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The former preacher Mike Huckabee has always reminded me of the Cardinal Roger Mahoney. Their eyes, body language, and tone of voice betray them. They are rehearsed and insincere when questioned about their support of illegal aliens, rapists, and pedophiles. They must practice for hours lying to themselves in the mirror.

My Daughter Won’t Be Home For Christmas

Huckabee Camp Admits The Huckster Was Lying About Having Theology Degree

Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee told the Christian Broadcasting Network he had a theology degree, he told voters in Iowa he had a theology degree, he repeated the claim in last month’s CNN YouTube debate … but, his campaign now says, it was not true.

Read more at WorldNetDaily.

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September 7, 2001 - Four days before undocumented immigrants flew jets into the World Trade Center, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani said NYC Is “Quite Tolerant Of Undocumented Immigration. This shouldn’t surprise you because I’ve been the Mayor a long time.”

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For those of you who don’t know, Patriots Border Alliance is made up of former leaders of Chris Simcox’s Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. They broke off and formed their own group after Simcox refused to show them the books. Simcox was bringing in a ton of money for the border fence that didn’t turn out how investors had planned. People felt Simcox was pocketing the money for himself and giving nothing to the volunteers who were supporting themselves on the border and buying their own gear.

Bob Wright who heads PBA is a very good man.

Patriots Border Alliance

DECEMBER 12th 2007


The time has come for an official statement regarding the recent developments involving two of the real icons of the Minuteman movement. Developments of the last couple of days have left all Minutemen of all groups confused and angry. While we at Patriots Border Alliance cannot explain or defend the actions by Jim Gilchrist and Chris Simcox we can CLEARLY define our position on these issues.

First is Jim Gilchrist?s endorsement of Mike Huckabee. PBA does not support this endorsement nor does it support Mike Huckabee?s candidacy. Mike Huckabee has a clear record as an open borders, amnesty advocate. In addition to his support for those things we believe will be the destruction of the Republic, he also was vicious in his attacks on both the Minutemen and those legislators who tried to fulfill their constitutional responsibility. He has loudly denounced us as ?racist? and ?xenophobic?. No off the cuff throw away apology at a press conference can erase that. PBA believes that this issue is one that we cannot compromise on. To compromise on any aspect of this issue is to destroy the legitimacy of law in our Republic. One of the side effects of this whole illegal immigration problem is how it has degraded the respect for the law, and our entire political landscape. Mike Huckabee was an active player in this degradation, and Jim?s endorsement of this man is hurtful, and incomprehensible.

As for Simcox?s statements about supporting benefits for the children of illegal aliens, this is a worse betrayal of what we as Minutemen stand for. It cheapens our efforts all those dark, cold, lonely nights on the border as we stood post over a country already betrayed by the politicians we had elected. Two seconds of logical reasoning brings us to the realization that in order for the children of illegal aliens to collect those benefits, then the illegal alien parents must be allowed to stay in the country. Can you say amnesty? There is no other conclusion to be drawn. How can he explain these statements? None of us signed up, spent thousands of dollars of our own money, turned our lives over to this cause to see one of its primary leaders support what is in effect an amnesty. Even if it is ?for the children?.

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No one else wanted him.

Jim also received a fat paycheck from Huckabee. I don’t know how much but I know he received money.

Gilchrist loves attention and he loves money.

When money went missing from MMP, the board members wanted to get the books straight but Gilchrist and his dishonest friend Steve Eichler turned it into an us vs. them contest.

Jim was to remain the MMP spokesman but the board members wanted Jim and Eichler to let go of the bank account. Jim calls this a “hijacking” and he’s been blaming the board members for his fall from grace over the past year.

Now Jim has done it again. He’s shown his arrogance and lack of moral character for all to see by taking money from an open border globalist pig.

This time Jim can’t blame his fall from grace on anyone but himself.

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“Let the Gringos pay!”


Huckabee continues to be dogged by a lingering controversy over the role he played in establishing a Mexican consulate office in Little Rock that was financed by Arkansas taxpayers and local businesses. The permanent facility for the consulate, located near the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, opened in April amid fanfare by supporters and protests of some who are concerned about it causing a surge of illegal immigrants into the Natural State.

