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About a month ago, Dennis Slater of No More Invasion was attacked by a group of day laborers in the Home Depot parking lot. The police have not made any arrests even though Dennis Slater provided them with photo’s of the attackers and all of them still frequent the Home Depot.

On Saturday, we returned to the scene of the crime. Canoga Park is completely overrun with illegal aliens. They are all extremely hostile and if the police were not on the scene, I am certain there would’ve been more violence.

At the end of part 2, I was surrounded by an angry mob of illegal aliens and anchor babies. If the police didn’t step in when they did, I don’t think I would’ve made it to my car. And if I did make it inside my vehicle, they would’ve trashed it before I had the chance to drive off.

There are lots more videos and photos on this thread over at

Part One

Part Two

Small & Mighty took these photos of me as I tried to walk past the horde of invaders.

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The median household income for Arizona immigrants is 30 percent below the national average for immigrant families.

Sixty percent of adult Mexican immigrants have less than a high school degree.

More than two-thirds of Arizona immigrant households living in poverty are headed by an illegal immigrant.

Tucson Citizen

The litany of Arizona’s supposed inadequacies is by now depressingly familiar.

Arizona has a poverty rate above the national average. We have one of the highest percentages of population without health insurance.

Fewer of us have high school educations and college degrees. Per-capita income lags behind the national average.

Occasionally, there’s a reluctant concession that immigration contributes to these rankings, but it’s almost always dismissed as a minor factor.
Arizona’s allegedly low-wage economy is inevitably fingered as the primary culprit.

A new study by the Center for Immigration Studies, however, indicates that immigration is nearly the entire explanation for these rankings.
CIS has an agenda. It believes there is too much immigration in the United States, legal and illegal.

However, I’ve always found its research to be first-rate. The base information for this study (”Immigrants in the United States, 2007″) comes from the Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey.

Its top-line numbers comport with those from other research organizations that don’t share its agenda, such as the Pew Hispanic Center.

The poverty rate in households headed by the native-born in Arizona does slightly exceed the national average for such households, 12.5 percen vs. 11.4 percent.

The poverty rate for immigrant-headed households in Arizona, however, is 22.4 percent, well above the national average of 16.9 percent for immigrant households.
Nearly a third of all Arizonans living in poverty are in immigrant households.

Immigrants are an even larger share of Arizona’s uninsured population.

Again, the uninsured rate in Arizona native households is slightly above the national average, 15.1 percent compared with 13 percent.

Arizona immigrant households, however, have an uninsured rate of 44.5 percent, well above the national average of 30 percent. Immigrant families constitute more than 40 percent of the uninsured in Arizona.

Just 8.7 percent of native adults in Arizona don’t have at least a high school degree, not appreciably above the national average of 8.4 percent.

However, 46 percent of adult immigrants in Arizona have less than a high school degree, far above the immigrant national average of 30.6 percent.

The starkest contrast is on income, a statistic constantly wielded to indict Arizona’s economy.

As it turns out, native Arizona households actually have a median income that is 4 percent above the native national average. The median household income for Arizona immigrants, however, is 30 percent below the national average for immigrant families.

On a per capita basis, Arizona native income is slightly above the national average, while that of immigrants is a third less than the immigrant national average.
Arizona has the largest gap between native and immigrant income, 2 1/2 times the national average.

That is because so much of Arizona’s immigration comes from Mexico. Sixty percent of adult Mexican immigrants have less than a high school degree.

And undoubtedly because so much of Arizona’s immigration is illegal. More than two-thirds of Arizona immigrant households living in poverty are headed by an illegal immigrant.

Read more.

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Whenever one of these invaders is killed the press likes to portray them as spiritual and Christ-like. It is most likely that the only reason Diego frequented St. Peter’s church is to get free stuff and hang out at the illegal alien hiring/day care center. The San Diego Minutemen have protested at this location numerous times. Back in July, one of the illegal alien supporters attacked one of the Hispanic Minutemen.

