outside the European Union applying for long-stay visas, except for students and seasonal workers. It is part of a package of immigration rules known as the “Sarkozy law,” passed in July 2006, when Nicolas Sarkozy, now the president, was interior minister.

    Others expressed disbelief when told how long children born in France to foreign parents must wait before gaining French citizenship (sometimes 15 years).

  131. 131 Minutewoman

    Hey, Coryote, what kind of “service” do you have in mind? We already give them free life-long education, free medical care, SSI, food stamps, section 8 housing, free legal representation, and the right to spit in our faces and call us racists. What more do you think we owe them?

  132. 132 melody

    Minutewoman, you know what Coyote wants: the pie in sky! All that free stuff and hogging all our jobs is not enough. You know how they think our gov. owes them 5 thousand a month walking-around-money so they can buy what they need to smile and have a nice day. Only the best for these “hardworking people”.

  133. 133 Angel


    I agree with you. That Lightworker Mission youtube is beautiful. It emits a lot of positive energy and that’s what you feel. I find it very soothing.

  134. 134 Mary

    Awful, awful story on Michelle today:

    An illegal from Peru murdered 3 black teen-agers and wounded one in Newark NJ just because they were hanging out at a playground:

    The kids were not associated with gangs, it was just pure meanness. What the hell is happening with our country? These illegal hordes are killing us right and left.

  135. 135 BEADALONG

    Yes, Angel it was very beautiful & soothing. Thank you for the link. It does make me feel that there is supposed to be something better for us & humanity.

    Maybe it’s pie in the sky or maybe finally, it is approaching time for the end of all these evil-doers for once and for all & that’s why things are getting so bad on a global scale. Maybe, this is all coming to a head like a nasty boil and then it will all be done. Only time will tell whether this is correct or not.

  136. 136 BEADALONG

    Unbelievable, eh? 4 kids minding their own business and then they get murdered by yet another illegal alien.

    For all those politicians out there (Prez Bush also) & (including the latest: Obama singing in Spanish now according to CNN), there’s blood on their hands from all this. How many murders must it take for them to finally action? Or do they even care? After all, it’s not affecting them (yet).

  137. 137 BEADALONG

    Yup Melody, I sure wish our politicians were doing this & also round up all these people (revise the 14th Amendment back to 1986), revoke the citizenship of every anchor baby born here since that time & deport every last one of them. (that way we “keep the families together”)!

  138. 138 BEADALONG

    Coyote, why don’t we send all the illegals to your house & you pay for all their bills, free births, benefits, free schooling, free breakfasts/lunches, etc?

  139. 139 BEADALONG

    Hmm, it must be me but I was trying to look for a breakdown chart of immigrants in general to the U.S. for 2007 and I couldn’t find anything (I googled under Pie Charts for immigration to U.S. in 2007). I’m probably just not thinking that clearly right now.

    I was talking to my 32-year-old daughter tonight who lives in Maryland now. (she lived in CA for most of her life but moved to MD a couple of years ago).

    She’s of mixed (white/Latino) and she says she’s offended now with questions directed her away hinting at her legal status.

    Anyway, she made these arguments and she does have a point with at least 1 of them.
    She thinks most illegals are coming from either Canada or Cuba (she is in MD). I don’t know the full situation of the illegal immigration make-up there, that’s why I was looking for charts for the immigration makeup of the US for 2007.

    She says that most people begging on the streets are white. The Mexicans don’t do that. Some of them will work 2 or 3 jobs rather than do that so they work harder than a lot of white people do.

    She also says that today’s teenagers wouldn’t be caught dead working in fast food, picking veges or other jobs like that.

    So, I think at least as far begging on the streets (in my area at least at 3 corners, they have all been white-she has a point there).

    As far as what teenagers will do now, I don’t know…(does anybody think she might be right or wrong about that one?) …or are there a lot of teenagers that are looking for work to supplement their college income but were displaced by illegal alien workers?…I don’t know about that one.

  140. 140 BEADALONG

    Oh, I forgot but my daughter said a lot of teenagers are “spoiled” and wouldn’t be caught dead working at the above-mentioned jobs.

    So, I’m wondering if that is indeed the case (at least in some cases) or are they displaced by illegal aliens and are discouraged?

  141. 141 Minutewoman

    There are probably no published statistics for 2007 yet, but I looked up the Migration Policy Institute, as a start, which has statistics for 2006 FOR LEGAL IMMIGRATION ONLY, SINCE NO ONE IS COUNTING ILLEGALS.

    The top 10 sending countries of migrants to the U.S. in 2006 are:
    Dominican Republic
    El Salvadore

    As of 2006 the estimated numbers of foreign-born in the U.S. is:
    Mexico - 10,900,000
    Phillipines - 1,580,000
    India - 1,446,000
    China - 1,386,000
    El Salvadore - 1,091,000
    Those are the top 5. Canada comes in at 660,000

    Of those who came in, those who became citizens were:
    Mexico - 18,520 out of over 10 million
    Phillipines - 24,802 out of over 1.5 million
    Vietnam - 19,357
    China - 11,664 out of over 1 million
    India - 9,833 out of over 1 million
    El Salvadore - 2,001 out of over 1 million
    Canada - 2,922 out of only 660,000

    You can see that Mexicans and El Salvadorans have very little interest in becoming Americans, whereas Canadians have become citizens at a much higher percentage. It looks like Indians are no much interested in U.S. citizenship either. Remember, these numbers are for legals only!

    So, Beadalong, by this one study you can show your daughter-in-law that what she sees around her in Maryland isn’t the big picture. I would imagine other data-gathering groups would come up with similar statistics.

    As for the white people begging on the streets, a closer look might show that most of them are mentally or emotionally disabled. In California, mentally ill people were thrown out from institutions into the streets by the policies of then-governor Ronald Reagan (he was not the god that people are now making him out to be). There is little or no tolerance for mental illness in this country. In a few years, we will see a sad tsunami of untreated or mistreated mentally ill Iraq War Veterans out on the streets, under bridges, in parks, etc. Shame on us.

  142. 142 melody


    A lot of immigrants (legal and illegal) are coming from countries that still have child labor. I think some of these immigrants may have been working in a sweatshop or factory since they were 8 years old. Maybe even started working younger than that. In my state you have to be 18 to work in a factory. There are age limits for most jobs. They come here and compete with the American 18 year-old who may have never had a job before. So, by the time some of these illegals are 18, they may have 10 years of full time work experience in a sweatshop or factory. So, of course, bosses want to hire the one who is fastest and gets the most done. It’s going to be the one with the most experience. American children are expected to go to school.

  143. 143 melody


    I’m not surprised to hear so many immigrants have a chance to become U.S. citizens and don’t. Most seem to want to go back to their people.

  144. 144 Minutewoman

    Yes, Melody, and most American children live in towns and cities where there is really no agricultural activity, so they would have no idea or opportunity to work in a field. They have also been raised to aim high, and educated with college as their goal. I see a lot of young people working in retail stores here in So Cal. I see a lot of young latinos working in fast food services. I think a lot of American parents are supporting their children longer in life so they can go to college, and many college kids are working part-time in retail. In LA county the latino high school drop-out rate is about 60%! They are not aiming high, but maybe that’s because so many of them are illegals or anchor babies and are trying to stay under the radar. I don’t know. They do not think like Americans.

  145. 145 Vincent Narodnik

    Anyone thinking that Obama might be a nifty alternative in 2008 ought to listen to this little clip.

    An Obamanation is an Abomination.

  146. 146


    So the vast majority have no interest in becoming citizens. BUT National Council of La Raza is out there trying to get as many as they can to obtain citizenship AND VOTE. Since at least Mexico has dual citizenship, they will be able to vote to change how we live, work, and educate our children…. and then go home with the loot to build their houses and their businesses while we live in the mess they create.

