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FALLBROOK — They lived in a large aluminum shed. It was far too hot in the summer, and far too cold in the winter, but it was home.

They had a TV set, a refrigerator, even running water. No interior walls, really, but it was home.

Until the Rice fire swept through last month, the couple’s shed in the middle of an avocado grove was home.

What little possessions Miguel and Sara Chavez had earned were lost to the flames.

They are not alone. Dozens of poor families in the avocado groves of Fallbrook, and in the far reaches of Pauma Valley, saw their homes melt into the earth — part of the very land they till.

Some are part of a quiet population that makes its home under tenuous circumstances, laboring in the groves, building new homes, or scrubbing bathtubs and kitchen floors in North County.

And for many of them, there will be no insurance check in the mail, Konane Martinez, a researcher with the Cal State San Marcos-based National Latino Research Center, said last week.

Martinez says she knows of at least 25 families on the Rincon Reservation who lost everything in the fires but who do not qualify for federal assistance because they are in the country illegally.

Read more.

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I just received an email from Jeff Schwilk of the San Diego Minutemen. He covers all of the days events and I posted it below. I don’t have a whole lot to add to it other than the videos that I shot. A small group of us spent the night near one of the migrant camps. The migrants stayed away and the evening was uneventful.

The only other thing worth noting is the nauseating smell that is everywhere in McGonigle Canyon. When you think you are safe and away from any camp sites, a small breeze will blow by carrying with it an unfamiliar stench. It’s not the smell of human feces. I know that smell. It’s something else. The smell is everywhere and it’s kind of hard to figure out what it is. I guess it’s the mixture of human waste and garbage.

View photos from Jeff Schwilk

This is a perfect example of how the police operate in San Diego. There are some good cops, but for the most part they are completely worthless and corrupt. The only reason the police were there on Saturday was to find the smallest excuse to arrest us while they turn a blind eye to all the criminal behavior of the illegal aliens.

Evidence of Prostitution

Idiots For Illegal Alien Justice

Filthy Migrant Camps


Great day in McGonigle Canyon Yesterday! We were greeted at 11am on McGonigle Terrace by about twenty (20) SDPD officers in cars, SUVs, horseback, etc. Capt Healy, NW Div, even came in off vacation to be there. Assistant Chief Ramirez (2 star) also showed up to check out our activities! I asked my SDPD contact if all these officers were there to clear out the 150+ migrants, mostly illegal aliens, squatting in the canyon with their illegal stoves and fire pits and he just laughed. We both knew SDPD was there to monitor our “nature walk”. What a waste of limited SDPD resources! I wonder what that little stunt cost the taxpayers of San Diego? How much longer are the citizens of San Diego going to put up with this insane harassment of American citizens while illegal Mexicans squat in the canyon? The mayor needs to be reminded this is NOT Nazi Germany and we expect our laws to be enforced! That said, the large police presence sent a strong message to the local residents and the migrants.

Anyway, as planned, we canvassed the entire neighborhood of near-million dollar homes going door to door, talking to all the neighbors and passing out Brook’s flyer ( about all the dangers and hazards that come from the migrant camps and who to call to complain. Many residents ended up giving us an earful! Here are a few of their comments:

- Approx. 90% of the residents want those nearby camps cleared and have been pushing for years for the city to do something! They report that nothing ever gets done and their complaints are ignored by the PD and city.

- Residents have been complaining constantly many years about the migrants roaming through their streets and neighborhoods, often times staggering drunk, especially early in the morning and late at night. SDPD takes very little, if any action.

- A couple weeks ago, a migrant approached a 10 year old boy in the neighborhood and was trying to get the boy to go with him. Luckily the boy was smart enough to just run away. It could have been another repeat of the migrant rape of the 13 year old boy in Poway in July.

- Most parents will not let their children leave the yard or house unattended because of all the migrants nearby. Many live in fear.

- The Chevron Station/mini mart at the edge of the neighborhood on Carmel Valley Rd. sells tons of beer to the migrants (its about a 1/2 mile walk from the camps through the neighborhood to the Chevron mart. The neighbors have witnessed and video taped the store selling beer to migrants who are staggering drunk, which is ILLEGAL! The neighbors are trying to get the liquor license revoked from the Chevron mart. So far no luck and no help from the city.

- The migrants are picked up and dropped off constantly on McGonigle Terrace across the street from the homes on the edge of the canyon at all hours of the day and night, often times in mini-vans. Last week, the migrants got out of a van at midnight on this street and began blaring mariachi music and drinking and partying right on the sidewalk. We spoke to the owner directly across the street from this and his daughter was awoken and couldn’t sleep from the noise. Finally the father had to go outside by himself and yell at the men to leave, which they eventually did. I asked him why he didn’t call the police this time and he said it would have taken them a half hour to get there and they would have only done what he did, chase them off. SDPD does not write “citations” to canyon dwellers since they have no address and would never show up for court anyway. To be illegal in San Diego, means you can commit illegal acts with pretty much impunity!

At 1pm, we met up with about 25 other concerned Americans and toured the canyon, migrant villages and shacks under the watchful eye of numerous SDPD officers. GSBAmerica found a new prostitution spot about 80 yards south of the 56 overpass right along McGonigle Creek. We forced two SDPD officers to come down and take pictures and videos of the sex den in the bushes. Lots of evidence of recent sexual activity. McGonigle Canyon has long been a hot spot for prostitution of mostly young girls trafficked from Mexico, aged 13-16, possibly even younger. We cleared out the “rape grove” last December, but the traffickers appear to have found new, smaller sites to sell the girls to the migrants. We know they charge $20 with a condom and $30 without a condom for 10-15 minutes with the girls. All right in the middle of suburban Carmel Valley area in northern San Diego.

We discovered dozens of new camps hidden in the bushes along the creek between the 56 and the old rape grove. We stayed until after dark to see if any of the migrant residents returned to the canyon. They did not. We think that Claudia Smith and her friends at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church took many of the migrants to the church for the night about 4 miles east of the canyon. At about 7pm, a police helicopter showed up and circled us at low altitude for about 10 minutes. I guess we were supposed to be intimidated, but we just waved. A lone police car sat across the canyon on a high road watching us through binoculars until well after dark.

