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Email from Stephen.

Hey, all,

The “No Border Camp” on the Calexico - Mexicali border ended with a thorough ass-whooping.

On the last day everything went well, up until the last moment, when participants marched down to the border wall, attempted to shut down traffic on the road, by laying down in the middle of the street, in traffic, and started cutting holes in the boder fence.

Within seconds approximately 100 Border Patrol agents showed up, and surrounded the crowd. An activist drummer tried to motivate his comrades and annoy BP agents with his war drum. He was repeatedly asked to cut it out. He chose to ignore the wise words.
BP agents consequently wiped up the street with the guy, and he was off to the pokey in handcuffs. This is part of the romantic video, below.

Next, the crowd was driven away from the fence.
Batons, pepper pellet guns were applied liberally, even some rubber bullets were fired, and a good time was had by all. Some BP agents seem to have enjoyed the fiesta, you can see them smiling in a video of the event.

More can be found on the San Diego and LA Indymedia sites:

No Borders Camp

and at the Delete The Border site, here:

No, the border was NOT deleted …
Notice, that Indymedia activists are referring to the pepper spray pellets as “chemical weapons”.

I can already see ACLU, MALDEF and National Lawyers Guild ambulance chasers working late at night, preparing to sue the Border Patrol, local police, etc.



Here’s the Associated Press article. The video shows the goons provoking the Border Agents but you certainly don’t get that impression from reading this article.

CALEXICO, Calif. - Border Patrol agents clashed with demonstrators at a boundary fence, arresting three at a cross-border “kissing booth” set up to protest border enforcement.

Border Patrol agents fired pepper spray and hit protesters with batons on Sunday, said Rich Macgurn, a protester with No Borders Camp, a group that organized the demonstration.

“They were indiscriminately firing pepper spray and charging the crowd,” he said. “It’s really outrageous the way they behaved.”

Macgurn said a dozen protesters were injured, suffering bruises, welts and gashes.

Border Patrol and Calexico police officials did not return phone messages seeking comment Monday. The Imperial Valley Press reported that Customs and Border Protection, which oversees the Border Patrol, said the demonstrators began to destroy government property and assaulted agents.

Demonstrators were kissing through a steel-mesh fence hole when agents forced those on the U.S. side to step away, said Macgurn.

The hole in the fence was already there, he said.

The fence separating the border cities of Calexico in the U.S. and Mexicali in Mexico, about 120 miles east of San Diego.

No Borders Camp, which describes itself as an international group that supports free movement across borders, posted a video of the clash on its Web site. Macgurn said the clash came at the end of a week of peaceful demonstrations in the border area.

The three demonstrators were arrested pending prosecution for assaulting federal agents, the newspaper reported.

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Goon Poetry!

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LINK - “The morning began with a tough job, as we campers tried to move our tents closer to the border barrier little by little. After a few minutes there were many people and border patrol began a small operation to evict us from the barrier. With around 10 riot police, they tried to intimidate us without success. All that resulted was that it made us more alert and more prepared in case of withdrawal and/or self defence.”

“The borders are a symbol of division, they cause deaths, massacres, their logic is to implant racism, xenophobia, the hate of people for the colour of their skin, social class, or nationality. Thousands of people are discriminated against and killed by paramilitaries, right-wingers and the police, to defend the interests of the bourgousie and ensure the continued expansion of capitalism.”

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American Chronicle

The global government movement was designed by the wealthiest men in our world. It was designed to support their corporations, their foundations, their opinions, and the continuance of their family dynasties. It was designed to merge their corporate powers with and into governmental powers. It was designed to hand themselves total control of the worldâ??s wealth, which means land.

They achieved their missions, first and foremost, by capturing financial control of research and development, and they did so by funding research and development via their corporate foundations.

They also created the United Nations. They created private clubs that could operate in secret, like the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, etc., and they also created training grounds for future comrades via the secret societies inside of their Ivy League universities.

The lives and perks of such people are beyond what commoners can imagine. The power and the money at their disposal are, frankly, beyond our comprehension. It is, in fact, mostly impossible for commoners to believe. Hence, the current state of their global affairs exists. Our â??freedomâ? is no more than a figment of our imaginations and truly an untruth. We have no freedom. It is, in fact, nonexistent.

