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Pat Condell: Laugh At Sudan

Teacher jailed in Sudan over naming of teddy bear flies home after president grants pardon
UK Guardian Unlimited
December 4, 2007

The British teacher imprisoned for insulting Islam by naming a school teddy bear Muhammad was on a plane home to Britain last night after being pardoned by the Sudanese president.

Gillian Gibbons, 54, was released yesterday in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, and taken into the care of British embassy staff after her nine-day ordeal. She is expected to be greeted by her Merseyside family when she arrives in the UK this morning.

She was sentenced to 15 days in prison after she allowed her class of seven-year-olds at Unity high school in Khartoum to name a teddy bear Muhammad as part of a class exercise.

In a statement, Gibbons said she was “fine” and thanked those who had worked to win her release. She spent the afternoon relaxing with British embassy staff and the deputy ambassador, Hugh Evans, in Khartoum, before boarding a plane for Dubai. She spent most of the flight asleep, telling reporters: “I just want to relax, I don’t want to say any more. I’m too tired.”

Yesterday morning as the pardon was issued on the veranda of the Sudanese president’s palace, the mother of two’s apology was issued. “I have encountered nothing but kindness and generosity from the Sudanese people,” she said.

“I have a great respect for the Islamic religion and would not knowingly offend anyone and I am sorry if I caused any distress. My class was delightful and were making wonderful progress with their studies. I will miss them terribly and I am very sad to think that they have been distressed by this event.”

According to Sudanese officials, it was her insistence that she had inadvertently caused offence which finally persuaded President Omar al-Bashir to release her in the face of public opposition. Others observed that the president had delayed the pardon for a few days to avoid angering his hardline Islamic constituency……

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International Herald Tribune

Villiers Le Bel, France — The first thing everyone mentions is the helicopters, the relentless throbbing of blades cutting through the skies above the housing projects and the probing searchlights that have kept the residents of this heavily immigrant suburb of Paris awake over the last four nights.

The gunfire that echoed off the walls of the tower blocks in a violent outburst of rioting this week has subsided. But the calm, enforced by 1,000 police officers deployed at sunset every night, had a precarious feel to it Thursday as locals, caught in the middle between angry youths and the police, tried to make do with an undeclared state of emergency that has hobbled their daily lives in multiple ways.

‘It feels like we live in a war zone,’ said Nadège Tanier, a 40-year-old mother of two, as she walked by the burned-out hulk of a garbage truck still reeking of burned tires. ‘I feel safer for having all those cops on the streets and the helicopter at night making sure the kids are not planning more riots, but it sure is hard to live like this.’

There is no curfew, but few people go out after dark, when rows of shielded riot police move in to take up positions around the town north of Paris. Buses, a popular target for youths with firebombs in the past, have stopped running in the early evenings, making it hard for people to come home from work. Many shops lock up hours before their normal closing time, partly for fear of vandalism, partly because few customers dare shop after dark.

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Islam: The religion of death and intolerance.

Associated Press

KHARTOUM, Sudan - Thousands of Sudanese, many armed with clubs and swords and beating drums, burned pictures of a British teacher Friday and demanded her execution for insulting Islam by letting her students name a teddy bear Muhammad.

Sudan’s Islamic government, which has long whipped up anti-Western, Muslim hard-line sentiment at home, was balancing between fueling outrage over the case of Gillian Gibbons and containing it.

The government does not want to seriously damage ties with Britain, but the show of anger underlines its stance that Sudanese oppose Western interference, lawyers and political foes said. The uproar comes as the U.N. is accusing Sudan of dragging its feet on the deployment of peacekeepers in the war-torn Darfur region.

Many in the protesting crowd shouted “Kill her! Kill her by firing squad!”

In response to the rally in central Khartoum, Gibbons was moved from the women’s prison across the Nile in Oumdurman to a secret location, her chief lawyer Kamal al-Gizouli told the Associated Press. He said he visited her there to discuss her conviction Thursday on charges of insulting Islam.

The 54-year-old Gibbons, who was sentenced to 15 days in jail, spoke Friday with her son John and daughter Jessica in Britain by telephone.

