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Fernando Orozco-Trevizo told police if he got deported
again, “he will come back for the victim,”

Desert Morning News

WEST VALLEY CITY ? A woman who police say was chained to an engine block by her boyfriend so she wouldn’t leave their apartment was rescued late last week thanks to a neighboring good Samaritan. Her boyfriend was located and arrested Tuesday.

Details of the bizarre incident were released Wednesday by police.

Investigators believe the woman was held captive in her apartment, near 2900 West and 3500 South, for several days, possibly a week or more. When her boyfriend was home, she was allowed to roam freely in the apartment. But when he left, a chain was tied around her ankles, said West Valley police Capt. Tom McLachlan. The other end of the 20-foot dog chain was tied to a 6-cylinder engine in the closet, he said.

The chain was long enough for her to reach a restroom, but she could not leave the room. The door leading into the room had deadbolts on both sides, McLachlan said, and both were locked. The windows in the room were screwed shut so they couldn’t be opened. Additionally, the apartment had no phone.

Last Friday morning, the desperate woman wrote “call 911″ in the condensation on her window. The first floor window, which was in the back of the building, faced a neighboring trailer court. The nearest trailer was about 20 yards away.

Fernando Orozco-Trevizo, 32, was arrested Tuesday while working construction in South Jordan. When investigators asked him about chaining up his girlfriend, he said, “It was just a game,” according to jail records. Orozco-Trevizo further told investigators that he believed his girlfriend was having an affair with someone else in the apartment complex and that she got her injuries from falling down.

Orozco-Trevizo was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail for investigation of aggravated kidnapping and assault. He also had an immigration detainer put on him for aggravated re-entry into the United States. Orozco-Trevizo told police if he got deported again, “he will come back for the victim,” according to jail records.

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Orange tightens day laborer rules
City officials adopt stringent measures to curb workers’ solicitation.
OC Register
December 11, 2007

ORANGE - New regulations aimed at curbing problems associated with day laborer solicitations will go into effect in one month.

On Tuesday, City Council members approved the ordinances, which will prohibit solicitation on sidewalks next to streets without parking lanes; on private property without the owner’s written permission; and while a solicitor is stopped or standing in a traffic lane, median or driveway apron on a public right of way.

In addition, private property owners who want to run job centers for laborers must get a conditional-use permit through the Planning Commission. The fine for violators will be up to $250 for the first offense, $500 for the second and $1,000 and jail time for the third.

?I?m glad they passed it, but I wish they were more strict about it,? said Edgar Luebben-Rivera, an Orange contractor who testified that day laborers have affected his ability to find work. ?It?s a small slap on somebody?s hand.?

A city report mentioned traffic problems, swarming of cars, intimidation of shoppers and public nuisances as problems that occur when day laborers congregate.

The new ordinances piggyback city officials? decision in October to reinstate a requirement that day laborers at the Resource Center provide two types of identification and fill out federal compliance forms to find work.

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Buck Young of Phoenix, a member of Riders Against Illegal Immigration, carries a sign that equates immigrant-rights activist Salvador Reza with revolutionary Che Guevara during what has become a weekly protest and counterprotest.

“The confrontation has now become essentially a do-or-die situation for both sides, with implications far beyond illegal day labor,” wrote Danny Smith of the American Freedom Riders motorcycle club, in a recent message rallying supporters. “This is no longer a mere skirmish, it is a major battle which we cannot afford to lose. We have succeeded in taking it to a national level of visibility, and now there is no turning back - WE MUST WIN.”

Outside Phoenix store, border debate rages on
Emotional protests at local battleground mirror national fight
The Arizona Republic
Dec. 9, 2007

Watch video of Pruitt Furniture protest.

On East Thomas Road in Phoenix, the national shouting match over immigration unfolds week by week in a neighborhood that has changed in the same ways Arizona has.

Sheriff’s deputies patrol the parking lot at M.D. Pruitt’s Home Furnishings each Saturday, ensuring that no day laborers trespass on the property. Day-labor advocates mount protests nearby, blaring Mexican folk music while children dressed in traditional garb dance on the sidewalk.

Pruitt’s opened 57 years ago, but only recently did day laborers gather in large numbers to seek work on the sidewalks and parking lots of nearby businesses. The subdivisions that stretch back from Thomas Road have seen more and more Hispanic families arrive, changing the character of the neighborhood.