Politicians are no longer politicians. They work for the worldâ??s elite and represent no common man or country. They are highly paid brainwashers, visioning facilitators, deceivers, liars, and thieves. We are forced to pay their salaries. We are forced to fund all global governance initiatives, which literally stole the wealth, property, savings, and security of every commoner on the planet. The wealth that was amassed in the last 3 decades by these criminals truly is beyond comprehension â?? literally beyond the comprehension of common people. We live in unfathomable states of ignorance. We have been robbed blind, yet we still canâ??t acknowledge the theft of our money, livelihoods, children, potential, nation, and future.

Read more.

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    David Hernandez

Peace March-Anti War March-Open Border March-Anti Israel March Anti Bush March-Socialist Party March-Amnesty for Immigrants March
by David Hernandez

The Rally and March down Hollywood Boulevard Saturday was a collage of causes and protests. What was billed as a day to march for peace and oppose the war in Iraq turned out to be a gathering of groups bent on the furthering of their own agendas.

With the march being organized by the A.N.S.W.E.R organization it was no wonder the same familiar radicals appeared. Act Now To Stop War & End Racism has been behind the escalating unrest in the streets of Los Angeles with regards to the illegal immigration issue. Spreading fear and fostering anger among Hispanics towards anyone who speaks out against illegal immigration, ANSWER has found yet another cause to divide the community.

    click to enlarge

While traveling to Saturdayâ??s rally I sat next to an individual who was also going to Hollywood to participate in the days events. He was going to protest the War and participate in the March. Once the usual opening remarks were exchanged, we found much more common ground than one would expect. As someone who going to show my support for the Troops, I told of my experience as a Vietnam Veteran returning home from the service during the Vietnam War.

Vietnam Veterans know full well what manner of reception we received upon our return to Los Angeles. I told my opponent I respected his willingness to speak up for his beliefs and welcomed his challenges. I pointed that it was our ability to express opposing views and assemble which made the United States the great country it is.

Once on the street I saw what many may not have noticed. From afar it looked like five thousand Americans were exercising their first amendment rights to protest the War in Iraq. But the view from the street was quite different. As one of a small but courageous group of individuals who were standing up for the Troops and Supporting the United States, we were positioned at one location. As the entire March passed by our location, this gave us the optimum exposure and viewing vantage. It also gave the protesters the optimum opportunity.

As our purpose and message was clearly posted, we were akin to a prime rib floating in shark infested waters. As expected, the feeding frenzy ensued and continued relentlessly throughout the afternoon.

I have heard many times by those opposed to the War, that they support the troops but not the War. They have also proclaimed they were Americans who loved the United States and as Americans they could oppose the War and still maintain their patriotism.

What I observed first hand directly in front of me and often times directed directly at me was something different.

Those who chose to attack us verbally demonstrated their true nature and agendas. As an American of Mexican descent, I was attacked for not siding with my race, Mexican, in the immigration issue. It was clear; those who attacked me were plainly the racists. Not the Americans who they called KKK and Racist Nazis for standing up for the rule of law.

As I was holding an Israeli flag I was also attacked for supporting a terrorist country, Israel. The Anti Israel crowd was also represented in the March. I guess they will never get past blaming the Jew for worlds ills and failures of oppressive governments.

As I watched an American Flag being torn and ground into the street by stamping feet, I looked around and saw not one of those so called patriots do or say a word to those creating a scene similar to one from a demonstration in the Middle East.

The people who were marching in the name of Peace were only kept from inflecting bodily injury to us, by the line of Los Angeles Police Officers who surrounded us. It was clear, had it not been for the Police, those who say they are opposed to violence, would be the first to use it.

So for today, I can only hope those who are opposed to the War have not sold out their country too much by allowing themselves to be used by those who would destroy our country and end the ability to march and expresses your opinions.

Divide and conquer…

Remember the first casualty of political correctness is the truth, the second is justice and the third is freedom. I believe we are at a stage 3 alert.

