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By Dimitri Vassilaros TRIBUNE-REVIEW
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Why should anyone be surprised that two illegal aliens who sued the American citizens who captured them were handed the 70-acre ranch that had belonged to one of their captors? Since most illegal aliens who sneaked into this republic are rewarded for breaking the immigration law — by being allowed to enjoy America’s bounty — no one should be surprised about the verdict.

It is just another topsy-turvy thing that happens from time to time along the Mexican border. Blame it on the Bush administration’s continual refusal to protect American sovereignty, which some might think borders on treason.

The two were caught on a Texas ranch in 2003 by Casey Nethercott and other members of Ranch Rescue. The New York Times labels it a paramilitary group that vowed to use force to prevent illegal immigration.

The illegals claimed Mr. Nethercott threatened them and hit one of them with a pistol. However, they also admitted the group gave them cookies, water and a blanket — and let them go after an hour. Texas prosecutors filed charges — but not against the illegals.

The jury deadlocked on the pistol-whipping charge.

Nethercott served time in California for assault. And since ex-cons are not allowed to have guns, Nethercott was convicted of gun possession and sentenced to five years in prison in Texas.

The Salvadorans were just getting started. They filed a lawsuit against Nethercott and others involved in their capture that the illegals claim caused them — are you sitting down? have you been taking your blood-pressure medication? — post-traumatic stress.

Yes, you read that right.

The judge ruled in favor of the plaintiffs. They essentially hit the pinata, which showered them with the deed to Nethercott’s ranch in Arizona.

It gets worse.

One Salvadoran lives in Los Angeles, the other, Dallas. They have applied for visas that illegals can get if they are victims of certain crimes. They can stay and work in America until a decision about their applications is made.

Oops, almost forgot, one of the defendants settled with them for $100,000. America — what a country.

When the government refuses to enforce immigration law and, worse yet, when it almost welcomes its violation, it is understandable why citizens could want to take the law into their own hands simply to enforce it.

Americans should not, must not — and legally cannot — use violence to stop illegals from trespassing as they flood in from Mexico.

Frankly, it’s a wonder that so few people have threatened to use violence to repel the illegal invasion. Thank goodness for that at least.

Jim Gilchrist, co-founder of the nonviolent Minuteman Project, which uses volunteers to be extra sets of eyes and ears for the border patrol, just announced he is running to fill the seat of former U.S. Rep. Chris Cox, R-Calif., who now is at the Securities and Exchange Commission.

There are right ways and wrong ways to take the law into your own hands. Nethercott could not have been any more wrong. Double dittos for everyone else connected with the ugly incident.

Nothing can justify even an attempt to terrorize another human, no matter the level of frustration with American immigration policy. The Bush administration’s indifference or inability to protect the border is forcing more and more Americans to make choices. Some good, some bad.

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Minas Mirza, 42, also known as â??Jackâ? and â??Nino,â? of Warren, Michigan, pleaded guilty on August 19, 2005, to two counts of alien smuggling involving illegal aliens from Middle Eastern countries such as Iraq and Jordan.

Mirzaâ??s guilty plea arose from his being charged along with three other defendants with smuggling aliens, including citizens of Iraq and other countries in the Middle East, into the United States primarily through South America.

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Signs, American flags and the booming voice of Gayle Nyberg shouting through a megaphone were all used Saturday to get drivers on California Oaks Road to pull over and show their support for the establishment of a state border police.

About 30 supporters of the initiative rallied for four hours in the blazing sun in front of Brunswick Cal Oaks Bowl to get people to sign petitions so the police initiative can meet a December deadline of garnering 600,000 signatures of registered California voters, rally attendee Lupe Moreno said.

The initiative would create a state police force to patrol the border and enforce federal immigration laws, including laws against employers who intentionally hire illegal immigrants. It’s sponsored by Assemblyman Ray Haynes, R-Murrieta.

To Nyberg, who jokingly calls herself ‘the megaphone queen,’ the fate of the entire state is at stake.

“It’s so important to save our state,” she said. “We’re losing it. American citizens are losing their rights, their state. Illegals are coming in, taking over. We’re losing ground, but we’re not giving up without a fight.”

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This is a classic.

The entire speech was actually Johnson’s, I just substituted the word Iraq for Vietnam and Middle East for South East asia. My point was it could easily be substituted for one of today, which I did. Same crud and tired old rhetoric out of Washington….Blah….Blah….Blah. We need a whole lot of fresh blood in Washington….

