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window.document.getElementById(’post-2709′).parentNode.className += ‘ adhesive_post’;There is a rally in Los Angeles on Saturday, January 13th. There are other rallies for the agents at other locations around the U.S. Fire Coalition lists the other rally locations here. Please attend even if you have to do some driving.
In this video slideshow, Tammy Bruce interviews Joe […]

The Illegal Immigration Debate and the English Language

I prefer to use the term INVADER!
Daily Bulletin
The immigration debate sometimes reminds me of a Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald duet: You say illegal alien, I say undocumented worker. Let’s call the whole thing off.
If King of English for a day, I’d invent a neutral term for those who unlawfully enter the United States. […]

Police Sued For Capturing Illegal Immigrants
Corruption Chronicles
January 09, 2007
A state police agency is being federally sued for racial profiling because a trooper apprehended more than a dozen illegal immigrants during a routine traffic stop four months ago.
When Rhode Island State Trooper Thomas Chabot confirmed that 14 Guatemalans in the van he had stopped for a […]

The Connections Between Drugs, Terrorism, And Illegal Immigration

Drugs, Terrorism and Illegal Immigration
Threat Watch
Janurary 7, 2007

We live in a dangerous world in which the past is now blending with the present, and possibly influencing the future. The past is the pervasive problem of the importation of illegal narcotics into this country, much of it flowing across the U.S.-Mexican border. The present is the […]

National Guardsmen Attacked at Border

It’s a good thing they retreated, otherwise they’d all be going to prison. They still might. I wonder if Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is trying to locate the willing workers that were trying to cross so he can give them immunity and testify against the Guardsman?

Bush’s Muchacho

AZ Central
A U.S. Border Patrol […]

Mexico Maps Invasion

Mexican government database tracks invasion patterns. Invaders can use this database to decide where to go in the U.S., and find Mexican consulates that will help them once they are here.
El Universal
The government has launched a new web site tracking the hometowns of millions of Mexicans residing in the United States, the Foreign Relations […]

Mexico Offers Satnav To Illegals Crossing Into The US

I don’t believe this story at all. The cost of these devices would be too expensive. There could be as many as one to three million people crossing the border now anyway so 200,000 devices isn’t going to cut it. Where are they going to hand these devices out anyway? But most […]

People of the Year: Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean

In 2006, none have suffered worse for doing good than Border Patrol agents Ignacio ?Nacho? Ramos, 37, and Jose Alonso Compean, 28. In August, the pair received 11 and 12 years in prison, respectively, for trying to stop a drug smuggler from entering the country.
Click here to read the entire article.
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Links Between Illegal Immigration, Terrorism, Drug Trade Worry U.S Officials

Daily Bulletin
Evidence of “special-interest aliens” using the Mexican border to gain entry to the United States has been kept secret from the American public, according to federal law enforcement agents, terrorism experts and critics of U.S. foreign policy with Mexico.
In 2005, the Border Patrol apprehended approximately 1.2 million people in the U.S. illegally. Of […]


PART 3 of 4

Governador Valadares, Brazil
DAY 3: Strangers in two lands
Daily News
December 19, 2006

Elizabete Boechat
GOVERNADOR VALADARES, Brazil - It’s been a year since Elizabete Boechat and her husband, Valdeir Rodrigues, returned from Danbury, Conn., where they lived for five years, and they stand at a crossroads.
Boechat, 52, a loquacious woman with a warm smile, rejoices […]

PART 2 of 4

Governador Valadares, Brazil
DAY 2: Smugglers trade in dreams
Daily News
December 17, 2006
GOVERNADOR VALADARES, Brazil Eighteen years after his mother made the pilgrimage to the United States in search of work, Carlos Leite followed in her steps across the U.S.-Mexico border.
Like his mother, Leite, 27, contacted a smuggler in this city famous across Brazil […]

Mexican Police Detain 4 Iraqis in Border City of Tijuana
MEXICO CITY (AP) — Federal police and immigration agents detained four Iraqi citizens in the border city of Tijuana on suspected immigration violations, after the Iraqis failed to present proper visas.
Police told the government news agency Notimex that the Iraqis, including a child, were found Saturday at a hotel in Tijuana, across the border from […]

Mexican President Praises Expatriates For Keeping Strong Ties To Mexico

Mexican President Felipe Calderón talks out of both sides of his mouth. He promises investments to keep Mexicans in Mexico but praised expatriates [illegal aliens] for keeping strong ties to their former homeland. Those same people that may one day be US citizens. I see a conflict of interest here, don’t you?

Mexican President Felipe Calderón […]

Congressman Hosts Rally Asking Bush For Christmas Pardon For Border Agents

Former U.S. Border Patrol agent Ignacio Ramos
embraced his wife, Monica Ramos, two days
before he was sentenced to 11 years in prison.
“Rohrabacher, noting the president already has received a letter about the case from more than 50 Congress members, is asking Americans to sign petitions and send e-mails and letters to the White House requesting a […]

Living In America But Feeling Mexican. What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Raquel Rodríguez, with her grandchild, Hanna, and daughter, Gabriela,
in the stands at her son?s high school football game in San Antonio.
This is a short synopsis of the following article I posted. But I implore you to read the entire story. Try and understand the family in the article. But just as important, what was the […]


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