In your corner,
David Hernandez

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Andy Garcia

This is an older story. The movie has come and gone in the theater but it is available on DVD.

Uncommon Sense

Actor Andy Garcia is using the release of “The Lost City,â? his new movie about pre-revolutionary Cuba, to educate the public about the reality of Cuban history and of Cuba today.

Garcia, who left his native Cuba with his family when he was 5, tells nothing but the truth about Cuba, Castro and communism during an interview Hispanic magazine to promote the April 28 release of “The Lost City.” His comments wonâ??t win any friends among the Hollywood left, but who really wants friends like those?

Here are excerpts of the interview with Garcia:

On the true nature of the Cuban Revolution.

â??A lot of people think that the Cuban Revolution was like the Bolshevik Revolution, of peasants. That was not the case. It was an intellectual revolution to restore the constitution and the democracy that Batista had abolished. It wasnâ??t a Marxist, Leninist or communist revolution. That only happened as a change of direction and as a betrayal of the original ideas once Fidel Castro took power.â?

    Anti-Che T Shirts at

On Ché Guevara as pop icon.

â??Most people I ask, â??Do you know who have on your T-shirt?â?? They will answer, â??Yeah, itâ??s Ché Guevara, he was a revolutionary guy.â?? Thatâ??s as much as most people know about him. When you confront them and say, â??Do you know that he executed over 2,000 people in Cuba?â?? They tell you they didnâ??t. This is historical fact, but people have limited knowledge about him. He talked about the necessity to execute, and about revolutionary justice being ultimate justice so you donâ??t need a trial to convict someone. The figure has been romanticized over the years and unfortunately people donâ??t take the time to read and learn about it.â?

On on how non-Cubans view Cuba today.

â??People believe the propaganda that the (Cuban) government has spread. People say: â??They have free medicine.â?? Well, they have free diagnosis, but no medicine for the people. Thereâ??s a lot of (misconceptions) that people in the Americas and around the world believe based on the propaganda that comes out of Cuba. As an exile, you know the lack of civil liberties and freedoms that Cubans have, but people in America donâ??t know that. The majority of people here know very little about American history, let alone Cuban history.â?

On how to improve conditions for Cubans on the island.

â??I donâ??t believe (Castro) wants the embargo lifted, because once he has no embargo, then he has no enemy. Thatâ??s just my personal political theory. Also, the problem with an embargo-free Cuba is that it doesnâ??t solve the problem of Fidelâ??s embargo over the Cuban people that prevents them from participating in a market economy. The lifting of the embargo wouldnâ??t directly help the Cuban people. If they can only do business with the government, then how do the Cuban people benefit from that? Why donâ??t they benefit from the business Cuba does with European nations? Those countries do business with the Cuban government, but Cuban citizens donâ??t have access to those opportunities. … All the benefits go to the government who can decide how much they trickle down to the people, which is, as you know, nothing.â?

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    A terrorist?

    A mass murderer!!

    A communist! Don’t you just love free speech??

We can look forward to these scenes and more for the May Day Marches 2007. Get your cameras out and record what the MSM will intentionally miss. GuardDog

In the short film El Uno De Mayo, filmmaker Stuart Browning casts a light on the left-wing totalitarian groups behind the May Day marches ostensibly aimed at defending the rights of illegal aliens in the US.

El Uno De Mayo points out that if extremist right-wing groups organized anti-immigration marches, we would not expect the media to stay silent about their involvement. However, when the Stalinist androids* of International ANSWER are the organizers, the mainstream media is curiously uninterested.

    El Uno De Mayo

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Minuteman Civil Defense Corps

Los Angeles, CA- The University of California Los Angeles rescinded an invitation this evening issued to Carl Braun State Leader for The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps of CA, to debate Dr. Yaron Brook of the Ayn Rand Institute on the philosophical issues surrounding national borders. The event, sponsored by and the Ayn Rand Institute was to have taken place On Tuesday February 6th at 7 pm on campus and had been planned for months.