Read the speech.

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I hope McCain takes such a beating for his amnesty “guest worker” bill this fall that any chances he has for a Presidential run are destroyed forever.

The presidential election is still more than three years away, but the campaign season started early for East Valley residents who attended Sen. John McCain’s town-hall style meeting in Mesa on Thursday night.

McCain shared his views on broad topics such as the need to win the war in Iraq and the government’s lack of fiscal responsibility, but it was his controversial opinion on immigration reform that drew the strongest reaction from several hundred people at Mesa Community College.

McCain has introduced a bill that would allow undocumented immigrants to stay in the United States if they pay a fine and participate in a guest-worker program.

Though McCain opposes amnesty for millions of undocumented immigrants in the country, his proposal didn’t appeal to many of the Republicans at the meeting. The bill would allow foreign workers to take jobs Americans don’t want, McCain said.

“He’s not a conservative platform Republican,” said Paradise Valley resident Rob Haney, 63.

Haney is the leader of a group that wants to have another GOP nominee emerge in the 2008 presidential election.

“We need to energize the grass roots,” he said. “We don’t want it decided three years beforehand that McCain is our candidate.”

Others in the audience agreed, repeatedly pressing McCain on the immigration issue. The senator stood firm in his belief that the guest-worker program gave America the best chance to control immigration.

“Then we could go after the employers that employ people illegally,” he said.


Sorry John, but the best way to control illegal immigration is to secure the border with Border Patrol Agents and enforce our existing immigration laws. During the last amnesty there was talk about going after the employers but it never happened did it? You are a disgusting liar and a con man.

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Calling narcotics-related violence along the Texas-Mexico border “a matter of great concern,” Sen. John Cornyn on Friday called on the U.S. Justice Department to bolster law-enforcement efforts in the Laredo area.

“Border-area police officials report that trained paramilitary escorts accompany drug shipments into the United States,” the Republican senator from Texas said in the letter. “And high-powered ammunition and weapons have been smuggled into Mexico.”

Cornyn asked Gonzales to “reallocate law enforcement resources to the Laredo area until this untenable situation is resolved.”


He’s asking for temporary resources until drug smuggling is resolved? How in the hell is that going to be resolved?

The Cornyn/Kyle “guest worker” bill has a lot of tough talk about border security but it’s a scam to open the border and legalize the illegals. Like Tom Tancredo says “There’s more lipstick on this pig, but it’s the same old pig.”

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This is a phony story but it’s funny as hell.

While President George W. Bush travels around the country in a last-ditch effort to sell his Iraq war, White House aides scramble frantically behind the scenes to hide the dark mood of an increasingly angry leader who unleashes obscenity-filled outbursts at anyone who dares disagree with him.

â??Iâ??m not meeting again with that goddamned bitch,â? Bush screamed at aides who suggested he meet again with Cindy Sheehan, the war-protesting mother whose son died in Iraq. â??She can go to hell as far as Iâ??m concerned!â?

Bush, administration aides confide, frequently explodes into tirades over those who protest the war, calling them â??motherfucking traitors.â? He reportedly was so upset over Veterans of Foreign Wars members who wore â??bullshit protectorsâ? over their ears during his speech to their annual convention that he told aides to â??tell those VFW assholes that Iâ??ll never speak to them again is they canâ??t keep their members under control.â?


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A Mexican governor agreed on Friday to demolish abandoned buildings in a border village New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson wanted razed because it is said to be a center for drug and human smuggling.

Las Chepas, the nickname for the town more officially known as Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez, is in a remote desert area on the U.S.-Mexico border. It has dirt roads, some small stores and, on Friday, about two dozen Mexican police officers.

One store owner said whatever illegal activities were going on in Las Chepas were minor compared with those in larger border cities.

“Why don’t they tear down Juarez?” he asked, referring to Ciudad Juarez, which is across the border from El Paso, Texas, about 70 miles east of Las Chepas.

Read the story.

That’s a good idea. Let’s bulldoze Juarez, Tijuana and Nuevo Laredo and every other border city. I mean they’re all staging areas for human and drug smuggling, right?

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Brazilians are illegally entering the United States in record numbers in hopes of finding jobs and better lives â?? just like characters in a wildly popular Brazilian soap opera â??America.â?

