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“I have been labeled a racist and a fascist because I have a view on immigration, and I mean mass immigration, but isn’t that something that a lot of people worry about?” she said.
“Everything will be different now. I will be known as the ‘BNP [British National Party] ballerina.’ I think that will stick with […]

“I didn’t know anything before today,” said Jesse Potts, ASB president and a senior at Everett High. He called Huerta’s call for immigrant rights “controversial” and objected to her leading students in the “Si se puede” chant.
“She put words in our mouths,” he said.

Latino Illegal Immigrant Rights Activist Dolores Huerta

Activist calls for equality for immigrant […]

Pizza Patron officials said they have received
hundreds of e-mails about the plan.

Pizza chain under fire for peso plan
KVUE Austin
Janurary 11, 2006

A pizza chain has been hit with death threats and hate mail after offering to accept Mexican pesos, becoming another flashpoint in the nation’s debate over immigrants.
“This is the United States of America, […]

Guest Workers? Who Needs Guest Workers?

Lou Dobbs 01-09-07 Guest Workers

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FAIR President Dan Stein and Manuel Miranda Chairman of the Third Branch Conference discuss birthright citizenship on MSNBC, Jan. 8, 2007.

Immigration debate gets religious
January 8, 2007
A number of leading Christian conservative groups have formed a coalition on immigration and illegal aliens that will push religiously grounded positions that both sides of the […]

Keep your friends close. Keep your enemies closer. Here is an editorial and brief analysis of where the “Immigrant rights” movement is and where it needs to go, courtesy of a pro illegal alien advocate. The Internet is a great place to be a fly on the wall. Heck, you know they do the same […]

The Bleeding Hearts Guide To Writing Sensitive Immigration Stories

Read then do the exact opposite if you want to be an honest, unbiased, and completely factual journalist. GuardDog
The Style Guide To Writing A Sensitive Immigrant Story
Why is the media so utterly useless on immigration?
December 10, 2002

The following guide is designed for you young and/or inexperienced writers on how to fashion an article about […]

“Ideas of suppressing women and hatred for democratic values will soon be disseminated in the heart of our community,” said Roland Henning, a musician who lives half a block from the planned mosque. “And those of us who ask, ‘Why?’ are the ones being called intolerant and xenophobic. Europe isn’t just surrendering its culture. It’s […]

Are “Blue Cards” Next For 1.5 Million Illegal AG Workers Plus Their Famlies

“The reality is Americans have come to rely on an undocumented migrant work force to harvest our crops,” Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., said in a news conference.”

Supporters of Immigration Overhaul Rally
Washington Post
Janurary 7, 2007
WASHINGTON — Backers of overhauling immigration rules began a congressional push Wednesday to give temporary legal status to up to 1.5 million […]

Will Illegal Immigration Offset Minimum Wage Hike?

Will illegal immigration offset a wage hike?
House set to vote on raising federal minimum wage by $2.10 per hour
January 10, 2007
WASHINGTON - As the House votes Wednesday to raise the federal minimum wage by $2.10 per hour, economists are considering the effect of that increase on low-income workers.
Will the benefits to such workers of raising […]

Save Our State 2006 Year in Review (Pt. III)

Click here for Save Our State 2006 Year in Review (Pt. III)

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In Detroit, Mostly Shi’ite Businesses Vandalized In Retaliation For Support For Saddam’s Death?

?They picked which stores that are known for being anti-Saddam.?
Our own little Baghdad in Detroit! If this is true, is anyone surprised? Thousands of years of sectarian tension/hate does not evaporate as you cross over the border into the promised land of America. The beauty of multiculturalism gone wild. GuardDog

Mohammed Al-Zhiri, left, and Youssef […]

Charlie Rose Interviews Ken Auletta & Lou Dobbs December 2006
Segment 1: 00:00 - 13:00. Journalist Ken Auletta talks about his recent profile of Lou Dobbs in The New Yorker.
Segment 2: 13:00 - 56:40. Lou Dobbs, host of “Lou Dobbs Tonight” and author of “War on the Middle Class”. Lou talks about why he thinks the […]

Latest MSM Sob Story?No Legal Aid for Illegal Aliens!
January 8, 2007
The sob stories about illegal immigrants never seem to stop. And the notorious “Mainstream Media” continue to be the major offenders.
Take the front page story in Monday, January 8, 2007 Washington Post, by Karin Bruillard [email her]: Battling Deportation Often a Solitary […]

Lawlessness Push Wealthy Mexicans To Flee Tijuana For The U.S.

Mexicans Flee Tijuana for U.S.
Janurary 9, 2007
CHULA VISTA, Calif. (AP) — A border city that has long watched illegal immigrants pass through on their way to low-wage jobs up north is increasingly welcoming a very different kind of arrival: wealthy Mexicans seeking refuge from kidnappings and other violence.
Francisco Villegas Peralta is among the new residents […]


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