Citing security concerns, Arthur Lechtholz-Zey, Chief Executive Officer of Club Logic, notified Mr.. Braun at 6pm that the event was cancelled. “Arthur was quite distressed at the last minute cancellation by the University Administration” Carl Braun said. “We both felt that freedom of speech was once again trumped by anarchists and students threatening to disrupt the event in a Columbia University type protest.” he added.

The University Police and Minuteman Leadership were notified Monday morning of threats appearing on an anarchist website (more here) . The site was one of several calling for protests stating “Admission is free, so letâ??s do what they did at Columbia and shut it down! Hate speech is not free speech. No hate speech at UCLA.”

The postings gave instructions to protestors on how to defeat police efforts to control the mobs if things got out of control: “Remember UCPD officers gleefully use tazers guns, so wear heavy clothing with a thick plastic raincoat over it. Also Tazer prongs are 2 inches long and can be short circuited by an(d) correctly placed insulated metal object or wire mesh. Plan ahead and avoid injury.â?

The University Administration cited budgetary reasons for having to pay police overtime but private sources said there was quite a controversy amongst school administrators between those that wanted the event to proceed and those that wanted to do anything to prevent the Minuteman Leader from sharing his views on the topic.

Billed as a civil discourse on the rationale of borders, Dr. Brook, a noted “open borders advocate” and Mr. Braun, a proponent of strong border security were prepared to conduct a philosophical debate on the subject for the students and faculty. Instead, the Students for A Democratic Society (SDS) on campus planned to disrupt the free exchange of ideas.

“Once again, the liberal left is unwilling and unable to allow anyone the opportunity to speak unless that someone shares their opinion. It is a sad day in these United States when the wishes of a few misguided malcontents govern the actions of state sponsored organizations funded with our tax dollars.” Mr. Braun said. “We will not permit this unlawful attempt, to stifle our constitutional right to freedom of speech, to go unchallenged” he added.

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If Communist China can get this right then why can’t we. Oh I forgot, we are in the land of the politically correct, open borders, xenophiles. (pulling hair out as I type) Send this article to every naysayer who thinks birthright citizenship is not an incentive to illegally immigrate to this country.

“The number of births by mainland Chinese women in Hong Kong nearly doubled in 2005 — from 10,128 in 2003 to 19,538 — according to the city’s Hospital Authority. Many come to evade China’s one-child policy, take advantage of higher quality health care or earn Hong Kong residency rights for their babies.”

Hong Kong sets mainland pregnancy rules
January 17, 2007

HONG KONG, China (AP) — Pregnant women from mainland China who are near their due date will be turned away at Hong Kong borders if they cannot prove they have appointments in the city’s hospitals, officials said Tuesday.

The number of births by mainland Chinese women in Hong Kong nearly doubled in 2005 — from 10,128 in 2003 to 19,538 — according to the city’s Hospital Authority. Many come to evade China’s one-child policy, take advantage of higher quality health care or earn Hong Kong residency rights for their babies.

The former British colony of Hong Kong is now under Chinese rule, but it remains separately governed and maintains immigration controls. Hong Kong residency, which is required to live in the city, is coveted by mainland Chinese because of the higher standard of living here and prospect of a better education for their children.

Starting in February, mainland Chinese women who are more than seven months pregnant cannot enter Hong Kong if they cannot prove that a Hong Kong hospital has confirmed arrangements for their admission, said Patrick Nip, deputy secretary for the Health, Welfare and Food department.

Many mainland women currently do not make bookings or provide prenatal records to Hong Kong hospitals, choosing instead to rush to emergency wards at the last minute to give birth. Some leave behind large hospital debts when they return to China.

As part of the new rules, mainland Chinese mothers will have to pay double the normal fee to give birth in Hong Kong hospitals. Medical staff stationed at border control points will help officials step up checks on women who appear far along in their pregnancies, an immigration official said.

“If there’s a need to ascertain whether a woman is pregnant or not, medical staff would be at hand to provide assistance,” said David Chiu, an assistant director of Immigration.

But some say the new measures are discriminatory because they single out mainland Chinese women. According to officials, pregnant women of other nationalities will not be subject to the measures because their numbers are relatively small.