The number of undocumented Brazilians caught on U.S. soil is set to rise over four fold this year from 2004 â?? a much larger increase than for illegal immigrants from other Latin American countries, according to U.S. officials.

“America,â? a soap opera that debuted in early March shows illegal immigrants risking their lives to enter the United States to find jobs and romance amid the hardship.

The 1.3 million Brazilians in the United States â?? half of them illegal â?? send around $2 billion back home each year. Those that return home with money inspire thousands more to follow in their footsteps.

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The Assembly Appropriations Committee passed SB 60, the driver’s licenses for illegal aliens bill, on a 12-4 vote with 2 abstentions. 4 Republicans voted no. 12 Democrats voted yes. The licenses would have to be of a different color or design than driver’s licenses held by other motorists and they could be used only for driving, not as widely recognized identification documents.

It will now head for a vote of the full State Assembly. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has vowed to veto the bill should it actually reach his desk.

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A district judge properly barred a Mexican immigrant charged with illegal reentry after deportation to use a â??necessityâ? defense based on his HIV-positive status and alleged need to search for his children in the United States regarding end-of-life decisions, the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled yesterday.

In a per curiam opinion, Judges Raymond C. Fisher and Jay Bybee and Senior Judge James R. Browning said Roberto Cervantes-Flores failed to proffer evidence that he was at imminent risk of death or other serious harm in February 2003, when a Border Patrol agent spotted and chased him approximately 40 miles north of the border, near Tecate.

The court did, however, send the case back to U.S. District Judge Thomas Whelan of the Southern District of California for possible reconsideration of Cervantesâ?? eight-year prison sentence in light of the Supreme Courtâ??s recent ruling that the Sentencing Guidelines are advisory rather than mandatory.

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YUMA, Ariz.

Illegal immigrants threw rocks at a Border Patrol helicopter, forcing the pilot to make an emergency landing when one of the rocks damaged the rotor, the agency said.

Neither the pilot nor the Border Patrol observer was injured.

The A-Star helicopter was two miles west of the U.S. Port of Entry in Andrade, Calif., on Tuesday when a group of immigrants began throwing rocks at the aircraft.

One baseball-sized rock gashed the rotor, forcing the pilot to land nearby, said Michael Gramley, spokesman for the Border Patrol sector based in Yuma, Ariz.

Gramley said he did not know how high the helicopter was hovering when it was struck, but he said it was being repaired and is expected back in service soon.

After the incident, 17 people were apprehended for illegally crossing the border, and two of them were being investigated for smuggling. Ten immigrants evaded capture.

The investigation into the rock-throwing was continuing.

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WILLIAMSBURG, Va. (AP) — A court hearing is scheduled next month to determine whether a deaf, mute and illiterate man is competent to stand trial on a capital murder charge for the slaying of a teenage girl.

Oswaldo Martinez, an illegal immigrant from El Salvador, was indicted in May on charges of raping and killing Brittany Binger, who was 16.

In February, police arrested Martinez, 34, after police learned that DNA from the semen on Binger’s body matched DNA swabbed from Martinez’s cheek. Authorities think the attack happened one day after New Year’s Day.

Martinez’s DNA was found under the teenager’s fingernails, apparently from fending off an attack, police have said.

James City Police Maj. Stan Stout said evidence shows Martinez grabbed Brittany from behind, covering her mouth with one hand while cutting off her air supply with the other. Then he sexually assaulted her, left her for dead and walked off with some of her valuables, Stout said.

Beau Webb, one of Martinez’s defense attorneys, said he thinks a trial is out of the question for at least a few years because of his client’s inability to communicate and assist in his defense, as required by law.

“We’re dealing with a guy who doesn’t have any base of linguistics. He doesn’t have a grammar system — it’s like teaching a baby,” Webb told the Daily Press of Newport News.

University of Virginia School of Law professor Anne Coughlin said a judge presiding over a capital murder trial for Martinez would have a difficult job balancing the community’s right to have justice served with Martinez’s right to due process.

Brittany Binger was found dead on January 3.

binger”We lock people up, but we tell them why,” Coughlin said. “He doesn’t know what’s going to happen to him or when.”

Martinez’s right to a fair trial requires communication ability beyond his being able to say when or where something happened, Coughlin said. He must be capable of understanding the advantages and disadvantages of entering a guilty plea, for example.

