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Pro illegal immigrant advocacy groups brought 6 van loads of illegal day laborers to protest in front of KFI AM640 studios in Burbank, CA.



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As President Bush opens the debate on a temporary worker program that could allow immigrant laborers to come into the United States, the issue of what happens to their children has come to the forefront.

Although revoking the birthright guarantee is not likely to be part of Congress’ immigration reform agenda this fall, there are increasing signs lawmakers are thinking about altering a privilege grounded in common law and the 14th Amendment to the Constitution.

Rep. Nathan Deal (R-Ga.) wants to amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to limit automatic citizenship at birth to children of U.S. citizens and lawful residents. Rep. Mark Foley (R-Fla.) introduced a constitutional amendment that also would limit birthright citizenship. Such an amendment would require ratification by three-fourths of the states.

A proposal by Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-Colo.), who heads a 90-member caucus pushing to tighten immigration laws, would deny citizenship to U.S.-born children of temporary immigrant workers.

Tancredo said the provision is vital because temporary workers would not want to leave after their visas expire if their children are U.S. citizens, or so-called anchor babies.

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Bank of America Corp. has launched a free remittance service that it says eliminates transfer fees to Mexico for millions of Latino customers.

The new feature, called SafeSend, is available to anyone who has a personal checking account with the Charlotte-based bank (NYSE:BAC).

After introducing the product on a limited basis in Chicago this year, BofA is expanding it nationwide.

‘We are proud to help millions of Hispanics send money for free to loved ones in Mexico,’ says Liam McGee, president of Global Consumer and Small Business Banking. ‘Adding the free SafeSend feature to our checking accounts is our way of saying that we want to do much more — we want to be their bank of choice and help Hispanics develop rewarding, long-term financial relationships.’


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New applicants for Wisconsin driver’s licenses would have to show proof they’re legal U.S. residents under a Republican-authored bill the state Assembly approved Tuesday night.

The bill, which passed 62-35, would require anyone who applies for a driver’s license or a state identification card to show documents proving he or she is a United States citizen. The state Department of Transportation would be allowed to define what U.S. citizens could show to prove their residency.

Applicants from other countries would have to show proof of legal permanent or conditional residency, a valid visa, an application for asylum, valid refugee status or an application for legal permanent residency. Their licenses would expire when their residency runs out.

The measure now goes to the state Senate. If that body approves the bill, it then goes to Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle, who can sign it into law or veto it.

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San Bernardino — The Board of Supervisors took another step on Tuesday to ensure San Bernardino County is reimbursed for the millions of dollars it must spend on illegal immigrants.

The board ratified an application to the federal government for reimbursement of costs incurred by Arrowhead Regional Medical Center Director. Arrowhead Regional Medical Center spends about $1 million annually to provide emergency room care to illegal immigrants.

Federal law precludes hospitals from refusing to treat anyone who comes to an emergency room seeking help. Failure to provide care can result in federal fines. Because of this requirement, illegal immigrants often use the ER as their first and only form of health care.

‘Until now, the county has borne this burden alone,’ Second District Supervisor Paul Biane said. ‘By tapping this federal reimbursement program, the county can hopefully recoup millions in uncompensated health care costs over the next four years.’

‘I plan on making sure San Bernardino County gets every penny it deserves for services rendered to people in this country illegally,’ Biane said. ‘If the federal government cannot keep illegal immigrants out, it certainly must assist local governments like San Bernardino County that are financially impacted.’

Last week, the Board of Supervisors appropriated funding for a program that will help the county secure more federal reimbursement for detaining undocumented immigrants arrested for crimes. Currently, many illegal immigrants are released from jail before federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers can properly document them.

Through the new program, ICE officers will train Sheriff’s Department custody specialists how to identify and properly document illegal immigrants. By doing this, the county can request the appropriate amount of reimbursement from the federal government. The Sheriff’s Department estimates it costs the County about $11 million a year to detain illegal immigrants.

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Before announcing his decision not to merge two border security agencies under his control, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff was warned that his choice was ‘likely to aggravate, rather than remedy, the difficulties’ the two agencies were experiencing, according to a draft of a report obtained by Government Executive.

