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Jim Gilchrist is using the San Diego Minutemen’s
legal battle to raise money for himself.

In my last newsletter I talked about the sanctuary city of San Diego. Jeff Schwilk, the founder of the San Diego Minutemen, and his group patriots have been fighting a never ending stream of frivolous lawsuits and police harassment. If you missed that newsletter, you can read about it here:

There are two lawsuits that he is dealing with right now, and they are costing him a lot of money. The first is a frivolous defamation lawsuit that alleges Jeff called a pro-illegal alien activist an ?anorexic slut? in an email. For that she is seeking one million dollars in damages! You can read more about that here:

The second lawsuit is against the state of California for discrimination based on the removal of the SDMM adopt-a-highway permit. The SDMM adopt-a-highway permit has generated a lot of national media attention and the New York Times ran a recent piece on February 20, 2008.

Another Jim Gilchrist Fundraising Scam

Jim Gilchrist has nothing to do with the San Diego Minutemen or any adopt-a-highway program but he has been soliciting money in a mass email campaign. The day after the story ran in the NY Times (2-21-08), Jim Gilchrist emailed a carefully edited version of the story to his national email list. He edited out the references to Jeff Schwilk and the San Diego Minutemen in an effort to mislead people into sending him donations. You can compare the unedited, and the Gilchrist edited versions of the story down below.

san diego minutemen
Contribute to the San Diego Minutemen legal defense fund at their website:

Jim Gilchrist has been sending out a mass emails soliciting money for phony border watches as well. There are groups of patriots that conduct border watches but none of them have anything to do with Gilchrist. Jim Gilchrist has only been involved in two border watches. The last one was in Loredo Texas in September of ?06. During that border watch a volunteer crashed his helicopter. The pilot wasn?t injured but Jim Gilchrist used the incident to solicit donations. Jim claimed he was raising money for the downed chopper but none of the money Gilchrist raised went to the pilot, nor was it needed. The helicopter was insured. You can read more about that in this newsletter:

Gilchrist Sells His Email List To Mike Huckabee

Jim Gilchrist has a very large email list that he uses to solicit money from well meaning but uninformed Americans. A reliable source tells me that Jim Gilchrist sold his national email list to the pro-illegal alien presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee for $30,000. So if you?re on his email list, and you?ve been receiving Mike Huckabee or unsolicited GOP campaign material, Jim Gilchrist is to blame.

I detailed Jim Gilchrist?s paid endorsement of the pro-illegal alien candidate Mike Huckabee in this video: ?Adios Jim Gilchrist and Mike Huckabee.?

Steve Eichler, defendent in May 27th, 2008 fraud trial.

Partners In Crime

Before Steve Eichler became Jim Gilchrist?s partner in crime, he ran a small company called International Financial Privacy Network that set up off shore bank accounts in order to shield assets from the IRS.

Minuteman Project board members allege that Steve Eichler and Jim Gilchrist embezzled roughly $600,000 dollars from the MMP bank account. The fraud trial is set for May 27th, 2008.

Lately Steve Eichler has been trying to scam Americans into sending faxes through a website called The website looks like it was designed by a 10 year old but it was most likely put together by Eichler himself. Steve wants people to fork over $57 to send a single fax to Congress and the Senate. It?s doubtful that he?s sending any faxes at all, he?s just pocketing the money.

Support Those Who Support You

If you want to send FREE faxes and emails, you should join and These are legitimate organizations that alert you to what?s happening in Washington and the State of California.


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Jim Gilchrist is a pathological liar. He really can’t help himself. He’ll say anything to get attention and con money away from Americans. He still lists the bogus “Operation Spotlight” on his website to solicit money.

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Multiple Jim

Jim Gilchrist uses his full name when he talks about himself, like he’s talking about an imaginary character in a story. For example, most people would say something like, “I walked across the street.” Whereas, Jim would say, “Jim Gilchrist walked across the street and 250 million Americans supported him!” [video]

Multiple personalities.

What’s even more strange is that Jim Gilchrist assumes different personalities when he talks about “Jim Gilchrist.” His two favorite characters are Perry Emerson and Jack Sharpe. He uses these make believe characters to attack other Patriots and to wax poetically about the accomplishments of his other make believe character, “Jim Gilchrist.”

