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This is the same POS that lost control in the courtroom earlier this week. This time they handcuffed him and put a mask on his face so he wouldn’t spit on anyone. The good news is he was found guilty. The bad news is that taxpayers will be paying for this maggot for the rest of his worthless life.

Invader Forced To Wear Bizarre Mask After Outburst


Antonio Rosales is accused of raping a 10-year-old girl. Before court could even begin Thursday, a judge had to decide if Rosales was competent to stand trial after a violent outburst Wednesday.

After a brief hearing Thursday, Rosales told a judge he wanted to be left out of the courtroom because he said he might lash out again. Initially, a team of deputies brought 41-year-old Antonio Rosales into the courtroom wearing a bizarre mesh head-covering and a mask. Authorities said they put it on him after he threatened to spit at people.

It was the second strange scene in two days. Wednesday afternoon, Rosales erupted in the courtroom as prosecutor Anna Valentini made her closing argument.

The illegal immigrant from Guatemala is on trial for the attempted murder and sexual battery of a 10-year-old girl in Casselberry in 2003. A court appointed doctor said Rosales was insulted by the allegation he’s a child molester.

“This is someone who told me that was he is insulted,” court-appointed doctor Jeffrey Danziger said.

Despite the outburst, the judge found Rosales competent to continue his trial. During that hearing, extra deputies surrounded Rosales, who promised to behave.

But, before the jury returned, Rosales asked to stay out of the courtroom so he wouldn’t hear the same disturbing details of how prosecutors say he pulled a girl into the woods and tried to kill her four years ago.

“He strangled her so much it left bruises on her face and insect bites all over her body,” Anna Valentini said in court Thursday.

Late Thursday afternoon, the jury returned a guilty verdict against Rosales on charges of kidnapping, attempted murder and sexual battery after deliberating for around two hours. Rosales faces a mandatory life sentence, but has to stand trial for murder in Arizona.

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The creator of the plugin had this explanation.

Update: Some people have asked for more details on what exactly happened. In brief, yesterday I moved all of my sites to a new dedicated server. In the process, I decommissioned an old blacklist I was running which I thought wasn?t being used, not realizing that Bad Behavior was still set to use it. Shortly afterward, I found myself locked out of my own blog, just as you all did. So therefore, this release.

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IPS news

Mexico City (IPS) — Panic has taken hold of the six million Mexicans who live in the United States without residence permits, because of the ongoing crackdown on ‘illegal aliens’, which has involved an increasing number of raids and deportations.

The Mexican government has announced measures in defence of its citizens across the border, and insists that immigration reform is urgently needed in the U.S. However, the indications are that there will be no reform until 2009 at the earliest.

‘We are being harassed and persecuted, and I confess we are extremely nervous. We don?t feel that Mexico is helping us at all,’ Freddy Batista, a Mexican immigrant who has worked in building maintenance in Los Angeles, California for four years, told IPS. ‘I?ve thought about not taking my son (aged 12) to school anymore, because they might capture me, or him, and then we?d be separated, which would not be fair to him. But what can I do? He can?t stay home or go into hiding,’ said Batista in a telephone interview from Los Angeles.

The state Institute for Mexicans Abroad (IMA) estimates that one million undocumented Mexicans will have been deported during the course of 2007. Most of them were, and continue to be, seized in raids the IMA considers to be discriminatory.

In a single day in early October, immigration agents apprehended about 1,500 Latin Americans in Los Angeles, the vast majority of whom were Mexican.

In 2006, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents deported 183,431 undocumented Mexicans after raids nationwide.

‘We constantly pray to God that the ?migra? (ICE agents) won?t come for us, but they say there will be more raids soon,’ said Batista, a native of the Mexican state of Puebla.

According to official statistics, some 11 million people born in Mexico live in the United States, six million of whom do not have residence permits. Two-thirds of the total live in California and Texas.

The government of conservative President Felipe Calderón announced last week that two more consulates are to be added to the 50 that Mexico already maintains in the United States.

Consulates will also strengthen their legal assistance teams, who help defend immigrants when they face discrimination, and provide advice and support if they are detained with a view to deportation.

And to project a positive image of migrants in the U.S., the Mexican government will launch ‘direct media campaigns aimed at showing migrant success stories and raising awareness of the many contributions’ migrants make to U.S. society, said Calderón.