Most of us left around 8 and Brook and three other American men stayed, set up camps, and became the first known Americans to camp out in McGonigle Canyon. The night was quiet for them and this morning they saw only a few migrants walking through the canyon, although the 3 large day labor sites in the area were very active with large numbers of migrants.

Claudia and Enrique stayed away from our event yesterday. I guess criminals don’t like being around that many cops. Claudia and Joanne Yoon were seen at the DLS several miles away yesterday morning passing out flyers to the DL’s. Roberto Pena and Jose Balzaga (attackers of John Monti) were there.

Listen for more details about our findings on the radio this week. We expect all camps to be cleared out of there within a week or two. This little charade put on by the city of San Diego and the illegal alien activists over the past few years is OVER in San Diego!!! Never again are the citizens going to allow these camps to remain! Klaudia and Enrique can move to Mexico if they don’t like it! They should be in prison for aiding and abetting all the criminal activity they have assisted down there over the past 20 years, including the repeated raping of 13 year old girls! Disgusting is too kind of a word to describe those two vile human beings and their activities with the migrants!

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McGonigle Canyon ready to go up in flames!!!.

illegal camp fire

McGonigle Canyon is located in Northern San Diego County. Illegal alien migrants live in encampments along a creek near the 56 freeway. Some look for work as day laborers while others work in the nearby tomato field.

I’ll be heading down there this weekend to facilitate the removal of these camps. Leslie Farms must be forced to hire legal workers with H2-A visas and provide affordable housing for their workers. The exploitation of these people is disgusting. The unemployed illegal aliens should all be deported.

Here’s a map of the current camp locations.

click to enlarge
migrant camps

This NBC report highlights the unhealthy living conditions, public drunkenness, and prostitution in the camps.

This video is from last year. The police, fire department, and Mayor Sanders have always insisted that the migrant encampments pose no fire danger. I wonder what they’ll say after the inevitable fire happens, dozens of people lose their homes and a hundred migrants burn to death.

After this weekend I will no doubt return with more video of illegal alien activist nutjob Claudia Smith and Officer Juan Munoz and Boris Martinez.


    Video: Migrant Encampments
    Video: Claudia Smith Conspired To Convict John Monti
    Video: Claudia’s Tortoise
    Video: NBC Report on Migrant Camps
    Video: Officer Reconquista
    Video: Mobile Health Clinic
    Video: Watchdog Wins In Court

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Michael Aguirre, member of San Diego
La Raza Lawyers Association

Here’s a newscast from this past Saturdays rally in Rancho Penasquitos. At the end of the story they discuss the scathing email sent to the county Bar Association by San Diego District Attorney Bonnie M. Dumanis. She accuses City Attorney Michael Aguirre of “abusing his power and terrorizing citizens. She goes on to say, “I am very concerned about the manner in which this city attorney recklessly and without supporting evidence accuses citizens in our community of corruption, conspiracy, and other criminal misconduct.”

Illegal alien activist Claudia Smith and the corrupt Northeastern Division of the SDPD conspired to convict John Monti of crimes he did not commit. They took their bogus case to the District Attorney Bonnie M. Dumanis but she wouldn’t take the case without any evidence. All Claudia Smith had was a group of lying day laborers.

But Claudia Smith didn’t give up, and she eventually found an evil ally in La Raza City Attorney Michael Aguirre. And it didn’t bother Aguirre that 911 calls showed that is was in fact John Monti who was attacked by the day laborers, not the other way around. The case went to court and John Monti was acquitted of all charges.

Radio talk show host Roger Hedgecock had Michael Aguirre as a guest on his show. He rips Aguirre apart over the false prosecution of John Monti.

The only friends and supporters of Michael Aguirre are brown supremacists like Claudia Smith and Enrique Morones. These days the local papers are running article after article about the outrageous behavior of City Attorney Michael Aguirre.

Voice of San Diego

Political rhetoric reigns supreme in San Diego, there is a complete absence of common sense applied to municipal decision making, and, Mike Aguirre claims the high ground using millions of our tax dollars to make it appear he knows what he is doing, while court after court rejects his arguments.

In the last few years he has accused more people of being corrupt in San Diego, it seems, than the entire judicial system has in the last decade. Proof and facts are not in his repertoire however, so actual legal results of any consequence are hard to come by. Aguirre has taken our small hometown circus and helped redefine it into the circus act of the century. We have the top legal officer in the city making wild and spurious accusations, without much in the way of provable facts (Mike Nifong), convicting people in the court of public opinion because he canâ??t get a conviction in a court of law.

Statistically speaking (as well as practically speaking), it just isnâ??t possible that Mike Aguirre is the only person in San Diego who has the correct answers for everything. No matter the issue, he claims to know what to do. Disagree with him and it is not an honest discussion or an exchange of information, you are “corrupt,” “dishonest,” “criminal.” There is no middle ground with Mike — it is his way or jail (if he had the authority).

When I ask others why more people donâ??t stand up to this disingenuous bully, I am told startling things, such as, “heâ??ll come after you,” “I might lose my job,” “I might lose my home,” “he might come after my company,” etc.

In San Diego, we now have to worry about politicians who are going to “get you?” And Iâ??m talking about decent people from every walk of life, business people, lawyers, municipal workers, and even labor.

Alex Rothâ??s article in the Union-Tribune
on Sunday details some of these fears; 20 lawyers who were interviewed for the article did so only on the condition of anonymity. “They expressed concern that speaking publicly would jeopardize their careers.”

This threatening behavior by a public official is wrong and needs to end. Being elected by the people is one thing, and I concede he is duly elected. However, turning a public office into a tool to instill fear into people and ruin reputations by spurious allegations, not backed up by any legal or provable evidence, should be criminal. At minimum it is wrong, ugly, mean spirited, and dishonest.

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I’ve been covering these illegal alien encampments for a long time [archive]. These shanty towns are common in Latin America and they are popping up all over the United States with the influx of illegal aliens.