The Village News

A young father of two was the latest victim at an apartment complex known for its frequency of law enforcement calls.

Nicholas Raymundo-Diego, 23, perished from stab wounds received in an attack at the property located in the 1100 block of Old Stage Road on Thanksgiving Day, November 22, at approximately 9 p.m.

Law enforcement officials say in the past two years (since November 2005), there have been some 86 calls for service at the 18-unit apartment complex, the majority of which have been reported as disturbances and suspicious individuals on the premises.

What happened in the November 22 incident continued to remain unclear as of Monday, when Sheriff?s Lieutenant Dennis Brugos explained that authorities have been told several different versions of what happened that night by witnesses.

?It?s very confusing,? Brugos admitted. ?We?re hearing a lot of different stories.?

Some witnesses say the young man was ?jumped? by another group of Latinos as he made his way through the complex en route to his home after enjoying Thanksgiving dinner with his cousins. Others say the stabbing was the result of alcohol and two groups that have a long history of dissension.

?We heard that one group came over to the apartment complex and confronted the [other] group there,? Brugos said. ?Some people have reported that these groups contain individuals from Guatemala or other parts of Mexico, and they do not get along.?

Diego, known to attend St. Peter?s Catholic Church, has been remembered by friends as ?happy, always giving, an individual who loved to dance.? (Especially when he was drunk)

?His wife and children live in Guatemala,? one friend from church said. ?He worked hard to support his family.?

Some of the witnesses reported that they knew the identification of the individual who stabbed Diego and say a photograph of the individual has been provided to law enforcement authorities. There is, however, a concern amongst witnesses and the Sheriff?s Department that the perpetrator has already fled the country.

?We have some information that indicates he may have already crossed the US border,? Brugos confirmed.

Read the entire story.

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Even before their deaths prompted a series of heated debates about the use of deadly force, detectives at the Department of Public Safety had their eye on Diego Ortiz and Miguel Dejesus.

The two were shot and killed by Joe Horn, a Pasadena man who thought they were burglarizing his neighbor?s home last month.

According to a DPS memo obtained by 11 News, the department was investigating the use of Puerto Rican birth certificates by Colombians seeking to obtain Texas driver?s licenses.

Both Ortiz and Dejesus had applied for licenses. Dejesus listed his country of origin as Puerto Rico, but both men were Colombian.

Apparently, the DPS is investigating hundreds of immigrants who may have used illegal papers to get Texas licenses.

But that?s not all.

A much wider probe has been launched into an organized syndicate of Colombians who are engaged in illegal weapons sales and home break-ins ? just like the one Ortiz and Dejesus were involved in last month in Pasadena.

That day, Joe Horn and a shotgun stood in the way of the suspected thieves, but in many instances the suspects have gotten away.

The ATF, ICE and DPS have reportedly formed a task force to bring the crime wave to an end.

The burglars are said to be very effective at what they do, conducting extensive surveillance on their targets before striking. Some of the suspects are extremely violent.

The investigations have already led to several arrests.

Joe Horn Defense Fund click here.

Race Baiter Quannell X Chased Off By Horn Supporters

Joe Horn 911 Call

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Doing the job Americans won’t do.

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TORONTO — Canada’s three largest cities are struggling to cope with a flood of newcomers primarily from China, India, the Philippines and Pakistan as immigration approaches levels not seen since the end of the “Great Migration.”

Statistics Canada said Tuesday that 69 per cent of recent immigrants to Canada resided in the “magnet” or “gateway” cities of Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver — dubbed MTV — in 2006. That’s down from 73 per cent in 2001 and 74 per cent in 1996.

Still, 97 per cent of all immigrants in the last five years ended up in large urban areas.

The flood of immigrants has resulted in the kind of vibrant, diversification celebrated as the essence of Canadian multiculturalism. But it has also created a nation of two solitudes: declining rural populations at the same time as bulging big cities struggle to provide services newcomers rely on.