Meanwhile, the country’s roiling debate over immigration continues unabated.

A compromise that would have given illegal immigrants a way to become citizens fell apart in Congress earlier this year amid angry protests.

Since then, the battle has only grown angrier. Citizens furious over government inaction have called for the border to be sealed and for more illegal immigrants to be deported. The battle lines have been drawn.

In Phoenix, those lines lead straight to 35th Street and Thomas, where the owners of a family furniture store say they struggle to understand how such a divisive battle ever erupted in front of their showroom.

After weeks of keeping his distance, Phoenix’s mayor now says he’s prepared to enter the fray. He wants to sit down with the Pruitt’s owners and the laborers’ spokesman to develop a solution to the escalating conflict.

But until a compromise is reached, some involved in the protests worry the conflict could boil over into violence…….

The Reason For Pruitt’s

The mayor weighs in

From the start of the conflict, people hoping to resolve the dispute have sought the help of the mayor.

But since helping to broker the truce last year, Gordon has largely kept his distance. His perceived lack of action drew criticism from all sides, including threats of a recall by the conservative Washington think tank Judicial Watch.

The pressure to act was one of the factors that pushed Gordon to reverse himself last week on Operations Order 1.4. On Thursday, Gordon said he was prepared to enter the fray at Pruitt’s as well.

“Enough is enough,” he said.

Gordon told The Republic he would offer to meet with the Sensings and Reza jointly in an effort to hammer out a long-term agreement.

“I’m asking both sides to provide me, in advance, with a specific list of what it is that each of them want - what benchmarks we’re working toward,” Gordon said. “I will sit down with them as soon as they can get here and work long days, evenings and weekends to help them end this.”

If the sides can’t reach an agreement, Gordon said, he will ask them to enter into binding arbitration with an independent hearing officer.

As the conflict escalates, Gordon is determined to prevent Phoenix from experiencing the racial strife that has plagued New York, Los Angeles, Detroit and other major American cities.

“We’re not going to end up with the history other cities have had,” Gordon said. “We have to get through this. We have to do everything we can to remember that this is a caring city that doesn’t tolerate hatred and extremism.”

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Couple pleads guilty to housing illegal aliens caught in traffic stop
Pilot Online
December 8, 2007

A Virginia couple entered guilty pleas in U.S. District Court today on charges they recruited and housed undocumented immigrants to work for their company, B&B Cable Co.

The plea agreement was reached between federal prosecutors and Robert Ray Buttery Sr., 52, and his wife, Betty Jean Buttery, 55, who both live in Midland in Fauquier County.

They and a third family member, Robert Raymond Buttery Jr., 22, were arrested this fall after a lengthy investigation by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents stemming from a State Police traffic stop on Interstate 264 in Virginia Beach this past spring.

Troopers stopped a white, 1997 Ford box truck, owned by B&B, on May 7 because its registration was expired and there was no inspection sticker displayed.

They found it was carrying 14 illegal immigrants from Mexico, El Salvador and Guatemala. It was being driven by one of them, an El Salvadorian who did not have a driver?s license. Troopers called in ICE agents.

The men told investigators they worked for the company digging ditches for fiber-optic lines.

One worker told agents B&B paid him $100 per day for a 12-hour shift minus $60 a week for housing and utilities, according to records. Some said they were put up in a house off Oceana Boulevard in Virginia Beach.

The day after the workers were detained, Robert Buttery Jr., contacted State Police to locate the 14 illegal alien employees, ?whom he described as ?my boys,?? according to the plea agreement.

B&B was hired by Ivy H. Smith Inc., a Greensboro, N.C.-based company which was a subcontractor for Fiber Technology Construction Inc., of Canton, Ga., that held a contract with Verizon Communications.

Officials with both Smith and Verizon said in May that they knew nothing of B&B?s hiring of illegal immigrants.

Neither company has been charged with any wrong doing.

A federal grand jury indicted the Butterys last month on charges of employing, recruiting and housing undocumented immigrants who they allegedly housed in hotels, motels and rental homes while driving them back and forth to work sites.

ICE agents said in court papers that the Butterys had been employing illegal immigrants since at least 2003 and that even after Robert Buttery Sr. was arrested, he tried to get one of the workers out of jail and back on the job.

According to the plea agreement, the illegal aliens generally spoke no English, ?so the defendants provided them with written instruction cards in Spanish for laying cables and in English to hand to homeowners when questions arose on site.?

