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Economic retaliation from Mexico is a real threat if U.S. lawmakers repeal a provision that allows Mexican truckers access to the U.S. interior, according to former U.S. Rep. Jim Kolbe.

“If Congress succeeds in blocking (the program) I believe Mexico could retaliate, as they are entitled to do,” the Arizona Republican told members of the Southern Arizona Logistics Education Organization in Tucson on Thursday.

Kolbe, who retired at the beginning of the year after 11 terms in Congress, is the new chairman of the Canamex Corridor Task Force and part of a three-member committee appointed to monitor the cross-border truck program, which has faced strong opposition from some trucking union members and politicians.

He warned that if our southern neighbors “lose patience,” U.S. companies could face higher tariffs on trade entering Mexico.

“It’s not an idle threat,” Kolbe said. “And it sends a bad message to Mexico and Latin America about how seriously we take our obligations.”

The trucking program, a provision of the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement, began in September. Before that, Mexican trucks were restricted to driving within a commercial border zone.
Attempts by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters to block the entry of Mexican trucks into the U.S. failed. The Senate then approved a proposal prohibiting the Transportation Department from spending money on the program, but it continues while Congress debates a larger transportation bill that contains the provision.

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7 year old Anthony Gargiula sings National Anthem
at a Siena College Basketball game in Albany New York.

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Linda Chavez: Immigration stance may turn red states blue
Dallas News
October 8, 2007

Republicans need all the votes they can get next November if they are to have any hope of retaining the White House and winning back control of Congress. But one group of voters â?? among whom the GOP has gained considerable ground over the last few elections â?? now seems about to slip away, perhaps permanently.

Hispanic voters are poised to turn several red states blue come 2008, virtually guaranteeing a Democratic presidential victory and a pickup in congressional seats as well, according to a new analysis of Hispanic voting behavior. “Border Wars: The Impact of Immigration on the Latino Vote,” released by the conservative Americas Majority Foundation, demonstrates that congressional Republicans’ ham-handed approach to immigration will cost them dearly at the polls.

Richard Nadler, the study’s author, analyzed 2006 voting patterns in 145 Hispanic precincts or voting blocs in three congressional districts in the Southwest. In each district, candidates who favored an enforcement-only approach faced opponents who favored comprehensive immigration reform, including a guest-worker program and a path to legalization for illegal aliens. Mr. Nadler found that the enforcement-only approach significantly eroded support for the Republican candidates among Hispanic voters from their 2004 levels; in each case the Republican lost the seat.

In Arizona’s 5th District, six-term GOP incumbent Rep. J.D. Hayworth actually switched positions on immigration from being a sponsor of guest-worker legislation to becoming one of the most outspoken opponents of immigration, even advocating a moratorium on legal immigration from Mexico. In 2004, he received almost as many Hispanic votes as his Democratic opponent, about 48 percent; but in 2006, Mr. Hayworth lost 59 to 36 percent in Hispanic precincts…….

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Morgues at border fill to overflowing
Dallas News
October 8, 2007

Many John Does in makeshift spaces likely illegal immigrants

LAREDO â?? The yellowing skeletons are stored in filing boxes in the hallway of the old prison outside Laredo.

Under fluorescent lights, the dead are stacked in a bay of metal lockers, two high and three across. The walk-in cooler across the hall is larger.

At the makeshift morgue, Dr. Corinne Stern, the Webb County medical examiner, started storing bodies on rolling gurneys in the walk-in refrigerator when she ran out of space.

“We try to make space the best we can,” she said, “but we are completely full.”

Like many medical examiners and county officials along the U.S.-Mexico border, Dr. Stern faces a complicated and delicate problem: what to do with the dozens of John Does, many believed to be illegal immigrants, who end up in county coolers and eventually in anonymous pauper’s graves, all at taxpayers’ expense.

Assessing scope tough

The scope of the problem is difficult to judge.

No agency is charged with tracking what happens to the remains of illegal immigrants who die along the U.S.-Mexico border.

U.S. immigration officials recently announced a decrease in the number of deaths reported along the border since October 2006.

But the statistics don’t necessarily reflect what’s happening in Texas border cities and towns.

The number of deaths increased in the Border Patrol’s Laredo sector, which includes 171 miles of the Rio Grande and thousands of square miles of remote ranches.