    EDDIE B!!!!!!! BUCKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Vincent -
    How true. And between this video and the girley doing the lap dance on his life size picture, I NEED EDDIE’S BUCKET AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  147. 147

    I watched NCLR on C-SPAN last night… they were talking about getting things passed piecemeal and this guy on the end said something like… even if we get this and this passed, “the unwashed masses” will…

    He called his own people “unwashed masses”….

    There’s more on ALIPAC… civil disobedience discussed on national tv.

  148. 148

    Here you go, WD.

    I’m going to bed while I feel good and before I run into something that makes me yell, scream, and raises my blood pressure.

  149. 149

    Here’s you some more, WD. I am really starting to like this man and he is gaining so much support.;search=

  150. 150 Minutewoman

    Thank you for these Ron Paul videos. They give me hope.

  151. 151

    Man, have you checked out how many videos they’ve done?! Good ones, too. Not like the milk toast Romney’s putting out on t.v.;search=

  152. 152;search=

  153. 153

    Oh!!! What a good idea!!!;search=

  154. 154

    You’re welcome, Minutewoman. They give me hope, too. Now I really am going to bed.

  155. 155 D-7

    Coyote is just one of those selfish minded people who only care about themselves for the day, not about the effect of how they might be making their money and the toll it will take on many people, a society, a culture, an economy for the future. Coyote is obviously immature and self-centered and to be ignored.
    But Beadalong, your daughter must realize that in places such as where I live the over-population, which affects commute time pretty much precludes just about everyone from having more than one job. You just couldn’t get there & back & to another job. I live amongst the invaders and I can tell by their patterns none of them work more than one job, nor any that I am “related” to. Also, those white people on the street don’t culturally have a “network” of people to live with in clown house fashion in order to be able to afford to not be on the streets, even if they aren’t mental. We also have fire codes as to how many people can occupy if one is renting. (Nevermind the invaders ignore this.) This is not our culture. And we are subverting our own culture to expect them to adapt to the invaders culture. And, she shouldn’t be so offended to be subtlely suspected as to her legality status. This is again, a direct consequence of the invasion. My kids have been mistaken for many ethnicities & spoken to in Spanish & of course they are proud to assert they don’t know the language, they are Americans!

  156. 156 Angel

    I like this guy.

    I think this is cute. He gives a lot of facts too.

    Just your ordinary American citizen expressing his opinion.

    He’s had quite a few hits on youtube. That’s how I found it - going through the high count videos.

  157. 157 Angel

    Here’s a sequel to the above. He got over 100 hate emails from video number 1 above. So here is his response. This one is even better (I think)

  158. 158 Angel

    As a Christian, I believe in miracles. And I think today we may have seen a real miracle take place here in Iowa. Thank you, again, for your patriotism, for your commitment to our shared cause, and for your friendship.

    Tom Tancredo


    Excerpt from the tail end of Tancredo thank you/congratulatory letter. He came in 4th in the straw poll in Iowa today.

    Yes, Tom, miracles do happen. :)

  159. 159 melody


    I agree with you about the cultural “network” and how hard it would be to get there & back & to another job.

    Americans are expected to buy a car or ride public transportation. I live in a major city, but the invaders seem to take every job I could walk to or be able to ride only 1 bus. Some Americans are lucky and don’t need a car, but it seems like the invaders are the luckiest. It seems like the boss will arrange a van ride for the invaders or provide some kind of on site housing. I have met bus riders who said it takes them 4 hours to get to and from work.

    A job that might only take ½ hour in a car to get to, can take 1½ hours on a bus because the rider might have to ride 2 or 3 buses to get there. You have to wait for each bus which adds travel time. A lot of time is wasted waiting for a bus. Often when the person gets off the bus there is a 10 to 20 minute walk to the job because a lot of jobs are not on a good bus line. Most bus riders have to spend about 10 minutes or so walking to the bus stop nearest their house as well. Some buses only run 1 time an hour. Most buses have no service between 1am and 6am. Some buses don’t run on Saturday and Sunday.

    Somebody working minimum wage would have a hard time using the buses to work more than 1 job.

  160. 160 The Watchdog

    I think I’m in love with a girl named Val.

    I guess she makes a new video for each painting she does and then she auctions off the finished painting on Ebay.

    Here is her website.

    She doesn’t have a bio, so I don’t know anything about her but, she sure is cute, funny and talented! It seems that she lives in the US, but I’m guessing by the accent that she’s originally from Spain. And no, don’t tell me that she’s an illegal! Not this one. She’s a proud American legal immigrant. I’m just sure of it.

  161. 161

    Ya’ll want to post Anonymous a few well wishes here?


  162. 162 litew8

    Well, Tancredo didn’t come in a STRONG second as some were predicting, but he did well. He made that top 5 I referred to earlier. Here are the results.

    1 Mitt Romney, 4,516 votes, 31.6 percent
    2 Mike Huckabee, 2,587 votes, 18.1 percent
    3 Sam Brownback, 2,192 votes, 15.3 percent
    4 Tom Tancredo, 1,961 votes, 13.7 percent
    5 Ron Paul, 1,305 votes, 9.1 percent
    6 Tommy Thompson, 1,039 votes, 7.3 percent
    7 Fred Thompson, 203 votes, 1.4 percent
    8 Rudy Guiliani, 183 votes, 1.3 percent
    9 Duncan Hunter, 174 votes, 1.2 percent
    10 John McCain - 101 votes, 0.7 percent
    11 John Cox- 41 votes, 0.1 percent

    - - - - -
    McAmnesty came in 10th.:lol: And I’ve seen comments that he’s somehow rooted strongly in Iowa. Yeah, RIGHT. Same with Girliani.

  163. 163 litew8

    Tancredo came very close to 3rd and close to 2nd. Take note people. We shut down the Senate switchboard - via people across the country. We are out here, waiting.

  164. 164 litew8

    1 Mitt Romney, 4,516 votes, 31.6 percent
    2 Mike Huckabee, 2,587 votes, 18.1 percent
    3 Sam Brownback, 2,192 votes, 15.3 percent
    4 Tom Tancredo, 1,961 votes, 13.7 percent
    5 Ron Paul, 1,305 votes, 9.1 percent
    6 Tommy Thompson, 1,039 votes, 7.3 percent
    7 Fred Thompson, 203 votes, 1.4 percent
    8 Rudy Guiliani, 183 votes, 1.3 percent
    9 Duncan Hunter, 174 votes, 1.2 percent
    10 John McCain - 101 votes, 0.7 percent
    11 John Cox- 41 votes, 0.1 percent

  165. 165 litew8

    Sorry. Weird. My first two posts hadn’t shown up a second ago. That’s why I reposted the straw poll results. Just wanted to say -

    The media here isn’t talking about 3rd, 4th or 5th place.
    But they are more than willing to NOT reference Girliani and McAmnesty (by name, not by poll outcome). Entirely skipping over and ignoring 3rd, 4th, and 5th place - all of which did BETTER than Girliani and McAmnesty. They sure as hell don’t seem to want to mention Tancredo’s name or Paul’s name AT ALL. Out of EVERYTHING I’ve heard after, neither of their names are mentioned.

    Considering how CLOSE 3rd, 4th and 5th were, you’d at least think they would, some. They know - they can see the writing on the wall - they see Tancredo in 4th, a VERY CLOSE 3rd and CLOSE 2nd - they know - ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION is a HOT TOPIC/ISSUE.

  166. 166 litew8


    *more than willing TO reference Girliani and McAmnesty
    - constantly, and they weren’t even here!

  167. 167 litew8

    Also, take into consideration how little money Tancredo had to work with. We shut down the Senate switchboard - via people across the country. We are out here, waiting. The straw poll is telling. The number of people that participated in the Iowa straw poll was weaker than previous times. Thereby making the results THAT MUCH MORE important - telling.