“One of the things my mum said today was that I don’t want any resentment towards Muslims,” the son told AP. “She’s holding up quite well.”

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UK ‘teddy’ teacher in Sudan court
November 29, 2007

* Story Highlights
* British teacher in Sudan, charged with insulting religion, arrives at court
* Gillian Gibbons, 54, arrested after her class named teddy bear “Mohammed”
* UK consular staff, Gibbons’ defense team initially refused access to the court
* Blasphemy punishable in Sudan by 40 lashes, prison or fine

Watch latest developments in the case.

KHARTOUM, Sudan (CNN) — A British female teacher has arrived at a court in Sudan after she was charged with offending religion by allowing a teddy bear to be named “Mohammed.”

Gillian Gibbons, 54, arrived at court looking dejected and dazed after she was detained earlier this week when she asked her class of seven-year-olds to come up with a name for the toy as part of a school project, Robert Boulos, the head of Unity High School told CNN.

British consular staff and Gibbons’ defense team were at first refused access to the court by Sudanese police.

But Gibbons’ defense lawyer argued with authorities and was later allowed in to see his client. He came out after 30 minutes and told reporters the hearing had been adjourned while judges waited for the prosecution team to arrive. Video Watch latest developments in the case. »

Dressed in a black blazer and light blue skirt, Gibbons was ushered into court through a crowd of reporters by Sudanese police.

The spokeswoman said Gibbons had been charged under Article 125 of Sudan’s constitution, the law relating to insulting religion and inciting hatred. Under country’s law, the offense is punishable with 40 lashes, a jail term of up to a year or a fine.

“We understand no offense was intended and trust the court decision will reflect that,” the spokeswoman said.

On the first floor of the courthouse, around 25 police linked arms and forced journalists and British officials away from the entrance to the court.

Police detained journalists, including a free-lance CNN cameraman, who had his camera confiscated.

Staff from Gibbons’ school, including the head teacher Boulos, were among those present. They refused to comment on their colleague’s predicament.

Four vans filled with riot police were waiting outside the courthouse, but there were no signs of street disturbances or protests outside the courthouse.

The spokeswoman said the Sudanese ambassador had been summoned to the offices of the British Foreign Secretary David Miliband to discuss the case. Gibbons was arrested under the country’s Islamic Sharia law after parents of some of her students complained to police……

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Associated Press

VILLIERS-LE-BEL, France ? Rampaging youths rioted for a second night in Paris’ suburbs, firing at officers and ramming burning cars into buildings. At least 80 officers were injured, a senior police union official said Tuesday.

The overnight violence was more intense than during the three weeks of rioting in 2005, said the official, Patrice Ribeiro. He said “genuine urban guerrillas with conventional weapons and hunting weapons” were among the rioters.

On Monday night, youths were seen firing buckshot at police and reporters. About 30 of 82 injured officers were hit by buckshot, Ribeiro told The Associated Press. Rioters also hurled stones and Molotov cocktails at police, authorities said.

Police made six arrests, authorities said.

Youths, many of them Arab and black children of immigrants, again appeared to be lashing out at police and other targets seen to represent a French establishment they feel has left them behind.

“Police officers were targeted with hunting weapons; a certain number of them were wounded by lead shot,” said Interior Minister Michele Alliot-Marie. “This is totally unacceptable,” she said, adding there were six serious injuries, “people who notably were struck in the face and close to the eyes.”

Muslim Goons

The use of firearms added a dangerous new dimension to the rioting. Firearms are widespread in France, and police generally carry guns. Such weapons, though, were rarely used in the 2005 riots that spread to poor housing projects nationwide.

The current riots were triggered by the deaths of two teens killed in a crash with a police patrol car on Sunday in Villiers-le-Bel, a blue-collar town in Paris’ northern suburbs.

Residents claimed that officers left the crash scene without helping the teens, whose motorbike collided with the car. Officials cast doubt on the claim, but the internal police oversight agency was investigating.