The agency reported 45 deaths from October through August, up from 35 for the previous fiscal year and from 15 in all of 2002.

Since the Border Patrol started cracking down on illegal immigration in major cities from Brownsville to San Diego in the mid-1990s, the traffic has shifted.

People try to cross through increasingly remote areas, leading to a record death toll in 2005, with 494 bodies reported.

Immigrant deaths reported along the border dropped from 453 in fiscal year 2006 to 375 through the first 11 months of the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30.

The last month’s figures are not available.

But the government’s system for counting the dead has been scrutinized recently, and researchers who study border deaths said the number is probably higher, particularly in Texas.

“Those numbers are probably somewhat underreported,” said Lori Baker, a forensic anthropologist at Baylor University.

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Illegal Immigration: Where Are The Democrats?
American Chronicle
September 4, 2007

On the matter of illegal immigration, Republicans have been taking a lot of flak for the RINOs in the Senate who seem willing to give away the store. Because of this, the Republican Party is split. Meanwhile, the Democrats have been doing the â??dog in the mangerâ? thing, sitting back and letting the Republicans fight it out. Democrats are content to see the dissension in the enemy ranks and figure they can just wait around and see them self-destruct.

However, 82% of Democrats voted against the 2006 House bill, which was long on border protection, (building a wall), and punishing those who aid and abet illegals. The Republicans in the House, on the other hand, voted 92% in favor of the tough 2006 House bill. In effect, what the Democrats were saying was that they would not restrain illegal immigration in any meaningful way. They take the attitude of â??come one, come all, and we will provide all the benefits the American citizens now enjoyâ?.

Their traditional giveaway policies seem not to be doing them much good right now. Their approval rating is down to as low as 14%. When they took over the Congress from the Republicans they were jubilant, thinking they had a mandate to push through all their pet projects. They did not â??get itâ?. Voters did not so much like Democrats than they disliked the policies of the Republicans. Figuring prominently is illegal immigration.

The Democratsâ?? record on illegal immigration and the giving of amnesty to millions of illegals is dismal. The latest Senate bill was amnesty and 46 senators voted for it. Only 12 of those voting for it were Republicans. The remaining 34 voting for amnesty were Democrats.

This overwhelming support by Democrats goes against their long avowed concern for the most vulnerable among us. It also ignores the damage it is doing to at least two of its most loyal constituencies: labor unions and African-Americans.

Some labor unions have supported illegal immigration in the hope that the illegals would end up in their unions. More duesâ?¦.more power. However, in doing so they allow illegal labor to compete with existing union members and bring down the wages of all. They have chosen sides against their loyal, dues paying members in favor of those who have broken into the country and will work for a lot less than union wages.

One of those unions is the powerful AFL-CIO, which states that it makes no difference between illegal aliens and American citizens. Along with the Democrat Party, the AFL-CIOâ??s slogan seems to be â??no illegal alien left behindâ?.

Another issue the unions must address is the push for a North American Union (NAU). Either most are unaware of this attempt, which is being made out of the sight of citizens, and even the Congress, or they are complicit. Mexican trucks will soon be coming deep into the heartland of the U.S., whereas before they were only allowed into limited areas. The truckers being affected are trying to stem this invasion of truckers, who mostly donâ??t speak English and whose trucks will not be subject to the inspections and rules our government lays down for our own truckers.

We can expect more highway deaths and a lot more pollution, due to trucks that are not held to the same emission standards as are domestic trucks. Our highways and roads will become more crowded. This move to allow Mexican trucks free reign over our highways prepares the way for more traffic and the implementation of several â??superâ? highways envisioned by those who gave us NAFTA. Maps of the proposed highways show routes going from inside Mexico to the interior of Canada, through our heartland.

While some of the truckersâ?? unions and independent truckers are fighting these developments, other unions seem not to have taken notice. The maps show the proposed routes going through the interior of the U.S. and bypassing the Western ports. This means that the on-and-off loading of freight will not be done in those ports by longshoremen. Several thousand well-paid longshoremen will see their jobs go out of existence. It will be cheaper to pay non-union workers to usher all freight through the middle of the U.S.

To see the proposed routes, consult maps found here: StoptheNorthAmericanUnion. com

Where are the Democrats?…..

