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After reading Insanity Reigns . . .(Part 1 - Overview), it should be patently clear why our borders have been left wide-open!(1) ‘We the People’ have already been sold down the river. Everyone is aware that NAFTA + CAFTA = SHAFTA for the American worker. The miscellaneous governmental insanities, found in this research paper, will provide additional proof about how the Council on Foreign Relation’s (CFR’s) global elites are working overtime to erase our borders and dismantle our sovereignty. We MUST stop the insanity by voting out of office those who facilitate the CFR’s plans before our constitution ends up in the dustbin of history! During the 2006 election cycle American citizens must DEMAND that the Military be placed on our borders and that our immigration laws be enforced!

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LV Sun

The Latino population of Clark County jumped from 85,000 in 1990 to more than 375,000 in 2004, an increase that put the Latino presence well over 20 percent of the county. With the propensity to undercount immigrants and minorities, such numbers are surely below the actual total.

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FOX news

Illegal or fraudulent immigration into the United States is an important tool in the toolkits of Americaâ??s enemies â?? and it has been exploited tirelessly, and tragically, all too successfully.

The problems resulting from the amenable and porous borders of the United States have metastasized beyond the socio-economic concerns of ruinous welfare and health care loads, and unemployment. The immigration issue has been elevated to a critical problem of national security that demands our attention.

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The Mexican government, and its American allies, are not content with merely advising Mexican nationals about how to evade U.S. immigration law enforcement on their way into the U.S.

They now offer advice about how to use the latest in U.S. law to change status from illegal alien to permanent legal resident after arrival.

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Go India!

Times Online

India Builds A 2,500-mile Barrier To Rival The Great Wall of China.

More than 1,300 miles of the barrier has been erected in the six years since building began. Snaking through jungles, rivers and the villages of five states, Delhiâ??s floodlit, 12ft double fence packed with razor wire will render India a fortress against her neighbour. It will also increase the number of troops along its border with Bangladesh from 45,000 to 53,000.

Officers from Indiaâ??s Border Security Force say that Bangladeshis claim they are entering India for medical treatment but do not have the required travel documents. One senior officer said: â??Even those who come with documents donâ??t go back. The number of people coming into India is less than the number returning.â?

There are also concerns about the rise of radical Islam after the spate of bombs and violence in Bangladesh. â??Militancy is a new dimension,â? Mr Singh said. â??Earlier people came for employment. Now weâ??re getting reports that theyâ??re coming for terrorist activities.â?

India has consequently accelerated the barrierâ??s construction, hoping to complete it by spring next year.

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East Valley Tribune

The following story is based on witness accounts and a police report released Wednesday.

He placed both hands on the steering wheel, stared straight ahead and barrelled toward the front entrance of Home Depot.

Ali R. Warrayat hadnâ??t slept in days, planning this moment down to the last detail. Now, his face was void of any expression. A store employee jumped out of the carâ??s path. To drown out the manâ??s yells, Warrayat reached over to his car radio and blasted Arabic music before crashing through the front doors.

The scene was only the beginning of a violent rampage through the Chandler store on Dec. 18. For the 24-year-old Arizona State University student, the motives behind the attack were personal.

He told Chandler police he was angry at Home Depot, where he worked as a paint stocker, about not getting a proper raise. He was mad at the United States for proposing a 700-mile fence along the Mexican border.

He wanted to make America “more free.”

So the Jordanian-turned-U.S. citizen devised a plan to make a grand statement by crashing into the store at Alma School Road and Chandler Boulevard and setting it on fire.

At first, he wanted to wear a Palestinian flag, but later decided to place it in the trunk of his car, along with a copy of the Quran and a necklace.

He then grabbed his cat and his uncleâ??s pit bull and brought them along for the ride with the intent of killing them in the fire.

After crashing through the doors at 6 a.m. that Sunday, he expertly navigated the aisles and headed straight for the paint department, slamming his car into the flammable goods.

He jumped to the roof of the car, looked around for a second and then hopped to the ground.

He used a lighter to ignite the blaze, and loud explosions followed as store employees ran for safety.

Many employees recognized Warrayat, who worked in the store six months ago but transferred to a Queen Creek location after having difficulties with a supervisor.

Inside the car, the dog, named Tyson, crouched against the floorboards trying to escape the flames, eventually dying from the toxic smoke.

The cat was never found.

As Warrayat headed for the exit, he swept merchandise from the shelves and then sat on the curb outside waiting for police to come and arrest him.

But his cooperation ended there as he kicked and struggled with officers when asked to get in the patrol car.