He took on the personality of Jack Sharpe to write this attack piece on William Gheen of ALIPAC. The bottom of the story states “Jack Sharpe is a freelance journalist who writes for the Minuteman Express News.” There is no such thing as the Minuteman Express News! He did it again here, “Hypocrites, Liars and Charlatans: Is the minuteman movement doomed?”

Fraud, perjury and embezzlement.

It appears that when Jim Gilchrist is under extreme duress he assumes the personality of Jack Sharpe to lash out at others. Jack Sharpe has made numerous appearances on the web bashing the MMP Treasurer Deborah Courtney who is suing Gilchirst. Jim is accused of fraud, perjury, and embezzlement. The trial begins May 27th, 2008.

Paid shill for open border, pro-amnesty candidate Mike Huckabee

On January 2nd, Jim assumed the personality of Perry Emerson in a press release to the Minuteman Project national e-mail list that contained many supposed quotes by Mike Huckabee that appear to answer all criticisms of the Huckabee immigration plan and record.

It’s laughable that a fraud like Mike Huckabee would hire a fraud like Jim Gilchrist to lie about his horrific record on immigration, and then Jim Gilchrist would have one of his multiple personalities do the lying for him in a press release!

It would appear that the multiple personalities of Jim Gilchrist only occur in print and online. Jim hasn’t yet been able to change his voice or appearance when he assumes the roles of Perry Emerson or Jack Sharpe. Otherwise he would have become “Jack” or “Perry” when he lied to Reporter Stephen Dinan of the Washington Times about Mike Huckabee’s stance on ending birthright citizenship for the children of illegal aliens. Jim got caught in a lie and he ultimately blamed the Reporter for what he called miscommunication.

Short term memory loss.

Another Gilchrist oddity is that he apparently suffers from short term memory loss. Jim sent out an email on January 29th asking for money. Jim stated “While the Minuteman Project cannot and will not endorse any candidate, we are traveling to battleground election states to promote our immigration enforcement agenda and make sure the candidates do more than pay lip-service to this critical issue!” Either Gilchrist forgot that he’s on the Huckabee payroll or he thinks we didn’t notice all the media appearances he’s given endorsing the pro-amnesty candidate Mike Huckabee.

[Watch video: Adios Jim Gilchrist]

The Huckabee campaign even sent out flyer’s with a photo of Gilchrist stating that “Minuteman Founder Endorses Huckabee.” How strange that on the MMP website (dated January 5th) Jim claimed “The Minuteman Project will not endorse any candidate.” But then the MMP website also has an article (dated December 11th) titled “Jim Gilchrist Gives Major Endorsement to Mike Huckabee.”

Soliciting money for border watches that don’t exist.

The January 29th email asking for donations also made fraudulent claims about MMP volunteers conducting border watches.

“As the Minuteman Project enters its 4th year of watching our nation’s borders, I wanted to take just a minute to Thank You for all of your support over the past year and for making all of our work possible… Our Minuteman volunteers continued to prove that if the border is carefully monitored, we can dramatically reduce illegal border crossings… We will continue to shine a spotlight on America’s unsecured border through our citizen patrols… We’ve worked hand-in-hand with the understaffed Border Patrol, we had a positive impact in reducing illegal immigration.”

Obviously Jim wants people to believe that if they send him money it will go to patriotic Minutemen on the border. Nothing could be further from the truth. Jim Gilchrist has only been involved in two border watches in the past four years. He took part in the very first border watch with Minuteman co-founder Chris Simcox (April ‘05) and then again in Laredo Texas (September ‘06).

Jim Gilchrist spends 3 days on the border

The border watch in Loredo Texas was dubbed “Operation Sovereignty” and it was over shortly after it began. Jim talked the founders of the Texas Minutemen, S. Beene and Shannon McGauley into moving their already scheduled border operation from El Paso to Laredo, seven hundred miles away. Jim promised them that he would bring lots of money, volunteers, and media to the event. Jim also promised that he would do the prep work before hand to make sure the event went smoothly. Jim Gilchrist did nothing. He didn’t even get permission from ranchers along the border for them to conduct their watch. According to S. Beene, Jim spent at the most 2 or 3 days in a hotel doing interviews before he left. The watch in Laredo ended abruptly. S. Beene and Shannon McGauley took the financial hit and went back to El Paso where they concluded their border watch operation with their volunteers as they had originally planned.