These squatters burglarize neighboring homes and they engage in prostitution, public drunkenness, and sexual assaults.

This particular encampment is in a North Bergen, NJ cemetery. Every one of the illegal aliens the Telemundo Reporter interviews is visibly drunk.

The police say they can’t arrest the men for loitering, but they could certainly arrest them for trespassing if the Paster of this church wouldn’t allow them to be there. You should contact the Pastor.

Rev. Douglas S. Shepler, Pastor
Church Office / Sanctuary: (201) 863-7030
Cemetery Office: (201) 863-0432

Related story:
135 Invaders squat in New Jersey cemetery.

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Rev. Douglas S. Shepler, Pastor
Church Office / Sanctuary: (201) 863-7030
Cemetery Office: (201) 863-0432

Hudson Reporter

A 27-year-old man who would only give his name as “Eduardo” says that he has no choice but to call the Grove Church Cemetery in North Bergen, near Union City, home.

Eduardo is a native of Guatemala, but he’s an illegal immigrant who says he came to this country through Mexico and Texas, arriving in North Bergen after a family friend promised him construction work.

That was in May. The job lasted one week.

With no place left to go, Eduardo has joined a handful of friends from Guatemala who now live in the cemetery.

“I have little money,” Eduardo said last week, speaking very little English. “I have no house. I have no place to go, so I stay here.”

In fact, the burial grounds near Kennedy Boulevard and 44th Street may be hosting approximately 135 people, almost all Latino males.

Last month, a North Bergen woman was dragged into the cemetery and sexually assaulted by someone who obviously knew of the living arrangements there. While that person has not yet been found, a local church pastor told the newspaper at the time that as many as 30 or 35 people might be living there.

However, a few visits from the newspaper turned up many more.

A far corner near a fence

On a recent Friday, during a four-hour period between 1 and 5 p.m., there was an amazing scene at the graveyard: Hispanic males of all ages - carrying black plastic bags apparently filled with food - parading through the cemetery toward the far back right corner and crawling through an opening in a fence.

In fact, the reporter counted 135 separate men in the area.

One man was openly relieving himself. Another was wearing a Walkman stereo headset while lying on the grass between three headstones, sleeping.

Most were stumbling, appearing intoxicated.

An elderly Hispanic male, perhaps in his 60s, sat next to a mausoleum in his underwear, wearing no shoes or socks. He was with a younger Hispanic male who wore a New York Jets jersey and openly drank from a brown paper bag.

One after another, these men brazenly walked through the cemetery like it was their home.

In their eyes, it is.

Church giving away meals

While most entered through the cemetery, others entered through the back of a used car lot on Kennedy Boulevard, about three blocks away. But they were in the same condition as the others - disheveled, dirty, stumbling and staggering.

Rev. Douglas Shepler, the pastor of the Grove Reformed Church, which lies on the grounds of the cemetery, said that he was aware of the homeless problem. He said he had called the police and NJ Transit, who runs the nearby Light Rail station where the woman was first approached, to complain about the influx of illegal aliens.

He also has heard of a woman who was visiting a grave in the cemetery and had her necklace ripped off her neck.

However, Shepler’s church also organizes a charity food bank for the needy that is state-certified and cannot turn anyone away seeking help. It provides three meals a day for those who need them.

It appears as if the Grove Reformed Church’s generosity may have helped created a nuisance.

Police say their hands are tied

Even though Shepler insists that he called the North Bergen police, North Bergen Police Chief William Galvin insisted last week that he hadn’t heard of any reports regarding a rash of homeless people in quite some time. “Two years ago, we went into that area with our Department of Public Works and cleaned it all out,” Galvin said. “We destroyed where they were living. But within five days, they were back again.”

According to Galvin, it is difficult to arrest people if they are being peaceful. He said that the town currently has no laws against loitering in public places.

“If they’re causing a nuisance, we can chase them away, but that’s about it,” Galvin said.

Mayor Nicholas Sacco said that he had no idea that the number of vagrants had climbed so high in the area.

“It was never reported to me before,” Sacco said. “That number is astonishing. I will direct the police to do whatever they can. But how much support the police get from the federal government, that’s another story. Can you make an arrest? No, because it’s infringing on the rights of the illegal immigrants, so you’re stopped by the federal government [because it is their jurisdiction]. You call the INS [Immigration and Naturalization Service], but they say the crime isn’t big enough. So we don’t know what our rights are.”

Added Sacco, “Can we check them for identification legally? Can we call INS? Can we respond to police calls? We have to find out where we legally stand and whether we’re infringing on their rights.”

Neighbors complained

But the neighbors aren’t pleased. Some have complained that the homeless have been using their outdoor water faucets to clean up in the morning. Others claim that they have been approached by drunken males who were panhandling and harassing them.

“I still believe that if the church wasn’t feeding them regularly, they wouldn’t be hanging around here,” said Walter O’Toole, who has lived near the church and cemetery for 35 years. “I think that the source of the problem is the church feeding them. They feel like it’s home because they’re being fed. It’s almost like a stray animal. If you feed the animal, it sticks around.”

Shepler also said that although the Grove Reformed Church and Grove Reformed Church Cemetery share the same name, they are two separate entities, that the cemetery is leased and run by a private cemetery association. “To help us out, they have to get some sort of security in there to try to keep them out,” he said.

However, throughout the cemetery, there are posted signs that say, “Need Help?” and give phone numbers for people to call with assistance in English and Spanish. The number refers people to the Grove Reformed Church.

The Sexual assault

The sexual assault, which occurred last month, was only brought to the attention of the local press two weeks ago by an informed source. It had not been announced by law enforcement because, according to prosecutors, they at first believed they were close to catching the assailant, and didn’t want to jeopardize the investigation.

As of last week, the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office was still investigating the assault of the 56-year-old North Bergen resident. She was first accosted near the Union City Light Rail station on Bergenline Avenue, then forced to the cemetery by her assailant at knifepoint. She was then assaulted again, according to Hudson County Prosecutor Edward DeFazio.

It has not been ruled out that the act was committed by someone who was living in the cemetery. According to DeFazio, the assailant obviously had knowledge of the cemetery and what goes on there.