The cards were provided by Ivy H. Smith Inc., according to the plea agreement.

The employees also received ?damage prevention? training, given in Spanish, from Ivy H. Smith Inc.

Also in the plea agreement, the pair agreed that between 2000 and 2007 they did not file any tax returns or other information required to be filed for employees, individuals, or businesses on behalf of B&B Cable or any of its employees with the Internal revenue service. The company reported sales of $120,000 in 2006.

Robert Ray Buttery Sr. faces sentencing March 7; Betty Jean Buttery is scheduled to be sentenced March 10.

They face a possible prison sentence and the government is seeking $1.5 million in alleged proceeds from their business.

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Whenever one of these invaders is killed the press likes to portray them as spiritual and Christ-like. It is most likely that the only reason Diego frequented St. Peter’s church is to get free stuff and hang out at the illegal alien hiring/day care center. The San Diego Minutemen have protested at this location numerous times. Back in July, one of the illegal alien supporters attacked one of the Hispanic Minutemen.

The Village News

A young father of two was the latest victim at an apartment complex known for its frequency of law enforcement calls.

Nicholas Raymundo-Diego, 23, perished from stab wounds received in an attack at the property located in the 1100 block of Old Stage Road on Thanksgiving Day, November 22, at approximately 9 p.m.

Law enforcement officials say in the past two years (since November 2005), there have been some 86 calls for service at the 18-unit apartment complex, the majority of which have been reported as disturbances and suspicious individuals on the premises.

What happened in the November 22 incident continued to remain unclear as of Monday, when Sheriff?s Lieutenant Dennis Brugos explained that authorities have been told several different versions of what happened that night by witnesses.

?It?s very confusing,? Brugos admitted. ?We?re hearing a lot of different stories.?

Some witnesses say the young man was ?jumped? by another group of Latinos as he made his way through the complex en route to his home after enjoying Thanksgiving dinner with his cousins. Others say the stabbing was the result of alcohol and two groups that have a long history of dissension.

?We heard that one group came over to the apartment complex and confronted the [other] group there,? Brugos said. ?Some people have reported that these groups contain individuals from Guatemala or other parts of Mexico, and they do not get along.?

Diego, known to attend St. Peter?s Catholic Church, has been remembered by friends as ?happy, always giving, an individual who loved to dance.? (Especially when he was drunk)

?His wife and children live in Guatemala,? one friend from church said. ?He worked hard to support his family.?

Some of the witnesses reported that they knew the identification of the individual who stabbed Diego and say a photograph of the individual has been provided to law enforcement authorities. There is, however, a concern amongst witnesses and the Sheriff?s Department that the perpetrator has already fled the country.

?We have some information that indicates he may have already crossed the US border,? Brugos confirmed.

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Chicago Tribune

A group of day laborers filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday against Chicago police alleging false arrests and harassment, the latest confrontation between the immigrant workers and city officials facing a growth in street-corner hiring.

The workers accused police of various schemes they argue were meant to chase them off the corners they and contractors have used for more than a decade in Albany Park, Back of the Yards and other areas.

In one instance, undercover police officers posing as contractors lured workers away from a public sidewalk in Back of the Yards and on to a Home Depot parking lot, asking them if they knew about drywall construction. When the laborers crowded around, they were arrested for criminal trespassing, the complaint says.

City officials declined to comment, saying they had not yet read the complaint.

‘To arrest one just for looking for work is not right,’ Quintin Moran, a Honduran immigrant, contended during a news conference Wednesday in front of the Dirksen U.S. Courthouse.

‘It’s not good because all the people who look for work on the corner are doing it to live, to survive, because lamentably we have no other way,’ he said.

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WANTED: Jose Espinoza, seen in this booking photo provided by Orange Poice, is wanted for several property crimes including residential burglary. He has been seen recently in the 800 block of North Olive, in the City of Orange. Espinoza is a laborer who is believed to frequent day labor hiring sites.

OC Register

The Orange Police Department is asking for the community’s help in locating a 28-year-old day laborer suspected of several property crimes, including residential burglary.
Jose Espinoza is accused of committing residential burglaries and other property crimes over a six-month period, said Sgt. Dan Adams of the Orange Police Department.

“He needs to be put in jail and right now we haven’t been able to find him,” Adams said.