‘The idea is not to pursue purely confrontational strategies and wars of words, which only exacerbate anti-Mexican feeling and arouse the worst discriminatory phobias, but to win the battle in U.S. public opinion, so that Mexicans may be recognised as who they are — a major support for the economy and society,’ the president said.

‘My government will not rest until it achieves full recognition and respect for the rights of Mexicans abroad,’ said Calderón, repeating almost word for word what was said by his predecessor and fellow party member Vicente Fox (2000-2006), who failed to live up to his promise to negotiate a new agreement on migration with the U.S..

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Never mind about being re-elected Mr. Spitzer. You have three years to go and you are in real danger of being recalled and thrown out.

ALBANY, N.Y. - Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s plan to provide illegal immigrants with driver’s licenses has sunk his favorability rating to an all-time low of 41 percent, and has left only 25 percent of voters planning to re-elect him, according to a poll the Siena Research Institute released Tuesday.

Forty-six percent had an unfavorable opinion of Spitzer, and 49 percent said they would “prefer someone else” as the next governor. Last month, 54 percent of voters had a favorable opinion of the governor.

“Eliot Spitzer’s standing with voters has fallen faster and further than any politician in recent New York history,” Siena spokesman Steven Greenberg said in a written statement. “Everything may not have changed on day one but from the voters’ perspective, everything about Governor Spitzer changed in year one.”

Spitzer swept to office last November with nearly 70 percent of the vote, carried largely by his reputation as a reformer and his campaign pledge to change everything starting on “Day One.”

About nine in 10 voters are aware of Spitzer’s license plan, which has been highly criticized by Republicans and Democrats alike.

About 70 percent oppose it, slightly less than the 72 percent who opposed it in a poll released last month.

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On Monday, October 15, 2007, Deputy Gilmer Hernandez returned to his hometown of Rocksprings, Texas after an 11 month absence due to the result of an unjust federal prosecution. Click here to read more about Gilmer.

Just before his arrival, local residents gathered and students from the public schools emptied their classrooms so they could line the streets in order to give Gilmer a well deserved “Hero’s Welcome”. Warm smiles and many a hug were exchanged, along with kind words and a few tears.

Visit FREEGILMER.COM for photos.

The following video clips are from this past Saturday’s welcome home party.

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I can’t believe the North County Times actually printed this guys article. Thank you Richard Kirk for writing this! Up until now, the NC Times would only rehash the false allegations against John Montie They would not let any of the facts in the case be known.

NC Times

Was John Monti Nifonged? Or perhaps one should ask if John Monti is being Nifonged?

Mike Nifong was the district attorney who rabidly pursued bogus rape charges against three Duke lacrosse players in order to bolster his political fortunes among African-Americans in North Carolina’s Durham County. Nifong won the race for re-election but later lost his job and law license when evidence of prosecutorial misconduct became overwhelming.

It is unlikely that Monti, the bilingual East Los Angeles schoolteacher recently prosecuted for assaulting day laborers in Rancho Penasquitos on Nov. 18, 2006, will receive the same vindication as the lacrosse trio. Last month a jury found John Monti not guilty of charges brought against him by the office of San Diego City Attorney Mike Aguirre. But the nature of Monti’s case, though it smacks of political opportunism, makes it harder to prove that the camera-loving city attorney pursued Monti to punish anti-illegal alien groups.

The incident in question began when Monti and some day laborers got into a scuffle over pictures that Monti was taking of them. Obviously, taking snapshots of folks who might be here illegally isn’t a way to make friends. But Monti says his efforts were motivated by his belief that young girls were being sexually abused in nearby migrant camps.

News reports of the fight that day suggested that Monti came out on the short end of the stick - a not surprising result if the he-them ratio was around eight to one. Cuts and bruises, however, were the only injuries Monti sustained.

The police report taken that day might have been the end of the matter had not Monti filed a grand jury complaint against the San Diego Police Department for failing to investigate human trafficking and child prostitution in McGonigle Canyon. That complaint was filed March 1. Four weeks later (and four months after the original incident) Aguirre’s office put out a press bulletin announcing in bold letters that charges were being filed â??Against a member of the Minutemen Project.”