Mayor Sacco said that he has been in meetings with Galvin and township attorney Herb Klitzner concerning the matter.

“We still have to find out what we can do as a municipality,” Sacco said. “We should be able to police our own area.”

Almost 3,000 homeless invaders in the county

As in neighboring New York City, there are thousands of homeless people living in Hudson County. Based on a count done by a consortium of organizations in April of 2006, there are 2,973 homeless people (considered an undercount) and 552 available beds in permanent, transitional, and emergency facilities in Hudson County. The county has three main homeless shelters: St. Lucy’s in Jersey City, the Hoboken Homeless Shelter in Hoboken, and the PERC shelter in Union City.

Last October, representatives from government, business, and non-profit sectors in Hudson County gathered at the steps of St. Lucy’s homeless shelter on Grove Street in Jersey City to announce a 10-year plan to end homelessness in the county. They are working on the plan with the federal department of Housing and Urban Development.

The intent of the plan is to transition homeless people into housing and to make sure they get the services they need.

But some homeless people intentionally avoid shelters, complaining that they have nowhere to put their belongings, or that they do not want to be kept in such close quarters with people who have worse mental or health problems. On the Palisade Hills in Union City, there are numerous shacks constructed by that area’s homeless. For several winters, Union City officials have knocked them down and encouraged people into their shelters, but the shanties have popped back up.

When there are over 100 homeless people in the same area like a burial ground, it is a cause for concern. “I can assure you that we are completely committed to solving this problem,” Sacco said. “We’re going to do everything we can do legally to help.”

Galvin said that he will increase the police presence in the area. “We have to find out who owns the property, and then we’ll work together to keep them out,” Galvin said. “We can’t have that many people living in the area.”


Until then, Eduardo and his Guatemalan pals will call the cemetery home.

“It’s not bad,” he said. “It’s peaceful. No one bothers us.”

He’s hoping that he can find someone to give him a job - any kind of job.

Until then, he’s sleeping on a makeshift bed, three blankets and a pillow, in the North Bergen cemetery.

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Christie has done some really good video work exposing the illegal aliens and their supporters in San Diego. But she has also been attacking people on our side. She is the most malicious vindictive POS I have ever run across. I have tried to keep my mouth shut about her for a long time but I’ve finally had enough.

Christie and her TruthBrigade partner Russ Dove openly state on their website that it is their goal to bring down ALL THE MINUTEMAN groups including Save Our State.

Christie has been providing false information to the San Diego Police Department and illegal activist Claudia Smith and Smith’s attorney against the San Diego Minutemen. It is believed that she accepted the 10,000 dollar reward they were offering. She has told “her truth” to the Southern Poverty Law Center on their recent hit piece against the San Diego Minutemen.

If you don’t believe me you can join and read what they have to say about others yourself. Check out the fictitious hit piece on the SPLC website that she contributed to and then read her comments on some of the goon videos made by Edzul aka 88’sExposed on YouTube (unfortunately the account has just been suspended).

She’s been talking trash and attacking others on our side for a long time now but not everyone is aware of it. She has been banned from the Save Our State forum. She is not welcome at any anti-illegal immigration protests in San Diego, Los Angeles, or along the CA border. She has attacked everyone that has crossed her path.

This just came out today in the leftist San Diego tabloid Voice of San Diego. The video and the entire story came from Christie.

Christie Czajkowski

From Jeff Schwilk of the San Diego Minutemen:


In cased you missed it, this delusional, disgraced former Minutewoman gave a whole bucket of 9 month old videos to the media this week and said they showed MM vandalizing migrant camps and the chapel in McGonigle Canyon in late Nov or Dec. WHAT DESPERATE, DESPICABLE LIES! The camps had been cleared out of the squatters for a while and were waiting for demolition and removal. She is lying! She and her sugar daddy Russ Dove in Tucson have been increasingly aggressive in their attempts to attack and pull members from the Minuteman and SOS groups to their, aka Trash Brigade. They also sent videos of some Campo border watchers to the media last week and said they were shooting Mexicans. Their horrible lies just become more outrageous with each passing week. This Bonnie and Clyde team are on a path of destruction that seems to know no bounds. There are unconfirmed reports that Russ Dove has been convicted of yet another crime and is facing jail time soon. He may be trying to bolster Christie’s status in his movement before he goes away and they see attacking Patriots as the best way to get attention. He has made her President of the TB club and he is the Vice Prez.

Just be aware of these internet terrorists and know that our attorneys are taking the appropriate action against them. They managed to get their story on Ch. 7 tonight, but it was not too bad. Just showed some big kids playing around in abandoned camps and acting like occasional fools. Khristie’s on-camera false charge today that we were going to tear down the chapel and were breaking candles will likely have serious repercussions for her. We would never let anyone tear down a chapel. Claudia Smith was then interviewed and basically praised Khristie for coming forward with her lies and predicted that another person would come forward and confirm Khristie’s stories to get people arrested. More solid proof that those two are working together to attack SDMM and steal our country. We will not let them succeed! Goons never win, especially former MM traitors to our movement!

FOR THE COMPLETE BACKGROUND ON Christie, Russ, and TB and their 7 month campaign of vicious attacks on numerous MM and SOSers, click

Keep up your guard for infiltrators and carry on! Just shows how good we are doing that everyone is trying to stop us and they have to use lies to do it!


SAN DIEGO, CA â?? Christie Czajkowski, who was fired from the San Diego Minutemen in January for her reckless public actions, and has been fired from at least 7 other ant-illegal immigration groups in the past 12 months for her erratic and irresponsible behavior, has recently provided carefully edited videos to the San Diego Media claiming to show vandalism in McGonigle Canyon in late November and early December. THESE CLAIMS ARE 100% FALSE and can be easily verified by witnesses that were there, as well as SDPD who was present during many of our recon missions to the canyon camps which began in August 2006. It is no secret that SDMM assisted local Penasquitos residents in ridding McGonigle Canyon of 300-400 illegal alien squatters from private and city property in late 2006. By working closely with the property owners, SDPD, Mayor Sanders, and radio host Rick Roberts, we helped convince the responsible parties to humanely evict the squatters from our canyons and this finally occurred in Nov and Dec 2006. The chapel was also removed by the property owner soon after. No SDMMs are known to have done any vandalism or to the chapel before it was destroyed by the migrant activists.