Despite the enormous social, political and economic ramifications of immigration — forecast to be the single source of population growth in Canada within 30 years — public and political discourse on the subject seems muted.

“Canadians, according to surveys, think that there may be some major problems with immigration but they’re constantly told that we need it anyway,” said Martin Collacott, a former Canadian ambassador and now senior fellow with the Fraser Institute in Vancouver.

“You don’t really question immigration because you’ll be a racist if you do.”

Debatable policy issues include the number of immigrants Canada accepts along with the hundreds of millions of dollars spent each year helping them settle. There are also the issues of what kind of immigrant is allowed to enter — family class or skilled, for example, as well as where they should settle.

For politicians competing for the “ethnic” vote in a country built on immigrants, those are thorny questions some would rather leave untouched.

Read more.

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I have no idea what “PorkChop” is supposed to mean to these sensitive Latino’s. Does anybody know?


FOX News

ALLENTOWN, Pa. ? Two days after naming its mascot “PorkChop,” the Philadelphia Phillies’ new Triple-A affiliate abruptly dropped the moniker after receiving complaints from Hispanics that it was offensive.

The Lehigh Valley IronPigs, whose mascot is a large, furry pig, had selected PorkChop from more than 7,300 fan submissions. The team, which begins play in 2008, announced Monday that the mascot will be named “Ferrous” instead.

General Manager Kurt Landes said he heard from several Hispanics who said PorkChop was derogatory.

“We were really unaware of any negative connotations with the word ‘pork chop,”‘ he said. “If it offended a few, it’s a few too many.”

Guillermo Lopez, vice president of the Latino Leadership Alliance, said he was called “pork chop” when he worked at Bethlehem Steel decades ago.

“If my parents were alive, they’d be having fits,” said Lopez, among those who complained to the team. “It meant much more to them than it does to Puerto Ricans now in the Lehigh Valley.”

PorkChop had been submitted by 32 fans. The replacement name, Ferrous ? from the Latin word “ferrum,” or iron ? received the most fan nominations, with 235.

The team moved to Allentown from Ottawa ? where it was known as the Lynx ? following the 2007 season. Construction is wrapping up on a new stadium in east Allentown.

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Nation confronted by issues that may lead to its downfall

Saulk Valley

That may sound extreme, even apocalyptic, until one considers his assertions: ‘The Army is breaking and is too small to meet America’s global commitments; the dollar has sunk to historic lows and is being abandoned by foreign governments’; and perhaps most controversial of all - ‘the greatest invasion in history, from the Third World, is swamping the ethno-cultural core of the country, leading to Balkanization and the loss of the Southwest to Mexico.’

There’s plenty more, but to this last point first. No nation can survive without passing its heritage, language and, yes, faith to the next generation. A country must be built on something substantial and if the cultural elitists think it can be built on ‘diversity,’ that is a foundation of shifting sand.

We have moved beyond importing foreigners to mow our yards and build our homes. The political parties are now importing votes, cynically signing up new ‘Americans’ as rapidly as possible before the next election. Let the devil take tomorrow and even the country; help me make it through my election, or re-election.

Read more.

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Congo the dog is at the center of an immigration debate.

ABC News

An 85-pound German shepherd has become the unlikely face of the immigration debate in upscale Princeton, N.J., after a judge ordered the dog to be put down for attacking an illegal immigrant last summer.

Thousands of people have flooded the Internet and even petitioned the governor to ask that Congo be spared for his attack on Honduran landscaper Giovanni Rivera, who was injured seriously in June and later awarded $250,000 in insurance money.

And while New Jersey Gov. John Corzine has denied calls for a pardon, some town residents are upset the illegal immigrant was allowed to collect monetary compensation for his injuries.

“Too bad Congo doesn’t work on the border patrol,” one resident wrote online. “Maybe there would be less illegals entering our country.”