  168. 168 litew8

    15,000 votes were cast yesterday. Allot less than in 1999.
    Also note - McAmnesty came also came in 10th back then, HAHAHA

    The straw poll historically serves as a winnowing process. Twelve Republican candidates were on the 1999 ballot, but six competed in the 2000 Iowa Caucuses.

    Iowa Republicans cast 23,685 ballots in 1999. George W. Bush claimed victory with 7,418 votes, while Steve Forbes captured second with 4,921. Elizabeth Dole finished third with 3,410 votes. Gary Bauer and Pat Buchanan rounded out the top five with 2,114 and 1,719, respectively. Other candidate results: Lamar Alexander, 1,428; Alan Keyes, 1,101; Dan Quayle, 916; Orrin Hatch, 558; John McCain, 83; John Kasich, 9.

  169. 169 litew8

    Did I forget to mention this? -

    RPI reported that there was 1hour delay in announcing the results. Due to a voting machine malfunction. A software problem.

    …oh, and did you know that there was a major lawsuit against these voting machines, just recently - like the other day? The judge threw it out, claiming it was too close to Saturday to follow through seriously. The lawsuit was filed because there are serious claims that the machines are flawed, big time. And it is a well known issue.

  170. 170 NoYouCant

    Faye, can’t you just delete what that schmuck said? What that poster said was disrespectful to the victim’s and their families! Delete, delete!

  171. 171 Angel

    Faye, it seems that more crimes by illegals are being done to us just lately. Maybe it’s just that I’m hearing them more, but there sure seems to be an up tick here lately.

  172. 172 Angel

    litew - guess your state sent John McCain a message (LOL)

  173. 173 Angel

    Tancredo is my fav, but I’ve been supporting Paul too :) I’d vote for either won, so I’ve (we’ve) been supporting them equally.

    I don’t know much about Huckabee other than he is a minister. I do get good vibes from him.

    How in the heck Brownback got into the top 3, I don’t know. He’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He’s part of them.

  174. 174 DfD

    Huckabee is an OPEN BORDERS ZEALOT and they’re rooting their asses off for him. The big undeniable surprise?

    TOM TANCREDO - 14%

  175. 175 Angel

    DFD- Did not know that - thanks for the info.

    Then I’ll lump Huckabee in same basket as Brownback.

  176. 176 Minutewoman

    WatchDog, Val is a precious treasure. I hope you get to meet her. However, I assume there is another person behind her camera. But there’s no harm in trying.

  177. 177

    This is a letter to the editor in the Odessa American today, Sunday, August 12, 2007:

    An Unfair Policy

    I recently tried to enroll my 6-year-old son in Cameron Elementary School only to find out that, if by the second grade, he is not speaking, understanding or well on his way to writing Spanish that he would not be allowed to attend.

    Even though we live four blocks from the school, he will have to be sent to Goliad Elementary, clear across town.

    When did learning a language become a prerequisite to attending an elementary school?

    I was brought up knowing and learning English as the primary language taught in school.

    I believe it is good for kids to know other languages, but it shoul not be the schools that have to accommodate those who do not speak the language. I though that was why they had an ESL program installed.

    I also understand that Cameron chose to be a bilingual school, but not at the expense of isolating the kids who like all the rest of us learn in English.

    My son is learning Spanish at home, but I would like him to learn in English at school like every other elementary, junior high and high school I and anybody else attended.

    When I voiced my opinion to officials at the administration building downtown, they told me even though they agree with me that they could do nothing about it.

    This is not a matter of race, as I am Hispanic. I just want my son to, as the people at the administration building say, go to his “home school” where he can learn the fundamentals such as reading, math, science, etc. in English. Let me worry if and when he will learn Spanish.

    Larry Dominguez

  178. 178 BEADALONG

    Hello, Thank you for your kind words to those that answered me. I can’t respond in detail right now but I will get back to that later tonight.

    Anyway, Faye, that nasty comment made on your website about the raped girl, was extremely similar to that made by COYOTE.

    Coyote’s almost verbatim comment is on pg 3 of Immigration Watchdog titled (3 out 6 trapped Miners are Mexican Citizens).

  179. 179 DfD


    The Huckster has had a free run of it so far. Not one person in the press has challenged him on his OPEN BORDERS ZEALOTRY. Of course, that explains why they’re rooting for him.

    Think……….Tyson Chicken.

  180. 180 D-7

    Well, now I’m hoping I won’t find my tires slashed or my windows broken. I have for months been calling and complaining about the acute parking problem the illegals have caused. I have mentioned it many times: parking directly in front of no parking signs, parking half-way on the sidewalk, parking backwards, parking in front of fire hydrants, in front of fire lanes, yeah, right in the fire lane driveway, double parking (leaving the car in the middle of the street), angle parking on the street and into the fire lane…
    Well I finally confronted two of them the other day and asked why they park in front of the fire hydrant every day. The answer: I don’t care. The answer from the other was that their truck couldn’t handle being parked anywhere else (most of their trucks really aren’t safe to be driven, anyway). I told them they better quit parking there. Well, of course they didn’t, but now finally parking enforcement has been out giving them all tickets, and the police too on weekends. I guess I just had to play my “special interest” card on my complaint calls and say my complaints were being ignored because we live in the POOR area. Guess that worked after a couple of times, because now after complaining for months, they are finally enforcing it. (I have reason to believe I was not the only one who spoke up.)

    Well, Everett police got to clean up an invader’s brain matter early this morning on Casino Road as he blew his head off playing Russian roulette. His wife went to her mother’s apartment in the same apt complex, and finally someone got around to calling the police. The bullet also came through the neighbor’s wall. When they arrived, they had to pull out one party goer who was so drunk & passed out, he slept through the whole thing.

  181. 181 melody


    Seems like even when some of these hispanics want their kids to learn English they are obtructed. I wonder why? Our gov. is acting strange. Our gov. gives them free stuff like they want them to stay, but don’t seem to want them to learn English. I just don’t understand it.

  182. 182 melody


    I’m glad I haven’t had to call the police on my neighbors in a while. I find it a very scary thing to do.

    At first I thought I could make an anonymous call about the loud music they were playing (loud enough to rattle my floor and windows) but one of my other neighbors told me that don’t work. Said I needed to bravely give my name and sit in the window and watch for the cop car then go outside and greet the cop. Let the bad neighbors know for sure that they are not being unfairly targeted by the police. That there is no doubt about it I was the reason the cops were there.

    I think they had a police scanner because just before the cops got here they would turn their music off. Luckly these bad neighbors just sweet talked the police and seemed like the nicest most reasonable people in the world and made me look like I was over reacting. Well, I guess it is better than getting beat up. Then they would wait until the cop left, laugh at me, and turn the music up too loud again. Thank god they moved! I can’t remember how many times I called the cops on them.

  183. 183 D-7

    The illegals are very new to this town, and have only overtaken my neighborhood itself in about the last year (not including the nearby projects full of supposedly legal immigrants).
    Just last week they were playing their mexican music while fixing their car and I stand in the window and tell them to turn that crap off, that we’re in America and it sounds really, really bad. (Are they stupid not to notice that the Americans and all other immigrants in the area don’t do that? No, I just think they are too self-centered to notice.) Well, the guy did turn off his music. And I’ve done it before. I start ranting like a crazy lady about how I need to get immigration out here, etc. I give them dirty looks when they are blocking my driveway while having a fix-this-car party. But most of all, I take advantage of my buff son going to the window to watch, or my other gangster-looking son, when he comes over going to the window, or even confronting them about their inconsiderate illegal parking. I told them I know the police. (Which I kinda do.) I rant about how I’m fighting for my country and I’m not going to let them turn it into a ghetto like what they did to California. I try to shame them into doing the right thing. It works for the newest border crossers, but not for the grown anchor babies, or those who’ve moved on from CA or AZ or TX, whatever.
    Before the parking crackdown last week, I was considering getting poster board and making a sign that I would tie under the NO PARKING sign: ILLEGALS PARK ILLEGALLY. But these people are selfish, immature, and not honorable in general, so they are not easily shamed. They’ve now spray painted “Latin Empire” on someone’s detached garage, like they did some months back on a wall at apartments, which was promptly painted over by the owner who rents to these people.
    I try to pick my battles with consideration for reprisal, but I try to do it in a way that if there is any payback, they know that I and neighbors know who to finger.