Once the city announced that the migrants were being evicted in November, we made a couple of follow up recon trips to the canyon to ensure the migrants were gone and not coming back. Czajkowski accompanied us on these trips and videotaped our findings. She posted her video log of this on her YouTube site in June 2007 titled â??Secrets of McGonicle Canyonâ?, parts 1 and 2. She has now removed the videos but we have copies available. They show activists and local residents exploring the abandoned camps and collecting intelligence about these workers from their abandoned papers. We gathered much evidence as to who was hiring these illegal aliens in violation of federal law and turned over much of it to ICE. We also witnessed and videotaped young girl prostitutes being brought in to service the migrants on the afternoon of Dec. 2nd. This prostitution location had been documented by NBC News Los Angeles in September and October and shown to southern California viewers by local NBC News affiliates in November. The prostitution was allowed to continue into December is now the focus of a pending Grand Jury Complaint on the city of San Diego submitted on March 1, 2007.

The abandoned migrant shacks shown in the videos were all vacated by the squatters and awaiting removal by the property owners which finally occurred a few weeks later in December. All of these camps and tons of trash left behind were removed during a large, week long cleanup effort by work crews. The city of San Diego promised the public to never again let the migrants illegally camp anywhere in the city. They promised to remove immediately any camps found and the city has removed dozens of shacks and camps in nearby areas over the past 8 months. We applaud their efforts to keep the migrants and their gas stoves out of our canyons, especially during this dangerous fire season.

SDMM continues to work with local city and county officials, law enforcement, ICE and Border Patrol to identify illegal migrant camps throughout the county. The rape and sodomy of a 13 year old boy in Poway recently by a criminal illegal alien migrant camper near a school highlights the importance of keeping large groups of unidentified, unknown foreign men from living in our canyons.

We continue to receive numerous tips from the public about illegal migrant camps and we the residents and citizens of San Diego County, demand that our local governments clear them out when found for the safety and security of our communities.

Christie Czajkowski has also been claiming to the media to have been my girlfriend, but that is false too. We worked closely together on group projects for about 5 weeks in late 2006, but our group decided to terminate her for cause in January. She was never my girlfriend and I actually had to get a restraining order against her when she would constantly call, email, and drive 50 miles to my house and stalk me and refuse to leave my property. The media needs to stop spreading her lies and slander! Police records show her aggressive and vindictive behavior towards me and other Minutemen started in early January and has continued to this day.

More On The San Diego Migrant Encampments:

    Video: Claudia’s Tortoise
    Video: Fire Hazard!
    Video: Claudia’s Radio
    Video: NBC Report on Migrant Camps
    Video: Migrant Encampments
    Video: Officer Reconquista
    Video: Mobile Health Clinic
    Video: Watchdog Wins In Court

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The San Diego Sheriff is finally doing the right thing by clearing out this dangerous migrant camp. This camp in Poway is where a boy was molested a few weeks ago (story here).

It’s a shame that something like this has to happen before the authorities will do something.

The pro-illegal alien NBC affiliate in San Diego has a poll on the bottom right hand side of their website. Notice how they word the poll. Should the county destroy homeless encampments?

These illegal aliens are not homeless. They have homes in Mexico. The county isn’t destroying anything. They are cleaning up garbage and human excrement.

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Claudia Smith has been leading the San Diego Police Department on a wild goose chase for months.

Claudia Smith talked two illegal aliens into giving false statements against the Minutemen but the illegal aliens she chose blew it with statements that contradict each other and themselves. I’ve read the affidavits and none of it is believable.

This reward is her last act of desperation. I still think this whole thing is a setup that she dreamt up. This is her revenge for the Minutemen getting the shanty town removed from McGonigle Canyon.

Claudia Smith


NORTH COUNTY —- Immigrant rights groups in North County and San Diego County Crime Stoppers said Tuesday they will announce today a reward of $10,000 for information leading to the arrest of anyone responsible for vandalism at the Rancho Penasquitos migrant camp that occurred in January.

The activists said they hope a tip stemming from the reward will help solve the case.

“What is really important to highlight is that the tips can be anonymous,” said Claudia Smith, a migrant worker rights advocate with the California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation.

Smith was among the first people to call attention to the case. Vandals allegedly ripped tents, blankets, clothing, shoes and other belongings at several makeshift migrant camps in the Rancho Penasquitos area.

Migrant workers, who toil in surrounding agricultural fields, construction sites and as day laborers have lived in the camps for decades. But residents in the area and anti-illegal immigration activists have recently complained about the camps, which they say create health, crime and other problems in the community.

Bill Flores, a spokesman for El Grupo, an umbrella group of civil and Latino rights organizations, said the alleged crime was no random act of violence.

“I believe that these victims were targeted because they were Latinos and believed to be illegal immigrants,” Flores said.

San Diego police have searched a Rancho Penasquitos resident’s home and the homes of two anti-illegal immigration activists in connection with the investigation, but no criminal charges have been filed in connection with the case.

The home of Jeff Schwilk, founder of the anti-illegal immigration group San Diego Minutemen, was one of the houses searched. Schwilk said Tuesday that he was not involved in the alleged vandalism and that the investigation has unfairly focused on him.

“I think it’s a total witch hunt,” he said referring to the investigation.

Several organizations, including the California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation, La Raza Lawyers Association and El Grupo, helped raise $9,000 for the reward. Crime Stoppers had previously offered a $1,000 reward.

Monica Munoz, a spokeswoman for the San Diego Police Department, said the case is still under investigation. She said reward money can sometimes help lead to more information.

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NC Times

SAN DIEGO —- Walking down a dirt path leading into the remains of migrant camps near Rancho Penasquitos, Jorge Bustamante, 69, said Monday morning he had seen the same conditions more than 20 years ago.