Another poster called Rivera “illegal scum.”

Rivera has called the attacks racist and political.

“We’ve created a subculture in this country right now. The illegal alien is like a subhuman and that’s a dangerous precedent,” said Rivera’s attorney William Garces.

Not all Princeton’s residents believe the incident should be used to fuel an immigration debate.

“I would hate my hometown and home state to go down in history as the place where suburbanites value their dogs above their lives of those they hire to tend their yards,” one resident said.

Even Congo’s owners, Guy and Elizabeth James, said their case has nothing to do with immigration. They claim their dog was provoked by Rivera.

“They hit my dogs. They grabbed my wife and that’s what this case is about,” Guy James said.

Currently Congo is living at home, and the James family has appealed the local judge’s ruling to put him down. The case now is with New Jersey’s Superior Court.

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Jesus hopes to marry an American girl.


PHOENIX (Reuters) - A Los Angeles company is touting a new reality game show called “Who Wants to Marry a U.S. Citizen” that aims to create televised matrimony between legal citizens and immigrants who have temporary visas.

The show’s backers at Morusa Media hope to make a sort of love match between reality TV and a national obsession with immigration. But the producers make no promise that a marriage will occur or lead to U.S. citizenship.

Show creator Adrian Martinez said that Morusa Media has not yet found a network to produce or air the show, but he is currently in talks with one cable TV network and already has signed up contestants for six episodes.

“It’s this generation’s ‘Dating Game,’ but with a twist — it aims to show love knows no borders,” Martinez told Reuters.

As in the “Dating Game,” which ran on network TV for more than two decades starting in the 1960s, a single U.S. citizen gets to ask contestants various questions. Toward the end of the show, he or she decides which one to select as a potential mate.

So far, most of the contestants are Hispanic immigrants, although at least one is from the Philippines, Martinez said.

Read more.

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Washington Times

Both immigrants and illegal aliens are more likely to be poor and to use welfare programs than native-born Americans because they come to the country with lower levels of education, according to a new study looking at U.S. Census Bureau data.

“The problem here is not work, or a lack of willingness to work; it’s not legal status; it’s educational level at arrival,” said Steven A. Camarota, research director for the Center for Immigration Studies, which is releasing the report today.

The public burden is a major issue, and it was one of the disputes, along with border security and increased enforcement, that helped kill the Senate immigration bill earlier this year.

“Allowing in legal immigrants mainly based on family relationships, and tolerating widespread illegal immigration, certainly has very significant implications for social services, public schools and taxpayer services,” he said.

He said that makes sense ? native-born Americans without a high-school education also are more likely to use welfare or to live in poverty. But he said that means that the burdens illegal aliens places on taxpayers can’t be solved through amnesty because it would not raise education levels.

“You’re not going to fix the problem of high rates of welfare use just by legalizing them ? at least for the 57 percent of high school dropouts,” Mr. Camarota said.

Nearly one in three immigrant households nationwide uses a major welfare program, compared with 19.4 percent of native-born American families.

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Star Telegram

Washington, DC — Half of the nearly 3.5 million immigrants living in Texas are in the country illegally, according to a report scheduled for release today by the Center for Immigration Studies.

Using the latest Census Bureau data, the center found that Texas has one of the fastest-growing immigrant populations of any state and that 50 percent of the state’s foreign-born population — slightly more than 1.7 million people — are illegal immigrants.

Only Arizona at 65 percent, North Carolina at 58 percent and Georgia at 53 percent had a higher proportion of illegal immigrants in their immigrant populations.

Historians call it the Golden Age of Immigration: the early 1900s, when thousands arrived each day at Ellis Island, pushing New Jersey’s foreign-born population to more than one-fourth of all residents.

But a massive new wave of immigrants that began in the 1980s, already far larger in sheer numbers than the heyday of Ellis Island, may soon eclipse that percentage, according to a report released today.

