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For those of you who don’t know, Patriots Border Alliance is made up of former leaders of Chris Simcox’s Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. They broke off and formed their own group after Simcox refused to show them the books. Simcox was bringing in a ton of money for the border fence that didn’t turn out how investors had planned. People felt Simcox was pocketing the money for himself and giving nothing to the volunteers who were supporting themselves on the border and buying their own gear.

Bob Wright who heads PBA is a very good man.

DECEMBER 12th 2007


The time has come for an official statement regarding the recent developments involving two of the real icons of the Minuteman movement. Developments of the last couple of days have left all Minutemen of all groups confused and angry. While we at Patriots Border Alliance cannot explain or defend the actions by Jim Gilchrist and Chris Simcox we can CLEARLY define our position on these issues.

First is Jim Gilchrist?s endorsement of Mike Huckabee. PBA does not support this endorsement nor does it support Mike Huckabee?s candidacy. Mike Huckabee has a clear record as an open borders, amnesty advocate. In addition to his support for those things we believe will be the destruction of the Republic, he also was vicious in his attacks on both the Minutemen and those legislators who tried to fulfill their constitutional responsibility. He has loudly denounced us as ?racist? and ?xenophobic?. No off the cuff throw away apology at a press conference can erase that. PBA believes that this issue is one that we cannot compromise on. To compromise on any aspect of this issue is to destroy the legitimacy of law in our Republic. One of the side effects of this whole illegal immigration problem is how it has degraded the respect for the law, and our entire political landscape. Mike Huckabee was an active player in this degradation, and Jim?s endorsement of this man is hurtful, and incomprehensible.

As for Simcox?s statements about supporting benefits for the children of illegal aliens, this is a worse betrayal of what we as Minutemen stand for. It cheapens our efforts all those dark, cold, lonely nights on the border as we stood post over a country already betrayed by the politicians we had elected. Two seconds of logical reasoning brings us to the realization that in order for the children of illegal aliens to collect those benefits, then the illegal alien parents must be allowed to stay in the country. Can you say amnesty? There is no other conclusion to be drawn. How can he explain these statements? None of us signed up, spent thousands of dollars of our own money, turned our lives over to this cause to see one of its primary leaders support what is in effect an amnesty. Even if it is ?for the children?.

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American citizens are without a doubt protected by the First Amendment when they protest against illegal aliens. What is questionable is that illegal aliens have the protection of the First Amendment when they solicit work from the street corner. Even the ACLU isn’t foolish enough to take on this case.


The tactics of anti-immigrant group Border Watch, who are determined to keep undocumented workers from being hired, are well-known.
But a potential border backlash could end up in court. The question is whether immigrants would have a case.

Itâ??s an on-going fight, pitting people who are looking for work against people who are looking to send them back home.

Now one side says it may be losing the battle.

Jose Luis Ramirez says he hasnâ??t found much work because US Border watch keeps interfering with his search.

It began months ago, when border watch volunteers started protesting in front of day labor sites And continued this past weekend in Spring, where volunteers not only targeted workers but people who hire them.

â??Many of the workers feel that the presence of the Border Watch has scared some of the employers from coming to pick them up,â? day laborer activist Maria Jimenez said.

So now theyâ??re working on a new job: finding support to file a class action lawsuit against U.S. Border Watch.

â??It is interfering with their right to work, and itâ??s interfering with the contractual right of parties to engage in a contract,â? Jimenez said.

U.S. Border Watch readily admits taking pictures of contractors and their vehicles before warning them about hiring undocumented immigrants.

â??We donâ??t do anything thatâ??s in violation of any law,â? Curtis Collier said. â??Exposing someone for being illegally in our country is not a crime.â?

But immigration experts said preventing people from getting a job could be a problem.

â??If they are interfering with the right of these contractors to bring on contract laborers temporarily, I think they may have a basis for the lawsuit,â? University of Houston immigration expert Joseph Vail said.

Itâ??s a fight on the streets that could end up in court.