Jim Gilchrist fraudulently solicits money for a downed helicopter.

During the short lived Laredo border watch, a Minuteman volunteer by the name of Tom Bishop crashed his helicopter. The chopper was in bad shape but Tom Bishop was okay and his helecopter was insured. Much to everyone’s dismay, Jim Gilchrist began soliciting money on his website to purchase a new chopper. For weeks Jim was sending out emails soliciting money for a chopper that wasn’t even his. Tom Bishop was rightfully furious and worried that his insurance company would accuse him of fraud. S. Beene, Shannon McGauley, and Tom Bishop eventually got Jim to stop asking for money. They have no idea how much money Jim Gilchrist collected and they never saw a penny of it.

Shannon McGauley and S. Beene have requested that Jim Gilchrist remove the Texas Minuteman name from the list of MMP chapters. Like most everyone I know, they despise Jim Gilchrist and want nothing to do with him. In December, 84 pro-immigration enforcement leaders denounced Jim Gilchrist. One has to wonder how many other organizations listed as MMP chapters feel the same way and have also requested Jim remove their name from his website.

Threats from Jim Gilchrist.

After Jim reads this, he’ll no doubt threaten to sue me again like he did January 2nd after he called me a pedophile in a nasty email. As erratic and unconscionable as he is, Jim Gilchrist is quite predictable. He calls everyone a pedophile and then threatens to sue them. He’s done this to so many others that people have begun to to wonder if Jim was abused as a child himself. Where does he get this pedophile stuff from? I’ve heard that when children are sexually abused they sometimes develop multiple personalities to deal with the trauma. Perhaps this is how “Perry” and “Jack” came about? I’m not sure, but it’s something to think about.

All I know is if Jim does sue me, I’m going to subpoena Perry Emerson and Jack Sharpe to testify in court just for laughs! Unfortunately as much fun as that would be, I know it will never happen. I guess I’ll just have to wait until the Jim Gilchrist embezzlement trial on May 27th for the real fun.

Brook Young

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Washington Times

The Times reported that Mr. Gilchrist, in a half-hour conversation while campaigning with Mr. Huckabee last week in Iowa, pinned down the Republican presidential candidate on various immigration stances, including how he would address what most legal scholars see as the 14th Amendment’s guarantee of citizenship to any person born in the United States, except for diplomatic situations.

Mr. Gilchrist said Mr. Huckabee promised to bring a test case to the Supreme Court to challenge the matter, and also would press Congress to pass an amendment to the Constitution.

In an interview with CNN, the candidate said his campaign was not contacted about the story: “It was disappointing the reporter who filed the report never bothered to contact our campaign,” he said.

But Mr. Huckabee’s spokeswoman, Kirsten Fedewa, did talk to The Times for the article. She did not challenge any of Mr. Gilchrist’s statements at the time, and was quoted as saying Mr. Huckabee and Mr. Gilchrist were “united by a mutual desire to end illegal immigration and are political allies toward that end.”

“If the Supreme Court chooses to review lower-court decisions regarding the 14th Amendment, that is their prerogative, but my priorities for constitutional amendments are to protect human life and traditional marriage,” he said in the statement.

Mr. Huckabee also said on CNN that he hasn’t given much thought to the issue of birthright citizenship.
But he previously had taken a position in an interview with The Times on his campaign bus in Iowa in August.

“I would support changing that. I think there is reason to revisit that, just because a person, through sheer chance of geography, happened to be physically here at the point of birth, doesn’t necessarily constitute citizenship,” he said at the time, according to the audiotape of the interview. “I think that’s a very reasonable thing to do, to revisit that.”

Mr. Gilchrist did not respond to repeated phone calls and e-mails yesterday asking about the discrepancy, but in a 42-minute telephone call Sunday he told The Times that Mr. Huckabee promised him these things in their half-hour private conversation.

“I read back my notes to him twice and I told him I did not want to put words in his mouth,” he said. “The guy looked me right in the eye.”