When an officer asked if he understood his Miranda rights, Warrayat shot back in a foreign language. The officer asked if he understood English, and Warrayat replied in English, “Do you speak Arabic?”

He was arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault and arson, causing about $1 million in damage. He is being held without bond at Maricopa Countyâ??s Lower Buckeye Jail in Phoenix.

The day after the incident, Warrayat staged a bizarre news conference, asking the media to come to Towers Jail in Phoenix to receive a statement.

But when seated before the hungry reporters and television cameras, he only looked at them. He gazed at the ceiling and the floor, his lips pursed, and refused to answer any of their questions. Then he pulled his jail inmate badge out of his shirt pocket and laid it on the table in front of him.

Bewildered jail officials ushered him in the hall, where he said he wasnâ??t going to talk.

Co-worker and friend Joaquin Bustamante said Warrayat was “gentleman-like and respectable with everyone.”

“When I saw him on TV, he did not look like the Ali that I know,” Bustamante said. “He was a hard worker and worked circles around everybody, and he was a very private person.”

Bustamante said Warrayat was deeply religious and had a Quran hanging from his rearview mirror.

In police statements, Warrayat referred to his religion often. He said a swastika was once painted on the mosque where he prays, so he had the mark tattooed in red and black on the bottom of his foot. In his religion, stepping on things is considered disrespectful.

He also described trying to put the dog in his trunk to show it the Quran. He said dogs are “filthy” and that was why the dog didnâ??t want to be in the trunk with the holy book.

Police served a search warrant on the Gilbert house where he lives with his parents, seizing a computer and other items.

Initial images on his computer depicted men lighting Molotov cocktails and a cartoon of two bloodied and dead children with a Middle Eastern flag in the background.

A Home Depot official told police that if Warrayat is released from jail, management is considering placing armed guards at all of its East Valley stores.

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The Federalist Blog

During the reconstruction period following the civil war the view on citizenship was that only children born to American parents owing allegiance to no other foreign power could be declared an American Citizen upon birth on U.S. soil. This is exactly the language of the civil rights bill of 1866: “All persons born in the United States and not subject to any foreign power, excluding Indians not taxed, are hereby declared to be citizens of the United States.”

The author of the Fourteenth Amendment, Rep. John A Bingham (OH), responded to the above declaration as follows: “I find no fault with the introductory clause, which is simply declaratory of what is written in the Constitution, that every human being born within the jurisdiction of the United States of parents not owing allegiance to any foreign sovereignty is, in the language of your Constitution itself, a natural born citizen.”

Already before we get to the Fourteenth Amendment Citizenship Clause we have the entire Congress declaring only children born to parents who owe no foreign allegiance shall be citizens. We also have the author of the Fourteenth Amendment declaring this is law of the land. It just gets worst for advocates who want to either believe or, revise history, to support their fable that the Fourteenth Amendment somehow magically makes anyone born in the United States regardless of the allegiance of their parents a natural born citizen.

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Here’s a nice little recap on the H.R. 4437 house victory.

Human Events Online

Late on Dec. 16, the U.S. House or Representatives passed legislation billed as the border protection, anti-terrorism and illegal immigration control act, requiring employers to verify the legal status of each employee.

No strong-arm tactics were needed to produce the stunning 239-182 margin of victory — including the votes of 36 Democrats — and pass the measure sponsored by Rep. James Sensenbrenner, R-Wis., because members had heard from the grass roots.

More than 130 amendments to H.R. 4437 had been submitted to the Rules Committee by the deadline for amendments at 7 p.m. Dec. 13. Members of Congress are finally recognizing that immigration will be the hot-button issue of the next election, and they want to distance themselves from President George W. Bush’s unpopular guest-worker-amnesty proposal.

The Senate will begin its debate on border security in early 2006 and is predicted to be favorable to the guest-worker-amnesty plans proposed by the president, Sens. Kennedy, John McCain, R-Ariz. and John Cornyn, R-Texas, and others. The Senate and House bills will then go to a conference committee to work out differences.

Senators who are up for re-election in 2006 had better listen to the House votes.

(read more)

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According to Professor George Borjas, our nationâ??s foremost economic expert, in his book, Heavenâ??s Door:

The average Canadian legal immigrant has 13.8 years of schooling, and the average Mexican legal immigrant 7.6 years. The average Canadian legal immigrant earns 24 percent more than the average American, while the average Mexican legal immigrant earns 39 percent less. The average Mexican legal immigrant is 50% more likely than the average Canadian legal immigrant to end-up using some form of welfare, and the average Mexican legal immigrant has the highest school dropout rate in the nation.