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Washington Post

Kansas City, MO (AP) — National leaders of an anti-illegal immigration group said Monday they were postponing their conference but would still hold it in Kansas City, in part to support one of their members on a local parks board.

President and founder Chris Simcox and others from the Arizona-based Minuteman Civil Defense Corps met with Police Chief James Corwin and local media, hoping to clear up what they say has been misinformation about their organization.

The officers of the group, which patrols the border and reports illegal immigrants to authorities, said they would hold a regional leadership conference in February instead of December because of problems finding convention space during the holidays.

‘Kansas City is a perfect spot within the center of the nation,’ Simcox said. ‘Geographically, it will accommodate our needs to hold a Midwestern retreat. And certainly it’s in support of Frances (Semler) in standing by her principles.’

The appointment of Semler, a 73-year-old grandmother, to the Kansas City Parks and Recreation Board this summer has drawn criticism from the National Council of La Raza, the nation’s largest Hispanic advocacy group, as well as the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Both organizations have threatened to cancel conventions scheduled for Kansas City.

Joe Miller, a spokesman for Mayor Mark Funkhouser, said the mayor is working to keep those conventions in Kansas City. Funkhouser has said he will not ask Semler to resign.

Semler said she can’t believe her involvement in the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps has generated so much attention.

‘I’ve heard that I’m a racist and a bigot, and that’s absolutely false,’ Semler said.

Read more.

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Finding a place for our day laborers
OC Register
July 19, 2007

As executive director of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network, Pablo Alvarado gets to see the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to the debate on undocumented immigration.

During protests at the Laguna Beach day labor center during the past several years, Alvarado has heard anti-illegal immigration activists describe day laborers as child molesters, terrorists, killers and drunks.

“These perceptions usually come from individuals who haven’t taken the time to talk to (the day laborer)â?¦ and when you don’t talk to them, when you demonize a group of people, you close yourself off to what the realities are,” says Alvarado, whose Los Angeles-based network is a collaborative of 33 community-based day laborer organizations nationwide.

For the past several years, Laguna Beach has been the target of anti-illegal immigration activists who have picketed at city council meetings, protested the city’s day labor center, and even filed a lawsuit that alleges the city is violating federal law by operating the center.

Just this week, the city found itself again embroiled in controversy over a staff recommendation to zone the property on which the day labor center is located as open space. Caltrans, which owns the property and had put it up for auction, protested and on Tuesday the City Council debate on the zoning issue was postponed.

What doesn’t sit well with Laguna Beach resident David Peck is that every battle with these protesters comes at a price.

“The Minuteman Project members say they’re peaceful, but they’re disrupting traffic and costing the city thousands and thousands of dollars,” says Peck, chairman of the South County Cross-Cultural Council, which oversees the day labor center.

Many Laguna Beach residents have rallied behind the center because they see the advantages of keeping it open, says Peck.

“They agree with the City Council that it’s a safety and community security issue, and that the day labor site is much better than no day labor site,” says Peck.

The City Council’s previous votes in support of maintaining the day labor center actually mirror a larger trend across the nation, says Alvarado.

“There are more cities that are in the process of opening centers than citiesâ?¦with anti-immigrant groups that push for their closure,” says Alvarado. “More and more, day laborers are more accepted in other parts of countryâ?¦I think it’s for the greater good that these centers are set up because it’s about dignity for workers, employers and for people in the community.”

The unfortunate side of the story is that while the city of Laguna Beach is trying to do the right thing by continuing to provide day laborers with a safe, designated spot to seek work, these battles with activists are taking up time and resources that could be spent elsewhere.

The lawsuit, filed by Judicial Watch, Inc. on behalf of two Laguna Beach residents claims that Laguna Beach is violating federal law by operating the center without verifying the day laborers’ eligibility for employment.

Chris Newman, legal programs director for the National Day Laborer Organizing Network, describes the lawsuit as a publicity stunt. The city is under no more obligation to verify a day laborer’s employment status, than a school is obligated to ask a second grader their immigration status, he says.