“I’ve seen this before,” said Bustamante, a human rights monitor with the United Nations. “These are precarious living conditions for any human being and it shows how vulnerable migrants are.”

Bustamante, a sociologist who has studied migration for decades, is a special rapporteur, or investigator, with the U.N. office of the High Commission on Human Rights. His job is to monitor human rights conditions all around the world.

With the U.S. government’s permission, Bustamante began a fact-finding tour Monday of migrant rights along the border with Mexico. He began in San Diego.

When the investigation is complete, Bustamante said he will write a report outlining his findings and present it to the general assembly in Geneva.

During his three-week investigation, Bustamante is scheduled to visit the border at California, Arizona and Texas.

In Rancho Penasquitos, Bustamante visited the site of migrant camps that were removed earlier this year by the City of San Diego city officials. The city acted after neighbors and anti-illegal immigrant activists, including the San Diego Minutemen, criticized the camps.

Bustamante said he first visited the camps in the 1980s with Roberto Martinez, who was then San Diego director of the American Friends Service Committee, a Quaker human rights organization. The area he visited Monday had only debris as evidence of the makeshift shacks that once sheltered workers.

Immigrant and civil rights groups, such as the American Friends Service Committee and the American Civil Liberties Union, met with Bustamante to coordinate his visit, including the trip to the migrant camps. He said he will not meet with anti-illegal immigration groups, but he will meet with government agencies in charge of immigration enforcement.

During his visit to the former campsites, Bustamante said he was especially concerned by recent immigrant raids carried out by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement at work sites and at homes.

A small group of representatives from organizations that protect migrant rights guided the walking tour. Jose Gonzalez, a North County advocate for Oaxacan immigrants, said razing the shanties had only driven homeless workers deeper into hiding.

A longtime critic of Mexican and United States policy towards migrant workers, Bustamante served as president of El Colegio de la Frontera Norte in Tijuana, a Mexican border research center. He is now a professor of sociology at the University of Notre Dame.

In 2006, the Mexican Congress nominated Bustamante for the Nobel Peace Prize.

More on the San Diego migrant encampments:

    Video: Claudia’s Tortoise
    Video: Fire Hazard!
    Video: Claudia’s Radio
    Video: NBC Report on Migrant Camps
    Video: Migrant Encampments
    Video: Officer Reconquista
    Video: Mobile Health Clinic
    Video: Watchdog Wins In Court

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A message from Jeff Schwilk of the San Diego Minutemen:

Enrique Morones has been claiming publicly that his illegal alien canyon villagers were NOT removed by SDMM, local residents, and The Rick Roberts Show pressuring the property owners to evict them.

He is a bald face liar!

A team of Minutemen spent 4 hours re coning the entire canyon area recently and there was not one single migrant living in the canyon, nor any signs of activity since 300-400 illegals were completely removed in late December. The rape area was also checked and has not been used since December when we busted a large girl prostitution operation in progress. All is quiet in the entire area.

The tomato fields are now being plowed and they may be getting ready to plant, so we will continue to monitor that, knowing that Rancho Sante Fe Farms will be wanting illegal slaves to work the fields later this year if they do plant. Let’s hope the illegals stay home with their families this year and help fix their country instead of breaking into ours.

RSF Farms is free to hire whoever they want for their tomato operations, but in light of the numerous recent ICE raids and busts in San Diego, they would be most foolish to hire illegal alien farm workers again. Golden State Fence Company in Oceanside was recently fined almost $5 million for hiring illegal aliens to build their fences. We are working very closely with ICE now to observe and report employers of illegal aliens.

We WILL keep McGonigle Canyon and other areas in Penasquitos free of illegal alien squatters, with or without the help of SDPD. They have tried to shut us down by raiding our homes and filing false charges against John Monti, but the truth is blowing up in their faces! They should have sided with the Americans and not the foreign activists. Sad commentary on what is happening in our country today. But just like the original Minutemen, we will never stop fighting to save this country from foreign invaders and their agents. We will prevail!

Poor Enrique and Claudia Smith have to lie to their sheeple and commit crimes to keep their movement from giving up on Amnesty. How sad, but at least they are being defeated and put in their places.

We need to keep the pressure on the property owners to check and clear their land of illegal encampments in and around McGonigle. Numerous new signs have been posted warning people against camping on that land. Now they just have to enforce it when some defiant illegals try to come back, and we know they will come back at some point.

Pardee Homes: 858-794-2500
DR Horton: 760-929-1600
SDPD NE Div. 858-538-8000

Click Here for more stories on the illegal encampments in McGonigle Canyon.

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Certain members of the San Diego Police Department and District Attorney’s office are corrupt and acting beyond their authority. With the help of illegal alien advocate Claudia Smith they have been lying on affidavits, coaching illegal aliens to make false statements against Minutemen, conducting illegal searches, and seizing their personal belongings (computers, video equipment).

The only thing they haven’t done yet is plant evidence on someone.

SDPD raid home of SD Minuteman founder.
SDPD raid Minutewoman’s home.
Bogus Criminal Charges Filed Against Alleged SD Minuteman John Monti
NBC Report On San Diego Migrant Encampments

Let what is happening in San Diego be a lesson to you. If you are an anti-illegal immigration activist you had better KNOW YOUR RIGHTS.

In the past I have been foolish enough to allow myself and my vehicle to be searched by the police. Remember this video? My thinking was, “I haven’t done anything wrong, so I have nothing to worry about.” I learned my lesson by the time I met up with Officer Juan Munoz in this video.

If you watched those two videos it should be obvious that we do have something to worry about. We have a right to say NO and we should ALWAYS SAY NO to a search without a warrant.

We have a right to remain silent once we have been arrested and we certainly have a right to remain silent when we have NOT been arrested. Do not allow yourself to be questioned by the police without an Attorney present. If you are protesting peacefully on the street and a police officer wants you to give him your identification you should politely refuse.

Please watch these videos from and distribute the following information to everyone on your activist email list. These should be printed and handed out at rallies and protests.

These documents are in Microsoft Word format.