According to The Morning News (Northwest Arkansa), the idea of establishing a Mexican consulate in Arkansas was first discussed by former Governor Mike Huckabee after his trip to Mexico City in 2003. Dr. Jerome Corsi recently published an article in WorldNetDaily which quotes several critics of Huckabee, who contend that the then-governor worked with some of the state’s most prominent and politically powerful businesses [Tyson Foods] to draw illegal aliens to the state to accept low-paying jobs.

Corsi claims Huckabee and the state “courted” then-Mexican President Vicente Fox to establish the consulate. “Mike Huckabee took an airplane ride in 2003, was going on down to see Vicente Fox with one of his top economic advisors,” he says, “and that started discussions where basically Arkansas came and courted Vicente Fox, saying put a Mexican consulate here in Little Rock, please.”

The investigative journalist believes the state may have overstepped its authority in urging the Mexicans to come to Little Rock, and contends the state essentially “shelled out” office space for the consulate because the Mexican government preferred to “let the gringos pay.” Corsi questions if a consortium of businesses had the legal right to “support the consular presence” during the first three years, including what appears to be the costs of building a permanent consular facility in Little Rock.

“I’m not sure that Arkansas law permits the state government to subsidize … another foreign government [in that fashion],” he shares. “I haven’t yet identified who the corporations are who paid this lease, and I still don’t know if the Mexican consulate is paying its own way or not, or if the private corporations in Arkansas are still funding the bill.”

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Arkansas Freedom

Dear Fellow Republicans, Conservatives, Constitutionalists, and other Patriotic Americans:

Mike Huckabee has all the sudden become the “Great Right Hope”. Because of his (supposed) opposition to abortion and homosexuality, a fmr President of the Arkansas Bapitist Convention, and a southern GOP governor, he is considered a conservative.

Question: When was the last time a darkhorse, evangelical fmr governor from a small southern state became president?

Answer: Jimmy Carter.

Question #2: How did Carter, also a darkhorse, get elected?

Answer: The Establishment - particularly the Trilateral Commission and its parent: the Council on Foreign Relations.

In September Gov. Huckabee spoke before the CFR. What is significant about that speech is that it is posted on the CFR’s website - which is a special privilege in its own right. After last night’s CNN Debate, Uber- Establishmentarian David Gergen (CFR) was oozing praise on Huckabee.

Since September, Huckabee has surged. Not just in Iowa, but nationally as well. This is no coincidence. The establishment knows that Giuliani and McCain would split the GOP if they get the nomination (which would induce a ‘populist’ major third party candidacy). Hence, they tried Romney (who is an empty suit), and Fred Thompson (CFR) who flopped.

Who better to turn to than a “Christian coalition Republican” to dupe conservatives into backing a CFR globalist. Make no mistake, Huckabee is one (pro-illegal immigration, pro-interventionism, pro-foreign aid, etc). Plus he is a tax-and-spend liberal. Below are two columns by Chuck Baldwin that exposes Huckabee’s liberalism.

Christian conservatives were fooled by Carter. Don’t be fooled again by this huckleberry Huckabee.

Christopher Golden

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The new Huckabee immigration plan that convinced Gilchrist to endorse him is nothing new. It’s similar to the Pence “touch back” plan where invaders go home for, in Huckabee’s words, “a few days or weeks” before they all come back legally! It’s an open borders revolving door amnesty plan. I wonder how much money they paid Jim Gilchrist to support this Amnesty scheme?

The Washington Post reports that Huckabee’s people went over this plan with Gilchrist last week.

“It was a plan I myself could have written,” said Gilchrist, who noted the Huckabee campaign reviewed the proposal with him before it was released.

The following video was recorded on Sunday December, 9th. At 3:00 minutes in the Huckster talks about his shamnesty plan. This guy is as open borders as any Reconquista.

Huckabee Hispanderd At LULAC Brown Supremacist Convention In 2005

Not only does Huckabee want an open border, amnesty for all invaders, and the Dream Act. He is also against local immigration law enforcement. He also feels that citizenship shouldn’t be a requirement to vote in our elections! I guess Jim Gilchrist will do anything for money and attention.