“There are 65 day labor centers in the country and not one has ever been deemed to violate state or federal laws,” says Newman.

It seems to me that if these activists are truly concerned about the enforcement of immigration laws, they’d take their concerns to the federal government. Cities like Laguna Beach are simply trying to find solutions to tackle traffic congestion and safety issues caused when day laborers seek jobs on sidewalks throughout the city. If the center is closed, the entire community will face the consequences.

“Those decisions affect other residents who do want laborers, so it doesn’t make sense. You hurt more than you help,” says Arturo Gonzalez, a research fellow for the Public Policy Institute of California.

Next week, Gonzalez is scheduled to release “Day Laborer in the Golden State,” a study analyzing the working conditions and wages of day laborers, along with the day labor policies that cities are pursuing in California.

The steps taken by cities like Laguna Beach, Lake Forest and Mission Viejo to address day labor issues reflects the type of community in which we want to live, he says.

“Do you want to live in a community that values and acknowledges the low wage sector,” says Gonzalez. “Do you respect and do you give a form of integrity to these workers by providing them with a worker center that benefits the community, not just workers.”

Comment left at end of article by patriot Minuteman (woman) Lupe Moreno

Mr. Alvarado states that perceptions of illegal day laborers come from individuals who haven’t taken the time to talk to them and that leads to demonizing them. I protest at the Laguna Beach center. I understand and speak Spanish. I find myself often totally taken back by the vulgarity and filth thrown our way by the day laborers. After all, more then half of The Minutemen are women. I often wonder while I am standing there listening. What is it? Is it the way they were brought up? Their lack of education. Their hatred of Americans. Their anger that Americans would stand against people who break Americaâ??s law? Is it their custom? Their mob mentality or, is it that they know I can understand them and they think they can cow me by their vulgarity. Why give us the filthy gestures of pretending to play with themselves. The last time I was there protesting, an illegal day laborer was yelling across the street, describing how he was going to sexually assault a fellow Minutewoman if he got a hold of her. I have to admit that in those moments my heart sank. Seems to me they demonize themselves. Go into the websites of victims harmed by illegal aliens and see the faces of those molested, terrorized, and killed. â??THE ULTIMATE PRICE FOR CHEAP LABOR” I donâ??t know where Mr. Alvarado gets his information when he says, day laborers are more accepted in other parts of countryâ?¦Georgia, Oklahoma, have just passed strong laws against hiring illegal aliens. New Orleans has already started putting out the â??Not Welcomeâ? sign and the tide has turned as other states see the destruction of illegal day labors. If the day labors are here legally, then they should use the EDD office or the numerous employment agencies already set up. As for me I will continue to target, protest, and picket any City, agency, church or person who thinks they are above the law.

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NC Times

This newspaper’s two commentaries of July 11, “Fallbrook protest taps anti-Catholic bias,” by Bill Donohue, and “Rendering unto Caesar,” by Joe Sheffo, require an unemotional and reasoned response.

Once again, the illegal immigration controversy in both articles has been couched in inflammatory terms to tap into the reader’s emotion. A concerned American citizen exercising his or her First Amendment right by protesting the day labor hiring site at St. Peter’s Catholic Church in Fallbrook is portrayed as “disgraceful,” and, of course, the ever-effective “succumbing to anti-Catholic bigotry.” Who could ever listen to what a bigot has to say? Indeed, the tactic is as old as politics itself: Smear the messenger and the message becomes at best invalid or at worst an outright lie.

To manipulate and inflame public opinion, those with a political agenda speak in hyperbole, and so any generally innocuous activity can be hyped into outrageous intolerance, nativism, racism and every other sort of morally bankrupt position one can hold. This emotion-baiting cleverly takes the focus off of the reason for the protests —- the arrogant disregard for established law.

What is occurring at St. Peter’s Catholic Church in Fallbrook is a confrontation between the rule of law and the flouting of the law —- a steppingstone toward anarchy. It appears that the administration of St. Peter’s is interpreting our nation’s immigration law through the lens of what it sees as a higher moral mandate under the umbrella of helping the poor and disadvantaged. This of course is a core tenet of Christianity, but there is a world of difference between giving temporary, loving charity and facilitating the systematic, flagrant violation of established law.