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Sponsor: The Reform Institute
Campaign Title: Design Your Portion of the Border Fence
Description: A law enacted by Congress last year authorizes 700 miles of fencing along the U.S./Mexico border. Construction of the fence is in its early stages.

If there has to be a fence built along the border, shouldn’t it at least be pretty? This is an opportunity to express the message you feel the fence conveys about the U.S. Decide which side of the border fence you’re painting and go to town! Maybe it’ll be a welcoming mural or a warning to all not to cross, it’s up to you! Download the border fence template below or create your own “fence” canvas. Be creative and think big!

* Grand Prize: One winner, chosen by The Reform Institute art jury, will receive a $1000 scholarship to the school of “life.”
* Passion Prize: One winner, chosen by The Reform Institute panel, whose entry takes the most passionate stance will be offered a “paid freelance” opportunity with The Reform Institute from Oct. to Dec. for up to $500/month. See rules for complete details.
* Best American Side: One entry representing the American side, chosen by highest score, will receive a $500 scholarship.
* Best Mexican Side: One entry representing the Mexican side, chosen by highest score, will receive a $500 scholarship.

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This has nothing to do with immigration but it is very important.


The Internal Revenue Service has lost a lawyer’s challenge in front of a jury to prove a constitutional foundation for the nation’s income tax, and the victorious attorney now is setting his sights higher.

“I think now people are beginning to realize that this has got to be the largest fraud, backed up by intimidation and extortion and by the sheer force of taking peoples property and hard-earned money without any lawful authorization whatsoever,” lawyer Tom Cryer told WND just days after a jury in Louisiana acquitted him of two criminal tax counts.

And before you consign him to the legions of “tin foil hat brigades” who argue against paying taxes, and then want payment to explain how to do that, he addresses the issue up front.

“These snake oil peddlers have conned millions of dollars out of many well-intended patriots and left a trail of broken lives in their wake. â?¦ These charlatans should be avoided, not only because they will lead you to bankruptcy and prison, but because by association they discredit those who are telling the truth,” he said.

The truth, he said, is where he comes in, with the launch of a new Truth Attack website that is intended to build on his victory, and create a coalition of resources to defeat â?? ultimately â?? the income tax in the United States.

Although the legal citations in the case tend to run the length of paragraphs, Cryer told WND the underlying issue is not that complicated. Essentially, he argued that income is not necessarily any money that comes to a person, but rather categories such as profit and interest.

He said the free exchange of labor for compensation has been upheld as a right by the Supreme Court, but that doesn’t necessarily make the compensation income.

If ever such an argument were to be presented widely, Cryer said, the income to the federal government would plummet. But not to worry, he said, the expenses could be reduced equally by eliminating programs, departments and agencies that also have no foundation in the Constitution.

“The Founding Fathers intentionally restricted the taxing powers of the new federal government as a measure of restraint on its size. By exceeding that limited taxing authority the federal government has been able to obtain resources beyond its intended reach, and that money has enabled the federal government to exceed its authority,” he said.

For example, he said, the Constitution does not empower the federal government to regulate education, or employment, and agriculture, yet it does so.

The jury in U.S. District Court in Louisiana voted 12-0 to find Cryer, of Shreveport, not guilty of failure to file income taxes for two years. He had been indicted in 2006 on charges of failing to pay $73,000 to the IRS in 2000 and 2001. The next step in his personal case will be up to the IRS and prosecutors, if they choose to continue the issue, he said.

But for the rest of the nation, he’s working with Save-a-Patriot, the Free Enterprise Society, Live Free Now and his own Lie Free Zone to spread the message of the truth.

“There are three points that are important,” he told WND. “There’s no law making the average working man liable [for income taxes], there’s no law or regulation that allows the IRS to contend that earnings are 100 percent profit received in exchange for nothing, and the right to earn a living through any lawful occupation is a constitutionally protected fundamental right, and it is exempt from taxation.”

Spokesman Robert Marvin in Washington’s IRS office told WND the Internal Revenue Code provides for taxation on salaries or wages, but when pressed for a specific citation, or constitutional provision, he said, “I can’t comment.”

Read more.

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“Since talk radio has been largely credited with having led to the defeat of the Bush-Kennedy “Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill,” the press room resentment of Kinsolving has been apparent not only from Snow â?? but from unidentifed members of the press corps. Snow recently told Kinsolving his colleagues in the Big Media resented his questions as much or more than the press secretary did.”

