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This video is from last Saturday’s March For America in Westwood, CA.

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I appreciate all the support that I get from everyone, but hate mail is so much more fun. I usually save the hateful stuff. Over the past two years, I’ve amassed a good collection and I thought it was time that I share some of it with you.

Be advised, the language in these videos is pretty foul.

UPDATE! Part 2 was deleted by YouTube because of the Latino hatred.

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Keith wrote:

I would just like to prove to you that California was Mexico. Cause I know you pendejos love to ignore the fact that California was conquered forcefully by the U.S. My Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather was Jose Maria Verdugo, he was a prominent Californio who owned a large peice of land in the area of what is now Glendale, L.A. I can esaily trace my ancestry back to him. He was a Mexican citizen, and he was from California, put two and two together Cajbrones. When the U.S. stole California from Mexico in 1848, mi familia when into debt because they were forced to go to court several times to try and prove the land was theirs. My family even went to the supreme court. They eventually lost all the land cause of their debt. My family the Verdugos were manipulated by the U.S. Government into giving up their land. My family was directly affected by the conquest of the United States, and now I see my Brothers and Sisters on the other side of this Imperial border suffering.

Reconquista will come…its only a matter of time.

My response:

You are correct. Mexico had some of the land in the Southwestern U.S. for about 25 years. But Spain had it before Mexico.

If this land was still under Mexican control it would suck just like the rest of Mexico does today. You don’t want this land because it was once Mexico. You want it because Americans made it better than Mexico.

Your culture is inferior.

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I love viewer mail.

Ana Oliv wrote:

I’m sorry to see that there is so much missinformation on this subject. Good guys and bad guys can be found all around the globe. Don’t use this as an excuse. There are U.S. citizens all over the world, and they are not being molested as some people do here. Treat others the same way you would like to be treated and learn to SHARE!


Here’s another one that I received today. It’s too bad these two can’t get together. Maybe Ana would share her home with John.

John wrote:

fuck u and we will continue to threaten your kids and soon we will kill all you minutegirl dickheads off one by one until this land is ours


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Ervin Elian wrote:

I’m An American Citizem,so then this is my first time to see your website you guy from minuteman. the only thing that I can tell you is not judse other people because God doesn’t like that kind of activities that u do…..make your mind minuteman what are you doing. Jesus Christ said one day love your brother as yourself…..please immigrant people do not have the opportunities that we have in the United States..they are human beings and they deserve better things as us….God loves everyone with a pure love… this is my advice for you guys is a greatest love when you give your support for your brothers…

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Victor Salas wrote:

Life in America

I was watching one of your members in headline prime with Glenn something about two week’s ago and, I saw you guys making all these comments about the subject (immigration) and Mexicans, putting the entire blame on 80% illegal immigrants being from there, etc. well I agree with you to a certain extent but have you asked yourself about how lame and good for nothing are most Americans to do basic labor work, and how messy and negligent and lazy to do the basic jobs that Mexicans do for them because they can’t do it for their own selfs. Either because they have a superiority complex or it just runs in their Anglo or Caucasian blood. I mean I excuse the niggers because they claim that they already did all the work they had coming for them and more and, because the hillbillies abused them for too long. But the mountaineers, cheesecakes, rednecks, pilgrims, invaders, the scum of the old world, the real immigrants, and I can go on with the names but I mean you. What is your excuse for not working and why do you refuse to do the work that Mexicans do for you. I mean what is so wrong with picking oranges or lettuce, mapping floors, etc. if you are too special to not do these jobs, stop complaining why there is too many people here wanting to take your jobs. Go ahead and start hiring whites or blacks to do these jobs to see what happens. Right? Additionally the gooks are the main immigration problem here in the states and America. there are about 1.7 billion of them and they just keep coming and you guys are just opening your legs to them so, obviously they are also taking your jobs, your man or women and of course your houses too, but you are so stupid being busy blaming the poor illiterate people of Mexico that come to fill the gaps. Come on wake up and smell the coffee man. But believe me I don’t hate or blame the white race for all of our problems in fact, I give them credit for still having control. And believe me I’m not a racist even though I sound like one. I say this because I even hate what some Mexicans do just as whites, Chinese, blacks etc. but I do not generalize. I mean when I was!