DHS Inspector General Richard Skinner told Chertoff that preserving the Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Customs and Border Protection bureaus ‘would likely. . . exacerbate operational and informational stovepipes that are now only emerging,’ the document said, including creating ‘new intelligence stovepipes,’ which could have ’significant national security implications.’

In fact, Skinner’s investigators could not determine why ICE, in particular, was created the way it was. “We could not find any documentation that fully explains the rationale and purpose underlying ICE’s composition,” the report stated, “Nor could anyone whom we interviewed provide a complete explanation of the thinking behind ICE’s structure.” Most ICE and CBP officials confessed to “still being puzzled” over the decision-making concerning ICE’s structure.

The rest of the story.

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I recieved this email today.

Rik wrote:

I have met many europeans over the years who have wanted to immigrate to the USA. They were young, intelligent, had job skills, financialy sound, no criminal record, spoke english. AND they have to be put on a years waiting list to come to the United States. There ARE severe restrictions in place to limit immigration from europe. Why is that? Today the PEW (SPEW) Hispanic Center says we NEED illegal aliens from Mexico because no one else wants to come here! Isn’t that a good one? What about all those europians?

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It never fails, anytime someone is critical of illegal immigration they have to deal with a charge of racisim. Can we just look at the facts and ask people to obey the law without this crap? We cannot accept everyone who wants to live in the US forever. When will it be politically correct to say no more?

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A veteran Florida school teacher who was forced out of her job for writing a letter to lawmakers complaining about illegal immigration intends to sue her school district.

Orange County school officials have apologized repeatedly to outraged members of the Hispanic community for Jan Hall’s letter, which expressed concern that illegal immigration is draining tax dollars and hurting the public education system. The letter also stated that several Puerto Rican teachers in the district lacked proper educational qualifications.

After the Spanish-language newspaper El Nuevo Dia obtained and published the letter, Orange County school officials suspended the longtime teacher without pay and barred her from all school property in the district.

Now Hall has notified the district of her intent to file a $20-million lawsuit. A spokesman for Hall, local conservative talk-show host Doug Guetzloe, says the teacher was merely exercising her free-speech rights.

“[W]e have [had] registered sex offenders that have worked in the Orange County public schools that have been suspended with pay,” Guetzloe notes. In that light, he says, it makes no sense to have a “teacher with an unblemished record, someone who teaches students and teaches them well, [and] cares about her students, suspended without pay because of publication of a letter which was never intended to be [made] public.”

Guetzloe believes the district is unfairly portraying Hall as a racist. He takes issue strongly with that insinuation.

“Mrs. Hall is someone who has, out of her own pocket, purchased shoes for students who have shown up without shoes so that they would not be sent home. Does that sound to any reasonable person like a bigot?” he wonders. “The other thing is that when she chose to do her dissertation for her master’s degree, she chose to go to Mexico City. Now if you were a bigot, you certainly wouldn’t go to Mexico City.”

Guetzloe adds that Hall, who has 33 years of teaching experience, even conducts free after-school tutoring for Hispanic students who struggle academically.

Orange County school officials have six months to respond to Hall’s notice of intent to sue.

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Are the streets in America really paved with gold? Moses Bittok probably thinks so.

Mr. Bittok, who immigrated from Kenya to the United States, learned last week he had a winning ticket worth nearly $2 million from an Iowa lottery.

And get this - he realized he had won shortly after taking the oath of U.S. citizenship.

As he cashed in his ticket, Mr. Bittok said - quote - “It’s almost like you adopted a country and they netted you $1.8 million dollars.”

He added that something like this can only happen in America.

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See folks, it pays to come here legally! I have a feeling this family will do better than most American’s that have won lottery’s in the past.

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The Bush administration is churning out red ink in excess of $1 trillion annually. The federal budget deficit is approaching $500 billion. The US trade deficit is approaching $700 billion.

The budget deficit is being financed by foreigners, primarily Asians who now hold enough US government debt to exercise power over US interest rates and the value of the dollar whenever they decide to use the power that Bush has placed in their hands.

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Mexican police officers have been charged in the death of a California woman in a Baja jail cell.