Monti was not, in fact, a member of the Minutemen, though he was affiliated with the anti-illegal group, Save Our State. Still, by erroneously highlighting the Minutemen, Aguirre’s office bolstered the suspicion that impartial legal judgment wasn’t what informed its prosecutorial decision. What later become clear was that the case against Monti was actively promoted by Claudia Smith, an open border activist and executive director of California Rural Legal Assistance in Oceanside.

At trial some laborers testified that it was Monti who was attacked - a point of view echoed by four 911 calls that were played in court and later aired on Roger Hedgecock’s radio program. Monti’s photos also helped convince jurors that testimony against him sometimes failed to pass the smell test.

Having been declared “not guilty” by a jury, Monti now faces a civil suit brought by the same CRLA lawyer who appeared with Claudia Smith when she announced on Fox News what Aguirre was going to do, prosecution-wise - two weeks later.
Oceanside resident Richard Kirk is a freelance columnist for the North County Times. Contact him at

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My San Antonio

A former peace officer burned a Mexican flag in protest of the U.S. policy toward undocumented immigrants, and his demonstration at the Alamo has garnered national attention.

David Bohmfalk was set to go to court on a case of constitutional law regarding his right to burn a flag â?? any flag â?? on the steps of the Alamo. Now it appears the city is unfurling the white flag of surrender.

Bohmfalk’s protest took two minutes, and the result was a $198 ticket for burning without a permit.

Free speech, Bohmfalk says, is worth fighting for. But now he won’t have his day in court. Hours after the story first aired on KENS 5, the charges were dismissed.

“I am out financially, and I’ve had a lot of emotional turmoil over this,” Bohmfalk said.

Bohmfalk has waited several months for a court date. Three court settings were rescheduled during that time.

The city attorney’s office says it wasn’t until a court date was set that prosecutors got their first look at the case. They admit it should have been thrown out, but that it was lost in the sheer volume of municipal cases.

“We’re talking a thousand people a day walking through that door, and no one’s happy,” Deputy City Attorney Joe Niño said.

Bohmfalk’s case has made the national news. Across the Web, it’s the talk of patriotic Web sites, and some blogs are critical of him.

His attorney, Jason Jakob, says officers detained the former peace officer that May Day trying to find something to charge Bohmfalk with. All the while, he says, his client took some heat of his own.

“They tried to call him a domestic terrorist. They tried to get him for arson. They detained him for an hour and a half worth of his time. They allowed him to be spit on,” Jakob said.

His brush with the law and his attorney’s fees now have Bohmfalk considering more legal action against the city.

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Another great article by Frosty Woolridge. I cut and pasted a few bits of it for you.

What’s happening in the United States stems from a long term plan to downgrade our middle class into a new powerless and marginal class. Everyone scrapes by in this New World Order! The rich and privileged sit above it all. These helmsmen with Titanic-like credentials drive our nation into a future wrought with the same kind of poverty manifested in Mexico.

Do you notice that poverty never changes in Mexico, Central and South America?

Now we’re importing millions from those countries which allows them to establish more poverty in our country. Without stopping mass immigration both legal and illegal, our middle class doesn’t stand a chance.
What brought this methodical destruction of our laws, our constitution, our language, our culture and our way of life? Sorry to say, but it stems from apathy across the American landscape. Half of us don’t vote in national elections and 80 percent don’t vote in local elections. That means money and power take over in a good-ole boy network that stops at nothing to gain even more money and power.

Where will it end? It’s going to get uglier and uglier. Internal conflict! Racial tension between immigrants and Americans! Jam packed highways with millions of added immigrants totalling in excess of 70 million by 2040. Higher prices for everything! Rich get richer and a new poor class! Cities exploding with social and physical problems such as air pollution, gridlock, energy crisis and worse! Language breakdown! Balkanization! Financial systems can’t help but collapse. Medical systems collapsing! Schools in chaos!

How can we change the future? We must vote out every senator who refuses to abide by the U.S. Constitution. We must participate in our Republic. We must run for office with passion, integrity and relentless enthusiasm.

Read the whole article here.

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New Test Asks: What Does â??Americanâ?? Mean?
New York Times
September 28, 2007

Patrick Henry and Francis Scott Key are out, but Susan B. Anthony and Nancy Pelosi are in. The White House was cut, but New York and Sept. 11 made the list.