In Mexico We the Mexicans don’t give a crap about how you see the world because we have our own way of seeing it., in other words it is a very big planet and it just doesn’t belong to you. And you call this place America and you are right and that is because you are the immigrants. And we call it our backyard or the U.S. as you should. WE have been here since the beginning and some of you are newcomers or second generation like that monkey face of yours Ray Herrera your national spokesperson of yours who is a complete idiot not to mention an illiterate and racist beaner. Now, do you understand what I am talking about when I say I despise my own kind? There are many different reasons why. Just to mention one they need to stop talking shit like blaming the white people for everything like the Blacks do or the minute man blaming the illegal immigrants. And start changing their ways of seeing this world to make changes here and in Mexico. We can start by providing all these stupid Mexicans here who can’t speak Spanish some classes so they can be smarter and liked by their countryman. And likewise with the immigrants or vice versa. That’s one way we can start loving each other and have some togetherness. Because, there is a lot of separation and hate between ourselves, not just here in the U.S. but at home too. Is a country politically divided 50/50 just like the US, Mexicans talk shit about their paisanos from the south and vice versa ( Chicanos, chilangos,fronterizos, nortenos, surenos, Indian, Spaniard, mestizos rich, poor, priistas, panistas, perredistas, and what about the central and south American (brothers) they are part of America too, but we can get to that later. For now we (the Mexicans) have a lot of that garbage that we need to clean up. So before we can start changing others houses we have to begin with ours. But it is not only the illiterate and the stupid poor but the ugly rich Mexicans who have also invaded the U.S. because It’s safe heaven for them for the protection that this country provides to rich people, so they get all these goodies for themselves and are welcome in our society because of their money even though most of them are and will always be second class citizens not matter how much money they get to spend here. And they also need some classes. And what about your problems within yourselves if you are Irish, black, china, or any other?. Now I love the real American people the ones that made this country great that worked very hard and were righteous and deserved what they worked for. Including us of course. We are part of this mess too whether we like it or not, we even have some beaners dying stupidly in Iraq as we speak, so, that is just another issue isn’t. Anyway man got to go, but no hard feelings ok? Let’s keep working to solve our neighborly problems it is still a long way ahead of us.

Victor Salas

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im fuck you self wrote:

terrorist are not in iraq terrorist are here in usa

parenst and childrens decide what whant to learn

you white people are a lot of ignorant people
racist=ignorant people
mexican people are hard work people but you withe people prefered black people just drug dealers welfer living/prostitus negas.

we dont ask for nothing we work for it ignorant rednecks

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Thanks for the email Dawn!

Dawn Larson wrote:

can you please tell me why you hate mexicans so much? It seam like a kkk Kind of thing to me. Im pasty white. and I dont hate any race. Im tierd of people useing god, to defend thier reasons for being rasict. God is all knowage, and Im more than 100% positive that if he wanted Boarders put up. he would have done it. On top of Didnt he say love thy brother? If you think about it, the very people you hate, are related to you. goes way back to Adam & Eve. Im sorry Im gonna have to be the one to brake the news to you. But there is no such thing as a White race. Whites are a mix of many races mixed into 1. you yourself , go and do a family tree. go as far back as you can. I garantee you also have some race you have hated blood lines.

Stop hateing the latinos, I seen a man get beatin up and he was mexican, by 7 White colored men. Because they dont like mexicans. and one of them kept saying go back to mexico. The mans 8 yr old son got out of the car, and told the men hes dad was born here. The man just got out of a job interview. In his car was his Birth c. And infact he was Born here. They put up with lots of shit. from everyone. And they are “THE ONLY RACE” legal or illegal who will do the dirtyest of jobs the white man and others whould never think of doing for the peanuts they get paid. EVEN THE ONES WHO HAVE PAPERS!

If u have never seen a day with out a mexican the movie maybe it would open your eyes. IT IS 101% true. we wouldnt be shit with out them.

*1 more thing about them MIN.MEN , Dont you think you should leave it up to the boarder patrol? * Min. Men are no sign of authority, in anyway shape or form. they are just giveing the amricans a bad name. Yes be proud of you contry, But the way you are going abouty it is all wrong. and stop blamnesing the latinos about they are costing billons of the USA’s money when they go with out medical, they 99.9 percent of the time do not collect WELFare, so where is this money supposly going?

It isnt to them , we white people know this , we just use them as a scapegoat, for everything that goes wrong in the U.S. the money is going to the war. and to them sweet little MIN.MEN who sit on welfare, and harass anyone with brown skin LEGAL OR NOT!

instead of standing on the courner, get a job. because not just myself am tierd of the bullshit. and haveing to support the Min.Men with my tax payers money becuar they cant get a life. but many (OTHER AMERICANS) are also haveing to pay. and im personally tierd of it.

face it they were here before us. lets just try to keep our heads up and tuck our tails in, and stomp along. and stop hateing on Native races. because I dont want to have to get back on the damn mayflower and go back to england. you hate them then go deal with it effectively. legaly. not by makeing the situation worse. please!