An investigation by the Spanish-language sister station of KSND-TV in San Diego also revealed three others will face charges tied to conspiracy to cover up the death of Paulina Baeza, 20, a college student in Irvine, Calif.

Baeza was arrested Aug. 9 by police in Ensenada, Mexico, about 60 miles south of San Diego.

Liza Davis, a representative of the U.S. Consulate in Tijuana, told the TV station police received two reports that she had been behaving in an aggressive, disoriented manner in public.

A surveillance video from inside the jail shows Baeza being carried and dragged by officers a short time before she was reported dead, KSND reported.

An officer can be seen grabbing Baeza by her hair in the video. Another one is shown laughing, and one office appears to draw his finger across his throat, then dances as the girl is hauled away, the TV station said.

Davis said an autopsy by Mexican authorities showed Baeza later died of blunt force trauma that caused a brain hemorrhage. Her remains have been repatriated to family members in California.

A security videotape obtained by Mexican authorities shows Baeza was held in the air as authorities tried to subdue her then was dropped and hit her head.

Baeza’s father, Pablo Baeza, calling his daughter’s treatment aggressive and abusive, welcomed news of the charges.

The Orange County Register reported Baeza’s Chevy Blazer had been impounded after the vehicle was ticketed for blocking a driveway.

Baeza, according to Mexican police, was arrested for trespassing when she climbed into a Chevy Blazer that was not hers, reported the paper.

The woman’s mother, Carmen, told the Register her daughter suffered from bipolar disorder and had not been taking medication for nearly 60 days before her trip to Mexico.

She said her daughter had no history of violence but had become verbally abusive when not taking her medication.

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Some people love to protest so much they’ll protest anything. This woman showed up for a Day Labor Center protest in Laguna Beach, CA. She sided up with the pro-illegal crowd and became the comic relief for both sides. She was boycotting hamburgers and threatening to cut off everyone’s head.

If you’re a keyboard activist you really need to get out there and join in the fun!

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Illegal immigrant smuggling across the Arizona-Mexico border now rivals drug smuggling in terms of money made through such criminal enterprises, federal authorities on Thursday said.

Immigration reform advocates say they aren’t surprised to hear that and said recent efforts to gain control of the border won’t have much of an impact unless the federal government cracks down on employers who hire illegal immigrants.

The U.S. Border Patrol agents in the Yuma sector has arrested 135,378 since October 2004 â?? up 43 percent from 94,673 for all of 2004, according to statistics provided by the Border Patrol.

Most of those come by way of illegal immigrant smuggling, the Border Patrol has stated.

“Times have changed when a decade ago just about anybody could be an entrepreneur if you knew the area and could charge $25 to $50 to smuggle someone into the U.S.,” said Customs and Border Protection spokesman Mario Villarreal.

Now smugglers charge $1,000 to $2,000 per person, “fees that rival drug smugglers,” Villarreal said.

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The Castorena Family Organization is a large-scale criminal organization with more than 100 key members who oversee cells of 10 to 20 individuals in cities across the United States, according to public court documents filed by the US government in Colorado and in other judicial districts around the country. Several of the senior leaders of the organization are believed to be based in Mexico, although they enter the US occasionally to oversee the operations of lieutenants of the crime family.

The organization is alleged to be involved in the manufacture and distribution of high-quality counterfeit identity documents, including social security cards, birth certificates, marriage certificates, US and Mexican driver licenses, Matricula Consular ID cards, resident alien cards, work authorization documents, proof of vehicle insurance cards, temporary vehicle registration documents, and utility bills (many states require driver license applicants to show utility bills as proof of residence).

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Fifty-four percent of Americans have a favorable view of the Minutemen volunteers who patrolled portions of the Mexican border this year, according to a new poll.

A Rasmussen Reports survey found that just 22 percent have an unfavorable view of the citizen activists.

Link to survey.

In a related survey Seventy-six percent (76%) of American voters say it is too easy for people from other countries to enter the United States. A Rasmussen Reports survey found that just 11% take the opposite view and believe it is too hard.

The survey also found that 63% believe that “current immigration laws” are a threat to national security. Just 20% disagree.

Sixty-two percent (62%) consider the laws a threat to the U.S. economy while 23% disagree.

Link to survey.

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