New Jersey’s foreign-born population is 21.6 percent, according to the study by the Center for Immigration Studies, a Washington think tank that lobbies for lower immigration levels. And as growing numbers of U.S.-born New Jerseyans move away, the share of immigrants in the state is rapidly approaching the all-time high of 26 percent, reached in 1910.

In New Jersey and nationwide, the report found, the past seven years have been the historic pinnacle of immigration, with 1.5 million people arriving in the United States legally or illegally each year. New Jersey’s foreign-born population now stands at 1.87 million.

‘Some people argue there’s been a crackdown on illegal immigration and legal immigration is harder,’ said Steve Camarota, the center’s research director and author of the study. ‘The anecdotes may be true on their own, but they belie what we’ve seen in the data.’

USA Today

The study, an analysis of 2007 Census data, concludes that there are 37.9 million foreign-born residents in the USA. It estimates that at least 11.3 million of those immigrants are in the country illegally.

One of the key findings is that 31% of immigrant adults don’t have a high school diploma, compared with 8% of U.S.-born residents.

That is important, Camarota says, because it correlates with high rates of welfare and poverty: 33% of households headed by immigrants use at least one major welfare program such as the Women, Infants and Children nutrition program, compared with 19% of U.S.-born households. “It costs a lot of money,” he says. “Does it make sense to bring in lots of people who don’t have lots of education?”

WASHINGTON (November 29, 2007) ? A new report by the Center for Immigration Studies examines the size, growth, and characteristics of the nation?s immigrant, or foreign-born, population as of March 2007. The reported provides a detailed picture of overall immigrant population, and of the illegal immigrant population specifically.

The report, ?Immigrants in the United States, 2007: A Profile of America?s Foreign-Born Population,? is online at CIS.

Among the report?s findings:

# The immigrant population (legal and illegal) reached a record of 37.9 million in 2007.

# Immigrants account for one in eight U.S. residents, the highest level in 80 years.

# Overall, nearly one in three immigrants is an illegal alien. Half of Mexican and Central American immigrants and one-third of South American immigrants are illegal.

# Since 2000, 10.3 million immigrants have arrived ? the highest seven-year period of immigration in U.S. history. More than half of post-2000 arrivals (5.6 million) are estimated to be illegal aliens.

# Of adult immigrants, 31 percent have not completed high school, compared to 8 percent of natives. The share of immigrants and natives with a college degree is about the same.

# 33 percent of immigrant-headed households use at least one welfare program, compared to 19 percent for native households. Among households headed by immigrants from Mexico, the largest single group, 51 percent use at least one welfare program.

# The poverty rate for immigrants and their U.S.-born children (under 18) is 17 percent, nearly 50 percent higher than the rate for natives and their children.

# 34 percent of immigrants lack health insurance, compared to 13 percent of natives. Immigrants and their U.S.-born children account for 71 percent of the increase in the uninsured since 1989.

# The primary reason for the high rates of immigrant poverty, lack of health insurance, and welfare use is their low education levels, not their legal status or an unwillingness to work.

# Of immigrant households, 82 percent have at least one worker, compared to 73 percent of native households.

# Immigrants make significant progress over time. But even those who have been here for 20 years are more likely to be in poverty, lack insurance, or use welfare than are natives.

# There is a worker present in 78 percent of immigrant households using at least one welfare program.

# Immigration accounts for virtually all of the national increase in public school enrollment over the last two decades. In 2007, there were 10.8 million school-age children from immigrant families in the United States.

# Immigrants and natives have similar rates of entrepreneurship ? 13 percent of natives and 11 percent of immigrants are self-employed.

# Recent immigration has had no significant impact on the nation?s age structure. Without the 10.3 million post-2000 immigrants, the average age in America would be virtually unchanged at 36.5 years.

# Detailed information is provided for Texas, California, Arizona, Massachusetts, Colorado, Georgia, North Carolina, Washington, Florida, Illinois, Nevada, New Jersey, Virginia, and Maryland.