Mr. Gilchrist issued a press release from the Minuteman Project laying out Mr. Huckabee’s positions. That release was provided to the Huckabee campaign.

Yesterday, Mr. Gilchrist’s Web site,, still included a photo from his meeting with Mr. Huckabee in Iowa, and still said Mr. Huckabee promised to pursue a Supreme Court decision and a constitutional amendment.

Rep. Ron Paul, the libertarian-leaning Republican candidate, has introduced a constitutional amendment to end birthright citizenship.

Read more.

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I guess Huckabee wasn’t happy with Jim Gilchrist lying to the Washington Times so he issued a press release refuting the false claims made by Jim Gilchrist.

The Washington Times is now working on a new story about how this happened. This should be a good laugh.


News Release: Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee statement on Constitutional Amendment regarding citizenship birthright

January 08, 2008

LITTLE ROCK, AR — Former Arkansas Governor and Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has issued the following comment in response to a Washington Times article reporting he would amend the Constitution in connection to children born in the U.S. to illegal aliens:

“I do not support an amendment to the Constitution that would prevent children born in the U.S. to illegal aliens from automatically becoming American citizens. I have no intention of supporting a constitutional amendment to deny birthright citizenship.”

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This article was written by Dan Sheehy and was sent out in his newsletter today.

Two figures who pushed border security and the illegal-alien invasion to the national stage, Republican Congressman Tom Tancredo and Minuteman Project co-founder Jim Gilchrist, stunned many Americans, including this writer who featured both men in my book Fighting Immigration Anarchy: American Patriots Battle to Save the Nation, by endorsing globalists for president just before the January 3 Iowa caucus.


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jim gilchrist
Little Jimbo


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jim gilchrist


With the Jan. 3 Iowa caucus approaching, Republican front-runner Mike Huckabee dispatched Jim Gilchrist of The Minuteman Project to the Federation for American Immigration Reform talk radio row in Des Moines to proclaim his message.

In interviews with radio hosts such as key Iowa personality Jan Mickelson of WHO-AM in Des Moines, Gilchrist argued Huckabee’s “Secure America Plan” means the estimated 12 million or more illegal immigrants in the United States would be required to return to their home countries in the first 120 days of a Huckabee administration.

Moreover, Gilchrist insisted the millions of self-deported illegal immigrants and their families would go to the back of the line to wait maybe for years to re-enter the United States.

Still, Gilchrist was hard pressed to explain to incredulous radio hosts how 100,000 illegal immigrants were going to self-deport themselves per day to achieve the stated goal.

In interview after interview, Gilchrist said under the Huckabee plan, those who refuse to leave would be deported by immigration authorities when and if they ran afoul of state or local law enforcement, with the added penalty of being refused lawful re-entry for 10 years.

Talk show hosts peppered Gilchrist with questions about Huckabee’s record of support for illegal immigrants when he was Arkansas governor.

“As much as I like Gilchrist, I can’t buy that Huckabee has suddenly gone tough on border security,” Roger Hedgecock of KOGO-AM in San Diego and KFI-AM in Los Angeles told listeners following his interview with Gilchrist.

Gilchrist also decided to stay in Iowa through the weekend, at Huckabee’s request, to ride along in the media bus as Huckabee makes a last round of speeches through the dozens of small towns that dot Iowa’s farmlands.

Gilchrist’s defense, however, faltered when the assassination of Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto became a subject of discussion.

Competing candidate Fred Thompson immediately spoke of the “bigger picture,” and “a clash of civilizations” in which the assassination is placed. But Huckabee make a mistake, in “apologizing” to Pakistan for the assassination when it appeared he meant to offer condolences.

He also commented on the nation’s current martial law, although that status already had been ended by President Pervez Musharraf.

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Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) is launching an effort in Iowa today to warn GOP voters about the pro Amnesty stances of McCain, Giuliani, and especially Mike Huckabee who is trying to deceive voters with a tough immigration stance on his website that excludes his comments to Fox News on December 9 where he says illegal aliens can return within days!

“Our team will expose the Huckster and the endorsement of lone Minuteman Jim Gilchrist which will not save him from the truth,” says William Gheen of ALIPAC. “Eighty four leaders have signed a letter rebuking Gilchrist and Huckabee for their support of a touchback Amnesty plan modeled after the Pence plan. Within a few days, most GOP voters will know about this trick.”