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I thought I’d heard it all, till this. GuardDog

40 Lashes For “Islam Slur”
A BRITISH teacher is facing 40 lashes in Sudan ? for letting her pupils name a teddy bear Mohammed.
The Sun
November 27, 2007

Wanderlust … accused Gillian with cheetah and locals in Kenya

Gillian Gibbons, a 54-year-old described as ?timid and polite,? has been arrested and accused of blasphemy against Islam?s prophet.

The teacher, from Liverpool, let her class of seven-year-olds choose the teddy?s name as part of a project at Unity High School in Sudan?s capital Khartoum.

She was said to be ?deeply distressed? in a police cell last night after learning she faces the barbaric lashing under the Muslim state?s strict sharia law.

Police seized the 12in brown teddy complete with its handwritten name badge, describing it as ?evidence?.

An angry group of young men was said to have gathered outside the police station where mum-of-two Gillian is being held to protest about her conduct.

The teacher ? formerly deputy head of Liverpool?s Dovecot primary school ? began a two-year posting in Khartoum two months ago.

She was arrested at her home on the school site even though no parents objected to the bear?s name.

It is thought another teacher, said to belong to a conservative Khartoum family, made a complaint.

An item on the Sudanese Media Centre website ? closely linked to the nation?s government ? reported Gillian could be prosecuted under ?faith and religions? legislation.

The teacher, who is estranged from her husband Peter, could also face imprisonment or a large fine.

Her case is being monitored by the British embassy in the city.

A spokesman said: ?The children chose the name because it is very common here. Parents did not have a problem with it. We are in contact with the authorities here and they have visited her. She is in good condition.?

The school was set up by Christian groups but also welcomes Muslim pupils. Director Robert Boulos said Gillian ?is timid, polite and the children love her?.

The teacher?s former next-door neighbour in Liverpool said she would be going through hell.

Peter Sorensen, 64, added: ?Gillian wouldn?t harm a fly. I?m sure she would never have done anything deliberately to insult the Muslim faith.?

Gillian is a keen traveller and is pictured on her MySpace web page with a cheetah and locals during a trip to Kenya. She told pals she hoped to use Sudan as a base to ?indulge my wanderlust?.

Her children Jessica, 27, and John, 25, would not comment last night. A relative said: ?They do not want to aggravate the situation.?

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According to the BBC, they are just “youths.” It’s kind of like how the press here calls illegal aliens, immigrants.


Dozens of youths clashed with police and set fire to buildings, injuring a number of police officers and firefighters.

The unrest is taking place in the suburb of Villiers-le-Bel, and neighbouring Arnouville.

In 2005, the deaths of two youths in nearby Clichy-sous-Bois led to France’s worst civil unrest in over 40 years.

The two teenagers - aged 15 and 16 - were killed when the stolen motorcycle they were driving collided with a police car.

The teenagers were not being chased by police at the time of the accident, a police source told the Reuters news agency.

Burning cars

After the accident, looting broke out and the police station in Villiers-le-Bel was set on fire, as was a local petrol station.

Riot police were sent to the area, but youths blocked their way with burning cars.

A number of police officers sustained injuries, and at least seven youths were arrested.

Omar Sehhouli, the brother of one of the dead teenagers said that the rioting “was not violence but an expression of rage”.

Correspondents say the scenes are reminiscent of the country-wide riots in 2005, triggered when two teenagers from another Parisian suburb - Clichy-sous-Bois - were electrocuted in an electricity sub-station where they had hidden in an attempt to escape from chasing police.

More here:

Fires are raging in the banlieue tonight. Two boys aged 15 and 16 riding on a mini-motorcycle (prohibited on the road) hit a police car this afternoon in Villiers-le-Bel. The boys, who weren?t wearing helmets, were killed. Hundreds of enraged men and boys are tearing up the neighborhood.

Le Parisien reports that they burned down a Peugeot dealership, sacked a train station and shops, tore up a McDonald?s, stole the day?s receipts and attacked customers, smashed and burned cars, and are still going strong. A police commissioner who tried to talk to the mob was attacked with iron rods; his face and skull are fractured. A police station was burned down, seven policemen were injured.

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New York Sun

BOSTON â?? A court filing here yesterday by the American Civil Liberties Union could open the way for a South African scholar accused of having links to terrorism to meet with scholars at Columbia University, the World Bank, and the Graduate Center at the City University of New York.