Enough of the Snow jobs
World Net Daily
July 26, 2007

Les Kinsolving, WND’s distinguished White House correspondent, began covering the White House in 1973, the last year of the Nixon administration.

He has dealt with 12 previous White House press secretaries â?? as a one-time nationally syndicated columnist for 250 newspapers, two of which, in San Francisco, nominated him for the Pulitzer Prize.

He was also one of only two reporters, in 1972, who exposed the Rev. Jim Jones, of the People’s Temple, who had Kinsolving as No. 2 on his “hit list.”

But none of the rest of the major media would follow up on what Kinsolving reported in the San Francisco Examiner and Carolyn Pickering in the Indianapolis Star. Six years after this national media censorship, 914 people died at Jones’ hand in Guyana.

In his current job as a talk-radio host in Baltimore, a commentator for other stations and as White House correspondent for WND, Kinsolving, as the only talk-radio host in the White House press corps, has often asked Tony Snow tough questions. Some of the questions that have made the normally unflappable press secretary most angry have been about sending U.S. Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonzo Compean to prison.

Snow has replied to such questions with visible resentment and either evasion, or refusal to comment.

Since talk radio has been largely credited with having led to the defeat of the Bush-Kennedy “Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill,” the press room resentment of Kinsolving has been apparent not only from Snow â?? but from unidentifed members of the press corps. Snow recently told Kinsolving his colleagues in the Big Media resented his questions as much or more than the press secretary did.

Within one week’s time (last week) Tony Snow refused to take any Kinsolving questions during three out of four daily White House press briefings.

At yesterday’s press briefing, Les asked Snow:

Q: The AP reports that Sydney, Australia’s lord mayor, Clover Moore, is leading a campaign urging all residents to pack an emergency survival kit in preparation for any terrorist attack or other disaster in Australia’s largest city. And my question â?? does the White House believe that this is a campaign U.S. cities should be launching, or not?

SNOW: That would be something that I would not be privy to comment on. And, Les, let me just â?? before we get back into a situation where it will be more difficult to get called on, let me just point out that you need to ask questions that bear on the president’s responsibilities. I saw the piece you wrote the other day, that has been thoroughly twisting out of context the answer I gave you when I told you that the president, in fact, was â??

Q: That’s what â??

SNOW: I don’t care. What you did â??

Q: They wrote it out there.

SNOW: You know what, I don’t care, OK, because the fact is, if somebody is going to take questions about things that do not fall under the president’s purview â?? and I answered that question â?? and it gets twisted, that is a disservice to this White House and to the craft of journalism. So if I were you, I’d pick up the phone and tell them to start cleaning up or writing corrections.

This is a rebuke, and a threat, and an attempt to control Les Kinsolving and WND’s right to ask questions at the White House……

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Here is a new patriotic T-shirt for anyone that is interested. The back has a quote from Thomas Jefferson.

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

It is available in both mens and womens, in different colors, and in muscle shirts too.


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“Kansas City-based H&R Block, the nation’s largest tax preparer, is going after the market in two ways.

First, it has bulked up the number of retail offices with bilingual tax preparers, hoping immigrants are more comfortable discussing their financial situation in their own language.

They also have translated their marketing into 15 languages, including Spanish, Chinese, Creole and the Filipino dialect of Tagalog.

Next, the company last year rolled out what it calls its “spot franchise” program, which establishes H&R Block offices in major metropolitan neighborhoods where immigrant groups have concentrated.”

Tax Prep Chains Attract Immigrants
My Fox DC
April 7, 2007

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Pedro Morales filed his first income tax return four years ago, a difficult decision for an illegal immigrant and one that caused years of headaches because the apartment manager who prepared his return made so many mistakes.

“It doesn’t help when you have a bad experience, because it makes you want to give up,” said Morales, 37, through an interpreter, acknowledging that many of his neighbors in Johnson County, Kan., who are illegal immigrants don’t file income tax returns.

But Morales has continued to file taxes with the help of more-informed preparers, hoping to build a tax history that will help his case when he eventually applies for permission to remain in the United States.

Morales isn’t alone. Many immigrants are filing tax returns either because of requirements showing a five-year record of tax payments when applying for a green card or a simple desire to get a refund.