Martinez, who lacks formal sign language skills, is being held at Central State Hospital. Webb said he is hopeful Martinez will be sent to Western State Hospital, where he can get intensive daily sign language instruction.

Under state law, capital murder defendants who are judged incompetent to stand trial remain institutionalized undergoing treatment for their condition. If it appears competency can’t be restored soon, hearings continue every six months to assess the defendant’s competency level and whether the treatment they’re receiving is adequate.

A court hearing on Martinez’s competency is scheduled Aug. 9 in Williamsburg-James City County Circuit Court.

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In his Aug. 17 column, “Immigration and the opportunists,” Ruben Navarrette made several allegations regarding the forum on illegal immigration I sponsored on Aug. 11 in Carlsbad, including charges of racism against most who oppose illegal immigration.

Screaming “racist” is the illegal immigration lobby’s desperate strategy to divert the public’s mind from the real issues at hand: economic stability, national security and the rule of law. Several of the forum’s speakers, including two Latinos of Mexican ancestry, made this point. The only people who raised the issue of race were the self-described “open borders” anarchists outside who ranted racial epithets through their bullhorns.

They ignore that two Democratic governors of other border states have issued formal disaster proclamations over the effects of illegal immigration on their states, one of whom is a Latino. Both count huge Latino populations among their political constituencies.

Navarrette says the forum was not a two-sided debate. But then, I never intended it to be. The public gets the pro-illegal tripe daily through the mainstream media. The pro-illegal side doesn’t need equal time. The pro-rule-of-law side does.

We deliberately tried to provide balance and present information consistent with the event’s theme, clearly stated in its title: “The Illegal Immigration Crisis: The Defense of our Nation Starts at Our Borders.”

Navarrette also claims that “Morrow’s minions kept a tight rein on who was let into the event and who wasn’t.”

The Carlsbad Police Department and the Carlsbad Community Cultural Arts Center were in charge of the process by which attendees were allowed in. The facility has a finite amount of seats, which was reduced to 403 by the police department for security reasons.

The police requested numbered tickets to keep accurate count of the people admitted. So we issued free tickets to those in line as of 5 p.m. under no criteria other than the order they got into line. The number of attendees allowed inside was strictly enforced â?? not by “my minions” but by the deputy fire marshal and by Carlsbad Fire Chief Kevin Crawford, both of whom where present during the entire event.

Navarrette was made fully aware of all this by my on-site coordinator and saw for himself the limited seating available. Yet he misrepresented what he saw and heard.

As for allegations of “opportunism,” as early as 1993, upon entering the Legislature, I authored legislation and have worked on this issue. I was an original supporter of Proposition 187. I introduced three more bills on this topic and I first began coordinating with the office of Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., on this forum long before anyone knew there would be a race for Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham’s seat.

And for the record: I’m not anti-immigrant. I have legal immigrants from Mexico on my staff. I’m merely opposed to illegal behavior.

California Senate
District 38


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Stepping into the border fray over the Minutemen, the El Paso City Council adopted a resolution inviting them to stay out of town.

East-Central city Rep. José Alexandro Lozano cast the sole vote against the measure, saying he has spent time with them in Arizona.

“If the law allows them to do their thing, let it be,” Lozano said. “We should totally find a way of closing our borders, not only for the sake of illegal immigration, but also for the sake of lives.”

The resolution, drafted by city Reps. Steve Ortega and Beto O’Rourke, was strongly supported by seven city representatives.

It asserted that the El Paso area’s economic future depends on “a spirit of cooperation and good will,” and that El Paso officials support law enforcement officers in enforcing the rule of law and “reject civilian attempts to enforce immigration law.”

Someone needs to inform these assbags that they cannot enforce a resolution that infringes on the freedom of speech or the right to assemble peacefully in this country. It’s called the First Amendment.

Later, Texas’ Minutemen director Shannon McCauley said the city’s resolution “doesn’t mean anything to me or any American who wants secure borders.”

“We’re going to come down there and secure the border and cost the drug cartel and the human smuggler organizations as much as we can in the month of October.”

The Minutemen will continue to be there until the federal government enforces our immigration laws. Minutemen watch and report illegal activity to Border Patrol Agents. That’s all they do.

Sitting in a lawn chair with binoculars is not a crime.

Read the story.

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