The case of Adam Habib, deputy vice chancellor at the University of Johannesburg, is being taken up by the ACLU, the American Sociological Association, the American Association of University Professors, and the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, among other groups. Mr. Habib has written about his case on the Huffington Post Web site.

Customs and border officials denied Mr. Habib entry to America at John F. Kennedy International Airport in October 2006 when he arrived to meet with affiliates of Columbia, the World Bank, and the Gates Foundation. Last month, the State Department denied Mr. Habib a visa.

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My favorite British, comedian, atheist, and Islamofacist critique comes out swinging again against the Nazi-like Islamofacists and the British Elite who enable them in his country. Go Pat! You’re my hero on this subject. But be careful Pat, the Islamofacists in Britain don’t take to lightly when their twisted version of Islam is exposed for the scum it is. Watch your back! GuardDog

A word to Islamofascists, Piss Off!

Pat’s Web site click here.

More propaganda from the Muslim Council of Britain…

Another point of view on the MCB…

Saudi man executed for practising witchcraft…

Saudi man divorces wife for watching TV…

Group for ex-Muslims expands across Europe…

For a good insight into the jihadi mind, and also the reality of life in Saudi Arabia, see Ed Husain’s excellent book ‘The Islamist’…

You can download an audio version of this video at

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International Herald Tribune

The Hague, Netherlands (AP) — One was a Somali refugee, the other an Argentine investment banker. Both are now high profile Dutch women challenging this country to rethink its national identity.

Princess Maxima, the Argentine-born wife of Crown Prince Willem Alexander triggered a round of national soul searching about what exactly it means to be Dutch in an age of globalization and mass migration with a speech last month.

‘The Netherlands is too complex to sum up in one cliché,’ she said. ‘A typical Dutch person doesn’t exist.’

Her comments have tapped into an unsettled feeling among many Dutch who say traditional values have been eroded in a country roiled by a rise in Muslim extremism â?? a view espoused by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a conservative thinker who has turned her back on her Islamic roots.

Many in this nation of 16 million still identify with traditional images â?? seeing themselves as a nation of tolerant, hardworking, straight-talking individualists who bicycle around a flat landscape dotted with windmills and crisscrossed by dikes.

But the growing Muslim population â?? 850,000 and rising â?? is prompting a rethink.

‘Unfortunately, the debate about Dutch identity is too often held at a very trite and trivial level â?? as if the discussion is between Brussels sprouts and wooden shoes on the one hand, and couscous and caftans on the other,’ said conservative commentator Bart Jan Spruyt.

Spruyt and other conservatives claim the long Dutch tradition â?? another key part of the country’s identity â?? of welcoming immigrants and putting little or no pressure on them to integrate undermines Western values.

‘What is really at stake, due to a frivolous immigration policies and decades of multicultural indifference, is the identity of the Dutch nation, Dutch history and culture as a part of the history of Western civilization,’ said Spruyt, founder of The Edmund Burke Foundation, a conservative think tank, and contributor to Opinio, a conservative weekly.

Hirsi Ali, the former Somali refugee turned prominent critic of radical Islam, is one of the success stories of Dutch immigration policy, but also one of its fiercest critics. She condemns the Dutch tradition of multiculturalism â?? saying tolerance for the intolerant has provided a dangerous breeding ground for Islamic radicalism.

Read more.

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Pat Condell is a comedian/political commentator in Britain. He is also an Atheist who has garnered attention, good and bad, for his videos on You Tube which mostly speak to religion as it deals with politics. He has a gift for speaking which is always entertaining but usually controversial at the same time. He is seen as a bigot or a saint depending on which side of the political spectrum you reside on. You decide. GuardDog

“The fact that the Saudis feel they can get away with this cynical bullshit just shows how far we’ve allowed our selves to be pushed here in Europe. Radical Islam has seen us for what we are, a soft tough. It sees that political correctness is a drug that we can’t stop injecting even though we know it’s going to kill us. And they are taking full advantage of that. Turning our sense of fairness against us and making us despise ourselves for one of our best qualities. And any concession made will be seen as a sign of weakness to be exploited further because there is no dialogue with radical Islam.” Pat Condell

Pat Condell: More Demands From Islam


â??HRCâ??s participation in the dialogue is part of its role to communicate and discuss with regional and international rights bodies matters that concern the rights of humans against discrimination on the grounds of race, religion, or sex,â? the HRC said in an official statement.”