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Anita T. wrote:

I saw your spokeman on Hannity & Colmes the other night and it seemed that they didn’t allow him to say too much. In South Florida, there is a problem with the “La Raza” movement. Many (not all) Hispanics feel that they are entitled to everything and anything for Hispanics. They will discriminate against Americans of all colors and they disrespect us. They try to get other Hispanics hired at jobs at the expense of Americans (they try to drive us out). Not only are those actions illegal regarding employment discrimination laws, they become liabilities to the American companies that they work for, the same American companies that give them jobs.

I have a comment about the Mexicans who want to claim the US southwest as their territory because they say they are indigenous. The last I heard, the actual indigenous population of that area of the US are the Apaches, the Navajos, Zuni, Hopi, etc. They actually fought the FIRST colonial invaders to their lands (the Mexicans) and when the US took those same lands, they fought the white Americans. I think it would be interesting for us all to have a public forum with these Mexicans who want to claim the US’ southwest area along with the actual indigenous peoples of the US’ southwest area and we can all see who is the true original peoples of that area. Remember Geronimo. His first family was killed by the Mexicans (mestizos who are today claiming that land is theirs) and then the white Americans, and after that, he went off on both.

I think your organization should try to go on Lou Dobbs (who is open to all sorts of immigration issues), Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly, who had Pat Buchanan on his show not too long ago. He spoke of the same “La Raza” mentality. I think all Americans need to be educated on the MOTIVES of these groups and how they want to claim these lands in the name of Spain. They accuse the US of being a colonial power and of stealing the lands from Native Americans (which is true) but they are doing the same thing and they are using whatever Native blood they may have to claim Native lands of other Native Americans.

A real Native will fight for the land of his ancestors, not try to steal land from other Native Americans. Look at the Native Americans here in the US and in Mexico. The famous Mexican Zapatistas in Chiapas will kill outsiders (including other Mexicans) who try to take their land. They don’t run away from their lands and their peoples like these other Mexicans are trying to do. How do I know so much? I am a Black Cherokee and after all of the hell we went through, we are still here fighting. We didn’t invade anyone and if America has learned to have any attempt at making people equal here, it is because of the fights and deaths of our ancestors before, during and after the Civil Rights Movement and Native American struggles.

Here’s another one.

M. Hernandez wrote:

That weasel who interviewed Brook Young on this illegals movement should not be talking about what he doesn’t know anything about, he’s a ignorant white man who doesn’t see what’s coming with this mecha and la raza organization. And the answer is yes they’re here to take this country over because they feel it belongs to them you ignorant weasel, do some research before you go arguing with someone who knows what he’s talking about because he’s out there with these people, like the rest of us who have to work and live with them we know what they’re doing. And they’re relying on blind idiots like yourself to get what they want, but by the time idiots like yourself open their eyes it will be tooooo late.

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Brook Young
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I’ve been getting these emails lately. The Kool-Aid drinking Republicans don’t like my IMPEACH BUSH T-shirts.

Pat wrote:
I am a contractor here in CA. and I am sick and tired of seeing other contractors hire them! There are illigal aliens selling tamales in the Home Depot in Lancaster, CA. on 20th street and ave J. Until the U.S. enforces the current laws about immigration, it will not change the landscape. I think you are doing a good service, but after seeing your pro gay and anti-Bush advertisers, I will not visit your website again!


Pro-Gay? Pat, seriously, are you a little insecure about your sexuality? There’s no need to worry, we only discuss immigration here, and that Google ad generator won’t make you gay.

Jen wrote:
To Whom it May Concern:

One of the greatest beauties of America is democracy. In that power, we, as the people, have a right to express our opinion - even the right to have an opinion. It is an amazing thing that I am grateful for and am priveleged to be able to take a part in at every election time and any other time I am allowed to express the rights I have in this power. However, we are also called to be under authority - our bosses, supervisors, mayors, governors, senators, etc. I may not agree with everything that they have to say. I may (and sometimes do) have my complaints about them. There is nothing wrong in those things. But more importantly, it is not an issue of how I feel about the decisions that they make. I have to respect them and obey what they say (unless of course it is something illegal, morally wrong, etc.).

To be honest with you, I have mixed feelings about this amnesty bill. I can see it from a lot of different perspectives and haven’t quite made up my mind about all the issues that are involved in it. But what it
comes down to is respect. I have to respect and honor my superiors and trust that they are going to make a decision that they see is best for our people, nation and the world.

My whole point in this e-mail is this: we need to have respect for our President, Congressmen, Senator, etc, regardless of how we feel about what they are doing. For the opening statement on this website to refer to them as “bastards” is rude and unappropriate. It immediately gave me a disrespect for the website and what it had to say, regardless of how I may agree or disagree with what it says. I would ask that you please be more mindful of how you express the rights that this country so wonderfully allows us all to have.