  184. 184 D-7

    P. S.
    Kinda funny, the confusion it must cause when they see a Mexican pull in with his tool & ladder laden work truck with my daughter to pick up their baby which we babysit sometimes on the weekend. My daughter is with an illegal, which I am totally against. She knows it, he knows it, but if you think about it it’s kind of a laughable situation. (And, this may sound harsh, there is a whole story about her and him, but I hope, eventually, he and his family get deported!)

  185. 185 simone

    I go to phone booths to call the police to turn in bad illegal behavior and law breaking. The local police tend to tell the perp who called the cops on them. This way, the cops and the illegals won’t know who called. Besides, I know there are illegal sympathizers on the police force who would gladly turn you, the law abider, in to the “favored” perps for snitching on them. It’s very dangerous to call the police on these people.

  186. 186 Angel

    Dfd- Thanks!
    They have really kept that under the rug about him, for I watch a lot of news from many different sources. I knew all the other candidates, but I didn’t know much about him. Maybe they are keeping him out of the limelight, so he can step in if Romney flops. They always have to have a back up.

    Oh…truth is coming out that the straw poll may have been rigged. Or at the least their is MAJOR censorship of Tom Tancredo and Ron Paul. I’ll get the link from Alipac. on my next post. Gotta see it!!!

  187. 187 Angel




    Spread the news !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  188. 188 D-7

    If something was up, I missed it.
    Come back jo, I miss your point of view!!!

  189. 189 Minutewoman

    Yes, Angel, I have noticed that the MSM is deliberately excluding Tancredo and Paul from their reporting on the Iowa straw poll. They both made a very respectable showing, much better than Giuliani Thompson and McCain. There is definitely something fishy going on.

  190. 190 DfD

    Wasn’t it obvious?

  191. 191 Sandman

    Angel, I see MSM (esp. FOX) all the time, doing things like that. I have a very hard time believing that Sham Brokeback took in that many votes, but the very fact that the Diebold electronic vote counters “suddenly broke down” leads me to wonder about any future election results. The whole thing seems to be rigged!

  192. 192 litew8

    Thank you for that link Angel!
    WOW, I thought it was bad, seeings I’m living where the poll took place,
    after seeing that poll screen shot - WOW. They just took them off completely!
    Out of sight, out of mind - is the old saying.
    Definitely something BIG is going on!
    Whoever mentioned my comments on ALIPAC about the machines, thanks for spreading the news!

  193. 193 litew8

    Newt Gingrich, Iowa Aug. 11, to president:

    “called for emergency legislation requiring anyone arrested for a felony to immediately have their legal status checked.”

    Not sure if he actually followed through or not.
    That’s federal authority!


  194. 194 litew8

    Not sure if this was on the site recently.
    From the Lonewacko website.

    United Food and Commercial Workers International Union supports illegal immigration, opposes “no match”

    [READ MORE…]

  195. 195 litew8

    Lonewacko says Huckabee is a strong supporter of illegal immigration.

    [READ MORE…]

  196. 196 litew8

    From VDARE:

    Huckabee and other Republicans on “Birthright Citizenship”


  197. 197 DfD

    Karl Rove resigns!

    Another OPEN BORDERS ZEALOT bites the dust!

    Good Riddance!!!

    This is the guy that told T. Tancredo, “Don’t darken the steps of the White House anymore with your presence.”

    Or somthin’ like that. What a traitor and a loser!!

    Well, Booosh still has Condi, K. Hughes, Gonzo, and Johnny Sutton.

  198. 198

    Does somebody still have the new definition of racist? I know it’s in here somewhere, but I’ve searched till I blind… grandkid needs it.

  199. 199

    This should get interesting. Karl Rove gone… Evidence of manipulation of Iowa straw poll….

  200. 200 Sandman

    It seems like great news that Rove is leaving but I can’t help wondering who will be right behind him. When Asscroft left, we got Gonzalez, then Chertoff replaced whats-his-name from Pennsylvania. Rove was really a propaganda pusher, he knew the mindset of red state America, NeoCons played them like a fiddle, made them believe that Bush was one of them. Even many Watchdogs voted for him AFTER he announced his big amnesty plans. Jeeze, some people still believe that Bush is really a Christian! Any guesses who will fill those shoes? Rupert Murdoch? Vincente Fox? Nothing would surprise me…But now that Bush’s days are numbered, the need for a minister of propaganda may not be there. I can’t help wonder though about the timing of this announcement.

  201. 201 simone


    Is this what you are talking about?




    Committed to




  202. 202 Minutewoman

    I just heard a reporter on the ABC evening news report that Mitt Romney was the winner of the Iowa straw poll, and Huckabee a distant second. Then she said the Rudy Giuliani did not participate in it (so there were no statistics to report for him! How can that be true, when the New York Times reported that Giuliani came in 8th place, with 1% of the vote? What are they doing? Are they outright lying now, to hide Giuliani’s unpopularity? How can they out-and-out lie like that on a major TV news outlet? This is beyond spin!

  203. 203 Angel

    Sandman - You and I think a lot alike. I have some of those same thoughts you just wrote.

    I watched a clip of Rove’s resignation speech. He said something like “I’m going back home to join all of those who are praying for you Mr. Bush.”

  204. 204 Angel

    Minutewoman - That’s another one to add to the growing list. There is not much honest about this straw poll.

    Food for thought….
    They must make sure that at least one of their men wins. All the NWO plans would be shot otherwise. I “feel” that Ron Paul actually won the straw poll. I “feel” that Tancredo was really 2nd or 3rd. I “feel” that Romney was 2nd. On Obermann tonight they had a clip about Romney bringing in 90 family members. That’s a lot to add to the crowd. Makes it look larger.

  205. 205

    Yes, Simone!


  206. 206 simone


    You bet!

  207. 207 Sandman

    Tonight on the Lou Dobbs show, C.Romans did a story on how 500 academic elites are pushing hard for open borders. The impression I had from this story is that the Government itself thinks like these elites and actually does not believe in borders, no nationhood, just a big friggin’ marketplace where citizens are just numbers or production units. I hope that someone out there recorded that story (oneoldvet?) and it can be posted on this site because I feel that the whole immigration crisis in this country is being fueled by think tank egg-heads who do not really have the best interests of the American population in mind, only the multinational corporations and neofacist big government types in Washington. I laughed when Lou called them idiots! That was one great report.

  208. 208 DfD

    There you have it! Rudy Giuliani says, if elected he’d have LAPD Chief Bratton as the Secretary of Homeland Security. Chief Bratton!!

    Convinced about Rudy Giuliani yet?

  209. 209 Minutewoman

    Ah, ha! So that’s why Bratton is being such a laraza boot-licker. The ever-present lust for power. I couldn’t believe the way he sold out after the Leimert Park fiasco, acting like Tony Villar’s lapdog, rolling over on his back and whining, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, please don’t hit me. I’ll obey; I’ll do whatever you want.” Sickening.