According to the DHS, during this decade 4,629,826 people became United States citizens. Of these new Americans, 890,953 were Mexicans, (19.2%) while 84,675(1.8%) were Canadians. Hereâ??s prima-facie evidence of the wretched intellectual cunning that illustrates America’s no-goal immigration program. . We urgently need to revamp our legal immigrant selection procedures to attract those with the greatest potential to benefit their new country.

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News With Views - Frosty Woolridge

What I ask is, do we as a nation, want millions upon millions of added people from countries already exceeding their â??carrying capacityâ??? Legal immigration is just as dangerous as illegal. To think otherwise will allow that â??silent-assertionâ?? to create another China or India in America. Just imagine Ohio with 129 million people and all the rest of the United States with THAT kind of population density!

We are no longer living in the 20th century America with only 75 million people riding horses or trains. Weâ??re in the 21st century with cars and jets and 296 million people added to the 6.4 billion on the planet–creating horrific environmental consequences. If we continue steaming full speed ahead like the captain of the Titanic, our children will be on board when we hit the peak oil, global warming, ozone holes, collapsing species, air pollution and other commensurate problems related to the overpopulation â??iceberg.â? Most died on the Titanic because there werenâ??t enough life boats.

Cassandra Syndrome Relating To The Rabbit Hole

What happened to Bangladesh, China and India, happened! Their problems relating to overpopulation create a miserable life for their citizens. As to what is happening in Amsterdam, Holland; Paris, France and Sydney, Australia from immigrating incompatible Third World cultures and languages, which resulted in violence, happened! They dug a â??rabbit holeâ?? they canâ??t escape because the â??beastâ?? is inside them. It WILL and it IS happening in America unless we change course before the â??beastâ?? is too big for us to stop. If we allow another 10 million illegal Mexican immigrants, weâ??ll become another Mexico with all the trash, disease, poverty, corruption, gangs and degradation of our society that is now manifested in Mexico. We either do it today or Paris, France will be the streets of â??Any town, USAâ? in the very near future.

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Take a look at the website for the CA Attorney General. There’s a page for California’s Most Wanted.

These fugitive profiles are provided to assist in locating individuals who allegedly committed serious crimes in California and are believed to have fled to other countries, including the Republic of Mexico. If you have information on the whereabouts of any of these fugitives, contact law enforcement authorities immediately.

There is another page where you can search the database. Search using the race category only.

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Journal Sentinal

State Sen. Cathy Stepp (R-Yorkville) says she won’t be bullied, intimidated or terrorized at her own home.

That’s why she is pursuing charges against people involved in a protest at her house in the dark last week.

The Racine County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the Dec. 16 incident in which people associated with Voces de la Frontera brought to Stepp’s door their protest against a bill that would require those applying for a driver’s license to show proof of legal residency.

“I walked to the front of my house and looked out the window and there was someone staring back at me and shouting in the window and other people shouting on the porch,” Stepp said. “There were no signs. This was not a peaceful picketing and they certainly weren’t invited.”

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Denver Post

Today, health care is a leaky boat burdened by millions of uninsured Americans; illegal aliens are helping to sink it. Few know of the economic impact the undocumented have on our society and our health care system.

We pick up the tab in many ways for the undocumented - from burying their dead, to delivery of their babies, to emergency medical and surgical care. There are 300,000 babies born to undocumented mothers annually at a cost of $5,000 a baby.

In Colorado, Medicaid pays for 6,000 births for a total of $30 million annually. In 2002, California paid $79 million for births, Texas $74 million, Arizona $31 million and New Mexico $6 million.

Small hospitals can be overwhelmed. Copper Queen Hospital in Bisbee, Ariz., spent $200,000 out of its $300,000 operating budget on illegal immigrants.

Some hospitals and emergency rooms have closed because they have been overrun by the uninsured and the undocumented.

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Democrats are still pushing for nationalized health care. If they really want to fix what they see as a medical crisis, they should start by doing something about immigration, which is linked.

A new study says mass immigration is swelling the ranks of the uninsured and driving up medical costs as more and more immigrants â?? including U.S.-born children of illegal aliens â?? seek coverage through Medicaid.

According to the Center for Immigration Studies, fully one-third of immigrants lack health insurance â?? 2 1/2 times the rate for native-born Americans. Immigrants and their U.S.-born children account for almost three-fourths (9 million) of the increase in the uninsured population since 1989.

Illegal immigrants also account for a large share of the total uninsured population. CIS estimates that 14% of all uninsured Americans are illegal aliens, mostly from Mexico.