Although he never actually talked about the U.S. or Arkansas immigration policy, Huckabee made it very clear where he stood on the issue. In his opening remarks, he said the nation will need to address the concerns of the Hispanic community because of its growing influence and population base.

“Pretty soon, Southern white guys like me may be in the minority,” Huckabee said jokingly as the crowd roared in laughter.

He told the LULAC delegates that their presence in the state’s capital city was very important because Arkansas has one of the fastest growing Hispanic populations in the nation.

“Your gathering is so very significant for our state,” Huckabee said. “We are delighted to have you.”

Despite several light moments, Huckabee did not stray away from several controversial issues that made him a target of criticism during the recently ended 85th General Assembly. He said Arkansas needs to make the transition from a traditional Southern state to one that recognizes and cherishes diversity “in culture, in language and in population.”

“This is an issue that is going to require extraordinary efforts on both sides of the border, particularly those coming from Mexico,” Huckabee said of verifying the status of illegal aliens. “But I am confident that our government will recognize that we should accommodate people who wish to provide the best opportunities for their families (and) employers so that we can make sure our economy has the necessary work force.”

During the legislation session, Huckabee criticized an immigration bill by Republican senators Jim Holt of Springdale and Denny Altes of Fort Smith as un-Christian, un-American, irresponsible and anti-life.

Senate Bill 206, which died in the Senate, would have required proof of citizenship to register to vote and also force state agencies to report suspected cases of people living in the country illegally. Holt, R-Springdale, replied later to Huckabee’s comments that Christian charity does not include turning a blind eye to lawbreaking.

The Republican governor, who many believe will run for president in 2008, also backed legislation that would have opened the door for illegal immigrants in Arkansas to receive college scholarships.

House Bill 1525 by Rep. Joyce Elliott, D-Little Rock, was approved by the House but eventually failed in the Senate. Huckabee reiterated Wednesday that he believes every child, regardless of their parent’s immigration status, should have an opportunity to receive an education in the U.S.

Huckabee Compares Illegal Aliens To Black Slaves In 2006


Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee said Wednesday the nation is being given a chance to make up for past racism by the way it handles the influx of Hispanics (illegal aliens).

Huckabee said Arkansas has made progress on racial justice and has a fresh opportunity to do the right thing in the way it welcomes the growing Hispanic (illegal alien) population.

“One of the great challenges facing us is that we do not commit the same mistakes with our growing Hispanic population that we did with African Americans 150 years ago and beyond. We’re still paying the price for the pathetic manner in which this country handled that,” Huckabee said at a meeting of the Political Animals Club in Little Rock. The club meets monthly to hear from political figures and experts.

“I think frankly the Lord is giving us a second chance to do better than we did before,” Huckabee said.

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These are the only videos that I can find from this debate.

Ron Paul

Mitt Romney

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WASHINGTON (Map, News) - Rudy Giuliani says he wanted to deport all 400,000 illegal immigrants from New York City when he was mayor, but ended up welcoming most of those who were ?causing me no trouble.?

In an interview for the new book ?Meet the Next President,? Giuliani lamented that the Immigration and Naturalization Service deported only 700 to 1,500 of the city?s 400,000 aliens each year during his mayoralty. Giuliani said it was obvious the INS was not about to increase deportation ?from 700 or 1,500 to 400,000.?

?If they could, I would have turned all the people over. It would have helped me. I would have had a smaller population. I would have had fewer problems,? the Republican presidential candidate told The Examiner in an interview. ?But the practical reality was, they were going to make an infinitesimal, statistically insignificant contribution to the problem. I was stuck with it. And no matter what their promises, they weren?t going to do anything about it.?

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You may or may not have noticed this, but in the two and a half years of running this website, I never discuss Jim Gilchrist. It’s because he’s an idiot.

FOX News

Noting that he might not agree 100 percent on immigration with Huckabee, the firebrand illegal immigration opponent said Huckabee’s recently released immigration plan won him over.

“The governor has a plan and I appreciate his plan. That’s why I’m supporting him. He’s one of the few who’s actually brought forth a plan and gone public with it. It shows to me that he’s willing to engage in the tough love necessary to fix this problem,” Gilchrist said.

