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Poll: Mitt Romney Is Candidate Most Voters Want To Get Into Bar Fight With

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The Illegal Immigration Traffic Report with Jack Simmons

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Britney Spears Stripped of Her Citizenship
October 2, 2007

WASHINGTON, D.C. â?? Britney Spears has been stripped of her citizenship, the White House revealed this morning. President Bush took this rare, but not unprecedented, step when he signed an executive order relieving Ms. Spears of her citizenship at 8:59 last evening, just before he retired for the night.

â??Presidents are reluctant to invoke this power,â? said White House press secretary, Dana Perino, noting that the last president to wield this privilege was Jimmy Carter, who stripped his brother, Billy, of his citizenship in 1978.

President Bush, whose twin daughters are roughly Ms. Spearsâ?? age, has been concerned for some time that her behavior â??sends the wrong messageâ? to our enemies.

â??At a time when our enemies already hate us for who we are,â? said Mr. Bush in a prepared statement, â??we can no longer allow Ms. Spears to masquerade as the American dream, especially in light of her abysmal performance at the MTV awards last month.â?

Leave Britney alone!!

The presidentâ??s executive order reclassifies Ms. Spears as an illegal alien who cannot remain in the United States, much less work here, unless she is granted a temporary visa, which would give her the right to apply for entry into the United States. The Catch-22 in that regard, however, is the state departmentâ??s reluctance to grant visas to drunks, exhibitionists, or persons with IQs lower than 85.

As yet there has been no official statement from Ms. Spearsâ?? regarding her loss of citizenship. A member of Ms. Spears dwindling inner circle told THEM Weekly, however, that Ms. Spears laughed when she heard the news.

â??Big fucking whoop,â? said Ms. Spears. â??I never vote anyway.â?

THEM Weekly is also reporting that when Ms. Spears was told losing her citizenship meant not only that she couldnâ??t vote here but also that she might no longer be able to live here, she looked up from her bong and asked, â??Whaaat? Where am I supposed to live?â?

One possibility is Namibia, which bent over frontward to accommodate Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie when they decided to have their first biological child there.

â??Britney considered moving to Namibia last summer just before Jayden James was born,â? said THEM Weekly. â??She was particularly impressed with Namibiaâ??s relaxed attitudes about mothers going naked in front of their children.â?

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The last comedy video I posted, “Ask A Chola” backfired on me. So I’m going to redeem myself with this one from the Latino Comedy Project. We’ve posted their videos here in the past and they’re always pretty good. Here is their YouTube page with more videos.

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Okay, the comedy routine is kinda weak, but I keep watching her videos, so there must be something here. Or maybe it’s that I think she’s probably kinda cute under that bandana. I don’t know, but here is her website for more Ask a Chola!

Leave Britney Alone:A Warning frm Early 80s Gothic Chola

Ask A Chola Spoken Word Poem: “Best Buy Bitch”

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Young, pretty, female, cleavage, skin tight clothes, short skirts, knee high boots, large breasts and large butts. Requirements to be an exotic dancer? In Latin culture it’s for something else. A prime time weather reporter.

I guess it’s just a difference in culture so it’s harder to criticize. Still, ask yourself this, as you chuckle and/or oogle. What are you watching as you view these clips, the maps or the girls? Then look at the comments to each video by clicking on the video outside the arrow.

These weather girls are being completely sexualized. But it’s good for the ratings so that makes it OK? Oh, and to the guys out there, it’s OK to enjoy these clips, but it does prove my point. Correct? GuardDog :)

Weather Girl Jackie Guerrido

Weather Girl Mabel Salinas

Weather Girl Mary Gamarra

Weather Girl Jackie Guerrido (Again) :)

One Latino Game Show For Good Measure
The Price Is Right girls she is not!

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Lloyd Marcus’ Anti Illegal Immigration Song. If you live (or lived) in California you will get this. GuardDog

I Can’t Afford The Sunshine Anymore

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Ok, I know it’s making fun of our side a little but you have to laugh and roll with the punches at the same time when you can. GuardDog

Arnold’s “Adult Swim” Immigration Speech

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1/2 Hour News Hour
Illegal Immigration

1/2 Hour News Hour
Hate Groups and Pregnant Drug Addicts

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These are all really funny (and a little scary).

Mexican “300″

Mex Vs. BC (Born Citizen) Pt. 1: “Travel”



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To flush or not to flush a Koran, that is the question. GuardDog :)

Better Living Through Bathroom Etiquette
What you can and cannot flush in our great country.

Related Post: Hate-Crime Arrests In Quran Desecrations At Pace University

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“If you buy this you are an illegal alien invader or a global corporatist, one world order nut, or you are a very misguided American Citizen. We must fight to recover our republic and can not be intimidated by false accusations of racism. We have 48,000 American Citizens killed by illegal alien invasion since 9-11. Do not be fooled by Marxist one world order propaganda.”