ALIPAC’s William Gheen, Peter Gadiel of 9/11 Families for a Secure America, and Daniel Smerglio of Voice of the People USA (Hazleton, PA) will be setting up a command center tonight, conducting media interviews, and calling into 42,000 Republican households to warn them about the Huckabee touchback Amnesty plan.

Leaders of other organizations that have signed the letter will be joining them as will volunteers. Mike Huckabee’s poll numbers have started to fall after the public hears the news and scrutinizes his record.

“Mike Huckabee has one of the worst records on immigration enforcement of any of the candidates,” says Gheen. “We just hope the public can be adequately warned before they vote!”

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is a multi racial, multi party, national organization dedicated to the enforcement of our existing immigration laws and secure borders. For more information and to view the video of Huckabee’s “illegals back in a day” plan, please visit

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This is from Deborah Courtney, board member of the Minuteman Project. Barbara Coe of Coalition for California Immigration Reform (CCIR) is mentioned in this letter but I know from speaking to her, that she divorced herself from this whole messy situation early on.

Judge Randall Wilkinson denied Jim Gilchrist’s Motion to Reconsider his previous Motion for Demurer that the same Judge denied on November 11th. Gilchrist is trying to have this case dismissed, just like he dismissed his own case against Marvin Stewart, Barb Coe, Scott Powelson and Deborah Courtney after the four presented Judge Wilkinson a tremendous amount of evidence of the fraud, perjury, and embezzlement that Gilchrist and his co-defendants have perpetrated upon the Nation. The proof went to the same Judge Wilkinson in the form of audio recordings, email, and news casts. The Judge declared in court that he listened to and read each and every one very carefully, right before Gilchrist withdrew his own suit…

The same Judge Wilkinson, on November 11 and again today, denied Gilchrist’s Motion to Strike down Marvin Stewart and Deborah Courtney from going forward as The Minuteman Project Board of Director’s in suing Jim Gilchrist as an individual for Fraud, as well as his wife Sandy Gilchrist, Tim Bueler, Steve Eichler, Tommy Crenshaw, who are all in Default, as well as Does 1-500 who have participated in Jim’s charade or who have been illegally paid as his henchmen, and will be named very soon.

Case No: 07CC07184
Case Type: FRAUD
Filing Date: 06/21/2007

Attorney Mark Brown then followed Marvin Stewart out of the Court Room today and wanted to know what it would take to make all this go away…which it won’t, and it can’t, until Deborah, Marvin, Barb, Scott and Paul, as well as the good donors of this Nation and every leader in this Movement, are adjudicated in court, and until we have had time to let the legal system bring charges against both Gilchrist’s, Bueler, Eichler, and Crenshaw, as well as a few others.

This is the second time that Jim Gilchrist has wanted to hold a meeting this month with the same Board of Director’s who fired him, but why? At this late date, let law enforcement and the jury system sort it all out: I know Marv, Paul, Barb, Scott, and I can withstand anything they throw at us, we already have….

Confusing? It doesn’t have to be if you follow these few steps. Paul Sielski documented the fraud and embezzlement that Marvin Stewart, Barb Coe, Scott Powelson, Donna Delano, and I suspected that the Gilchrist’s, Stephen Eichler JD, Tim Bueler, Tommy Crenshaw JD, and a few others committed. Gilchrist and others have since tried to convolute by posting lies and trying to extort all of the Movement into silence, lest any one else gets sued or beat to heck like we have been. Gilchrist and eichler have been known to call other leaders in the Movement and tell them they will sue them if they side with us…do you smell the acrid smell of ‘extortion’ in the air?

So glad everyone is breaking their silence, thank you so much, and special thanks to William Gheen for getting it all started Nationally! View the letter rebuking Gilchrist for his endorsement of Huckabee and various other reasons at, and watch a video tape called “Adios Gilchrist” by Brook at, or read what Mark Edwards has to say at

But guess what? The evidence is all on our side.

And you know why we take it? Because we are RIGHT, and they will all be exposed, as well as their henchmen.