“They want to be compliant,” said Maria Aranda, who teaches financial literacy classes for El Centro, a Kansas City-are organization. She helped Morales with his taxes.

It’s difficult to determine how many immigrants are filing income tax returns in the U.S. because the Internal Revenue Service doesn’t track tax filers by their immigration status. But paid tax preparation chains, such as H&R Block Inc. and Liberty Tax Service, say they have seen anecdotal growth and are working hard to attract more of them through targeted offices or greater marketing in their native languages.

“It’s the fastest-growing segment of our population,” said John Hewitt, chief executive of Virginia Beach, Va.-based Liberty Tax Service. “There’s going to be a spectacular opportunity in the next three to five years with (immigration) amnesty and guest worker programs creating 10-15 million new taxpayers.

One measure of the immigrant market is the growth of Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers, or ITINs, which the IRS issues to immigrants to use on their tax forms instead of Social Security numbers.

Last year, the IRS issued 1.5 million ITINs, the most since the program was started in 1996 and a 30 percent increase from the 1.2 million issued in 2005. In total, the agency has issued 10.8 million ITINs since the program began, although it noted some of those are for people living overseas with some tax-filing responsibility……

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What’s the legal immigrant’s take on illegal immigration?
LA Daily News
March 17, 2007

Q: With all the debate over illegal immigration and xenophobia in this country these days, I’m curious about one thing: How do folks who came through the process legally and who accepted assimilation feel about the current millions who are just jumping a fence and living as if they were still in Mexico â?? not learning English, draining our public health services, etc.?

I’m an Anglo who’s all for legal immigration and hard work, but after talking to some Latino colleagues of mine, I think there’s a silent majority out there who played by the rules and really resent the newcomers. What do you think?

DANNY: My hand is up in the air, and the resentment is flowing. I did not run, jump or swim to get here, but I am a part of yet another silent majority who has always been here. I cannot say that I empathize with illegal immigrants because I’ve never been one.

The flip side of accommodating an illegal populace is that their daily existence depends entirely on others and advocacy groups and not on themselves. They risk life and limb, leave their families and desert their country for opportunities on “el otro lado” (the other side). I get it: This is the land of opportunity.

However, while I do understand why folks are so desperate to come here, it does not allow me to justify identity theft, falsification of documents and the disregard for the law-abiding citizens of this country.

Advocacy groups should consider the advantages of self-empowered, bilingual, documented workers. Being part of an assimilated society that can provide so much for you and your family is far more rewarding than being isolated and ostracized. Coming to the United States should not require giving up your self-respect and personal power.

CATHERINE: The legalization process is long and arduous, regardless of your approach.

Do legal citizens who followed the rules resent undocumented newcomers? Maybe. But I’m sure they don’t envy the constant fear of being deported and the many daily insecurities that stem from this.

Entering this country illegally might seem to alleviate immediate problems, but it just opens up a new batch of issues. Every person who has gone through the proper procedures to be a legal U.S. citizen will probably agree that they gained the upper hand by learning English and assimilating, and they wouldn’t have done it any other way.

LILY: We should help those who’ve come after us. Being “illegal” is not something to be proud of. What is? Helping someone fill out a mountain of paperwork, teaching him/her English or educating them about this country’s history.

Even providing a phone number for a lawyer or a Web site link to an immigration advocacy group can be a big help.

By focusing on our shared humanity and helping â?? instead of criticizing â?? each other, we channel the frustration into positive action. Also, let’s not forget the Book of Leviticus: “The alien living with you must be treated as one of your native-born. Love him as yourself, for you were aliens in Egypt.”

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“If I was a typical red-blooded American, I’d say a requirement to become a citizen here is to be able to read and speak English,” he said. “But the fact is, we’re dealt those cards from a higher level. It is what it is.”

Ballots For Anti-Illegal Immigrant Ordinance To Be Bilingual
NBC 5 Dallas/Fort Worth
March 17, 2007

FARMERS BRANCH, Texas — To comply with state law, ballots and election materials related to an anti-illegal immigrant ordinance going to Farmers Branch voters May 12 will be printed in English and Spanish.

The controversial ordinance would require apartment landlords to check the immigration status of their tenants.

In November, council members also approved resolutions making English the city’s official language and allowing local authorities to become part of a federal program so they can enforce immigration laws.