  210. 210 BEADALONG

    Thank you Minutewoman for the stats you gave me (I’ll show them to my daughter) I agree with you on them not wanting to become citizens. Also I didn’t think of it, but you’re right about the child labor & if they have at least 10 years under their belt already and our children are just starting working around 16, how are our children going to deal with that? Especially, since most employers only seem to want experienced people (and this experience seems to be wanted in entry-level jobs as well)….

    Hm, come to think of it, I wonder if I was already experiencing competition from illegal aliens when applying for jobs in retail, fast food & restaurants & (even janitorial) in my younger years. The ads for these at the time in the mid 80s seemed to just want experience (even for the interviews I went to for the “unexperienced” jobs, they seemed to want “experience only” already).

    Oh yes, now that you mention Reagan, I remember when he threw the mentally retarded out on the streets. (I might be mean), but in a way, I think it served him right that he wound up with Alzheimers. I also remember that he gave us quite a deficit and he gave us those “Trickle Down” economics. Well, that didn’t exactly “trickle down” to us. And didn’t he sign the 1986 Immigration law? I hate to say it but I’m also wondering now when he said to (tear down that wall) that the EU plans were already in place & he/they wanted it down to start introducing cheap labor into Europe.(I could be wrong about that though)…Ah yes, I never thought I’d think this way, but now, I do.

  211. 211 BEADALONG

    Hi Melody, I agree with you and oops, looking up again, I noticed I adressed the child labor to Minutewoman instead of you, sorry about that. Anyway, again, I didn’t think of that aspect of those children already having experience from lax child labor laws and our own children being pitted against them.

  212. 212 BEADALONG

    Hmm, I was wondering if this is just my imagination (I was clobbered with a lot of headaches again lately) but…..In the Ron Paul video-part 1- in (Time 8:17), what was that Right hand signal? Was that the “Hook’em Cowboys” sign?

  213. 213 litew8

    Did you all hear that Romney got blasted the next day after the straw poll? I bet you didn’t. I heard it on some stupid show, not even a ligit news show. They said (and there was an interview with Romney) at the straw poll, someone asked Romney why none of his 20 (I’m exaggerating) children (boys) joined the military.

    Romney actually said something like: They are serving their country by helping me get elected to become the president. - In essence, saying that what his children were doing for him was more important that our military boys and girls, which risk their lives.


  214. 214 Mary

    Give me the bucket.

    The pro-open borders La Raza-butt-licking traitor Robert Menendez, alleged “Senator” from New Jersey, attended the funerals of the 3 college students slaughtered by illegals! How he had the nerve, I will never know.

    Please go to “Senator” Menendez’s website and tell him how you feel about his attending the funerals of the young people his policies helped to kill.

  215. 215 DfD


    Bratton sold out loooooooong before Leimert Park.

  216. 216 DfD

    Keep the information coming in about ALL of these candidates. Even the Democrats. Everything is on the table.

  217. 217 Minutewoman

    Thanks, DfD. I guess I’m always the last to know. I thought Bratton did a great job in NY (but I was only looking at MSM news in those days), and I thought he’d kick some ass here in LA, but he has not come through. I only realized that when it became clear that he would not revoke Special Order 40.

  218. 218 the marlboro man

    Dosn/t look like therse any out there thats not /sucking a tit some where. but ron paul and t. tencato that would make a hell of combo!!!!!!! all the pro illegal/the elites screaming foul. tak e the babys candy and they will cry!!!!!!!FAYE i ran across your web but can/t seem to find it again/new to this internet thing??

  219. 219 DfD

    Washington Times — August 14
    Border Patrol to build fencing
    By Jerry Seper and Stephen Dinan
    The U.S. Border Patrol is asking for volunteers among its agents to help build fences on the U.S.-Mexico border, even as President Bush is withdrawing half the National Guard troops he sent there last year to build fences. . Rich Pierce, executive vice president of the National Border Patrol Council, which represents the agency’s 11,000 non-supervisory agents, said that while the Bush administration “on one hand is trying to convince the American public it is serious about immigration enforcement,” it has failed to provide the needed funding and manpower.
    “Meanwhile, the other hand reduces the National Guard by 50 percent, whose job to build the border fence has hardly started,” he said. “Now the Border Patrol agents who were meant to replace the National Guard are pulled from border enforcement and tasked with building the fence.
    “The president’s game of pretending to enforce our border continues,” he said. “He has never been serious about this issue at all.”

  220. 220 the marlboro man

    Sounds about right/ i said 4 days ago not to trust this shithead now he wants the agents to become construction workers/instead of doing there jobs?? great/1st it was go to iraq to teach how garud the borders there now build the the fence how meany jobs /fall under border agent????This S>O>B> is going inten different directions at once.god help us!!

  221. 221 Jimmy

    I laughed my head off on this one.

    Just what I needed to lighten up.

  222. 222 Sandman

    Brook and other Ron Paul supporters, has a 1 hour show M-F from 3-4 pm Pacific time called Ron Paul Radio. Worth a check-out!

  223. 223 Jimmy
  224. 224 BEADALONG

    Did anybody check out the Ron Paul Video yet on

    time 18:17-18:19

    What was that hand signal? Is it the HOOK’EM Cowboy, the Hawaii Hang Loose sign or that other Satanic hand sign? Please check it out. If you do, what do you guys think?

  225. 225 the marlboro man

    hay/guys got samething migth get you going/u.s. atty. DAN KNAUSS /was on http; crimew/o consequeace.he was on talking about he could not proscuet drug smugglers if they had less than 500lb,s of pot. now thats akicker[i only got 350lb,s mr. border agent,so you have to let me go!!!!!klii me now!!!!!!!!

  226. 226 The Watchdog

    MARLBORO MAN - I don’t think I’ve ever complained about a posters spelling or writing style before (I’m not so hot either) but I have to in your case.

    Your comments are difficult to read. Are you Dyslexic?

    You really need to write like a normal person without this bizarre punctuation that you have concocted for yourself. In your case, I think no punctution at all is better than what you are doing right now.

    If you are using a browser like Mozilla Firefox, you can also check your comment for spelling errors with the little “check spelling” link above the comment box. Unfortunately, the check spelling feature doesn’t work with Internet Explorer.

  227. 227 Vincent Narodnik

    I think that the latest Firefox has an inline spellcheck that underlines all misspelt words with a small red line when you make a mistake. (there are two in the above sentence but I am not changing them) GO FIREFOX!!!

    Now, a little while earlier I was watching this:
    and I was wondering, just who is this Daniel Sadek guy, who loans his $1.5 million dollar Ferrari to…anyone? Not much happening around here this evening,so I Goog’d him (Dang! theres that red spellcheck thing again!)
    That led me to this article:;feed=24
    Jeez! 5 years after a two hundred fifty dollar licence and youve got a whole stable of mega exoticars??enough to lend them out to whoever to crash?
    Is that REALLY what makes America a great country?
    So there you go. The total meltdown hasnt gotten underway yet, but at this point, I dont think it can be avoided.
    Alex Jones was talking about this with Jerome Corsi today, and it is worth a listen if you got the time.

  228. 228 Vincent Narodnik

    Oh, and btw, those mortgages he made his pile off of were “SubPrime”
    (read between the lines!)

  229. 229 peternoamnesty

    first i took on ron paul and now: who is mike huckabee?
    Huckabee promotes ‘open door’ policy at LULAC convention
    Thursday, Jun 30, 2005

    By Wesley Brown
    Arkansas News Bureau
    LITTLE ROCK - In a impassioned speech before hundreds of influential Hispanic civil rights leaders from across the nation, Gov. Mike Huckabee told a captive audience Wednesday that America is great because it has always opened it doors up to people seeking a better way of life.

    “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you,” Huckabee said, citing the Golden Rule. “I have tried to govern that way and it stands to reason that I really do believe that what made this great country so great and so unique is that it has always been a place for people to run to - and not run from.