“It’s important to see if this is really justified,” said Law Yuk-kai with the Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor.

“Why is it just Chinese women, not women from other places? Pregnant women may also have legitimate reasons for coming to Hong Kong,” he said.

To read article click here.

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Here’s a few excerpts from an outstanding article by Devvy Kidd over at NewsWithViews. Does that woman rock or what?

“A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within. The essential causes of Rome’s decline lay in her people, her morals, her class struggle, her failing trade, her bureaucratic despotism, her stifling taxes, her consuming wars…” –Caesar and Christ, Will Durant

This is how the great American, Ezra Taft Benson opens his magnificent book, An Enemy Hath Done This. This humble, incredibly intelligent, patriotic man served as Secretary of Agriculture and then went on to serve his country by warning the American people about the underbelly of the planned destruction of America. Benson said America would be destroyed from within for two reasons: refusal to hold elected public servants accountable and apathy.
Raise your hand if you believe this Democrat controlled Congress will nullify the National ID act, NAFTA, GATT, CAFTA, the Patriot Act, the John Warner Defense Authorization Act, get America out of the UN, abolish the unnecessary Department of Homeland Security, stop ALL foreign aid, stop the withholding scam, abolish the unconstitutional EPA and Federal Department of Education, immediately stop funding the unconstitutional and immoral invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, pull our troops out of all these foreign countries, tell the American people about the voluntary nature of social security, Medicare, hold serious hearings on 911 and get to the truth, stop the destruction of our agricultural industry, overturn and nullify CODEX and get rid of all these unconstitutional laws regarding supplements and health treatments to enrich the pharmaceutical industry, nullify the agreement to give ILLEGAL aliens social security benefits, eliminate the unnecessary federal income tax, abolish the privately owned “Federal” Reserve and return to a true, constitutional monetary policy, pass legislation to forbid the selling off of American companies to foreign governments and interests and eliminate a full one half of all the unconstitutional cabinets and spending bankrupting this nation.

The American people need a refresher on the goals of the communist party and compare them to what the Democrat controlled Congress pursued and accomplished for 40 years before the Republicans took control in 1994 and simply continued the agenda, just changing the packaging and marketing.

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Goons Gone Wild - Watch more free videos

** Special thanks to Save Our State Activists; AP77, TheBob, Lardog, GSB America and Sonar for their video clips **

The United States accepts approximately one million legal immigrants each year. We have 79 different types of visas. We accept 75% of the worldâ??s refugees. We give citizenship to children born by foreigners. No other country in the world is as accepting as the United States, but for some, this is not enough. We must accept everyone.

Our government is in the process of merging the US, Mexico, and Canada into a European style union under what is called the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America. This union will erase our borders completely. Our Constitution, our rights, and our freedoms will be superceded by international courts.

Minutemen and anti-illegal immigration activists are speaking out and trying to stop this merger. Yet, they are often portrayed in the media as bad guys, xenophobes or racists. It has become politically incorrect to want our country’s laws enforced or to even want the United States a country at all.

Illegal aliens and their supporters are labeled pro-immigrant or portrayed as victims even when they are ID thieves, Communists, rapists, gang members, anarchists, drug traffickers, racial separatists, human smugglers, or drunken drivers. Certainly not all illegal aliens are bad people, but all illegal aliens entered the country illegally of their own free will and none of them are victims.

The â??Goons Gone Wildâ? video is a thirteen minute sample of the abuse and violent behavior anti-illegal immigration activists must endure from illegal aliens and their supporters. Itâ??s doubtful that you will ever see any of this footage in the main stream media.

In the near future, I will release a feature length video detailing these anti-American groups and their clashes with the Minutemen. Some are grass roots organizations while others are multi-million dollar empires like the National Council of La Raza.

You can purchase â??Goons Gone Wildâ? on DVD for $7.99

Send a check or money order to:

Brook Young
P.O. Box 678
North Hollywood, CA 91603

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After reading this post “Retail Stores Cash In On Communism,” our very own PQ Mom let them have it and so did Rose. The response Rose recieved was similiar to the one below.

