Contessa On The Radio Wednesday Night 6:20 PST

Many of you have read Contessa’s postings on this website. She’ll be on the Al Rantel show (AM 790 KABC) tonight at 6:20 pm.

Click here to listen to the live streaming program on the internet.

6 Responses to “Contessa On The Radio Wednesday Night 6:20 PST”

  1. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    Good Luck Contessa! I hope you’ll be as clear spoken and clear sighted on air as you are on Immigration Watchdog!!! Dont forget to drop a plug or 5!

  2. The Watchdog Says:

    You know I missed it! I was in my car driving and everything. Aghhh!

    Anyway, I went to the CCIR meeting in Garden Grove. TJ Bonner, the President of the Border Patrol Union was the main speaker and he was awesome. I’ll post some video and I think I should post his entire speech in MP3 format tomorrow.

    I didn’t know what to expect from him because he’s always so mellow and low key on Lou Dobbs but he gave a great speech. He’s really a hard person to get a hold of. I gave up trying to get an interview with him and I know many others that have had the same trouble. He’s a busy guy.

  3. James Paul von Helton Says:

    You know, it just occured to me!!

    Judge Napolitano said “You can’t use the law to break the law”.

    Well, isn’t that *EXACTLY* what they are doing? Aren’t they using the law to allow the Mexicans to break the law?



  4. The Watchdog Says:

    In so many ways, Bush has perfected the art of not upholding the law and he realizes that he cannot use the law to break the law, that’s why he’s making it legal to be illegal.

  5. Eddie B. Says:

    War is peace. Slavery is fredom. What is wrong is right. I think that Bush could leave a legacy that no one could ever imagine possible. How could he do this and get a good night’s sleep?

  6. James Paul von Helton Says:

    Eddie says:
    “How could he do this and get a good night?s sleep?”

    How does he sleep with V. Fox’s nose up his arse??


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