If St. Peter’s has a system in place whereby they can confirm the legal status of those individuals who congregate on their property seeking work, fine. If not, the law of averages guarantees they are aiding and abetting criminal activity. As a moral guidepost within the community, St. Peter’s should lean to the side of caution and not do anything that may jeopardize its integrity and adherence to the law. This would be true of any house of worship, be it Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Islamic, Hindu or Buddhist. The protests occurring at St. Peter’s Church are not motivated by Catholic bias but by a desire to see the laws of our nation adhered to by all people.

A newspaper can paint a concerned American citizen who loves their country as a bigot very easily, but they can’t look into the heart. Only God can do that. Speaking of God, it may be helpful for Father Edward Kaicher, Bill Donohue and Joe Sheffo to remember the biblical admonition from Romans 13:1-2, “Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God and the authorities that exist are appointed by God. Therefore whoever resists the ordinance of God, and those who resist will bring judgment on themselves.”

In this case, there is a clear distinction between Christian charity and lawlessness.

Oceanside resident Dan Noval is a retired deputy with 23 years of service for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

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VISTA â?? Three news organizations, including The San Diego Union-Tribune, are seeking to join a court fight over whether to keep public the names of employers who hire day laborers in Vista.

The Union-Tribune, Los Angeles Times and the California Newspaper Publishers Association want the names to continue to be released to preserve the public’s right to access government records.

The litigation is in response to an American Civil Liberties Union effort in Vista Superior Court to stop Vista from releasing the identities of employers who register under an ordinance regulating day laborers. The ACLU says making the names public violates the privacy rights of the employers.

The group took the action after Michael Spencer of the Vista Citizens Brigade, an anti-illegal immigration group and an offshoot of the Minuteman Project, filed a public records request last month with the city for the 111 names on the list.

On Monday, Judge Michael Orfield temporarily blocked the release of the names to Spencer. Orfield said balancing the public’s right to know with an individual’s right to privacy was important enough to warrant a temporary restraining order.

The judge said anyone interested in the issue could join the case and scheduled a July 26 hearing for further arguments before making a final ruling.

The three news organizations asked to intervene in the case yesterday.

â??We find the ACLU’s privacy rights argument in support of blocking public access to the names of resident employers disingenuous,â? said Scott Wahrenbrock, an attorney for The Copley Press Inc., which owns the Union-Tribune.

Last week, the ACLU took the unusual stance of suing Vista to stop the release of the records. The city adopted the day-laborer ordinance in June 2006 and has on five previous occasions released the names of registered employers after receiving public records requests from the news media, an anti-illegal immigration group and the ACLU itself.

Lawyers for the news organizations argue in court papers that previous court decisions have rejected the idea that public records should be kept private because they could be used to harm someone in the future. The lawyers said the ACLU also has no standing to file a â??pre-emptive lawsuitâ? without evidence someone was injured.

The public’s right to access government documents also is guaranteed by the state’s public records law and Proposition 59, the lawyers said.

Blair-Loy acknowledged in an interview the irony that the ACLU will be going against news organizations over access to government records. The civil liberties group sides with the media 90 percent of the time in such litigation, he said.

He called this case unique and said he will fight to preserve the privacy of four unidentified clients. Blair-Loy defended the ACLU’s position, saying that sometimes privacy rights must prevail over the public’s right to know.

â??You can’t get driver’s license data from the state. Why should you get my home address from the city of Vista?â? Blair-Loy said. â??Sometimes constitutional rights make life less convenient for people.â?

The goal of the Vista Citizens Brigade is to stop the hiring of day laborers at public places because members believe most are illegal immigrants. Spencer said the group plans to enter the case next week to argue for the release of the names.

