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Lou Dobbs Vs. Gov. Spitzer, Live on CNN

Lou Dobbs Vs. Gov. Spitzer, Live on CNN
Associated Press
October 29, 2007
NEW YORK (AP) ? Lou Dobbs is sorry about calling Gov. Eliot Spitzer an idiot.
As for ripping the New York Democrat as arrogant, spineless and “a spoiled rich kid brat,” the host of CNN’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight” stands by those nationally broadcast broadsides.
Dobbs has made […]

NY Senators mum on Spitzer’s ID plan for immigrants
News Day
October 29, 2007
WASHINGTON - New York’s plan to create three types of driver’s licenses, including one for illegal immigrants, has everyone talking _ everyone except the state’s Democratic senators, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Charles Schumer.
New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer, a fellow Democrat, announced over the weekend […]

Democrats and Republicans Share Values on Immigration
SYS-Con Media
October 29, 2007
Democrats and Republicans agree on a surprising number of issues related to criminal aliens in the United States according to a recent Zogby International / Associated Television News online poll conducted October 23-25, 2007 of 4,702 likely voters. The poll’s margin of error is +/-1.5 percentage […]

Gov. Spitzer (left) with Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff in Washington on Saturday. Spitzer announced a compromise deal on his contentious drivers license plan.
New York Post
October 27, 2007
ALBANY - Following intense pressure, Gov. Spitzer is preparing to backpedal on his plan to issue state driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants as […]

“Immigrant” Groups Accuse Spitzer of Stunning Betrayal :)

Governor Accused of Betraying Principles
New York Times
October 28, 2007
Gov. Eliot Spitzer?s retreat from his plan to permit illegal immigrants to obtain the same kind of driver?s licenses as other New Yorkers drew angry reactions yesterday from civil liberties advocates and immigrant groups, some of whom described the shift as a stunning betrayal.
The governor has been […]

Suspected Illegal Aliens Arrested for Arson in CA!

Suspected Illegal Aliens Arrested for Arson in CA!
October 26, 2007
Please read this information carefully and forward it to others in your network and the media.
ALIPAC?s William Gheen will be on the Fox News Neil Cavuto Show today, at 4pm EST to discuss the relationship between the fires in California and illegal aliens.
This is what we […]

Mexicans Miss Money From Relatives Up North
New York Times
October 26, 2007
EL RODEO, Mexico ? For years, millions of Mexican migrants working in the United States have sent money back home to villages like this one, money that allows families to pay medical bills and school fees, build houses and buy clothes or, if they save […]

California Fires Are Both A Blessing And a Danger For Illegal Border Crossers

California fires could compromise border control
Houston Chronicle
October 26, 2007
TECATE, Calif. ? With flames encircling the remote border crossing east of San Diego, U.S. Customs inspectors wasted no time evacuating. They closed the gate blocking the lanes into California, wrapped a chain around it, and snapped on the lock.
The Tecate Port of Entry officially was closed.
But […]

Dramatic Rise In Border Violence, Drug Smuggling

Dramatic Rise In Border Violence, Drug Smuggling
Judicial Watch
October 25, 2007
While increased security on the Mexican border has reduced the number of illegal crossers, it has also magnified violence among professional smugglers connected to drug cartels that often outgun U.S. Border Patrol agents.
Soon-to-be-released Homeland Security statistics reveal that the U.S. crackdown has indeed deterred Individuals from […]

The Illegal Immigration Traffic Report With Jack Simmons :)

The Illegal Immigration Traffic Report with Jack Simmons

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New Study Shows Dream Act Gives Legalization To Many More Then Stated

DREAM Act Offers Amnesty to 2.1 Million
New Estimate Shows Another 1.4 Million Family Members Could Also Stay
PS News Wire
October 24, 2007
WASHINGTON, Oct. 23 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The Senate is currently considering the DREAM Act (S.2205). Some have argued that only 60,000 illegal immigrants would be granted amnesty annually under the Act, but a new analysis by […]

Tancredo Calls for Raid on Immigration Bill Event

?If we can?t enforce our laws inside the building where American laws are made, where can we enforce them?? Mr. Tancredo said in a statement.”
?Congressman, have you no shame?? Mr. Durbin said in a statement, indirectly comparing Mr. Tancredo to Senator Joseph McCarthy and his anti-communist hearings in the 1950s.”
Candidate Calls for Raid on Immigration […]

Thompson Sharpens Mood, Unveils Immigration Plan
New York Sun
October 24, 2007
Fred Thompson sharpened the mood of the Republican presidential debate when he unveiled his anti-immigration policy in Collier County, Fla., yesterday, flashing a rare glint of steel at his closest rivals, Mayor Giuliani, Mitt Romney, and Senator McCain.
The former Tennessee senator’s proposed measures to curtail illegal […]

“Boycott Lou Dobbs” Web Site And Video Teaser

“Boycott Lou Dobbs” goes live. Check it out.

ALIPAC - American-Latino Immigrants Proudly Assisting the Community: Boycott Lou Dobbs
Hispanic Business Forum: Boycott Lou Dobbs
The anti Lou crowd is at it again. Found this via the haters at the Hispanic Business Forum. The video was added to You Tube just 2 days ago and the web site […]

Lou Dobbs Is A Man Of Power And Influence

?Lou Dobbs voters’ will decide ‘08
The Politico
October 22, 2007
CNN anchor Lou Dobbs may be the most important person in the 2008 presidential election aside from the candidates themselves. The bundle of concerns that Dobbs and his audience have about globalization, trade, diminished American sovereignty and immigration will be ignored by politicians at their own peril.
The […]



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