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White House hopefuls trying to rebuild bridges to Latinos
Sarasota Herald Tribune
December 10, 2007

CORAL GABLES — Addressing one of their largest immigrant audiences since the campaign started, Republican presidential candidates at Sunday’s Spanish-language forum underscored their promises to stop illegal immigration, but also spoke more than usual about the importance of having compassion.

The softer tone comes as Republicans’ popularity with Latino voters is dropping, with at least one major survey showing the candidates’ hard-line approach to illegal immigration is to blame. The poll showed 57 percent of Latino voters supporting the Democrats.

With just four weeks until the Iowa caucus, the Republican race has grown even more unpredictable. Longshot former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee surged to the top tier and is lead- ing in Iowa. He is expected to open his first campaign headquarters in Florida this week.

At Sunday’s gathering — the second GOP debate in less than two weeks in Florida — the candidates spent the first 20 minutes trying to demonstrate common ground between Republican Party values and the concerns of Latino voters.

They highlighted the Republican Party’s position on education, the economy, family values — particularly abortion — and the military as reasons Latino voters should support them and the issues with which the party can woo them back.

“I think some of the rhetoric that many Hispanics hear about illegal immigration makes some of them believe that we are not in favor nor seek the support of Hispanic citizens in this country,” said Sen. John McCain of Arizona.

Nearly every candidate referred to the importance of enforcing immigration law and securing the border against illegal immigration, but they also stressed the value of legal Latino immigration.

“Hispanic-Americans have already reached great heights in America. I saw that in my city. They pushed us to be better,” said former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani. “They’re coming here to be Americans and they’re making us better by being here in America.”

Still, Giuliani, Huckabee and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney made it clear they would not favor a special path toward citizenship for the estimated 12 million Latinos in the U.S. illegally.

Huckabee said, “There can’t be an amnesty policy, because that’s an insult to all the people who waited, sometimes, ridiculously, for years, just to be able to make the transition here.”

Said Romney: “Those who have come illegally, in my view, should be given the opportunity to get in line with everybody else, but there should be no special pathway for those that have come here illegally to jump ahead of the line or to be come permanent residents or citizens.”

The forum, held at the BankUnited Center in Coral Gables, was hosted jointly by Univision, the Spanish-language television channel, and the University of Miami. Candidates answered questions in English and their responses were translated into Spanish.

Democrats debated in a similar forum in September……



Ron Paul gets booed

Texas Rep. Ron Paul blamed the policies of the United States government for the rise to power of leaders like Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and Fidel Castro of Cuba. It did not go over well among Sunday’s audience.

“We create the Chavezes of the world. We create the Castros of the world,” Paul said of the two leaders who are friendly with each other and have snubbed the United States. The audience booed Paul then and booed him again when former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani mentioned his name to say that his handling of Chavez is “far better than what Congressman Paul wants to do.”

Huckabee on Moore

In proclaiming his stance against socialized medicine, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee said there is one U.S. resident he would not mind sending to Cuba for health services: documentary filmmaker Michael Moore. Moore’s most recent film, “Sicko,” criticized the United States for its health care system and compared it, unfavorably, to the system in Cuba.

No fear for the base

Republicans said their participation in the debate they had shunned a couple months ago did not put them at the risk of losing support among conservatives. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney said the Republican party is the party of opportunity and Latino voters came here for opportunity. “So, of course, Republicans are going to come and speak to Hispanic-Americans in the language they understand best so they can get their votes,” Romney said.

Giuliani laughed at the question, as if to say it was unthinkable that addressing Latino voters would upset a key part of the party’s base. He also added that as New York City’s mayor he represented what he thought was the largest Latino city.

Pro-lots of stuff

Its positions as “pro-life, pro-military, pro-less-spending” are reasons Sen. John McCain said Latinos should give the Republican Party their votes. Paul encouraged Latino voters to support the party because it is “pro-peace, pro-liberty and pro-America.” Former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson said they should vote Republican because the party is pro-life, strong on national defense and appoints judges who “will obey the law and follow the law.”

To read entire article click here.