The Board of Director’s legally fired Bueler, then Eichler, and then Jim Gilchrist last January 26, 2007, with 3 of 7 members. Per the Legal Librarian at the Library of Congress, one third IS quorum, and three of seven is 43%. Why? Because in Delaware, a Not For Profit, or Non Stock Corporations have a harder time pulling it’s Board Members together because they are typically not paid, so in order to get business to move forward, the threshold for conducting business has been lowered.

I guess this means we also legally fired Perry Emerson and Jack Sharpe AKA Jim Gilchrist, who posts under these pseudonyms.

Gilchrist is done. Quorum is his argument, and quorum we have, so the sooner we get him out of the way, as should have happened last January, the sooner the thievery of $40,000 to $70,000 per month will stop.

Until he files another frivolous Motion to Dismiss, the next Court date is scheduled for 4/25 as a Mandatory Court Settlement at 8:30 am and then we go to trial on May 27th at 9:00 am. You can follow this drama online at

The Board of Director’s cordially invites everyone to attend!

Best Wishes and Merry Christmas,
Deborah Courtney, Treasurer
The Minuteman Project, Inc.
Original Board Member, December 2005

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Many people have been shocked that Jim Gilchrist, the co-founder of the Minutemen, would endorse Mike Huckabee for President. Mike Huckabee is a long time advocate for open borders, amnesty, illegal alien voting, and subsidized education for illegal aliens.

I?ve put together a thirteen minute video that may shed some light on the thinking behind Jim Gilchrist?s endorsement, the alleged embezzlement of the Minuteman bank account, and the horrific immigration record of Mike Huckabee.

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Actually, there’s no split, we are all united against Jim Gilchrist, Mike Huckabee, and the open border globalists in our government.

by Jerome Corsi

Controversy is escalating among border security organization leaders and various Minuteman activists upset over an endorsement by Jim Gilchrist, founder of The Minuteman Project, of former Arkansas governor and Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee.

After confirming Monday he had questions about his endorsement of Huckabee, Gilchrist yesterday went on a series of radio interviews, announcing to listeners he had decided to stick with his endorsement, even though Huckabee’s immigration plan was less than perfect.

But his refusal to withdraw his endorsement of Huckabee hardened the resolve of many former Gilchrist supporters to renounce his endorsement and defeat Huckabee.

William Gheen, president of ALIPAC, said Huckabee must be defeated because the open borders lobby will just use Gilchrist’s endorsement to “deceive voters on their way to victory.”

“Mike Huckabee went on Larry King Live last night,” Gheen said, “and Huckabee’s message was the head of the Minutemen supports me, so my immigration record in Arkansas must be okay. We don’t think Huckabee’s record on illegal immigration merits our support and we reject Gilchrist for abandoning the principles we thought we were fighting together to uphold.”

The Americans for Legal Immigration, or ALIPAC, has published on the group’s website a letter signed by more than 80 border security organizations and various Minutemen activists denouncing Gilchrist.

“We denounce Jim Gilchrist’s solo endorsement of a pro-amnesty and open borders candidate for president,” the ALIPAC letter reads. “Mr Gilchrist does not speak for us!”

Read more.

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Too late little Jimbo. You lost any shred of credibility that you had left. And besides you previously stated that “My endorsement of former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee was not decided over night. It was six weeks in the making.”

Yesterday on the Roger Hedgecock radio show, Gilchrist compared William Gheen of ALIPAC to the brown supremacist Enrique Morones!

Little Jimbo is scared shitless


Minuteman Project founder Jim Gilchrist says he will have to reconsider his endorsement of former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee after learning the Republican presidential candidate favors allowing illegal aliens to wait only days to receive documents allowing re-entry into the U.S.

In a Dec. 9 Fox News interview, just two days before Gilchrist’s endorsement, Huckabee was questioned by host Chris Wallace about an apparent contradiction between statements last year that he preferred a pathway to citizenship and his current plan. On his campaign website, Huckabee outlines a proposal that would require illegal aliens to repatriate and get on the back of the line, which could mean years for re-entry into the United States.

Huckabee insisted there is no discrepancy, specifying that “the pathway to get back here legally doesn’t take years. It would take days, maybe weeks, and then people could come back in the workforce.”