—–Original Message—–
From: []
Sent: Friday, December 22, 2006 11:13 AM
Subject: Your Comments about the CD Case

Dear PQ Mom,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings about the Che Guevara CD case. We have made the decision to remove this item from our shelves.

It is never our intent to offend any of our guests through the merchandise we carry and we sincerely apologize for any discomfort this situation may have caused our guests. We appreciate the time you’ve taken to write us and will pass your comments along to our buyers.

We always welcome your feedback, so if there’s ever any question you have about our products or service, please call our Target Guest Relations team at 800-440-0680. We also invite you to share your comments whenever you visit a Target store or on the Internet at

I hope we’ll see you again soon at Target.


Jennifer Hanson
Target Executive Offices

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Contact Target Corporation by clicking here. Let these guys know in no uncertain terms that selling the images of Communism and revolution is American stores is disgusting and unpatriotic. Tell them you will never shop there again if they continue selling out America for a buck.

Investors Business Daily

Target, the retailer that distinguished itself last year by banning Salvation Army bell-ringers, has topped itself this yuletide by selling Che Guevara CD cases for a little tyrant-chic right under your tree.

The big box retailer has jumped onto the Guevara bandwagon, selling the murderous revolutionary’s image as if it had just turned its stores into Marxist rally stalls.

What next? Hitler backpacks? Pol Pot cookware? Pinochet pantyhose? Target gives this monster a pass, while using common sense on almost everything else it sells.

We can only guess it’s because Alberto Korda took one glamorous snapshot of Guevara in 1960 that has delighted leftists and blown around at global anti-American rallies ever since, something Target might do well to consider.

The firm is not immune to trendy leftism. In its Community Giving program, it has given cash to artist Rupert Garcia, whose claim to fame is glorifying Guevara, something noted on Target’s Web site.

All this reflects an indifference to history. For some real market research, Target ought to go to Miami, a shopper haven that is a place of exile for the 20% of Cubans who fled for their lives from Guevara’s communist Cuba.

For them, Guevara was no hip revolutionary with a free spirit wearing earbuds, as the Target CD case shows. He was a psychopath with a central role in Cuba’s 1961 mass executions in the “year of the wall.” Guevara signed at least 600 death warrants and executed children against firing squad walls; he was responsible for at least 2,000 deaths.

After that, the Argentine-born communist organized Cuba’s gulag. His violence was so over the top it scared even Castro, who eventually sent him away to fight mercenary wars in Africa.

Guevara also left a lot to be desired on a personal level, never paying bills, living in houses he confiscated and wearing Gatsby suits and smoking from a cigarette holder as Cubans starved.

Target would be well-advised to yank the Guevara trash from its shelves, melt it down and purchase their buyer some history lessons. Even for the sake of self-interest, it would make sense, because marketing Guevara probably will come back to bite.

The ailing Castro is en route to the ash heap of history and freedom’s gales are blowing through the land he has long oppressed. If there is any justice, there will be a democracy and there will be a reckoning. Leftists who romanticized Guevara will be called out and the consequences will reach U.S. shores.

Commie Gift Ideas At Urban Outfitters!

Last week I was shoppng at Nordstroms and I saw a line of Jackets with the Communist hammer and sickle emblazoned across the chest.

That was nothing compared to the commie merchandise selling at Urban Outfitters. Urban Outfitters is an chain store. Most of their locations are in the U.S. but they are also in Canada, Ireland, England, and Scottland. The have lots of clothing fashioned after Communist military styles. Ironically this merchandise is imported from Communist China made with peasant slave labor.

Is someone conditioning our youth to believe that Communists are rebellious and cool?

Contact Urban Outfitters Corporation by clicking here. Let these guys know in no uncertain terms that selling the images of Communism, revolution, and up side down American flags in American stores is disgusting and unpatriotic. Tell them you will never shop there again and will be telling all your friends thew same if they continue selling out America for a buck.

Urban Outfitters on Ventura Blvd., Studio City,CA

Hammer and Sickle T-shirts

Commie Socks!


Drinking Glasses

Upside Down American Flag

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