Ordinance supporter Tom Bohmier said he doesn’t see any irony in printing ballots in Spanish.

“If I was a typical red-blooded American, I’d say a requirement to become a citizen here is to be able to read and speak English,” he said. “But the fact is, we’re dealt those cards from a higher level. It is what it is.”

Bruce Sherbet, the Dallas County elections administrator, said every election requires ballots in Spanish and English, a requirement since 1975.

Some areas in Texas also have had to print election-related items in Vietnamese, Pueblo and Kickapoo languages, according to the secretary of state’s Web site.

Farmers Branch has been sued by civil rights groups, residents, property owners and business people challenging the rental ordinance. Opponents of the ordinance also submitted a petition that forced the citywide vote on the issue, a move allowed under the city’s charter.

Farmers Branch in suburban Dallas has changed from a small, predominantly white bedroom community with a declining population in the 1970s to a city of almost 28,000 people, about 37 percent of them Hispanic, according to the U.S. Census. It also is home to more than 80 corporate headquarters and more than 2,600 small and mid-size firms, many of them minority-owned.

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    mosque on prairie
    Imam Baber (Manoj Sood, left) discusses the
    finer points ofMuslim prairie humour with
    Fatima (Arlene Duncan, middle) and Rayyan
    (Sitara Hewitt).

Muslim sitcom off to a big start in Canada
International Herald Tribune
January 15, 2007

TORONTO: When it comes to producing a funny television show or movie in Canada, producers here have a reliable stable of topics â?? French-English relations, urban-rural dynamics and anything that involves a bumbling politician or the United States.

But Islam â?? something of a third rail of comedy throughout the Western world â?? did not make the list, which is one reason the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s new situation comedy, “Little Mosque on the Prairie,” is attracting such attention here.

“It is a risk doing a sitcom about what can be considered a very touchy subject,” said Kirstine Layfield, executive director of network programming at the CBC.

But the series premiere last Tuesday attracted 2.1 million viewers, impressive in a country where an audience of one million is a runaway hit. The CBC has not had a show draw an audience of that size in a decade, according to the network.

The show follows a small group of Muslims in, of all places, a prairie town in Saskatchewan where, in the first epsiode, the group was trying to establish a mosque in the parish hall of a town church. A passerby, seeing the group praying, rushes to call a “terrorist hot line,” to report Muslims praying “just like on CNN,” which touches off a local firestorm……

To read entire article click here.

A newsclip from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)

First Episode Part 1

First Episode Part 2

This was actually pretty funny guys. I’d watch soon because it will probably be deleted from You Tube for copyright infringement. GuardDog

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LA Times

A woman going through security at Los Angeles International Airport put her month-old grandson into a plastic bin intended for carry-on items and slid it into an X-ray machine.

The early Saturday accident â?? bizarre but not unprecedented â?? caught airport workers by surprise, even though the security line was not busy at the time, officials said.

A screener watching the machine’s monitor immediately noticed the outline of a baby and pulled the bin backward on the conveyor belt.

The infant was taken to Centinela Hospital, where doctors determined that he had not received a dangerous dose of radiation.

Officials, who declined to release the 56-year-old woman’s name, said she spoke Spanish and apparently did not understand English.

She initially didn’t want the baby transported to a hospital, but security officials called paramedics and insisted that the child be examined by a doctor.

The grandmother and the child were subsequently allowed to board an Alaska Airlines flight to Mexico City.

The rare incident drew attention to whether officials are staffing often-busy security checkpoints enough to prevent such an accident. And it raised questions about the danger of X-rays used to pick out suspicious metal shapes in passenger bags, given the medical community’s warnings that even low amounts of radiation can build up over a lifetime.

“Rather than focus on the radiation dose, which is a small amount, we need to focus on why this happened, so it doesn’t happen again,” said Dr. James Borgstede, a diagnostic radiologist at Penrose-St. Francis Health Systems in Colorado Springs, Colo., and president of the American College of Radiology. “Human beings weren’t meant to go through those things.”

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So be prepared. The old White guy is the treacherous, murdering, conniving, slave owner who uses and abuses the attractive, innocent, and perfect English speaking (he watches lots of English television, Ugly Betty?) illegal alien, who is only here to reunite with his madre’. Superman to the rescue. Where is some Kryptonite when you need it?

    Subterranean part 1

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

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