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Hawaiian Reporter

Illegal immigration is on the forefront of many Americans? minds lately and with good reason. The Center for Immigration Studies has recently reported that our immigrant population is now 37 million, up from 27 million in 1997. 1 in 3 of these immigrants are here illegally. We have a problem that has exploded in the last 10 years with no appreciable change in border security since Sept. 11 when we were supposed to take a hard look at the problem.

We have security issues at home and our resources are running thin. Our education system is stretched, and immigration accounts for virtually all the national increase in public school enrollment in the last 2 decades. There is a worker present in 78% of immigrant households using at least one major welfare program, according to the same study. It?s no surprise then that often times these immigrants can afford to work for lower wages. They are subsidized by our government to do so.

Right now we are subsidizing a lot of illegal immigration with our robust social programs and it is an outrage that instead of coming to the United States as a land of opportunity, many come for the security guaranteed by government forced transfer payments through our welfare system. I have opposed giving federal assistance to illegal immigrants and have introduced legislation that ends this practice. In the last major House-passed immigration bill I attempted to introduce an amendment that would make illegal immigrants ineligible for any federal assistance. Unfortunately, that amendment was ruled “not relevant” to immigration reform. I believe it is very relevant to taxpayers, however, who are being taken advantage of through the welfare system. Illegal immigrants should never be eligible for public schooling, social security checks, welfare checks, free healthcare, food stamps, or any other form government assistance.

The anchor baby phenomenon has also been very problematic. Simply being born on US soil to illegal immigrant parents should not trigger automatic citizenship. This encourages many dangerous behaviors and there are many unintended consequences as a result of this blanket policy. I am against amnesty and I have introduced an amendment to the Constitution (H.J. Res 46) which will end this form of amnesty.

I have also supported the strengthening our border and increasing the number of border patrol agents. It is an outrage that our best trained border guards are sent to Iraq instead of guarding our borders. For national security, we need to give more attention to our own border which is being illegally breached every day, and yet the government shirks one of its few constitutionally mandated duties, namely to defend this country. Citizens lose twice with our current insecure border situation ? we don?t have the protection we should have, and then taxpayers have to deal with the fallout in the form of overstretched public resources and loss of jobs.

The anger is understandable when it comes to illegal immigration and the problems with our borders. I will continue to fight in Congress for more effective ways to address these issues in keeping with the Constitutional mandate to protect America.

Congressman Ron Paul, R-Texas is a candidate for president in 2008.

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Mike Huckabee on Fox News Sunday

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Readers bombard Newsweek with evidence after adverse story on Ron Paul


A Newsweek story critical of Rep. Ron Paul and labeling the NAFTA Superhighway a baseless conspiracy theory has generated approximately 250 adverse reader responses on the “comments” section of Newsweek’s website, many citing hard evidence that the proposed transcontinental trade corridor is quite real.

“There is a broad coalition of Americans developing across the United States who are opposed to a North American Union and know that Ron Paul is right and we need to take action now before it is too late,” Jesse Benton, national press secretary for the Ron Paul Presidential Campaign 08 told WND.

Particularly interesting among Newsweek’s reader comments were citations of Canadian government websites that openly discuss and declare plans to create a NAFTA Superhighway.

Several readers pointed to a Canadian government video clip gaining wide circulation on the Internet. It involves a Nov. 20 “Speech from the Throne,” in which John Harvard, lieutenant-governor of the Province of Manitoba, Canada, opened the second session of the 39th assembly of the provincial legislature with comments proclaiming support for the development of a “Mid-Continent Trade Corridor.”

“Manitoba is also taking a major role in the development of a Mid-Continent Trade Corridor, connecting our northern Port of Churchill with trade markets throughout the central United States and Mexico,” Harvard told the legislature.

“To advance the concept,” Harvard continued, “an alliance has been built with business leaders and state and city governments spanning the entire length of the Corridor. When fully developed, the trade route will incorporate an ‘inland port’ in Winnipeg with pre-clearance for international shipping.”

A video posted on YouTube shows excerpts from Harvard’s speech juxtaposed with clips of President Bush and Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper at the press conference of the third summit of the Security and Prosperity Partnership in Montebello, Quebec, on Aug. 21, ridiculing the North American Union and the NAFTA Superhighway as baseless conspiracy theories.

Read more.

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