Data Source: The Current Population Survey provides the data for the study. It was collected by the Census Bureau in March 2007 and has not been fully analyzed until now. There is agreement among policy experts, including the Department of Homeland Security, that roughly 90 percent of illegal immigrants respond to Census Bureau surveys of this kind. This allows for separate estimates of the size and characteristics of the illegal immigrant population.

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By Greg Evensen

It’s time to cut through the nonsense and in so many words, when the sides are drawn it’s time to get down to “nut cuttin’.” (So, you raise walnuts?) You may blink a couple of times and your mouth may drop slightly when you read this, but then I’m writing this for those of you who still do not grasp the ultimate end game, here.

We have been under intellectual anesthesia for a hundred years in America. I have covered the reasons why, among hundreds of others, in recent op-ed pieces. Many of my superbly talented colleagues at NVW have done the same thing, and most of them with far greater eloquence and research than I have offered. What it really boils down to though is this. Your government, in absolute conspiracy with the Federal Reserve, credit monopolies, the “legal system” and the military/corporate and industrial network, has CONSPIRED to steal your republic and totally rip your liberties from your mind and body.

Hundreds of thousands of documents, memoranda, official government reports, testimony in and out of court, tax trials, whistle-blower interviews, eye-witness accounts, books by ex-government special agents, armed forces officers and pilots, former FBI and BATFE investigators, legislators and high ranking diplomats, have all confirmed what the rest of us have reluctantly accepted as the greatest battle in our lives.

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Day of Reckoning

Drudge Report

“America is coming apart, decomposing, and…the likelihood of her survival as one nation…is improbable — and impossible if America continues on her current course,” declares Pat Buchanan. “For we are on a path to national suicide.”

The best-selling author and former presidential candidate is on the eve of launching his new epic book: DAY OF RECKONING: HOW HUBRIS, IDEOLOGY AND GREED ARE TEARING AMERICA APART.

[The book’s release date has been moved up to this week. It ranked #237 on AMAZON’s hitparade Monday morning.]

This time, Buchanan goes all the way:

“America is in an existential crisis from which the nation may not survive.”

The U.S. Army is breaking and is too small to meet America?s global commitments.

The dollar has sunk to historic lows and is being abandoned by foreign governments.

U.S. manufacturing is being hollowed out.

The greatest invasion in history, from the Third World, is swamping the ethno-cultural core of the country, leading to Balkanization and the loss of the Southwest to Mexico.

The culture is collapsing and the nation is being deconstructed along the lines of race and class.

A fiscal crisis looms as the unfunded mandates of Social Security and Medicare remain unaddressed.

All these crises are hitting America at once — a perfect storm of crises.

Specifically, Buchanan contends:

? Pax Americana, the era of U.S. global dominance, is over. A struggle for global hegemony has begun among the United States, China, a resurgent Russia and radical Islam

? Bush?s invasion of Iraq was a product of hubris and of ideology, a secular religion of ?democratism,? to which Bush was converted in the days following 9/11

? Torn asunder by a culture war, America has now begun to break down along class, ethnic and racial lines.

? The greatest threat to U.S. sovereignty and independence is the scheme of a global elite to erase America?s borders and merge the USA, Mexico and Canada into a North American Union.

? Free trade is shipping jobs, factories and technology to China and plunging America into permanent dependency and unpayable debt. One of every six U.S. manufacturing jobs vanished under Bush

? ?Sovereign Wealth Funds,? controlled by foreign regimes and stuffed with trillions of dollars from U.S. trade deficits, are buying up strategic corporate assets vital to America?s security

? As U.S. wages are stagnant, corporate CEOs are raking in rising pay and benefits 400 to 500 times that of their workers

? The Third World invasion through Mexico is a graver threat to our survival as one nation than anything happening in Afghanistan or Iraq

* European-Americans, 89% of the nation when JFK took the oath, are now 66% and sinking. Before 2050, America is a Third World nation

? By 2060, America will add 167 million people and 105 million immigrants will be here, triple the 37 million today.