At Your Door Scenario
Street Stop Scenario
Traffic Stop Scenario

Consent = Search

How to Refuse a Police Search

Getting Tricked or Intimidated by Police

Refusing Police Entry to Your Home

Dealing With Police on the Street

Please email a link of this post to other anti-illegal immigration activists.

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Detective Patrick Lenhart is a bad cop and goddamn liar. Not only that, but he’s a stupid cop. Detective Patrick Lenhart says one thing in his reports but he says something completely different on videotape. Which lie is going to be the truth in court?

The San Diego Police Department is conducting a witch hunt. Their affidavits are built around the false testimony of two illegal alien squatters that were coached by Claudia Smith.

Their vandalism case was built on lies from the beginning and it is completely falling apart. I truly believe that if there was no vandalism at all. This is all a setup by Claudia Smith and her criminal illegal aliens.

Members of the Mexican Consulate have attended court hearings and they are putting pressure on the city of San Diego to get rid of the Minutemen.

They are desperately trying to conceal the human trafficking and sexual slavery of underage Mexican girls brought into the migrant camps in and around McGonigle Canyon.

The migrants in these camps drive around freely in stolen cars without license plates, robbing homes and businesses in the area. All of this has been exposed by the Minutemen and the San Diego police have knowingly stood by and let it happen. Their hands are tied because of the city’s sanctuary policy.

Detective Patrick Lenhart will not be able to raid the homes and illegally seize all of the computers and videotapes in a desperate cover up. The unlawful behavior of the San Diego Police Department and the criminal illegal aliens they protect is everywhere.

They are trying to discredit the Minutemen to save themselves and the migrant squatter camps.

When this fruitless witch hunt is over the lawsuits against the city of San Diego and the SDPD for civil rights violations will lead to a big cash payout to the SD Minutemen and others involved. Detective Patrick Lenhart belongs in prison with the illegal alien criminals he protects.

NC Times

SAN DIEGO — A Superior Court judge Thursday denied a request to find San Diego police in contempt of court in connection with his decision two weeks ago to order officers to return to the founder of the San Diego Minutemen some of the property taken in a search of his Oceanside home.

Judge Jeffrey Fraser reiterated, though, that police are to return to the anti-illegal immigration group’s founder, Jeff Schwilk, “any property not of a criminal nature or part of the investigation” of alleged vandalism at three migrant camps in McGonigle Canyon, near Rancho Penasquitos.

Fraser also granted an unopposed request Thursday to unseal an affidavit a detective filed with the court to obtain a search warrant for the Rancho Penasquitos home of Julie Adams in connection with the vandalism investigation. Adams’ attorney said in a telephone interview Thursday afternoon that comments the detective attributed to Adams and to the attorney in the affidavit are false.

Detective Patrick Lenhart wrote in the affidavit that he told Adams in a telephone conversation that he did not believe the migrant camp vandalism was racially motivated, but that it was the result of frustration at watching people live illegally in the canyons around her home for years.

“I asked Adams if I was correct in my assumption and she answered, ‘Yes,’ ” Lenhart wrote.

Allison Paino, Adams’ attorney, said Lenhart’s written statement “is just false” and that Adams did not say “yes” to the detective.

“She made no comment to him whatsoever in response,” Paino said.

The allegations included in the affidavit for the Adams search are virtually identical to those in the affidavit for the search of Schwilk’s home. That affidavit was unsealed March 29.

Schwilk said he and Adams wanted the affidavits unsealed because they were confident there was no basis for them.

“What is in there is based on lies and half-truths,” Schwilk said in a telephone interview Thursday evening.

Lenhart wrote in the affidavits that Schwilk told him the vandals were remorseful for what they had done, but that Schwilk had not witnessed or participated in the vandalism.

Schwilk said Thursday that Lenhart twisted his words.

“He knows I didn’t say that,” Schwilk said, referring to the comment about the vandals’ remorse. “We were kind of hypothesizing. I said I’m sure whoever did it regrets it. I don’t know who did it. I’m just theorizing that probably whoever did it wishes they hadn’t.

Schwilk said he had nothing to do with the vandalism and is not aware of who did.

San Diego police have searched Adams’ home, Schwilk’s Oceanside home, and the Chula Vista home of former San Diego Minutemen spokeswoman Christie Cjazkowski in connection with an investigation of the vandalism incident Jan. 27, in which people are alleged to have cut and destroyed items belonging to migrants who lived at the camps.

No criminal charges have been filed in connection with the alleged vandalism.

At a hearing March 29, Fraser ordered police to return to Schwilk some of the items taken in the search of his home. Schwilk said Thursday morning that police had not given anything back to him.

Lenhart told Fraser in court Thursday that he has mailed a release form to Schwilk that will enable him to retrieve his property from the Police Department. Schwilk said Thursday morning that he had not received it yet.

David Stotland, an attorney who represented the Police Department at Thursday’s hearing, told Fraser that officers are expediting their forensic examination of computers seized from Schwilk’s and Adams’ homes.

The computers ought to be ready to be released back to Schwilk and Adams “by the end of the month,” Stotland said.

Schwilk said Thursday evening that police had given him back paper files, T-shirts, nonelectronic items, and anything that said “Minutemen.” Police are keeping his fax machine, computer and cell phone for the time being, Schwilk said.

Fraser told Schwilk and others in court Thursday morning that they should appreciate that police have expedited their review of the computers so they can be returned sooner and that he did not see any reason to find anyone in contempt of court.

Schwilk has said that his computer contains information about members of the American Independent Party, for which he serves as the communications director for the political party’s local central committee, and that the party has been “shut down” by not having access to the computer.

Other party officials attended Thursday’s hearing as well and said afterward that Fraser should have required police to return Schwilk’s computer immediately.

“The judge has denied justice,” said D. Clark, chairman of the San Diego Central Committee of the American Independent Party. “Justice delayed is justice denied. Unless they have a warrant to seize American Independent Party property, we have a right to have it back immediately.”

The affidavit Lenhart filed with the court to obtain the search warrant for the Adams family’s home was unsealed Thursday at the request of Julie Adams, who was represented in court by her attorney but did not attend the hearing.