The country where this sign adorns a major highway in its holiest city is going to lecture others about religious freedom????

Saudi Arabia complains that Muslims can’t practice their faith freely in Europe
Jihad Watch
October 5, 2007

“HRC to Address Muslim Rights Issues in Europe,” by Raid Qusti for Arab News (thanks to Twostellas):

RIYADH, 4 October 2007 â?? Saudi Arabiaâ??s Human Rights Commission (HRC) will urge its counterparts in the European Union to ask their governments not to link terrorism to Islam and also to issue regulations to protect Muslims from prejudice and discrimination because of their faith.

According to a source at HRC, the government-funded rights body will also address various human rights issues in Europe: when Muslims are unjustly interrogated, treated with disrespect, physically or mentally abused, or not allowed to practice their faith freely such as Muslim girls being prevented from wearing the hijab (head cover) in some schools.

The points are expected to be addressed during HRCâ??s official participation in the Second Arab-European Dialogue on Human Rights and Terrorism, which will take place in Copenhagen on Oct.21-23. â??The dialogue is significant because it is being held in Denmark, where the controversy started over the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) cartoons,â? the source told Arab News.

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One News Now

FBI raids have netted nine illegal Pakistani aliens and two naturalized U.S. citizens accused of money laundering — one of whom is accused of financing terrorists.

The 11 men were arrested last Thursday in morning raids on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Local law enforcement also participated in the FBI raids. According to the Daily Times (Salisbury, MD), Princess Anne convenience store owner, Muhammad Ashraf, was arrested along with four other people from Wicomico County, and the rest were netted in raids in Worcester County.

The Daily Times also reports that some of the men had paid up to $500,000 in bribes to immigration officials in order to obtain illegal green cards for them and some of their family members. Court documents reported that one cooperating witness posed as a terrorist wanting to send money to al-Qaida and had asked for help in transferring money overseas.

Other charges included the failure to pay back taxes that amounted to more than $1.8 million collectively. Those out of the 11 arrested who owned stores will stand to lose property due to the unpaid taxes.

Read more.

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Tim Kaine
Governor Tim Kaine
Email him here.

NV Daily

A local delegate has asked Democratic Gov. Timothy M. Kaine to re-think his appointment of the head of the Virginia-based Muslim American Society to the Virginia Commission on Immigration.

Del. Todd Gilbert, R-Woodstock, wrote to Kaine earlier today, saying he was concerned about the appointment of Dr. Esam S. Omeish, a Northern Virginia physician and the group’s president, to the panel. The commission was created earlier this year to study the impact of illegal immigration on the commonwealth.

The Muslim American Society has significant ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, a group founded in Egypt, Gilbert said.

“It is unfortunate that the Governor would choose the leader of an organization such as this to represent many the freedom-loving Muslim citizens of Virginia on this important commission,” Gilbert said.

Read more.

Little Green Footballs

Hereâ??s Omeish at an August 2006 rally in Washington DC, wearing a kaffiyeh and delivering a virulent anti-Israel rant. This is the man the governor of Virginia chooses to advise him on immigration policy.

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Houssein Zorkot:
Dearbornistan Hezbollah Terror Suspect/Muslim Medical Student

Man held on $1M bond after he was found with AK-47
The Detroit News
September 13, 2007

DEARBORN — A 26-year-old man is being held on $1 million cash bond on gun charges after he was found leaving a city park Sept. 8 with an AK-47.

Houssein Zorkot was arraigned Tuesday before 19th District Judge Mark Somers on two felony charges in the incident at Hemlock Park.

Dearborn police responded to a call that there was a man in the park carrying a gun. Police stopped Zorkot’s sport utility vehicle as he was leaving the park. He was wearing dark clothes that could camouflage him at night.