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NC Times

VISTA —- The American Civil Liberties Union of San Diego and Imperial Counties will ask a judge to stop Vista from releasing the names, addresses and phone numbers of private individuals who have registered with the city as day-labor employers, an attorney with the group said Thursday.

The ACLU’s legal director, David Blair-Loy, said he would file a class action complaint today in Superior Court on behalf of four anonymous employers to block the release of the information, which has been requested by a local anti-illegal immigration activist.

“This is just one of those cases where, I think, the right to privacy prevails over the right of public disclosure,” Blair-Loy said.

The city was sent a copy of the complaint Thursday, Blair-Loy said.

City Attorney Darold Pieper said Thursday afternoon that the city will appear at a hearing about the matter —- most likely to take place Monday. He declined to comment on what position the city will take.

Barring the court’s intervention, however, Pieper said the city would have to release the list of employers by the end of business Monday.

This latest legal action was prompted by a public records request filed with the city on June 28 by Mike Spencer, the leader of an anti-illegal immigration group called the Vista Citizens Brigade.

Members of the brigade sometimes protest against the hiring of day laborers at a shopping center in central Vista where several men gather waiting for work. Spencer and his group have alleged that many of the mostly Latino workers are in the country illegally.

Spencer asked the city for the list of employers who have so far registered to hire day laborers, according to a preliminary copy of the ACLU’s complaint. The list has 111 names on it, city officials have said.

Blair-Loy said he feared the personal information of registrants could be used as a tool for harassment by those who say that day-labor hiring promotes illegal immigration.

“Frankly, no matter who made this request, I’d be filing this case,” Blair-Loy said. “But the fear of harassment just makes it more pressing.”

Spencer said Thursday that posting the information on the Internet or using it to harass employers “was not my intent at all.”

“I thought it would be interesting just to see if my request would set in motion any sort of action and see what the result would be,” Spencer said.

The ACLU already has an extensive legal history with Vista’s hiring law, which requires people who hire temporary workers off the street to register with the city, display permits in their car window and present workers with written terms of employment.

The ordinance also states that information submitted to the city by prospective employers will be available as public record.

Read more.

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This is really good news! Go to their website: PATRIOTS BORDER ALLIANCE

Washington Times

Several former Minuteman leaders, angry over the organization’s failure to account for hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of dollars in donations, have formed their own border-vigil operation.

The Patriots’ Border Alliance, led by Minuteman Civil Defense Corps leaders fired in May for raising questions about the group’s finances, says it will carry on the mission of fighting illegal entry into the U.S. with volunteers who have “chosen to stand down” from MCDC.

In a letter to Minuteman volunteers, former MCDC Deputy Executive Director Bob Wright said none of those terminated by MCDC President Chris Simcox “ever had their dedication questioned or brought even a hint of disgrace or scandal” to the organization.

“Each is a proven dedicated Patriot who has always kept our mission foremost while fiercely protecting the integrity of the organization you and they have built,” he said. “All of you know or have served with at least one of these Leaders. You know their quality and integrity.”

The Minuteman leaders, including Mr. Wright, were fired after asking for a meeting with Mr. Simcox to discuss a lack of financial accountability. The purge was ordered by Mr. Simcox, who came under criticism last year over similar questions involving how much money MCDC had raised and where it had gone.

Included in the purge were several top lieutenants, most of whom had been with the organization since its April 2005 founding. Those fired in addition to Mr. Wright were Bill Irwin, national operations officer; Greg Thompson, national training coordinator; Stacey O’Connell, a key organizer and Arizona state chapter director; and more than a dozen other Minuteman leaders.

In a May 8 letter to Mr. Simcox, the group said there was a “serious lack of financial accountability” and that MCDC financial information should be turned over to local and state chapters. Saying long-standing requests for the information had gone unanswered, they added that MCDC chapters were not getting promised resources and that reimbursements for out-of-pocket expenditures were not being made in a timely manner, if at all.

Many of the group’s most senior members said last year that requests to Mr. Simcox for a financial accounting were ignored. Gary Cole, national director of operations, and Mike Gaddy, national field coordinator, were among the first to raise questions. Both were fired.