Federal immigration authorities yesterday unveiled 100 new questions immigrants will have to study to pass a civics test to become naturalized American citizens.

The redesign of the test, the first since it was created in 1986 as a standardized examination, follows years of criticism in which conservatives said the test was too easy and immigrant advocates said it was too hard.

The new questions did little to quell that debate among many immigrant groups, who complained that the citizenship test would become even more daunting. Conservatives seemed to be more satisfied.

Bush administration officials said the new test was part of their effort to move forward on the hotly disputed issue of immigration by focusing on the assimilation of legal immigrants who have played by the rules, leaving aside the situation of some 12 million illegal immigrants here.

Several historians said the new questions successfully incorporated more ideas about the workings of American democracy and better touched upon the diversity of the groups â?? including women, American Indians and African-Americans â?? who have influenced the countryâ??s history……

To read entire article click here.

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Mexican President: We Are Coming!

Tucson Citizen

PUERTO PEÃ?ASCO, Son. - Mexican President Felipe Calderón told U.S. governors Thursday that immigration is an inevitable, natural phenomenon and he urged the U.S. Congress to approve reforms that would allow more Mexicans to work legally north of the border.

Calderón demanded the United States respect “the right to work wherever one can make the greatest contribution.”

“Immigration is a natural phenomenon that is economically and socially inevitable,” he told the meeting in this Sonora seaside resort town.

In a rare acknowledgment of the costs of migration for Mexico, Calderón said his country “doesn’t celebrate migration . . . our best people are the ones who go.”

Mexico’s finest.

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Prison Planet

During a Banking Committee hearing on Capitol Hill today, the Texas Congressman confronted Bernanke and accused the Fed of trying to solve the problem of inflation with more inflation by creating artificially low interest rates that have no effect because of the dollar’s weakness.

Paul questioned how it could ever be morally justifiable to deliberately depreciate the dollar and pointed out the fact that the dollar collapse was a deliberate policy on behalf of the Fed.

Fears of dollar collapse as Saudis take fright


Saudi Arabia has refused to cut interest rates in lockstep with the US Federal Reserve for the first time, signalling that the oil-rich Gulf kingdom is preparing to break the dollar currency peg in a move that risks setting off a stampede out of the dollar across the Middle East.

“This is a very dangerous situation for the dollar,” said Hans Redeker, currency chief at BNP Paribas.

“Saudi Arabia has $800bn (£400bn) in their future generation fund, and the entire region has $3,500bn under management. They face an inflationary threat and do not want to import an interest rate policy set for the recessionary conditions in the United States,” he said.

The Saudi central bank said today that it would take “appropriate measures” to halt huge capital inflows into the country, but analysts say this policy is unsustainable and will inevitably lead to the collapse of the dollar peg.

As a close ally of the US, Riyadh has so far tried to stick to the peg, but the link is now destabilising its own economy.

The Fed’s dramatic half point cut to 4.75pc yesterday has already caused a plunge in the world dollar index to a fifteen year low, touching with weakest level ever against the mighty euro at just under $1.40.

There is now a growing danger that global investors will start to shun the US bond markets. The latest US government data on foreign holdings released this week show a collapse in purchases of US bonds from $97bn to just $19bn in July, with outright net sales of US Treasuries.

The danger is that this could now accelerate as the yield gap between the United States and the rest of the world narrows rapidly, leaving America starved of foreign capital flows needed to cover its current account deficit - expected to reach $850bn this year, or 6.5pc of GDP.

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Willmington Star

MINNEAPOLIS | A lawsuit filed Tuesday claims that federal immigration agents who raided a meatpacking plant detained Hispanic workers, hurled racial epithets at them and forced the women among them to take off their clothes, while white workers were spared the harsh treatment.

The federal lawsuit was filed by Centro Legal, an immigrant rights group, on behalf of 10 workers at Swift & Co.’s Worthington plant who are in the U.S. legally. More than 200 illegal immigrants in Worthington were arrested Dec. 12 as part of a six-state raid of Swift plants that netted more than 1,200 undocumented workers.

Read more.

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LAKE PARK, Fla. â?? A South Florida car dealer says he has no plans to stop airing Spanish commercials on English-language TV stations, despite furious complaints from outraged viewers who believe he’s catering to illegal aliens and destroying American culture.