After his arrest, police sought a warrant at the man’s home, where they seized a laptop computer and several pictures. No other guns were found in the house.

The man also had visited Lebanon within the past month, police said.

Bond was set at the unusually high rate because it was unclear whether he was dangerous, Mayor John “Jack” O’Reilly said. The gun was purchased the night before in a nearby suburban community, O’Reilly said.

“The bond was set because of the nature of this,” O’Reilly said. “We can’t be sure he might not be a threat. We really don’t have enough information to know what his intent was. The indication is he better not be released right now until we know what he is up to.”

He was charged with one court of carrying a dangerous weapon with unlawful intent, a five-year felony and a two-year felony firearm charge. He also was charged with possessing a loaded firearm in a vehicle, a two-year misdemeanor.

Dearborn police have called in the FBI to help with the case. FBI spokesperson Dawn Clenney confirmed they had been contacted about the case, but declined to discuss the issue any further.

“We are aware of the situation. It’s their situation,” Clenney said. “Beyond that it would be inappropriate to comment.”

A preliminary hearing is set for Oct. 21.

O’Reilly said although the man had recently visited Lebanon, he was cautious to indicate there was a larger terrorism issue brewing so close to the Sept. 11 anniversary.

“I really wanted not to let it become more of a bigger issue to be played out,” O’Reilly said. “The real story will come out when he is bound over.”


The Muslim Terrorist Doctor in My Neighborhood; Surprise! He Supports Hezbollah
Debbie Schlussel
September 13, 2007

For months,I’ve been at the forefront of writing about Muslim medical doctor terrorists, both in our midst and around the world. At first, many doubted me when I warned about Muslim doctors neglecting and allowing their Jewish (and Christian) patients to die. They doubted that despite the long and ever-growing list of Muslim doctors involved in Islamic terrorism. Then, there was the foiled British Islamic doctor terrorist plots. And people took note, especially since those doctors planned to come here.

And, as I’ve noted, a number of the Muslim doctors who are aiding and abetting terrorists are right in my backyard in Dearbornistan, Michigan.

The latest is Houssein Zorkot, a third-year medical student at Wayne State University (my father’s alma mater). He was caught, Sunday, in Dearbornistan’s Hemlock park, armed with an AK-47 assault rifle and dressed in black clothing with camouflage paint covering his face. He was apparently training for some sort of terrorist attack on behalf of Hezbollah and its various Shi’ite splinter groups in Lebanon, all of whose “martyrs” he honors on his website.

Zorkot is a Lebanse Shi’ite Muslim, as are the majority of Muslims in Dearbornistan. And like almost all of them–surprise!–he’s a supporter of Hezbollah.

Check out Doc-to-be Zorkot’s website, particularly this page and this one, and enjoy the jihadist “music” in the background. As you will note, it is a pro-Hezbollah, pan-jihadist recruitment site for Jabal Amel and Zrarieh (apparently two Hezbollah offshoots), based right here on our soil and in my backyard.

His website features calls for unity among various Shi’ite terrorist groups in Lebanon, various pictures of Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, notations honoring May 25th–the day in 2000 that Israel boneheadedly pulled out of Southern Lebanon and allowed Hezbollah to take over, and various pics of a hand bearing the Hezbollah insignia taking over and covering up Lebanon’s flag (which is exactly what has happened to the country).

I’m not surprised by this. Are you?

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This is scary stuff folks. The socialist mayor bans a protest by more conservative political groups who are against the Islamization of Europe. Screw freedom of speech right? The ultra liberals are good at that. Of course a group of “human rights” activists called the protest “a shameful display of bigotry and intolerance”.

One complaint from these conservatives, liberals want a free flow of immigrants because they will, in returning the favor, vote to keep them in office. Sound familiar?

It’s important to follow what is going on in Europe and to support those patrons across the Atlantic who are in a fight to preserve the European way of life by stopping the Islamization of their homeland. GuardDog

‘This is How Democracy Works in Belgium’
CNS News
September 12, 2007

Defying a legal ban, an estimated 200 people took part in a short-lived demonstration in Brussels Tuesday against “the islamization of Europe.” The gathering was disrupted when Belgian police intervened and detained scores of people, including several European lawmakers.