Read more.

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I was at the border this past weekend near Campo, California. There have been two recent drug busts in this area. On June 23rd, around 7pm the Border Patrol had a gunfight with smugglers and confiscated seven backpacks, each contained 25 lbs of heroin. About 10am the next morning the smugglers fired a rifle shot at a Minuteman’s truck [see photo].

On June 21st, the Border Patrol confiscated 900 lbs of marijuana. The smugglers built ramps to drive over the border barrier. [see video].

There wasn’t any drug smuggling in the area this weekend but Minutemen reported several groups of migrants to the Border Patrol. One couple spotted in “Smith Canyon” had lagged behind a group of 10. Their smuggler left them and they were in bad condition. It was near 100 degrees, and they seemed happy the Border Patrol arrived when they did.

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CS Monitor

The Edgewood neighborhood near downtown New Haven, Conn., is probably one of the last places you’d expect to find residents patrolling the streets with pistols.

Turn-of-the-century carriage houses sport manicured lawns. Tall elm trees really do line Elm Street. And every night since youths beat up a rabbi’s son three weeks ago, members of the newly formed Edgewood Park Defense Patrol (EPDP) have been walking the streets at night. Roughly half of them have permits to carry concealed weapons and take a handgun on patrol.

Although there’s nothing illegal about the practice, this ratcheting up of a traditional neighborhood watch worries local officials and national experts. Citizens rarely, if ever, have the training that police routinely receive to defuse volatile situations. But as budget woes and other priorities cause some localities to cut back neighborhood police patrols, advocates say that stepped-up citizen policing is an understandable response â?? although it’s a risky one with guns.

Longtime residents say Edgewood was a peaceful place until the 1980s, when residents started moving out to the suburbs and drugs and prostitution moved in. The situation started to improve in the late 1990s, in part due to neighborhood revitalization projects and New Haven police working closely with the community, says Avi Hack, a high school teacher and EPDP spokesman. But about five years ago, officers who used to work with Edgewood were reassigned â?? something Mr. Hack blames on the police chief â?? and “gangs of marauding youth” began harassing the neighborhood, he says.

After working with a variety of city officials and seeing no results, Hack says, “at a certain point we felt the only way to put the pressure on the mayor to either dismiss the police chief or get the police chief to do his job, which he seems incapable or unwilling to do, and ensure our own security was to form EPDP.”

Read more.

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I just received an email from Lil Dog. Last night at about 7 PM, a heavy exchange of gunfire occurred at the #130 - #131 area, which caused a major Border Patrol response resulting in the confiscation of seven back-packs with 25lbs of heroin each. Patriot Point received a high power rifle shot that hit our only spotting scope, and creased “Big-Ugly-Jerks” truck. The scope belongs to the Mountain Minutemen and they are asking for donations to help purchase another scope. You can donate to them at their website here. They are not affiliated with the Campo Minutemen but they are stationed close to each other.

Patriot Point from the Mexican side of the fence.

I did a watch in this exact same area last week (#130). There wasn’t any activity at all, illegal aliens or drug smugglers. When the sun went down it was pitch black. I’ll be spending a few days there next week. Me and “Rockerman” will be keeping “Big Ugly Jerk” company at Patriot Point.

The drug and human smuggling cartels are getting more and more desperate to get their valuable cargo into America. This is a business worth over $100 Billion annually to the Mexican criminals and government. It is not going to go away overnight. Expect the violence and attacks to increase out there until a proper wall is built and the area is staffed by about 6 times more BP agents than they presently have. The whole area all the way out to Jacumba and beyond is still a sieve!

Here’s a panorama pic that I took last weekend. It is somewhere between Campo and Tecate. You can see the train tracks where some of the illegals ride the train into the U.S. Most of the illegal aliens get off after the first tunnel and hike in though.

Click to enlarge for huge photo.