Promised Land of Lexington Ky wants you!
Confessions of a racist, wants illegal alien forgiveness.
American Chronicle
July 25, 2007

Finally, someone has recognized the racist nature of the assault on the United States undocumented immigrant population. They are “human beings” too. The Declaration of Independence and the constitution both recognize the God Given rights of all human beings and that applies to every world citizen in our new global economy. There are no laws they have to obey. I apologize; please forgive me for being such a racist.

I switched over to the good side for a change after being beat into submission by a relentless wave of racist accusations from many of the Marxist Mexican groups here in Lexington Kentucky. La Voz even quoted some of the â??racist words and commentsâ? I used in their local newspaper. I was humiliated and felt so bad.

My home, my neighbors home and my wifeâ??s work place have all suffered from gang graffiti and threats of retaliation for my continued support for rule of law, the constitution, American Sovereignty and what I thought was the American Flag and system of justice in a nation state.

Relentless public ridicule, death threats, screams curses and vile epithets demanding we move out of the country and go back to Europe finally convinced me of the error of my ways. Logic of their irrational arguments for taking what I thought I owned, which really belongs to them; made me realize they were getting justice when they stole benefits I had paid for.

We who wrongfully call our selves Americans are not Americans at all. We are the worst of the worst evil doers. It is our duty to give up every thing we stole from these fine hard working people and let them have it for all the years of sitting on their butts waiting for revenge. Everybody in the world is an American.

I now fully understand error of my racist ways and condemn my Irish ancestry of people who were illegal no good white people. Those evil people stole this land from native Indians and native Mexican people. I hate my ancestors and am ashamed of who I am. I feel so guilty.

I just hope I can some day earn forgiveness, I know I don’t deserve, but so disparately want from the worldâ??s oppressed peoples. I know I have lived a lie all my life and now hope the reeducation I am getting from my sanctuary city, Lexington Kentucky will help me learn how to hate America as much as local politicians do.

Rule of law is just an oppressive method to hold people down. I am now for anarchy like my beloved â??Unbridled Spiritedâ? city.

I promise and swear for ever to never again file any complaints for loud music blaring from our public parks or shootings, drinking and drugs. Oppressed hard working illegal aliens need some way to relieve stress of a day from stealing benefits rightfully theirs.

It is also despicable to condemn local government for providing free fertility clinics to those infertile illegal aliens who come here to have babies.

I am still a little confused over whether I should hate those American Citizen babies or not. You know they are American citizens as soon as they are born so I guess they become like the rest of us Citizens, a bunch of baby racists that must learn the error of their ways too. It looks like I will have to hate those babies until they are old enough to confess they are racists and realize error of their ways too.

As penance I am recommending all of us mean racist American Citizens try to get as many illegals as we can to move to Lexington Kentucky. Kentucky deserves first shot at this tremendous wonderful group of criminal illegal alien invaders.

Lexington Kentucky is a great sanctuary city, if you want to add it to that list of welcoming sanctuary cities who will not enforce rule of law please do. Lexington welcomes gang members and all criminal illegal aliens to the city, so please feel free to tell them they are welcome here. We know they are victims of American imperialism and colonialism that has destroyed poor people of the world. I know that I personally am responsible for all the bad things that happened to them all over the world.

There is only one way to correct this evil corrupt imperialist state called America. It must be redesigned with a new culture of poor people who know how to work together for the good of the whole society. I am now fully supporting destruction of any national borders and destruction of any symbols that define America. They are so offensive to poor oppressed illegal alien criminals that come here.

We now know illegal alien invasion is good for the economy so a few more hundred thousand in a small town like Lexington Kentucky will make our economies hum. So send all of your illegal criminals. We need more prostitutes and brothels, a lot more drug and gun dealers would be helpful. We seem to have a shortage of the real young streetwalkers, so see if you can get us more 13 year olds, which seem to be the preference for a lot of our illegals here.

Lexington Kentucky will assume all costs of relocation, provide free medical care including eye and dental, put you in a house for free, give you free education all the way through college and will not enforce any criminal laws as long as you speak some language other than English and look like you are not an American Citizen.

Skilled criminal forgers who can provide quality forged documents are always in high demand. The city is willing to provide everyone with a driverâ??s license and identification cards provided by the police but you must supply your own fake social security cards.

Any one who can say you donâ??t speak English just donâ??t act like you understand will automatically have felony charges reduced to misdemeanors and be dismissed by the local prosecutors. This place is nothing like that crazy racist Sheriff, Joe Arpaio Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Arizona……

I am so happy that I have finally seen the light. God Bless all of you. I just hope more of these evil racist Anglo gringos will join me and recognize error of their ways so we all can live in peace. Please, Please, Please send more illegal alien invaders to Lexington Kentucky. We deserve them more than any other city.

Illegal alien criminals from all over the corrupt United States and any country who wants the best free benefits of being a criminal foreign invader must join the â??Unbridled Spiritâ? of Kentucky. There are no â??rule of lawâ? reins here on illegal alien invaders.

Look forward to seeing you. Send All inquiries to your local â??immigrant support servicesâ? agency they can tell you how to get in touch with the right people.

Sincerely, your new buddy,

Mark W Lowry, see you soon, Viva La Raza, Viva, La Voz de Aztlan,

To read entire article click here.

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