Espinoza, also known as Jose Luis Nieto, has recently been spotted in the 800 block of North Olive Street near Collins Avenue. He is a laborer who is believed to frequent day labor hiring sites such as Home Depot, Adams said.

“He doesn’t have a permanent address and it’s hard for us to locate him when he is in the day labor realm,” Adams said.

Espinoza is described as Hispanic with black hair and brown eyes, as being 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighing 180 pounds. Espinoza has several tattoos including praying hands on his abdomen, a skull on his left arm, a lady on his left forearm, a lady on his right arm, a cross on his right forearm and an image of the Virgin Mary on his chest.

Anyone with information about his whereabouts is asked to call the Orange Police Department at 714-744-7555 or 714-744-7456.

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Attrition works. It took years for the illegal immigration problem to become as serious as it is today and it will take a few years to solve it. There’s no need for a mass roundup and deportation. They will go home on their own after we take in the welcome mat. We’re going to see a lot more of this in the next few years as states and local communities begin to enforce immigration laws. By the time the federal government takes another crack at “comprehensive immigration reform” the whole atmosphere will have changed. The feds will be pulled along by law enforcement at the local level. We’re taking our country back!

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This Bonsall day labor site is a hangout of Claudia Smith and the two day laborers that raped and stabbed a woman 75 times. They buy their beer at the Arco gas station.


BONSALL: A man who appeared to be a day-laborer was struck and killed by a pickup on state Route 76 in Bonsall last night, authorities said.

The man ran north from the southern shoulder toward an Arco gas station and a shopping center at Olive Hill Road about 6:10 p.m.

A motorist driving west was unable to stop in time to avoid hitting the man, a California Highway Patrol official said. The driver was not injured.

The man, who was in his 30s, died at the scene. He carried no identification, but authorities said he may have been an undocumented laborer from Mexico. He was alone when he tried to cross the highway.

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Sheriff Joe
Sheriff Joe Arpaio

East Valley Tribune

Maricopa County sheriff?s deputies arrested eight illegal day laborers on Saturday during a protest outside a Phoenix furniture store embroiled in a heated immigration debate.

Immigration activists have gathered on Saturdays for the past six weeks outside Pruitt?s Furniture Store to challenge Sheriff Joe Arpaio?s enforcement of immigration laws.

Saturday was the first time deputies made arrests during the rallies. Deputies had arrested 24 illegal immigrants in the area before Saturday, but those arrests were not made during protests.

?I thought it was time to do something more about it,? Arpaio said Saturday night. ?The Pruitt?s situation is getting out of hand. They are demonstrating every week and destroying this business. I don?t think that?s fair.?

Arpaio said the protesters were arrested Saturday on suspicion of violating federal immigration laws.

Demonstrators began protesting at the store near Thomas Road and 34th Street in late October, when the store hired sheriff?s deputies to keep day laborers away from the property.

The store asked the sheriff?s office to help because they felt the presence of day labors was hurting their business.

More than 100 protesters have shown for the rallies, including officials from the American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona.

The union?s legal director, Daniel Pochoda, was arrested by deputies Nov. 5 after he was asked to attend a rally to observe the interaction between protesters and deputies.

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I guess, they’ll spend as much of the tax payers money for that illegal alien day care center as they feel like. The city is also planning on buying that little patch of land from Cal Trans for a steep price too.

OC Register

Now that the lawsuit over Laguna Beach?s day labor site has come to an end, the city is tallying up how much money it owes in attorney?s fees for the year-long suit.

So far, the tally is $75,000 in fees to Costa Mesa-based lawfirm Rutan & Tucker, said Laguna Beach City Manager Ken Frank.

That?s nearly three times the $20,000 a year the city contributes to a non-profit that runs the day labor site, Frank said. The funding was at the heart of the lawsuit filed last year by anti-illegal immigration activist Eileen Garcia, who says the city should not be able to give money to a center that doesn?t check workers? immigration status.

Frank said he?s going to ask the City Council in January to expand the City Attorney?s budget ? partly to cover these legal fees and partly to handle some code enforcement issues ? but he doesn?t know how much he needs just yet.

Garcia, who is represented by conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch, plans to appeal. Frank said that could cost the city another $75,000, or maybe a little less.

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He’s a very hard worker. He just needed some money to feed his sick starving family in Mexico.


YUMA, Ariz. (AP) - A Mexican citizen with a lengthy rap sheet who’s been deported three times previously has been arrested after illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.