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Beth Gottstein
Council Member Beth Gottstein
(816) 513-1616
â??This is one step from the KKK (Ku Klux Klan).
My world is totally rocked by this. We fight this every day.
I am grieving for my friends in the Hispanic community.�

mark funkhouser
Mayor Mark Funkhouser
To Minutewoman “Hang in there.”
(816) 513-3500


Kansas City organizations representing various racial and religious groups will call today for newly appointed parks board commissioner Frances Semler to resign because of her anti-immigrant views.

And six of the 13 City Council members on Wednesday said they agreed that for the good of the park boardâ??s image, Semler should step down.

The Coalition of Hispanic Organizations, the Jewish Community Relations Bureau/American Jewish Committee, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and other groups will gather 11:30 a.m. at Gage Park to protest Semlerâ??s membership in the local Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, which has taken a militant stance against illegal immigrants.

â??Itâ??s our plan to ask the City Council to pass a resolution to ask her to step down,â? said Judy Hellman, associate executive director of the Jewish Community group. A news release announcing the news conference said the Minutemen were vigilantes with an â??anti-immigrant agenda that is premised upon taking the law into their own hands.â?

Semler, who attended her first park board meeting Tuesday, said that her views on immigration had been blown out of proportion and that her priority was â??safe, clean, fun parksâ? for children and families.

â??Iâ??m just amazed by all of this,â? she said of the outcry. â??We need to get down to the business of the parks department.â?

The Minuteman corps is not a hate group, Semler said, and members do not take the law into their own hands.

â??Iâ??m for the rule of law, and I think thatâ??s the bedrock of this country,â? she said.

She said that she thought she could weather the storm and that she had a lot of supporters.

Mayor Mark Funkhouser said he would listen to peopleâ??s concerns but had no plans to seek her resignation.

Council members Beth Gottstein, John Sharp, Ed Ford, Deb Hermann, Jan Marcason and Terry Riley said Semlerâ??s views were a problem and a needless distraction for the board.

Some worry that Semler will impose her views on the parks, such as attempting to mandate that all materials be in English and banning immigrants from using city parks â?? fears that Semler said were absurd.

Referring to the Minutemen, Gottstein said: â??This is one step from the KKK (Ku Klux Klan). My world is totally rocked by this. We fight this every day. I am grieving for my friends in the Hispanic community.â?

Gottstein and Sharp said they were offended by the groups Semler is associated with and the views she espoused during a CNN television interview and in letters to The Kansas City Star, including suggesting that the federal government halt legal immigration.

â??It is time to stop most immigration until we can get control of this department and rethink our laws,â? she wrote in 2003.

In addition, some council members were dismayed that one of the leading anti-abortion advocates, Phyllis Schlafly, praised Semler last fall for her leadership in opposing Kansas Cityâ??s plan for an inland trading port with Mexico.

Related Story:
Nine members deliver a rare rebuke to Semler, but Funkhouser tells her â??to hang in there.â?

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Since the MCDC forum has banned all discussion of Simcox and his financial dealings, there is a new website where the fired volunteers tell their story.

SV Herald

Bisbee — A man who mortgaged his home in order to help the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps build border fencing on private land in Cochise County is suing the group and its president, Chris Simcox, for fraud and breach of contract.

In a complaint filed May 22 in Maricopa County Superior Court, Jim Campbell, a retired homebuilder and Air Force veteran from Fountain Hills, accused Simcox and the MCDC of falsely promising to build a multi-layered Israeli-style security barrier on the Palominas ranch of John and Jack Ladd.

Campbell alleges that, after hearing the MCDC publicize the plan in April 2006, he had three telephone conversations with Peter Kunz, project manager for the effort, in which Kunz promised the Israeli-style barrier would be built along 10 miles of the Ladd ranch.

Encouraged by the plan, Campbell says he took out a loan on his home and donated $100,000 to the project on May 22, 2006, with the stipulation that it be used to purchase steel tubing for the Laddsâ?? fence. However, by the May 27, 2006, groundbreaking, the Ladds had rejected the double-layered, 14-foot barrier in favor of a traditional range fence. â??To date, MCDC has not constructed any â??Israeli-styleâ?? border fencing on the property where the groundbreaking ceremony took place, in breach of agreement between it and Campbell,â? the complaint states.