Thank you for your time in reading this. It is greatly appreciated! :)


What made this country great is the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I have no respect for the people in Washington who abuse their authority and flush these principles down the toilet in the pursuit of greed and more power. They are morally bankrupt. Why the hell should I respect anyone who has no respect for this country or its citizens? These bastards see a FOR SALE sign on America and we are nothing more than workers in a global marketplace to them. Jen, I’m going to be rude for a minute, but I think someone should tell you that you need to pull your head out of your ass.

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G. Brunette wrote:

In the mid 1960s when my family and I immigrated. I was asked to show my “green card” before enrolling in school. My family and I didn’t mind, we were proud to show off our legal status,(after years of waiting by the Mexican border to enter legally), we were proud of that hard earned green card. Thank goodness in those days California upheld its laws.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t oppose immigration, “legal” being the key word. In present day California, our roads, schools, hospitals, jails and public services are choked and falling apart. As citizens and/or legal immigrants we cannot continue on this path, unless our goal is to become yet another third world country.

I’m disheartened by the protests and people waving “Mexican and foreign flags” this past week. These ungrateful people are showing us their “true colors”. America has given them an “inch” and they are demanding the whole mile.

Here is an example of the “division” we’re facing in our country today: Article today in AOL News about Mr. Tom Stumpf, Principal of Skyline High School in Longmont, Colorado. Who is suspending several of his students for waiving our American flag in his high school premises.

Does Mr. Stumpf mean that his foreign students can bring Mexican flags on his campus but his American students can’t bring their American flags and (heaven forbid) wave them? Mr. Stumpf said that, “when it involves the American flag and its abuse in vilifying other people, we simply
will not tolerate it. They were using the symbol derisively as misguided patriotism”.

I have a question for the Mr. Stumpfs of our nation who share his beliefs: Why can illegals wave their flags in our noses? Why can they have all of our rights to social services, rights to freedom of speech, but when our “legal citizens” choose to wave our flag, then that’s “vilifying other people”?

Sadly, the Mr. Stumpfs of our nation are the reason why so many “pro-illegal mmigration” supporters have shown us law abiding citizens such a lack of respect this last week by waiving their foreign flags in front of our noses. We Americans are being vilified!

People like Mr. Stumpf are encouraging disrepect to our nation, values,laws and flag.

I am proud to be a tax paying, law abiding American citizen. We must remember that United we Stand, but Devided we Fall!

God Bless America!

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Barbara Anderson wrote:

As a Catholic I have researched the two charities, Catholic Charities USA and the Campaign for Human Development. Both actively lobby on behalf of illegal aliens and have set up various ways of helping illegals get jobs, housing and other means of staying here and flourishing. I have lots of information and I am looking for some entity to sue these charities. I think RICO could come into play, this aiding and abetting is so widespread. If you cannot help me, please point me to someone who can.

You might want to contact Judicial Watch they are suing the city of Herdon, VA for sponsoring a tax payer funded day labor center. You may also want to post your question on the ALIpac forum and see what suggestions you get from other members.

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Skip wrote:


I am in Knoxville, TN. I have information where about 30 possible illegal immigrant congregate at a specific time and location each week, and their number grows each week. I have called my local city government and police(they hung up on me), the county government and sheriff’s office, the governor’s office, the US representative’s office, both US senators’ offices, and the federal and local numbers of the USCIS. I have been on the phone for well over an hour total to no avail. I haven’t been able to report anything about the suspected illegals because everyone I’ve called keeps passing me to somewhere else or tell me that it isn’t their jurisdiction. Please help me with this issue, thank you.

Skip, what you are describing is happening all over America. Our federal government is refusing to enforce immigration laws and it goes all the way down to the local level. Non citizens can commit crimes and completely disregard our laws with few repercussions. We are becoming a lawless society.

You are doing all the right things. I suggest you become a participating member of the following organizations.

Numbers USA

Also, feel free to photograph and videotape locations where day laborers congregate and send them to me. It’s even better to videotape and photograph the individuals and companies that hire them. Follow them if you have to. Immigration Watchdog will be “outing” these individuals on the internet and mainstream media. We’ll have the ball rolling in a week or two. Unfortunately we cannot get our government to enforce workplace laws. All we can do is embarass and humiliate all of those who participate in illegal worplace activity. If we draw enough attention to the problem, maybe something will happen.

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I recieved this email today.

Rik wrote:

I have met many europeans over the years who have wanted to immigrate to the USA. They were young, intelligent, had job skills, financialy sound, no criminal record, spoke english. AND they have to be put on a years waiting list to come to the United States. There ARE severe restrictions in place to limit immigration from europe. Why is that? Today the PEW (SPEW) Hispanic Center says we NEED illegal aliens from Mexico because no one else wants to come here! Isn’t that a good one? What about all those europians?

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