Unlike their parents, U.S.-born children of illegal immigrants can enroll in Medicaid, and their federal coverage is helping drive up overall health care costs.

The study says it’s no coincidence that some of the states with the highest health care costs border Mexico. Roughly half of immigrants and their children in California are uninsured or on Medicaid. In Texas and Arizona it’s more than 60%.

The impact of mass immigration on the health care system in these states is clearly enormous. Medicaid is a particular concern because half to two-thirds of the program’s costs are borne by state taxpayers.

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Tonight, I attended the Glendale City Council meeting with members of Save Our State. We spoke about our issues with the day labor center and with the protest that occurred on December 10th.

Councilman, Bob Yousefian was very responsive of how the Glendale Police Department handled things. In the future the police will no doubt separate the groups of protesters. He requested a video of the protest as well, so I’ll be mailing him a copy after the holidays. He also said he that he voted against the Day Labor Center since it was in violation of the law. There were many other issues that were brought to the attention of the city council by Glendale residents and again Bob Yousefian was the most receptive to addressing their issues. My hat goes off to good ol’ Bob. Thanks partner.

This was my speech.


Good evening, my name is [TheWatchdog] and Iâ??m an independent Filmmaker. I attended the Save Our State protest against the Glendale Day Labor Center across from Home Depot on Dec. 10th to gather footage for an illegal immigration documentary that I am making.

The reason for the protest was that the day labor center encourages and facilitates illegal activity: the illegal hiring of illegal aliens and is in violation of federal law. In fact a local government that authorizes such activity is committing a felony according to the Federal Immigration and Nationality Act. What is really an outrage is that you on the city council are using tax payer funds to support this illegal activity. The city of Herndon, VA is currently facing a lawsuit over their taxpayer funded day labor center.

Now you may want to pass the buck and tell me that you are unable to enforce immigration laws, that itâ??s a federal matter. Well, a 1996 law does in fact allow state and local jurisdictions to enforce federal immigration laws. The city of Costa Mesa, CA is doing this. You made a choice to break the law instead of enforce the law.

I understand that we are a nation of immigrants but we are also a nation of laws and we simply cannot allow everyone in that wants to come here. If we were to do that we’d have a population larger than India in a decade or two. That’s why we have immigration laws, so that we can manage the flow of future immigrants. In order to make the best life for the descendents of past immigrants, we need to make sure that those who come here will be good for the country.

I understand that these laborers can make more money in this country than they can back home but they are in fact taking jobs away from American workers. I have spoken with many of the temporary employment agencies in the area and they simply do not have enough work for their legal American workers.

I also operate the Workplace Watchdog website where we record and report employers that frequent your day labor center. Iâ??ve spent quite a bit of time there and itâ??s obvious that there isnâ??t enough work for everyone. Fewer than half find work for the day. Basically what you have done is create a taxpayer funded day care center for illegal aliens so they can hang out, play foosball, dominoâ??s, watch TV, and enjoy a free Sunday brunch. There is no doubt that these actions only encourage more to come. We have a very limited need for unskilled labor in this city and in this country. We simply cannot take everyone in.

On a typical day the center appears to have about 150 laborers and there are another 150 laborers scattered around on the street. These numbers are multiplying and there will never be enough work for them. Their presence deteriorates the area, depreciates the property values, and the local businesses suffer. Their walls and vehicles are painted with graffiti, their windows and doors are keyed and scratched, their curb is littered with trash, and their customers have to put up with swarms of men surround their cars.

Dec. 10th was the fifth anti-illegal immigration gathering that I videotaped and it is the first one that I attended where the police did not separate the groups. Many of the counter-protesters are anarchists and their goal is to silence those who oppose illegal immigration by any means necessary, including violence.

The rights of Save Our State to peacefully assemble were violated. The members of SOS were unable to stand on the sidewalk with signs and American flags without suffering verbal and physical assaults by anarchist thugs. The Glendale Police Department did nothing but stand by and watch. All of this was captured on videotape. This was either incompetence on their part or it was a calculated attempt to suppress those who oppose your unlawful authorization of this day labor center.

This week, Judicial Watch, the law firm that is suing the city of Herndon, VA took our statements and we will be keeping them informed of anything else that happens in the future.

There will be more protests, and so I am asking that you separate groups in the future to avoid someone getting seriously injured. Of course, there wouldnâ??t be any need for a protest at all if you would just close the center for good. So maybe you should do that. Start enforcing the law instead of breaking it.

Thank you.

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