Campbell says he asked for his donation back, but Simcox told him the money would be used to build an Israeli-style barrier along 9/10 mile of Richard Hodgesâ?? border-front ranch in Bisbee Junction.

Instead, Campbell alleges, the money was diverted to other MCDC projects and affiliated groups, while work on Hodgesâ?? fence languished.

Campbell is asking for a total of $1,220,845 in damages and reimbursements from Simcox, the MCDC and Kunz. His suit also names Diener Consultants, a Chicago-based fund-raising organization that has played a central role in the fence-building campaign, and the MCDC-affiliated Declaration Alliance, a Virginia-based charity founded by conservative activist Alan Keyes.

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Things aren’t looking too good for Simcox and Gilchrist. Not that it matters, we will all keep doing what we are doing to save this country without them.

Washington Times

The top leaders of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps have been terminated by the group’s president, Chris Simcox, for requesting a meeting to discuss a lack of financial accountability by the organization’s leadership.

The purge was ordered by Mr. Simcox, who came under fire last year over questions about how much money the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MCDC) had raised and where it had gone, and included several top lieutenants, most of whom have been with the organization since its April 2005 founding.

Those fired include Bob Wright, deputy executive director; Bill Irwin, national operations officer; Greg Thompson, national training coordinator; and Stacey O’Connell, Arizona state chapter director.

The four, along with a dozen MCDC state chapter leaders, had sought a May 19 meeting with Mr. Simcox in Phoenix over what they described as a ’serious’ lack of financial accountability. Many of them had signed loyalty pledges last year for Mr. Simcox when accusations of financial irregularities were first reported.

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A message from Jeff Schwilk of the San Diego Minutemen:

Enrique Morones has been claiming publicly that his illegal alien canyon villagers were NOT removed by SDMM, local residents, and The Rick Roberts Show pressuring the property owners to evict them.

He is a bald face liar!

A team of Minutemen spent 4 hours re coning the entire canyon area recently and there was not one single migrant living in the canyon, nor any signs of activity since 300-400 illegals were completely removed in late December. The rape area was also checked and has not been used since December when we busted a large girl prostitution operation in progress. All is quiet in the entire area.

The tomato fields are now being plowed and they may be getting ready to plant, so we will continue to monitor that, knowing that Rancho Sante Fe Farms will be wanting illegal slaves to work the fields later this year if they do plant. Let’s hope the illegals stay home with their families this year and help fix their country instead of breaking into ours.

RSF Farms is free to hire whoever they want for their tomato operations, but in light of the numerous recent ICE raids and busts in San Diego, they would be most foolish to hire illegal alien farm workers again. Golden State Fence Company in Oceanside was recently fined almost $5 million for hiring illegal aliens to build their fences. We are working very closely with ICE now to observe and report employers of illegal aliens.

We WILL keep McGonigle Canyon and other areas in Penasquitos free of illegal alien squatters, with or without the help of SDPD. They have tried to shut us down by raiding our homes and filing false charges against John Monti, but the truth is blowing up in their faces! They should have sided with the Americans and not the foreign activists. Sad commentary on what is happening in our country today. But just like the original Minutemen, we will never stop fighting to save this country from foreign invaders and their agents. We will prevail!

Poor Enrique and Claudia Smith have to lie to their sheeple and commit crimes to keep their movement from giving up on Amnesty. How sad, but at least they are being defeated and put in their places.

We need to keep the pressure on the property owners to check and clear their land of illegal encampments in and around McGonigle. Numerous new signs have been posted warning people against camping on that land. Now they just have to enforce it when some defiant illegals try to come back, and we know they will come back at some point.

Pardee Homes: 858-794-2500
DR Horton: 760-929-1600
SDPD NE Div. 858-538-8000

Click Here for more stories on the illegal encampments in McGonigle Canyon.

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