“I’m enjoying this crazy situation because I know I’m right,” says Earl Stewart, owner of Earl Stewart Toyota of North Palm Beach.

Stewart has become a lightning rod of controversy for pitching Toyotas in his basic Spanish, while English subtitles are shown on screen.

The ads are featured not on typical Spanish-language stations, but rather the Big Three network affiliates in Palm Beach County as well as local Comcast Cable channels such as CNN and MSNBC.

The commercial opens with Stewart standing in his showroom as he introduces himself in Spanish.

The English subtitles provide the translation, stating, “I’m Earl Stewart. I’m sorry I don’t speak Spanish, that is the reason I can’t answer the red phone in your language. But many members of our team in all departments do speak Spanish.”

The “red phone” refers to four red telephones at his dealership that provide direct access to Stewart’s personal cell phone, one of the marketing points of his dealership.

“We are a family operated dealership,” the ad continues, “and we all appreciate the importance of the Latin culture and its economic impact in our community.”

Read more.

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“As of 2:45 p.m. (EDT) more than 180 Koch employees have been identified for further questioning and more than 160 have been administratively arrested for immigration violations,” ICE special agent in charge Brian Moskowitz told a news conference in Cincinnati.

Moskowitz said employees faced a range of charges including illegal reentry to the United States, identity theft, document fraud, social security fraud and forgery. Koch Foods was being investigated for federal crimes including encouraging, inducing or harboring illegal aliens.

ICE said in a statement the raid by more than 300 agents was “part of a two-year, ongoing ICE investigation based on evidence that Koch Foods may have knowingly hired illegal aliens at its poultry processing and packaging facility.”

Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones, one of the country’s most outspoken opponents of illegal immigration, has lobbied Washington for better enforcement and deportation of undocumented workers.

“I’ve been saying for 2-1/2 years ‘We’re coming, … don’t hire illegals, don’t violate the law,”‘ Jones told the news conference. “I personally have no sympathy for you whatsoever, None. Zero.”

A handful of protesters shouting “this is an outrage” tried to disrupt the news conference.

“These are working people, these are family people, they are keeping our economy growing. They should not be arrested. What’s happening to their children?” said Dan LaBotz, carrying a sign reading “Stop the attack on immigrant families.”

Immigration advocates in Cincinnati said the force used during the raids was terrifying the local community, including U.S.-born children who fear their immigrant parents will be taken away.

“I got a call from one woman this morning and her husband was just picked up at the chicken processing plant,” said Shelly Jarrett Bromberg, director of the Butler County Community Alliance.

She said officials believe raids “will send back others through fear. The children don’t understand and are now going home and asking if they’re going to be arrested.”

ICE said those who had been detained would be taken to a processing facility in the Cincinnati area and procedures to remove them from the United States would begin. But it noted that some may be released for humanitarian reasons — for example, the sole caregiver to children.

Read the entire article here.

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Pat Condell, a stand up comedian from Britain entertains as well as informs us in his assessment of the ongoing Islamisation of Europe. GuardDog

Islam in Europe

Protest against “Islamisation” banned
August 10, 2007

BRUSSELS (AFP) - Brussels mayor Freddy Thielemans has banned a protest against the “Islamisation” of Europe planned for 11 September, the anniversary of the suicide attacks on the US, his spokesman said Thursday.

The “Stop the Islamisation of Europe” (SIOE) group last month announced its intention to organise a protest in front of the European parliament building, six years after the suicide plane attacks in New York and Washington.

The group, which started in Denmark, considers Islam “a tool for introducing Islamic imperialistic politics.”

On its website it argues: “Islam and democracy are incompatible due to teachings within the Koran itself.”

The group hopes to bring thousands out onto the streets of the Belgian capital on 11 September. It is organising other protests to take place simultaneously around the world, notably in the United States, Canada and Australia.

But the mayor’s spokesman Nicolas Dassonville said: “The danger to public order is too high,” to allow the Brussels protest to go ahead.

“The sizeable foreign community living in the area could react to the action,” he added.

The city of Brussels authorities receive between 500 and 600 requests to hold protests each year. In the last five years only six have been banned, said Dassonville.

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