The U.S. Border Patrol in Yuma, Ariz., says Pedro Alvarado Suarez has been arrested 23 times since 1986 and served about eight years in jail. It says the arrests involved various charges, including, robbery, burglary, theft, auto theft, assault, as well as drug-related charges.

Alvarado and two other illegal immigrants were arrested near Winterhaven, Calif., after agents had tracked them for three hours from the All-American Canal, about 2 miles west of Andrade, Calif.

The Border Patrol says the 41-year-old Alvarado’s criminal record includes arrests in Arizona, California, Montana and Washington state.

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Claudia Smith is on the far left.

Claudia Smith of California Legal Rural Assistance aids and abets day laborers in Northern San Diego County. Claudia Smith frequents all of the sites where these day laborers congregate. She wants you to believe that they are honest, hard working, citizens of the United States. Just months after the rape of this little boy, two more of Claudia Smith’s day laborers raped a Bonsal woman and stabbed her 75 times, leaving her for dead. I am certain that she knows all of these day laborers personally.

Jesus Nava lived in one of the many migrant encampments that the San Diego Minutemen have worked with local authorities to remove. Claudia Smith lives in a big house away from these camps but she wants local residents to welcome these squatter camps in their neighborhoods. Claudia Smith doesn’t care if their children are raped, or if their homes burn to the ground due to the illegal campfires, or if these drunken migrants are staggering around in their backyards at night.

Jesus Mora Nava

An illegal immigrant accused of molesting a 13-year-old boy agreed to a plea deal in court Thursday.

Jesus Mora Nava isn’t going to spend the rest of his life behind bars, but he is going to prison for a very long time. He got 16 years for raping a boy in the hills near his Poway middle school.

Nava is an illegal immigrant who has admitted to sexually assaulting the 13-year-old he lured to a transient encampment last July.

Prosecutors say Nava loaded the boy up with beer and hard liquor until he passed out.

Paul Sweeney works for Poway Unified and was getting ready to take a run in the area when he watched the victim stumble out of the hills bleeding.

“I asked what was wrong. He told me he had been raped by a man. I told him I had to take him to get some help,” Sweeney said.

The boy told Sweeney he was raped several times over a five and-a-half hour period.

The boy was prepared to testify against Nava, but now will be spared that trauma, and Sweeney believes that’s for the best.

“He looked scared, but he is a real brave young man,” Sweeney said. “I’m proud of him for stepping up like he did.”

“I’m just glad it worked out this way. He didn’t need to go through all of that.”

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LA Times

Two people posing as Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies spent months stopping illegal immigrants and stealing money and other property from them, authorities said today.

The pair were arrested by Los Angeles police officers and are charged with shaking down at least 20 illegal immigrants. But authorities believe scores of other people targeted by them have not come forward.

Sheriff Lee Baca will hold a press conference urging victims to come forward.

The suspects, who were not named, targeted Latinos in Artesia, Bellflower, Norwalk, Pico Rivera, East L.A., South Gate, Lynwood, Glendale, Orange County and the San Fernando Valley.

Two LAPD officers witnessed one of the incidents and arrested the suspects. They found a car full of imitation law enforcement uniforms.

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Dennis Slater is a friend of mine. He heads the Southern California group No More Invasion. Lately they have been protesting sanctuary churches, but they also protest day labor sites. They do this almost every weekend in an attempt to get people to hire legal workers at temporary employment agencies.

Ironically, this attack occurred on Dennis’ last scheduled protest. He and his fiancee are expecting the birth of their son very soon so he wanted to take a short break.

This Saturday Dennis Slater was ganged up on by a dozen or more day laborers as they were ending their protest. Most of the NMI members had just driven off when the attack occurred. The day laborers threw bicycles, paint cans, and rocks larger than softballs at Dennis until he was on the ground. Then they beat and kicked him. His head was split open by a large rock and it took eleven staples to close the open wound. He lost a lot of blood. His eye was bruised and his arm was cut up badly. They only let up on their attack after Dennis fended them off with pepper spray. They meant to kill him.

Most of the perpetrators are easily identified but so far no one has been arrested. After the attack, the 100+ day laborers in the parking lot ran away. Dennis has a Lawyer working with him already.

Click here for more photos and reports.

The attack on Dennis was lead by the individual seen in this old video spitting on a woman and assaulting several others.

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