    “I would hope that no matter who we are, or where we are from, that America should always be a place that opens its arms, opens it heart, opens its spirit to people who come because they want the best for their families …,” Huckabee said as the largely Hispanic audience gave him a standing ovation.

    Huckabee was the keynote speaker, along with Tyson Foods Inc. Chairman and CEO John Tyson, at a noon luncheon of the League of United Latin American Citizens, which is holding its 76th annual convention in Little Rock.

    About 10,000 political, community and business leaders, along with exhibitors and speakers are in Little Rock attending the convention at the Statehouse Convention Center. The convention started Monday and runs through Saturday.

    Although he never actually talked about the U.S. or Arkansas immigration policy, Huckabee made it very clear where he stood on the issue. In his opening remarks, he said the nation will need to address the concerns of the Hispanic community because of its growing influence and population base.

    “Pretty soon, Southern white guys like me may be in the minority,” Huckabee said jokingly as the crowd roared in laughter.

    He told the LULAC delegates that their presence in the state’s capital city was very important because Arkansas has one of the fastest growing Hispanic populations in the nation.

    “Your gathering is so very significant for our state,” Huckabee said. “We are delighted to have you.”

    Despite several light moments, Huckabee did not stray away from several controversial issues that made him a target of criticism during the recently ended 85th General Assembly. He said Arkansas needs to make the transition from a traditional Southern state to one that recognizes and cherishes diversity “in culture, in language and in population.”

    “This is an issue that is going to require extraordinary efforts on both sides of the border, particularly those coming from Mexico,” Huckabee said of verifying the status of illegal aliens. “But I am confident that our government will recognize that we should accommodate people who wish to provide the best opportunities for their families (and) employers so that we can make sure our economy has the necessary work force.”

    During the legislation session, Huckabee criticized an immigration bill by Republican senators Jim Holt of Springdale and Denny Altes of Fort Smith as un-Christian, un-American, irresponsible and anti-life.

    Senate Bill 206, which died in the Senate, would have required proof of citizenship to register to vote and also force state agencies to report suspected cases of people living in the country illegally. Holt, R-Springdale, replied later to Huckabee’s comments that Christian charity does not include turning a blind eye to lawbreaking.

    The Republican governor, who many believe will run for president in 2008, also backed legislation that would have opened the door for illegal immigrants in Arkansas to receive college scholarships.

    House Bill 1525 by Rep. Joyce Elliott, D-Little Rock, was approved by the House but eventually failed in the Senate. Huckabee reiterated Wednesday that he believes every child, regardless of their parent’s immigration status, should have an opportunity to receive an education in the U.S.

    “I … believe that an education for every child is the most important single factor to give everyone to be their very best,” he said.

    In one humorous moment, Huckabee sounded very much like a presidential candidate when he recalled his educational upbringing in Hope and reminded the crowd that another famous Arkansas governor and former president grew up in the small southwest Arkansas town.

    “I too still believe in a place call Hope,” Huckabee said, mimicking former President Clinton’s famous acceptance speech at the 1992 Democratic National Convention.

    Before Huckabee spoke, John Tyson thanked the Hispanic community for standing by the Springdale-based food giant during the federal government’s investigation of the company a few years ago. The U.S. Justice Department investigation alleged that Tyson helped to smuggle illegal aliens into the U.S. and employed them at various chicken-processing plants across the Southeast.

    After a seven-week trial, Tyson and several managers of poultry processing plants were acquitted in March 2003 of those charges.

    “At the time, it was a very difficult and very tough time for our company,” Tyson said. “Thank you LULAC for standing by us.”

    Tyson also credited LULAC leaders for pushing the company to add Hispanics to the Tyson board and promote more Latinos to upper management and executive positions.

    He also said in that last 15 years, the number of Hispanics that work for the Arkansas company has increased significantly.

    “I am proud to tell you that more than 40,000 of our workers are Latinos,” Tyson said of the company’s 114,000 employees. “We are learning, growing and benefiting from that diversity.”

    Copyright © Arkansas News Bureau, 2003 - 2006

  230. 230 Minutewoman

    Hey Vincent, did you miss the part where they said that Sadek is a Lebanese immigrant? He’s not American, doesn’t have the history or the genes, and doesn’t think like an American.

    A lot of the sub-prime real estate crime was immigrant on immigrant, especially here in California. There were little fly-by-night real estate offices springing up in every office complex and shopping mall, staffed by raven-haired beauties in low-cut black dresses and high-high heels, driving black beamers and fixing up their compadres with homes they couldn’t afford. Maybe none of them really understood the consequences of their actions; I know lots of the buyers didn’t.

    I met an old Mexican man on the comuter train last year who said he and his wife had been talked into purchasing a house and the balloon payment was coming due and they would not be able to pay it. He said he hadn’t understood that that would happen. His English was very poor, and I assumed he had been snared by an unscrupulous American, so I asked him if he hadn’t been able to understand the English or read the papers. He said the agent spoke Spanish and he had thought he understood, but apparently didn’t.

  231. 231 Vincent Narodnik

    phew. No, kinda couldnt miss that part. hey! speaking of language problems, if you want to see some of the most revolting RepubliHispandering of recent memory, check this one. fast forward to 5:00 if you can only take a little amount.

  232. 232 Sandman

    Funny vid worth a view…

  233. 233 Angel


    Elvira is leaving the church soon. I/we couldn’t take it anymore. You may have been able to tell by my posts on her most recent page on here. God does not bless lawbreakers. That was so over the top!!

  234. 234 Sandman

    Hey Vincent, on that hotair video link, did you notice how that politician that was speaking to “the Race” infused a bogus Hispanic/foreign accent so that he could relate to his people…What a shameless POS!

  235. 235 concerned citizen 2

    While discussing a possible new round of “comprehensive immigration” by the politicians, my son suggested this great idea. Using the template of the last senate bill, if a guest worker is fine for a newly entering immigrant then it should be fine for the 10 - 20 million illegals who are here now. We should make all of them sign up as a guest worker and let them come out of the shadows. What to do with the 10-20 million illegals has been the real sticking point with a lot of Americans. It is one thing to discuss enacting laws on what to do with someone who is not here but it is entirely different when discussing a person whom is already here. This idea may just solve this dilemma. I am absolutely loath to let the 10-20 million into this country without entering legally as I suspect most Americans are. This is really the old adage of what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

    This idea really has merit to it. The politicos are already on record of stating that a guest worker is ok with them and a guest worker is what the country needs, etc., etc. Remember a key point to the guest worker program is they have to leave after 2 years (yea, I know, only in a dream world). If enough people get to talking about this idea and it gets picked up on enough blogs, we might just get some traction on this. What do you see wrong with this idea? What needs to be added? Everything is on the table here, you can add or subtract as necessary. Just realize that it will be a compromise in the end. Pick the most important items to you and suggest items from the senate bill which you could live with.

    In 06 the senate passed the comprehensive immigration bill, but this country was saved by the house. In 07 the senate again tried to pass the same bill (which was all about how much of America can we give away to the detriment of middle class America). It was simply grotesque, but I am not writing this as a history lesson. Something is going to happen, it is just a matter of time. It is best to be part of the process to come up with a solution/group of solutions than to not be in the process. We are letting the La Raza types get to sit at the table and we are absent. This will have negative repercussions for groups like this, nay America as we used to know it. Right now the politicians are looking for a solution, which they can all agree on. I can assure you that the members of this blog will not like their “solution”.

  236. 236 BEADALONG

    NO Guest Worker Program. We already have visas for farm workers which the farmers are ignoring. This guestworker problem will be abused as well.

    Deport, deport, deport and revoke the citizenship of all the anchor babies back to 1986. Go after the employers and landlords in a major way and also go after any church and institution like La Raza, MALDEF, Ford Foundation etc, end Sanctuary and I bet the #s of the illegal aliens are much closer to 20-25 million people. They were deliberately undercounted last time and I can bet my bottom dollar that this is the same case now.