Among the more than 150 people arrested in the area of the city where many European Union institutions are located were several far-right politicians and members of the European Parliament (MEPs), local media reported. They were released hours later.

Organizers based in several European countries who used the Internet primarily to promote the event had earlier predicted that 20,000 people might take part. They blamed the poor turnout on the legal hurdles and warnings that violence could erupt.

“Of course we’re disappointed by the turnout but it’s all the fault of the authorities,” Radio Netherlands quoted Anders Gravers, a Danish co-organizer, as saying.

“The mayor had no right to stop us. And there were even terror threats against the march, so it’s no wonder people stayed home,” Gravers said. “But we’re here to remind everyone that six years ago today, on 9/11, Islam declared war on the Western world.”

As Cybercast News Service reported earlierBrussels Mayor Freddy Thielemans last month refused permission for a rally to protest “islamization” — including the push to introduce aspects of shari’a (Islamic law) in Europe — and to mark the sixth anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks.

Thielemans, a Socialist, cited concerns about threats to law and order, and painted the event organizers — a loose association calling itself Stop the Islamization of Europe” (SIOE) — as racists. Brussels has a sizeable immigration population, and an estimated 17-20 percent of the capital region’s inhabitants are Muslims.

The organizers, who say their aim is to prevent Islam from becoming the dominant political force in Europe, then appealed the decision. The ban was upheld by a Brussels appeals court late last month, but SIOE continued to promote the event, while seeking to distance itself from neo-Nazi or other fringe groups……

To read entire article click here.

Peacful demonstrators attacked by Brussels police

The Brussels journal (Not the MSM. This is the real story)
September 12, 2007

A reader who wants to stay anonymous sent us this witness account of yesterday’s SIOE demonstration in Brussels.

I attended the demo in Bruxelles and we were in the city early enough to see the police forming up in various backstreets complete with water cannon and armed reserve units. What are they frightened of?

The police initiated violence without provocation and I personally witnessed and photographed the officer who appeared to be coordinating the assaults on people. This officer was busy throughout the encounter and was seen and photographed maneuvering frequently between groups of uniformed police and communicating with unknown others whereupon he re-directed the troops to another snatch operation against identified targets … it was fascinating to watch and he became appallingly clumsy, predictable and blase about his nefarious actions - he obviously was having a really thrilling ‘boys day out’ telling ‘the lads’ who to pounce on next - a real hardline bully.

I witnessed first hand the un-provoked and un-warranted assaults on peaceful participants and stood near groups of armed officers waiting for their instructions listening to them in 4 separate locations whispering, nodding and calling up attention onto apparently specific participants who were moving around and circulating.

I am convinced the police were there deliberately to target specific individuals as they left many participants alone who clearly were not in their sights - myself included.

The vast array of armed ’stormtroopers’ in backstreets and my witnessing of their subsequent initiation of unprovoked assaults against targeted participants leads me to firmly believe there was a counter-agenda. The SIoE demonstration was but a sideshow and Freddy-the-Mayor is just a stalking horse.

What is going on in Belgium? I saw this in East Germany some years ago, Northern Ireland and Chile. But Belgium! What is happening ?


The Brussels journal
September 12, 2007

I just returned home from the anti-Islamization demonstration in Brussels. The Belgian police beat up the peaceful demonstrators in what even the Belgian public television call “an extremely violent fashion.” Here are some video images. The grey-haired man whom we see being attacked by the police first is Luk Van Nieuwenhuysen, the Vice-President of the Flemish Parliament. Shortly afterwards we see the police maltreating Frank Vanhecke, a member of the European Parliament and the party leader of the Vlaams Belang. We see how he is handcuffed and pushed into a police bus. Afterwards we also see the police “taking care” of Filip Dewinter, the VB group leader in the Flemish Parliament. We see how his arm gets caught between the closing doors of the bus. An Italian MEP and a French MEP were also arrested. The demonstrators were kept in cells for seven hours and released this evening.

To read more from the Brussels Journal on this subject click here.

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