Lenhart also wrote in the affidavit that after speaking to him by phone, Julie Adams arranged to meet Lenhart at the police station with her attorney to talk about the vandalism incident, but then declined to be interviewed when Lenhart refused to agree not to submit a criminal case against Adams.

Paino said that statement in the affidavit also is false.

“The way it is characterized is simply not true,” Paino said.

Paino said she went with Adams to the police station to find out what Lenhart wanted. The detective said he wanted a full interrogation of Adams, Paino said.

Paino said she told Lenhart that Adams was not going to talk to him, but it was not conditioned upon whether charges were going to be filed. Adams said nothing to Lenhart, Paino said.

Lenhart also wrote in the affidavit that a witness from the migrant camps who was shown a photographic lineup that included a picture of Julie Adams was unable to identify her as one of the people at the migrant camps on the day of the vandalism.

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In the following video, John Monti gives me my first tour of the migrant encampments in McGonigle Canyon. We didn’t have to look very hard to find evidence of prostitution. Somehow the worthless San Diego police department never seems to find anything.

    I don’t think John has anything to worry about with these phony charges against him. He has photographic and video evidence that will clear him of everything. Detective Lenhart is in for a big surprise. He’s not just a bad cop. He’s a stupid bad cop and he’s about to loose his job.

    A message from John Monti:

    Dear Family and Friends,

    I’ve been falsely accused of crimes that never happened. On November 18, 2006, I was attacked for photographing a day labor site on Rancho Penasquitos Blvd. and Highway 56 in San Diego. Please read the original article here.

    Unfortunately, this incident has been completely turned around against me. I’m being charged with 4 counts of battery, 4 counts of interfering with the civil rights of those who attacked me, and 1 count of filing a false police report. What is telling is that the San Diego County District Attorney rejected the charges, while the City Attorney of the City of San Diego chose to prosecute misdemeanor charges against me. (link)

    Interestingly, the criminals’ civil attorney as well as California Rural Legal Assistance attorney Claudia Smith knew that charges were going to be filed AHEAD OF TIME thus showing political orchestration. I learned of this on national television when someone showed me a recording of the Hannity & Colmes Show: YouTube Video (I apologize for the quality of the video.) The charges weren’t actually filed until almost 2 weeks later.

    Further, these charges were filed after I filed a grand jury complaint against the San Diego Police Department for failure to investigate human trafficking and child prostitution in the McGonigle Canyon area of San Diego. (link)

    The photography I was doing was being done in conjunction with a campaign to demand the removal of the so-called migrant camps where large numbers of predominantly illegal immigrants are permitted to squat on private and public land with no enforcement of the law. My first interest in the camps started when I learned in 2004 of the outdoor child prostitution that had been occurring in these camps on a regular basis where girls were being trafficked and forced to be prostituted to the men living in the camps.

    * Sex trafficking
    * New York Times article
    * Sex slavery

    Also, you can hear me speak when I was on the Rick Robert’s radio show in San Diego:

    * rick_roberts_2hr-3-28.mp3
    * rick_roberts_3hr-3-28.mp3

    The United States Justice Foundation(USJF) ( has agreed to take my case pro bono, however there are legal expenses that are going to be incurred by the USJF and I’d like to show them our generosity for taking my case. My attorney is excellent, but there is legal work that must be done.

    Donate here! All money will go to the United States Justice Foundation:

    If you donate, please write Mr. Gary Kreep at and let him know that your donation is for my defense. He told me that all donated funds will be earmarked for my defense. Also, you can send a check to the United States Justice Foundation, 932 D St., Suite 2, Ramona, CA 92065 . Also, all donations are tax-deductible because the USJF is a non-profit organization.

    If you have any questions, please email me at My arraignment is on Friday, April 13th, 2007, at 12:30 at the Superior Court in San Diego, California.

    Thanks ahead of time! Your help is really appreciated! Please keep me in your prayers!

    Sincerely, John Monti, Jr.

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    In this video, John Monti give me my first tour of the migrant squatter camps in McGonigle Canyon.

      NBC San Diego

      SAN DIEGO — Nine misdemeanor criminal charges were filed Monday against a member of the San Diego Minutemen, City Attorney Michael Aguirre announced.

      John Matthew Monti, 36, is accused of four counts of battery, four counts of interfering with the civil rights of day laborers as well as one count of falsifying a crime report with the San Diego Police Department.

      The charges stem from an incident last Nov. 18 in Rancho Penasquitos.

      The city attorney alleges that Monti began taking photographs of the workers, calling them, “dirty Mexicans.” Monti then allegedly punched Estanislao Gonzales, a disabled man who attempted to walk away from him, Aguirre said.

      Another day laborer, Roberto Pena, tried to help Gonzales and was also assaulted by Monti, according to Aguirre.

      After the incident, Monti contacted police and claimed he was robbed and assaulted by as many as eight migrant workers, Aguirre said.

      Monti is due to appear in court on April 13.

      Monti lives outside of San Diego County.

        Claudia Smith strikes again!

      The corrupt San Diego Police Department gives the term “sanctuary city” a whole new meaning. John Monti filed a complaint with the San Diego County grand jury for failure by the San Diego Police Department to respond to prostitution in McGonigle Canyon migrant. One week later, Claudia Smith appears on Hannity & Colmes and announces that charges will be filed against John Monti. Obviously this is retaliation for John’s grand jury request.

      Apparently, the SDPD works for Claudia Smith and she wants them to pursue phony criminal charges stemming from an altercation with day laborers that happened way back in November!

      Four months ago, eight day laborers jumped John Monti as he took photos of the day laborers and their employers. They broke his expensive camera and cell phone. [read story] John reported it to the police but Detective Lehnert, the same crooked cop that has been raiding the homes of Minutmen, refused to follow up on the attack of John Monti.

      Claudia Smith has been coaching these illegal aliens on what to tell the police. Notice how she has them claim that John Monti called them “dirty Mexicans.” If these bogus criminal charges stick, then she’ll have them pursue this as a hate crime and seek civil damages against John.

      For what it’s worth, John is not a member of the SD Minutemen. He lives in Los Angeles.

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