  237. 237 BEADALONG

    I also have to add, we can’t be wishy washy anymore and any little edge we give them just makes things worse. This is like being nibbled to death by piranas.

  238. 238

    Beadalong; I agree. Anything less is unacceptable. We are playing games with this compromise. The problems we have today is due to compromising what America Stands for, and what makes her great. Get er done now, before the numbers are that much more in their favor to use against us, whether that be by votes, or combat.
    Further proof of integrating Mexico with the US. Now we’re going to help upgrade the Mexican postal service. They are going to be coming here to look at how, as well as what machines we use here. We are going to be giving millions to get them up to snuff. Why would we care how slow their mails runs, or how inefficient they run it. This stinks. I’m sick of our gov’t paying to other countries for God knows what, with US taxpayer monies. How about paying on our deficit, instead of giving money we just don’t have. How about Mexico pay for any assistance we give them, for anything. Let them spend the percentage of the remittances they keep from the Mexicans it’s intended for. There is only one reason for us to be doing that, and thats in preparation for the NAU. YEA?
    Our gov’t is playing us, no doubt.

  239. 239 BEADALONG

    1MadMomma, Yea, I’m sick of it too.

    And now, we’re going to pay to upgrade THEIR Postal Service? WTF! Maybe they should after Slim & the rest of the m/billionaires and their own damn Guv! Boy, talking about taxation WITHOUT REPRESENTATION! And to another country to boot!

  240. 240

    Why does You Tube disable comments on some of the videos, like this one?

  241. 241 Brad

    Lou hits the nail again

    From RS;

    Lou Dobbs offered a comment on vacation time in America Tuesday on CNN. “President Bush has already taken more than 400 vacation days and … he’s on track to shatter the vacation record set by President Ronald Reagan,” Dobbs began, adding that Congress is also falling far short of working five days a week.

    “How do our elected officials compare to workaday folks in this country?” Dobbs asked. “Well, one of every four working Americans receives no paid vacation whatsoever, and more than 40% of us didn’t take a straight week off from work last year.”

    “Italian workers average more than 40 days of vacation each and every year,” continued Dobbs. “The French and the Germans, they get a lousy 35 days a year. And the British? Well, they’re the hard workers in Europe. They get 28 days of vacation, which of course is more than twice the vacation most Americans get. … I would like to see the American worker get at least as much time off as, say, those hard-working British. That’s the least the American worker deserves.”

    Dobbs further added, in response to a question, “The idea that our president, this Congress take time off when we have men and women dying in Iraq, Afghanistan … there’s something at best unseemly about it. … With all the issues, serious issues confronting the country, they should be hard at work.”

  242. 242 Eddie B.

    What’s a vacation?

  243. 243 melody

    It does seem like the people who do have jobs, all they do is work. It’s not that unusual for an immigrant to look confused and say, “Why I come here? Lot of people jealous think it easy here, but not for me. All I do is work. Lot’s and lot’s of work.”

    Most Americans are lucky to get a 2 week vacation.

  244. 244 Vincent Narodnik

    Hey!!!!! Listen to this!!!!
    The Fed has been enlisting members of the clergy to assist them in quelling dissent ‘in the event of’[ha!] an emergency’
    (translation: When the fed pushes the button and Takeover Strategy Plan 13 is enacted)
    Sound outrageous? It did to me too. I read it on Alex Jones a little while ago, so I googled “clergy Response Team” and found WAY more than I wanted to know. Heres a few siftings. Please look into them and then search some more please. We need to know as much about the weapon aimed at us as we can.
    I gotta get back to work.

    It appears that Romans 13 has been fashioned into a shackle for us.
    God help us Please!

  245. 245 melody


    Some people who post videos on youtube do not feel like dealing with comments, so they disable them.

    I’m not aware of youtube disabling comments. Often if there is a complaint about a video being a copywrite infringement youtube will just take down the video and I guess give them a warning or something. I have seen a lot of videos taken down by youtube for copywrite infringements. If the user keeps posting copywrited material or there is a valid complaint about posting offensive videos, youtube will suspend the account.

  246. 246

    Thanks, Melody.

    Message & request from William Gheen, ALIPAC:

    Please watch this video and vote it 5 stars, add it to your favorites, post it on other sites, send it to friends, and post comments.

    Greta Van Susteren reports on the murder of Dani Countryman


  247. 247 Angel


    Does anyone who posts on have trouble with them?

    I’ve been posting on there for 6 weeks.
    Daily they complain about something…anything…

    *They removed a post because it was a link to Hal Turner site about the Amero; evidentally he is a racist according to them. I think that they need to be careful throwing that word around. I may just email Hal Turner myself and let him know. I have no idea who the guy is, but he had an excellent article on his site about the Amero.

    *They removed my post because I posted a letter from who was trying to collect names for a petition against the NAU; according to them betrayed the people of alipac for something involving another petition and the guest worker program. Can’t we move forward and join together to fight NAU?

    *They removed my posted for a ralley in Lexington, KY because I refused to put the email for the person on the post to protect the individual’s safety; they were all up in arms and worried that I had copied an email from a skinhead; wasn’t that just a put down to me that I would be associating with that type; then another person from KY said the rally was legit. Oh then my post was okay.

    *They removed my post that the minuteman had sent through an email; they were trying to recruit at the border; they took it off because they said that there were questionable links on the post from them; like the MM are going to have bad links in their posts

    *They removed my post about Patriots being safe at ralleys; no one bothered to tell me about why the post was removed, but it was removed within 10 minutes of me putting it on there. It was a very good article about how you should stay together and not spread out in a line. Just good stuff the average Joe like me didn’t/doesn’t know

    *They didn’t remove this , but made a note on my post that a youtube clip from the local news about Dani Countryman had been recorded by a racist group.

    Folks, we must as a country work and band together. We’ve got to join together like glue to fight the beast.We can’t usually change people and some of the things they do or believe in, but we need to see what we have in common like fighting this NWO and pool together our resources and win.

    Now you’re probably thinking that I went on about being a lightworker and an angel on alipac - no not one word.

    I like this site because this site doesn’t hassle you. Even the trolls on here get their time to speak. This is a very fair website. It’s also kind to Patriots.

    Well, that’s my rant. Needed to vent because I went on there and saw another post had been removed.


  248. 248 Angel

    “Proof our leaders are betraying us; behold the Amero”

    scroll down and read that article; also pictures of coins with “North American Union” on them.

    Hardly, anyone on alipac got to see it because they took it off. This is important info. hopefully people here are interested.

  249. 249 BEADALONG

    Wow Angel, that sure is a complete suprise! I hardly think you would be a racist and from what I read here, you’re a very nice person, and I’m also surprised ALIPAC would drop your comments. Hmmm. But yea, I think it would be great to join because strength is greater in numbers (except when we get infiltration problems).

    Anyway, I don’t know much about ALIPAC or Hal Turner. I occasionally visit the ALIPAC website and I thought that was a great article that Hal Turner presented (I don’t know anything about him) except from yesterday regarding the Amero Article & I sent that to everyone I know (even if it is only about 5 people) due to my circumstance, but I did send it everyone I know & occasionally, I also tell neighbors and strangers about this Illegal Immigration thing (although they get a little agitated and then I drop the subject)…I will also try telling others about the Amero again.

  250. 250 Angel

    Yeah Beadalong,

    I’m picking up a lot of negativity from that site.

    Here’s the message that I received today which prompted my little rant.

    From: ALIPAC
    To: saveourcountry
    Posted: Thu Aug 16, 2007 1:09 pm
    Subject: pulled post
    Pulled post about the Amero.