? Hispanics will be over 100 million in 2050 and concentrated in a Southwest most Mexicans believe belongs to them

Buchanan?s Recommendations:

? A new foreign-defense policy that closes most of the 1000 bases overseas, reviews all alliances, and brings home U.S. troops

? A purge of neoconservative ideology and the ?Cakewalk? crowd? from national power.

? To avert a second Cold War, the United States should ?get out of Russia?s space and get out of Russia?s face,? and shut down all U.S. bases on the soil of the former Soviet Union

? To reach a cold peace in the culture war, Buchanan urges a return to federalism and the overthrow of our judicial dictatorship by Congressionally mandated restrictions on the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court.

? To end the trade deficits and save the dollar, Buchanan urges a Hamiltonian solution: a 20% Border Equity Tax on imports, with the $500 billion raised to be used to end taxation on American producers

? To prevent America becoming ?a tangle of squabbling nationalities? Buchanan urges: No amnesty for the 12-20 million illegal aliens; a border fence from San Diego to Brownsville; Congressional declarations that children born to illegal aliens are not citizens and English is the language of the United States; and a ?timeout? on all immigration.

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Race Baiter, Marta Guembes

I have nothing against naming a street after Cesar Chavez, but I’m sick to death of these self-appointed race baiting “Latino leaders” that bully everyone around. Marta Guembes is one of these disgusting people.

In her bad English, she says the Latinos are coming and they are not leaving. Listen to the venom and hatred in her voice as she calls all the “Anglo Europeans” racists.

The politically correct Mayor was giving in to her demands without anyone else having a say in the matter until the people in the neighborhood revolted.

They tried to pacify Marta Guembes by renaming a different street but she was not willing to compromise.

?It?s very insulting,? she said.

?We proposed Interstate, after we went through many streets to decide what would work for us, and the Latino community.? This new idea, she says, is ?these white men who have the power and are telling us what is best for us.?

Eventually the city council was sick of dealing with this horrible woman and they voted to reject renaming any of the streets.

Seattle Times

The Portland City Council voted unanimously this week to overturn an earlier move to rename the downtown street for César Chávez. The council also voted 3-2 to reject renaming Interstate Avenue, the choice of Mayor Tom Potter and Latino leaders.

Months of debate over renaming a street for the labor leader revealed deep divisions in the city, and the council finally decided it needed a breather.

“I can see no good reason to put the community through any more of what has become a dysfunctional debate,” Commissioner Randy Leonard said. “Discussion is healthy, but this is not a good discussion. It has to stop.”

The decision pleased Chinese community leaders, who held a joint news conference with Latino leaders before the council meeting to decry the proposal to rename Fourth Avenue through Chinatown.

“I’m glad that they opened their ears to the community” said Richard Louie, president of the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association.

Marta Guembes, co-chairwoman of the Chávez renaming committee, said she remained disappointed in the process and the rejection of her community’s desire to rename Interstate.

The renaming process began in September when the council voted unanimously to support a proposal by a group of Chávez supporters to rename Interstate, sending the idea to a pair of community meetings.

When those meetings revealed fierce neighborhood opposition, commissioners began looking for compromises. But the supporters, solidly backed by the mayor, rejected anything but changing Interstate, and no alternative could muster a council majority.

Last week, searching for a compromise, four commissioners agreed to initiate the renaming of Fourth Avenue, a prominent street that runs in front of City Hall. But it also runs into Chinatown and faced immediate opposition.

“It was just an idea,” Commissioner Erik Sten said. “It wasn’t a moral truth.”

Said Commissioner Dan Saltzman: “A lot of us in this room are tired of this. We need some healing. We don’t need open race wars in this city.”

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