Asked by WND to respond, Gilchrist backtracked, admitting he may have been mistaken in his initial assumptions about the repatriation provisions of Huckabee’s “Secure America Plan.”

“I’m going to have to follow up on this,” Gilchrist said. “I had not seen before anything in Governor Huckabee’s plan where repatriation and touch-back could involve only days, not years.

“I personally need to talk to Governor Huckabee about this,” he added. “This issue needs to be between Governor Huckabee and me.”

Read more.

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Little Jimbo is trying to cover his ass big time. He doesn’t realize that he’s digging himself an even deeper grave with every lie that he tells. He wants us to believe that Mike Huckabe will deport all illegal aliens.


“The Huckabee plan has a 120-day window for all illegal aliens to turn themselves in and repatriate to their homeland,” Gilchrist affirmed. “If that is not done, when they are caught and apprehended, they will be forcibly returned to their homelands and they will sacrifice for 10 years any possibility of coming to the United States for any reason.”

Sorry Jimbo, we’re not buying any of your bullshit. Mike Huckabee has been very public about his amnesty scam.

Yesterday, many of us received an nasty email from Jim Gilchrist. It wasn’t written by Gilchrist, it was written by Jack Sharp, but it was sent out via Jim’s email address ( It was titled…

Hypocrites, Liars and Charlatans: Is the minuteman movement doomed?

You can read it in full on the ALIPAC forum. The email bashes William Gheen of ALIPAC and claims that he’s jealous of Jim Gilchrist and that Mr. Gheen is some kind of thief. William Gheen easily refutes the false claims against him.

The letter also exaggerates Jim’s accomplishments and again lies about Huckabee’s horrific immigration record.

Keep digging Jimbo.

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Washington Times

Every Democrat running for president thinks anti-illegal immigration activists are all racists and xenophobes. Do we really need a Republican nominee for president who thinks the same way?

Breakout Republican candidate Mike Huckabee, the soft-on-border control former governor of Arkansas, scored a jaw-dropping endorsement Tuesday from Jim Gilchrist, founder of the Minuteman Project. Despite a long gubernatorial record opposing employer sanctions and pushing tax-subsidized illegal alien education benefits, Mr. Huckabee won Mr. Gilchrist’s support by unveiling a last-minute, tough-sounding homeland security plan.

Trouble is, Mr. Huckabee has downright and longstanding contempt for his new bedfellows of convenience.

Just two years ago, Mr. Huckabee appeared before the open-borders Hispanic group, The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), preaching an open-door policy. According to the Arkansas News Bureau, Mr. Huckabee also criticized state legislation requiring proof of citizenship to register to vote and enhanced reporting of illegal aliens as un-Christian, un-American, irresponsible and anti-life ? not to mention “inflammatory,” “race-baiting” and “demagoguery.”

Just last year, Mr. Huckabee lambasted opponents of the bipartisan “shamnesty” bill providing a mass pardon to illegal aliens as “driven by racism or nativism.” He called strict immigration enforcement ? the kind he now supports ? “sheer folly” in his campaign-timed book released earlier this year. He actively invited the Mexican government to establish a consulate in Arkansas ? giving its office a $1 per year special office space rate ? so that its foreign officials could start dispensing security-undermining matricula consular ID cards to illegal aliens for banking and employment purposes. And he’s not only for government in-state illegal alien discounts, he’s for expanding them far beyond what the federal DREAM Act proposed.

But now that he needs to establish his border control bona fides, Mr. Huckabee is all honey. “Frankly, Jim,” he said to the Minuteman Project founder at a press conference in Iowa on Tuesday, “I’ve got to tell you there were times in the early days of the Minutemen I thought, ‘What are these guys doing, what are they about?’ I confess I owe you an apology.”

It’s Mr. Gilchrist and those who allow themselves to be snowed by Mr. Huckabee’s cynical conversion who’ll be sorry and deep in apology debt, I guarantee you. Mr. Huckabee showed his true colors at the Univision Spanish-language debate over the weekend when he pandered to the crowd by lamenting “racial profiling” of immigrants ? while remaining silent about catch-and-release policies that fail to detain criminal aliens who go on to commit more heinous crimes because politically correct politicians and police chiefs are more concerned with being accused of “racial profiling” than protecting the public.

Read more.

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