    Please NEVER post links or articles for Hal Turner who is a well known vehement racist.


    Oh well, I think I’ll stay away from the site. Just remember negative energy is contagious.

  251. 251 peternoamnesty

    Duncan Hunter and Tancredo are doing their job…
    Congress tells Bush: Back off SPP agenda
    Lawmakers’ letter warns ’stealth’ effort to ‘harmonize’ could undermine security

    Posted: August 17, 2007
    5:00 p.m. Eastern

    By Jerome R. Corsi
    © 2007

    Twenty-two members of the U.S. House of Representatives ? 21 Republicans and a Democrat ? are urging President Bush to back off his North American integration efforts when he attends the third summit meeting on the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America next week in Montebello, Quebec.

    They make it clear that continuing any such agenda at this point would be disregarding growing apprehension in Congress about the plans.

    “As you travel to Montebello, Canada later this month for a summit with your Canadian and Mexican counterparts, we want you to be aware of serious and growing concerns in the U.S. Congress about the so-called Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) you launched with these nations in 2005,” the letter said.

    (Story continues below)

    While the letter authors express their support for the president’s “desire to promote good relations with our neighbors to the north and south,” they are worried about the secretive manner in which SPP is being conducted and concerned it “may actually undermine our security and sovereignty.”

    “For instance,” the letter said, “measures that would make it easier to move goods and people across borders could have the effect of further weakening this country’s ability to secure its frontiers and prevent illegal immigration.”

    The letter also cited documents obtained by Judicial Watch in a Freedom of Information Act Request that suggest, “Such secretiveness seems not to be accidental.”

    WND was among the first news organizations to obtain and publish the agenda and the list of attendees for a secret North American Forum meeting held at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel in Banff, Alberta, Canada, from September 12-14, 2006. The meeting was closed to the press and the documents obtained by WND were marked “Internal Document, Not for Public Release.”

    President Bush with then-Mexico President Vicente Fox, left, and then-Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin in March 2005 at the inaugural summit of the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (White House photo)

    Judicial Watch also used a Freedom of Information Act request to obtain a set of notes from the Pentagon attendees at the secret Banff meeting.

    One particularly disturbing comment was noted in the official conference record of the speeches given, as recorded in the “Rapporteur Notes” obtained by the Judicial Watch FOIA request. In Section VI of the conference, entitled “Border Infrastructure and Continental Prosperity,” the reporter summarized as follows:

    To what degree does the concept of North America help/hinder solving problems between the three countries?

    Vision is helpful

    A secure perimeter would bring enormous benefit

    While a vision is appealing working on the infrastructure might yield more benefit and bring more people on board (”evolution by stealth”)
    Reflecting on those perceptions, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said, “It is not encouraging to see the phrase ‘evolution by stealth’ in reference to important policy debates such as North American integration and cooperation. These documents provide more information to Americans concerned about the Security and Prosperity Partnership. The more transparency the better.”

    The members also noted in their letter the amendment added by Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., to the transportation funding bill.

    As WND reported, Hunter successfully offered an amendment to H.R.3074, the Transportation Appropriations Act for Fiscal Year 2008, prohibiting the use of federal funds to participate in SPP-related working group meetings in the future.

    The members noted in their letter that, “This vote is an indication of the serious concerns felt by those of us in Congress and by our constituents about this initiative ? concerns that will only be intensified if pursuit of the SPP continues out of public view and without congressional oversight or approval.”

    The last paragraph of the letter called upon the president “not to pledge or agree to any further movement in connection with the SPP at the upcoming North American summit.”

    The letter concluded that, “in the interest of transparency and accountability, we urge you to bring to the Congress whatever provisions have already been agreed upon and those now being pursued or contemplated as part of this initiative, for the purpose of obtaining authorization through the normal legislative process.”

    Signatories to the letter included the following members of the House of Representatives:

    Rep. Terry Everett, R-Alabama

    Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-California

    Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colorado

    Rep. Ted Poe, R-Texas

    Rep. Nancy Boyda, D-Kansas

    Rep. Walter Jones, R-North Carolina

    Rep. David Davis, R-Tenn.

    Rep. Phil Gingrey, R-Georgia

    Rep. John Boozman, R-Arkansas

    Rep. John Duncan, R-Tenn.

    Rep. Virgil Goode, R-Virginia

    Rep. Tom Price, R-Georgia

    Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite, R-Florida

    Rep. Sue Myrick, R-North Carolina

    Rep. Jo Bonner, R-Alabama

    Rep. Gary Miller, R-Calif.

    Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa

    Rep. Greg Walden, R-Oregon

    Rep. Michael Rogers, R-Alabama

    Rep. Thaddeus McCotter, R-Michigan

    Rep. Robert Aderholt, R-Alabama

    Rep. Todd Akin, R-Missouri

  252. 252 BEADALONG

    Yea Angel, I am very surprised by ALIPAC. I didn’t know anything about this Hal Turner guy, but I’ll look him up this weekend. I thought it was a good article on the Amero though.

  253. 253

    More family values:

  254. 254 Vincent Narodnik

    Yeesh. Its a little early in the morning for that link, Miss Faye. I read it and my coffee grew cold. I read it and my blood boiled. I read it until I couldnt stand anymore. Reading this stuff is like staring into a clogged toilet.
    Theres a lady over there from Idaho who talks about 3 infant killings-
    IN BOISE!!! in the last year!!!!
    I would imagine that 10 or 15 years ago, the murder rate would have to be measured by the decade. Now, its becoming by the month.
    Can someone please explain to me again how this “enrichment” thing works again? I seem to have forgotten it somehow.

    There was a lady over there with a cool name, Granny.357
    Thats cool!
    I got a question though, The other day MinuteWoman said she was changing her name, but she said she was leaving. Shes not leaving the dogpound, is she? DONT LEAVE MW!!!
    We can have a contest for a new handle fer ye.
    How bout Mrs Winchester?

  255. 255 Angel

    Peternoamnesty - great article

    Beadalong - If you find something out about Hal Turner, let me know. I did find one organization (ultra left) that calls him a racist. I think it was the National Defamation League or something like that.
    Actually I found much more charges of rascism and bigotry of Michael Savage and the MM than of Turner. The word racist is the new buzz word of today.

  256. 256 Angel


    More AMERO proof.

    I can’t put this on alipac because they don’t like

    Turner, but please check out this video on

    about the Amero. Also , read what Hal wrote right

    under the utube clip.

    How the government did a spin with “fantasy Amero”

    coins to fool everyone ; then replaced the website.

  257. 257

    New Handle for Minutewoman–Thoughtful 1 or Sage 1

  258. 258 Angel

    Wake up brother and sisters. Quit procrastinating. You know who you are. We need your help.

    Music is a little odd for this video, but it’s a good video .;search=

  259. 259 DfD


    Are you in Maryland or Colorado? I’m in SOCAL.

  260. 260 Sandman

    Interesting video Angel, The music in it reminded me of a cool program on the radio called “Musical Starstreams” It plays every Sunday night at 10:00 cst.The music is really hypnotic and celestial. One time last month you posted a website that was about angels/healers…Can you post that again? On a different subject, I never heard of Hal Turner so I looked him up on Wiki and it said that he was an anti-Semite and other things. They say that about Jeff Rense also but I dont care, the message is the important point. Anyone who talks about the NAU is going to get my attention!

  261. 261 Sandman

    New handle Idea for Minutewoman: 1madgramma or SoCalPatriot.

  262. 262 Angel

    DfD - I’m about 50 miles or so from Atlanta; I’m far

    away from you in SouthernCal but then again I’m not :)


    Sandman - You might like this one, too.

    A spiritual revolution is coming . . .;search=

    Here is the other one you were referring to that I posted a few weeks back.

    It’s my favorite:

    “The Lightworker Mission”

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